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  1. Wonder what happens if you switch dealers?
  2. And I weigh a 100lb more than Mike!
  3. Still mulling it Mike. If I hit the lottery might push me over the edge.
  4. Polaris in the future Mike? Congrats on the $500!
  5. Fantastic trip! You folks are diehard Quebec riders. Glad to have met and got to know you. See you next season and have a great summer. Joe
  6. Great report / pictures Playhard. Have a great summer.
  7. jak

    St raymond

    Hey Jeff & Sandi, been following your posts, quite a trip you folks have been on. Just curious where is your truck parked? Stay safe. Joe
  8. jak

    GT 2020

    Back on TQ35 we head to Pohenegamook. Trail conditions are very nice. I check the 195 tune on the machine. It does well. Hey Jim & Gemma, really enjoying following along on your trip. Jim, did the 195 tune due anything for fuel mileage? (better, worse) And Gemma, you won't need the heated clothing so much on this trip will you? Stay safe.
  9. Whats it doing up there Mike? What is the extended forecast? Thanks.
  10. jak


    100% agree. Coming into a corner and taking your hand off your steering mechanism is not safe. Stay right and all will be fine.
  11. Hey Mike, yes it was a joke, someone mentioned that to me and I thought it was kinda humorous, wasn't meant to offend. See ya soon. When is your next trip to RDL? Take care.
  12. Mike, there is a rumor going around that you took a part time job at Cumberland Farms to pay for the new helmet. Could this be true?
  13. SnomoGary filled me in on Brexit, the Queen and the Prince. My only disappointment was he never met any of the Beatles!
  14. Holy moly Mike! A new helmet! Knew you would like it. Now just need a new phone? We'll get you into the 21st century yet!
  15. Just curious are these 4-strokes or 2-strokes? I got into some bad gas last year with my 2-stroke and had all kinds of problems where my buddy with 4-stroke (same gas) zero problem.