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  1. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    Hi Jak, Here are my gas purchases 2019 (stock) and 2020 (195 Tune).
  2. 2020 12 Days ( 2 of them were half days) 2342 miles. The track side stayed down. No winch or shovel needed . It was a good year for us.
  3. Hi Jeff & Sandy, Wow!! Congratulations on retirement and a fantastic season! That is a lot of ground covered. It was really nice bumping into you two in Matane. Have a great off season. Jim & Gemma
  4. Super nice. Its always fun to ride along with you two! Jim& Gemma
  5. The local orange trail is right off 23. You have to travel across the lake to get to the Manoir.
  6. Team Ice getting it done in the face of adversity. Making memories. Best of luck guys.
  7. Great season Mike! Thanks for keeping us all informed on the conditions in your home away from home. Glad to see you all made it to Lac Baker. You have given us a new destination to shoot for. Happy canoeing.
  8. Hi Alain, Just wondering how the GoPro 7 is working. I had mine plugged into a USB on my sled. It worked great the first 4 days (warm). Then it got a little cooler and I couldn't keep it on. I switched to a GP5 and no problem. Thanks
  9. I was on the trail recently. I guess I did not pay close attention. I missed the trail you are referring to. Sorry I cant be of more help.
  10. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    Here is the track to Moose Valley. Once in NB it was 44 miles to the Club and it was 30 miles back to Quebec. Amqui to RDL was 221 Miles.
  11. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    Thanks MrGutz for your help finding Gemmas Oxygen helmet. She is very happy with it! Hi Tom, Thanks. We love this site. I post to do my part. Hi Don, We really enjoy your posts. You can paint a picture with words. Thanks for keeping us informed on conditions. Hi Jeff and Sandy, It was nice bumping into you. I'm glad we had some time to chat. It looks like you two are having a beautiful winter. Thanks for the NB ideas. Hi Alain, All Your excellent reports get us revved up for our trip. Thanks so much for sharing with us. We had a great time this year. I did not have to use my shovel or winch! Hi Bob, Go get it!! The trails were in nice shape when we pulled out. Hi Mike, Thanks for everything. You helped make our stay enjoyable. We are looking forward to the next time.
  12. IF your talking about the lookout it is 74 miles from St. Irene
  13. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    It’s been a great trip. Sadly were heading back home today and I am being told to get ready.
  14. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    We take 563 to 85 and head back. One last pick north of Cabano.
  15. GT Rider

    GT 2020

    Last pictures of 550