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  1. Great video! Gonna watch that in mid summer when its 90 degrees out. Thanks Alain.
  2. Raced on that runway many times, used to ride that area a lot back in the old days. Never saw a helicopter though, I don't think?
  3. 2019 Renegade X 600R, not a scratch, upgraded shocks, ice ripper track, multi function gauge, FAR, great handling, great on fuel, 4600 Quebec miles. Transferable warranty with 3 years remaining. $8995 Send a PM if interested. Located in western MA. Thanks
  4. How did it handle compared to yours Mike?
  5. I think were talking about TPS tax not insurance?
  6. I thought they eliminated that?
  7. That would look great in my garage.
  8. Fantastic way to end the season, great riding partners, great weather and a lot of miles. ( and a lot of laughs at "happy hour"). Thanks Mike, Farmer and Jack for the free guide services. You guys really know how to get around that area. Stress free riding at its best. Nice meeting and riding with Mark & Keith. Gary, thanks for the breakfast! Pleasant surprise. See you and all the Quebec riders I meant and rode with this winter. (on both sides of the river). Have a great, short summer. BTW, you guys got me thinking hard about a 4-stroke. Joe
  9. Three bluebird days with smooth trails, warm temps, doesn't get any better. Jack (Sandi's better half) showed up and will be riding with us tomorrow. I now have a witness on how horrible Mikeriders 900 ace is on fuel.
  10. We get stuck tomorrow Mike your on your own, I can't even walk on pavement never mind 3' of snow, you know my knees. See you at breakfast.
  11. Hopefully on my way tomorrow Mike. See ya tomorrow late afternoon or for breakfast in the morning. Was there that much snow or was the wind the problem?
  12. You totally deserve it Bill, congratulations!
  13. I agree and I think I know where, remember Mike?
  14. Is this a recall or does the shield need to fail? Thanks