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  1. I am a little confused (as always) if coming from the US (US citizen) I need to have proof I have been vaccinated , need a covid test that is less than 72hrs old and my passport? I read an article seems to indicate we don't need to register or use the Arrive Link? Am I missing something. Hope some one can clarify. Thanks
  2. Here in Western Mass the test is free, takes about 2 days to get the results. And that arrive link is pretty simple and I ain't good at that stuff. I'm more worried about getting back into the US, not sure what the procedure is for that, are we gonna need a test to get back in? In my retirement weather and trail conditions dictate how long I'm gonna stay, (and/or when I'm gonna go) could be 3 days or 3 weeks?
  3. If we rode our quad in the woods like that the environmentalists would be accusing us of running over a salamander or some other foolish nonsense. Great pictures as always.
  4. That's a riot! Been a long time since I been to a rodeo.
  5. Hey Paddy & Ginny, great trip. How close were you to the wolf?
  6. Hey Groomer, you ever get charged or threatened by a bull (or cow) moose? Never happened to me but I know people who have. The bulls get ornery during the rut. Always enjoy your pictures.
  7. Lets go! Rent some wheelers and hit the trails! You lead as always. Maybe Don will come along. I'm serious.
  8. Did it say anything about opening the border next year? Thanks
  9. So sad to hear about your brother in law. My condolences.
  10. Have a quick recovery Bill, which I don't doubt cause he is a tough fella.
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