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  1. Snow & deer! Don't get any better! Thanks for the pictures JG.
  2. Good to have you back Groomer! Really enjoy your pictures.
  3. No problems here, 4700 trouble free miles last season.
  4. Hey JG, are you moose hunting? Is that a picture of your stand? Great pictures!
  5. Best helmet I've ever owned and 0 issues. 4700mi last year.
  6. I would like to see No Hair in that outfit!
  7. Did that for the first time with Mike & Jack last year. Weather was perfect just like in your video. Thanks Alain, really enjoy all your posts.
  8. First, I didn't know we were racing until you were 4 sled lengths ahead of me. I recall once I realized what was going on I "flew" by you like you were standing still! As far as drinking that would be a lot closer contest! I just got off the phone with BCBS. I was told I am covered 100% just as if in the states. However, I would have to pay out of pocket and then be reimbursed. The person I spoke with emphasized how important it is to get and keep all receipts, emergency room, hospital, ambulance, etc. Lets hope none of us ever need these services. I pay about $160 a month through my previous employer, that includes teeth and glasses.
  9. I only have liability (in case I hurt someone else) and theft, I don't think it would cover my medical bills? Besides I'm riding a 4 stoke this year so probably won't be able to go as fast anyway!!!! BTW Mike, wine is good for the heart so I don't think you have to worry. I will reach out to BCBS and see what plan I have. Never gave this issue a thought till you fellas brought it up.
  10. Steve, I have BCBS supplement to my Medicare. I don't have a clue which "plan" it is. Is this something you requested extra? I'm not worried about a heart attack but I am worried about hittin a tree trying to keep up with Mike.
  11. Great pictures as usual JG! Just curious, do you carry a weapon when your out in the middle of nowhere alone? Rifle, handgun? Just being nosy, don't answer if you don't want.
  12. Great pictures as always JG! Keep up the good work! Those raised hunting platforms, who builds those? Are they privately owned by citizens or hunting outfits? I assume you have a couple around. Thanks
  13. I have owned a lot of helmets over the years and this is by far the most comfortable, quietest, warmest, most field of vision helmet I have ever owned. 4700 mi. last season and no problems so put me down for "best helmet on the market'.