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  1. Get those snow tires on Paddy! How does your daughter like Quebec? Sounds like you had a great time. See you next month.
  2. Hey Jack & Sandi, what time you leaving? Keep an eye out for the red Dodge. Sounds like a good crew this week. No problem here waiting in the room for better snow! BTW shorts and tee shirt here also. See ya tomorrow. Joe
  3. When is the free weekend? Just curious. Thanks
  4. What a POS. Lets hope he gets what he deserves.
  5. Getting towed is bad enough but then you gotta back track 35 mi. because you forgot your helmet? Not gonna mention any names.
  6. Your a riot Mike! I am hoping to be in RDL 1/12-1/20. What are you hearing on the conditions?
  7. Hey Gutz, what is the green key? My first Skidoo 4 stroke. Thanks.
  8. Even harder to believe this guy was a snowmobiler, obviously wacked out on something or mentally ill, no doubt.
  9. This is unusual isn't it? All the years I have rode in Quebec never saw any kind of confrontation at all. Honestly, just the opposite people seem to be overly friendly and pleasant. I've stayed at from 5 star hotels to sleeping above a strip bar.
  10. Great report Jack & Sandi, was thinking about coming up but think I will wait. Sounds like one good storm and things will be fine. Whats the extended weather forecast? Be safe and have fun.
  11. Merry Christmas to all the Quebec riders and glad to see the Iceman back.
  12. Snow & deer! Don't get any better! Thanks for the pictures JG.