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  1. Grimmer,remember march break is prime time for hockey tournaments,sometimes room avail becomes diminished because of the kids off school,can't remember if this is the same time as in ontario,qc could be different?worth investigation,ive been stung in qc before at this time..
  2. to funny revrnd🤣🤣 looks like a couple of ice's side kicks for sure💪
  3. jackshaft-and bearings ,front driveshaft and bearings,chaincase assy,rear drive axle assy,fuel relay turbo bolts,,,can yuo guess what sled i'm riding? looks as though i may need to purchase a pull behind sleigh,,suppose that could effect my fuel mileage HAHAHA.better add extra fuel to my list,,,,or maybe a different sled 😆
  4. bonsior' JG, just a little tip.. if that ever happens to you again,where the turbo lets go and the engine runs wide open.. the way to shut it down is to take your coat and cover the breather or air intake to starve the engine of will shut it self down with a lack of air...only way to shut it down...can be scary a little..otherwize...
  5. i had one of those holy sh!!!t moment's a couple of weeks ago, and by the reaction of the groomer op,scared him more than me i think.he knew he was in a very comprimized position and it caused a near heart attack for the two of us on a very blind corner.. your expectations are always to meet an ncoming sled...but when that equipment appears crossways in the trail stopped..presents a whole new set of holy sh!!t pulpitations in your chest cavity
  6. Any QR, member's have any experience with this device? Accuracy, reliability. im i correct in assuming all FMCQ groomers have this equip on board, THANK'S MARK
  7. i'm leaving in the morning to do a quick 5 day west run partner.. we will arrange something when you return! im taking my brother against my will..ha!hahaha!
  8. And that my friend tom is why i was so delited to see my 1.5 gallons of premiem 91 octane fuel on the rear of your new sled.🤣 Gives that peace of mind when i'm chasing you cross country...😏......
  9. ha ha,my problem is finding fuel coming up the west side,dont think i can make it without extra fuel?im also on a sidewinder.any knowledge to share, were leaving from rouyn noranda. thanks..
  10. also looking to do that trail on the 20th.staying at hotel matagami sunday evening,perhaps our paths may cross grimmer😊
  11. bonjour jean-guy... happy birthday to you friend,hope you are having a great day,relaxing and resting getting prepared for wood camp...have a great day jean-guy...
  12. wow!!!!! jean-guy thats looks better than when i was there two weeks ago, looks like you were not hibernating ha ha ha merci,wish i was there....
  13. what's happening in the valley jean-guy no pictures or activity lately are you in hibernation alreadyha,ha,ha