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  1. Native brookies are great eating. Next year we'll tie a popper on your fly rod and I'll take you bass fishing.
  2. Are you gonna miss running the groomer in the winter? You look too young to be retired, what are your plans? Love your pictures, keep em coming and thanks.
  3. Great pictures all. Take our mind off the BS for a few minutes. Thanks
  4. Road King Classic, great bike, old school. I think HD quit making them? See ya soon.
  5. Nice job Ice. Do you need a building permit up there? Here in MA. can't even blow a fart without some kind of permit!
  6. Got a cup holder but no steering wheel, levers like a Bobcat, need 2 hands to operate!
  7. Refurbished an old (2005) Gravely zero turn. Put about $1500 into it, runs like a clock now. What a beast! I have a little over 2ac to mow and cut the mowing time by 1/3. Once I get used to it (little tricky to run) I think I will cut my mowing time in 1/2. The only beef I have is you can't drink a beer unless you stop! BTW my John Deere x738 did a fine job. I'll keep that for picking up the leaves in the fall.
  8. Don't know or care about the political Bull Shit but President Trump said if he didn't do what he did we would have lost 1 million people or more. The economy will rebound. America always comes back from any disaster, man made or otherwise.
  9. Gorgeous pictures JG, keep em coming. Must be rugged deer to survive your winters. Thanks and stay safe.
  10. I've rode all over Maine over the years and no doubt Aroostook County is the best, nothing like Quebec but that is where I will be going if Quebec is shut down. The Presque Isle Convention Center wasn't too bad, they have a bar & restaurant with gas next door. But I ain't fussy either as long as it is clean.
  11. Wonder what happens if you switch dealers?