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  1. My Wife and I ran that trail in 09. We traveled in the opposite Direction. We saw no one until Vilebois. We did hit some perfect trails that day. We made our way to Senneterre.
  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on the conditions. Here's to a great season.
  3. Killing your bank account America!
  4. How about No trip. I dropped off my truck 1st week January to have some paint touched up. I thought my late February trip would be enough time to have it finished. Long story short (supply chain) I think I’m getting it back sometime this week.
  5. Time to fill up the Dodge Cummins.
  6. Our condolences to you and yours. Its never easy loosing a loved one.
  7. Happy Birthday JG. We hope you have a great one. JIm & Gemma.
  8. We once passed that famous ice breaker.
  9. And I was looking forward to getting out of NY😏
  10. Wow love those Pics. Go team Ice!
  11. It takes a powerful machine to make a trail that smooth.
  12. Second year making a donation. At least it goes to a great QR’s club.
  13. He's going to that spot with the massive snow bank where he can back in and ride off.
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