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  1. Tackling cote Nord and Labrador loop

    A map and services.
  2. Man Down

    Happy to hear your feeling better Don.
  3. Tackling cote Nord and Labrador loop

    I was thinking about your trip while looking at the scenery. Thanks for real time posting it was fun to follow along with you guys.
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG, That guy looks like he could cause a major traffic jam. I don't think any one would try to pass him. Thanks for all the great Pictures.
  5. Tackling cote Nord and Labrador loop

    I was looking on youtube and came across this video. It might give some insight about traveling Route Blanche. It's French and English.
  6. Man Down

    All the best. Get well soon. The guess the first groomer pass challenge is coming up. You have to be ready. Its a nice ride on the (Black?) road out of Clova . Try not to park on the tracks.
  7. Perce Rock Area

    Here's some numbers for the GPS. N48 50.441 W64 35.517 MultiGAZ N48 23.881 W64 30.194 Shell N48 31.215 W64 12.961 Roland Morning by the rock.
  8. Perce Rock Area

    Last season I filled up at MultiGAZ on the way to Perce and then went to Shell on the way out.
  9. Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Yes the elevation changes but I don't recall hitting any very steep climbs. The only switchbacks that stick out in my memory were not on that trail. East of Rivière-la-Madeleine there is a trail to a water fall with steep decline/incline switchbacks.
  10. Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    My Track from Feb 2018. We went north from Carlton and returned west to Nouvelle. The trails varied with perfect white carpet to plowing fresh powder (West). Its a nice trail we will do it again some time. The small section of orange by Carlton that we did not touch was closed.
  11. It’s getting closer

    Baie Comeau
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    The wife and I agree. Nice trip.
  13. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG & Quebec Bob, Lets hope the farmers almanac is right.
  14. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Nice Phil. Used up like a Bic pen.
  15. Hi Alain Happy to see you take advantage of April snow. Conditions looked terrific. With your report and pics I feel like I got one last trip in for 2018. Thanks and have a great off season. Jim & Gemma