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  1. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    Its a big plus when JG is on TQ5 after a blizzard. The trail was spectacular until we spoiled it and passed him🤣
  2. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    Years ago I started carrying a come-along. It was laborious but I was happy to have it a few times. Then I saw the warn "snow winch". It was not mounted on the machine. It was rated at 1500 lbs. I had to assist it pulling a few times. I bought a ProVantage 3500 with wireless remote for my 2013 GT. I never got around to mounting it. I had a local fab shop make me receiver brackets for my 2019 GT.
  3. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    This year is a new one. The old one owed me nothing.
  4. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    With a little help from my warn winch and a tree.
  5. As they say "no problem it will buff right out".
  6. I hope you made a reservation. I read somewhere that Gaspians are too busy for vacations 🤣.
  7. Hi Steven, Its a nice spot. There is one long stairway down to the river!! I noticed a section of 587 was rerouted onto the local. The gas station only has regular (for the 91 users).
  8. Thanks for the heads up Bob. Its good to know where the dealers are. New in green. Former in magenta.
  9. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    Unfortunately I just so happen to have a few more.🤣
  10. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    Mrs GT is a veteran of stuck.🤣
  11. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    Way back in 00 on my Yamaha triple 600. We were headed to Chapelle for the first time. We left from Sacre-Coure. We were following a track and it split. I chose the wrong one to follow. No shovel no winch saddle bag newbie. I cut a tree limb and worked at it for a while. Later three guys pulled up and got me right out. They said never backup. Lesson learned. Film camera back then.
  12. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    2013 west of Chapais. Thanks Mr. Snowplow driver. It was a fast shovel only escape.
  13. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    More like nice job dumping it over.🤣 Icemans words playing in my head stay right. Watch out for that big rock. Next thing we are sideways. Fun times.
  14. GT Rider

    GT 2019

    The communicator would have to mysteriously malfunction for the rest of the trip.
  15. Were you able to take this trip?