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  1. Thank you for the beautiful ride along. Fantastic conditions!
  2. Just looking at this post thinking where am I. This day would be the first day on the trail of our yearly 2 week trip. Hard to believe its coming up on a year dealing with this. Lets hope things change for the better soon. 2007 in Mauricie.
  3. Thanks Don. Its been nice to see you and the Mrs. out on the trail. We are living through the real "Quebec" riders. Its hard to believe there will be no riding this season for us. The boarder closed just after we finished last years ride. We are looking forward to better days.
  4. Looks terrific Ice. We wish we could be there. Glad to see you hitting the trail.
  5. 2013 Pics Not much in the way of trees.
  6. This is the Havre St Pierre club house. At the time it was closed. While taking this photo the groomer pulled up. He gave us a tour of the inside.
  7. Here's one that a few have passed.
  8. Mrs Gt was not in the "picture" but she was in Trailblazer's tracks. I think we were a week behind you guys.
  9. Edit It is 150 miles from here.
  10. We have made this trip. I had two 1 gallon gas cans. I dumped them in at 54. It is 154 miles from Esso La Dore to PetroCanada Chibougamau according to my Garmin map.
  11. Back in 08 we stayed at Fleur de Lys. The owner had a bunch of old pics with sleds out at the Rock (I had no idea it could be done). He said it didn't freeze up like that in many years. He mentioned that the road crews could not dump snow into the water anymore because of the salt. He said that it made it challenging clearing the roads in high snow years.
  12. Mrs. GT asked me to post the answer. The first time we passed through here this was not an FCMQ trail. It later turned into 43. I have some pics from the other side. Sorry snowmaster I misread the name on your post.
  13. I remember Bill saying the trail was closed. We never got a chance to get up there.
  14. Hi Bob, Good guess but that would be more than 100 miles off.