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  1. GT Rider

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    Be warned trailer to Domaine Valga is a white knuckle ride. They are at high elevation. 4x4 is a must IMO. Not much room for 2 way traffic. Going by snowmobile is way easier. Its a nice place. Enjoy your trip.
  2. GT Rider

    Oxygen Helmets

  3. GT Rider

    Outfitter, lodge, near chandler

    Good advice. No gas in Perce.
  4. GT Rider

    Outfitter, lodge, near chandler

    Yes I have stayed there. Its clean, quiet ,comfortable and the food was very good.
  5. GT Rider

    need help planning trip

    Its 5.5 miles from the travel lodge to the ferry. 285 Boulevard la Salle, Baie-Comeau, QC G4Z 2L5 418-296-9686
  6. GT Rider

    need help planning trip

    Hôtel Le Manoir 8, avenue Cabot, Baie-Comeau Québec G4Z 1L8 (418) 296-3391 Its nice and 1 mile to the ferry. Godbout is a small town with limited services. They do not have gas. Its 55 miles to Godbout from Le Manoir. The trail from Baie Comeau to Godbout is a roller coaster ride. I like this section its memorable. The last photo shows a 77 mile trip if you have extra time. You have to look at the ferry schedule and see what works for the day you plan to cross.
  7. GT Rider

    My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    Starting off in winter mode on the white trail. Good luck with the new machine.
  8. GT Rider

    towing's 2nd ride video

    Hi Alain & Krikri What a beautiful blue sky day. Super nice trail conditions. Thanks for the ride along.
  9. GT Rider

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    RR thanks for posting. I always look forward to reading about your adventures. Happy Trails.
  10. GT Rider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    Thanks for the well wishes 800steve, PLAYHARD, Florida Snowman, 182ray The high wind shield came on all the GT's I have owned. My first an 03 800 SE would go 100+ with the 2 of us and our luggage. It hasn't been an issue (with the track side down). I have used Honda Of Riverhead for my last 2 sleds.
  11. GT Rider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    Thanks. Yes. Got an assist from MrGutz.
  12. GT Rider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    Thanks Ice, Mike. We hope to get our 2 week run in. After that we will see.
  13. GT Rider

    Summer Updates and Repairs

    MrGutz, It took me a while but I just finished my summer repairs. I jacked up my GPS and drove a 900T under it. Thanks again for the help with the helmet. Now MrsGT has a new seat to go with her helmet.