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  1. jak


    Don't use an 1 7/8" ball with a 2'' hitch. That will give you a rush.
  2. jak

    Ride report

    Your a lucky fella! Thanks for the report. Does your sled have the new suspension? If so much difference from previous style? Thanks
  3. Sorry to hear about your mom Bob.
  4. Trail 35 between Montamany and RDL?
  5. I think I would have to give it up if went back riding those things! Merry Xmas!
  6. Love the pictures Groomer. I read that the whitetail deer was almost extinct in the Gaspe until the Govt. allowed trapping of wolves and coyotes. Is this true? Thanks
  7. Just remember old guys (like me & Mike) get priority on the vaccine. You & Mrs. GT are still young!
  8. Native brookies are great eating. Next year we'll tie a popper on your fly rod and I'll take you bass fishing.
  9. Are you gonna miss running the groomer in the winter? You look too young to be retired, what are your plans? Love your pictures, keep em coming and thanks.
  10. Great pictures all. Take our mind off the BS for a few minutes. Thanks
  11. Road King Classic, great bike, old school. I think HD quit making them? See ya soon.
  12. Nice job Ice. Do you need a building permit up there? Here in MA. can't even blow a fart without some kind of permit!