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  1. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    thanks ice,i had a few srx's,so i am familiar with the ohlins,that company star is in the south there correct?thanks for the reply.loving your adventure enjoy.hope u let playhard give it alittle go,haha,get his take on it.i know you have both ice-man,more opinions the better
  2. Team Iceman's Season Ender part 3

    ice man are u able notice an improved ride quality at all with the star suspension set-up?
  3. Snow Drag's

    yaawoow,ha ha ha that's what larry the cable guy would call, GETENER DONE, HAHAHA
  4. Cote Nord and Lab loop

    pretty sure i ran into your group in moonbeam ont, on your return from moosenee on march break of 2015.there were 8 of you on a bucket list mission.
  5. Trail 63 and La Verendry Lodge

    read on the quebec section of hcs today it was perfect v71
  6. A great year for sure!

    ha ha ha, sorry wulsock1,i think it could be my age,OLD,and maybe i was thinking about more than one thing as i processed your post,cant do both i guess when yourOLD HAHAHA.glad you seen the humour,still think your a lucky guy though.even more lucky if you are getting a new 850 .could have been the wulsock thing
  7. A great year for sure!

    and i would say you are one very blessed and lucky girl, and of course your father is a very lucky man and father as well. so nice to hear and share this.
  8. rolphton to temiscaming?

    boom 2 have u heard anything on conditions recently?
  9. rolphton to temiscaming?

    any input on conditions between the 2 recently thanks
  10. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    ive almost froze to death towing 2-smoke thru qbc more than once long distances at i make it clear, make sure it has fire and theft coverage on it cause its staying there.
  11. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    i knew you would like that ice,sometime the truth hurtsleast thats what i tell my friends
  12. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    apex has been a sled designed for real men, and thats why the market is so small,lol lol lol
  13. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    there going to use the srx logo one more time.its just a matter of when?that should be a soul effort im hoping?
  14. Honda Sleds for 2018?

    this is no suprise at all they developed a four stroke snowmobile years ago,long before yamaha,and it was built to send a message to someone in the industry to back-off.somebody was infringing on other items they had a market interest.and it was for the purpose of sending a message to mess with us?
  15. Ontario to Quebec crossing via THURSO

    thanks trailblazer