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  1. NYC Mayor Defund the police! Commence the digging.
  2. Nice story.
  4. WHO aren't they the ones that said nothing going on here in China. Keep the airplanes flying (out). China propaganda? Ill take what they say with a grain of salt.
  5. Great parts! Nice to see you here.
  6. Just a scratch will do.
  7. Sorry MRS. GT that three wheel adventure might not happen this year.
  8. So many great pictures!! Merci. The snow is getting thin. No ice in the river. Here in NYC 75 degrees yuk.
  9. Lots of wind mills in 2018.
  10. The trail was super wide in 2008. Warming hut is relais on the green trail.
  11. 587S has changed quite a bit over the years. Green 2008 Magenta 2018
  12. Wow that's awful. Thankfully he did not kill himself. Best wishes.
  13. Fantastic detail!! Very nice indeed.
  14. Hi JG, Looking at a few old photos. Thinking of your work. Thanks for the inspiration out on the trail. 1) Montmagny 2) Saint-Ambroise 3) Rimouski 4) Ville-Marie 5) Near Matane on ferry oops fixed order
  15. I hear Jackie Mason while reading this.