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  1. Ice’s new ride

    Looks like a nice ride, But I think it might be high maintenance!
  2. Suggested Tour guide?

    What is their riding experience ? What kinda miles a day ? types of hotels ?
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    In what year did they loose the second arch?
  4. Woodrunner loop

    Jbavl, What did you think of the parking for your truck and trailer at Draveur in Maniwaki? Schooter
  5. Happy birthday Saguenay Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill !!
  6. Trail Conditions

    Looks like one set of PA riders to another, We will be showing up on Friday the 17th. Schooter
  7. 2017 RDL Conditions

    So sorry for your loss, it is had to understand the loss of a child. wish you and the family the best , in this very difficult time ! schooter
  8. Trail Conditions

    jack Does Sandy call you Alligator arms?
  9. Where to stay

    Yes, Corral for trucks and trailers and another for the sleds. with door by the sled area for the hotel.
  10. Sept Iles Mission Accomplished

    Kiki and I went there once and the trail markings were a little sketchy close to town
  11. Trail Conditions

    Speedy recovery !
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Looks like the place to be! Dreaming, that I could be there.
  13. Trail Conditions

    Well we know he would not be a cat fan , since he would be eaten up by one😄
  14. Trail Conditions

    Ray, Is that what he thinks of that sled?
  15. Yes I don't think I ever bought them for my wife. and have not lived it down when I purchases a box and she found them in the sled shed! i had to do some explaining