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  1. First time to Sept Iles

    Think about the Groomer at night when the trail is icy a lot of respect to those individuals
  2. Mrs. Iceman and friends.

    Hope you have good trails I will be heading to Le Cabanon on the 15 th with my wife for a long weekend
  3. Trailblazer & friends

    Wow Very nice !!!!
  4. Témiscamingue region trip

    What about getting the folks going day two after an adult beverage or two ?
  5. Delta Saguenay Parking question

    Ray Will you be at the Delta next wed/Thursday ?
  6. Delta Saguenay Parking question

    RoweBoat, And a photo of the sled parking in the outdoor pool area with a locked gate. I will be up there mid next week for 2 nights. schooter
  7. Delta Saguenay Parking question

    Attached is a photo of the truck and trailer parking area
  8. Route 13

    We are planning to end up in Parent
  9. Mike I wish you a long and heathy retirement and do more of the things you love to do Schooter
  10. Route 13

    Looking for information on trail 13 running up to 83 Is it wide open or a lot of twists and turns ? flat or a lot of elevation changes? Any certain areas that we need to watch out for? I’m still a little over a week out so the actual conditions will change. Thank you schooter
  11. St-Gabriel de Brandon to St-Zenon video

    Alain you have us drooling for our time on your trails Schooter
  12. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    What is the story on that part of 83 that is shown red?
  13. Alian, thank you for the great report and picture , Plan to be in that area mid feb for several days of riding with my wife . i will need to take some clues from you on daily loops schooter
  14. Windshield

    We rented a sled 2 years ago that a Thong on , We got 5 miles from the dealer and went back and asked for a taller one .
  15. Windshield

    I ride with the extra tall windshield for those cold days in Quebec . typically there are three sizes thong style midsize cover up extra tall Parka style (my preference) schooter