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  1. Better late than never , awesome pictures! Besides, a real snowmobiler will enjoy these pictures when it's 90 degrees in August. 🍻
  2. Holy s@#$, I hope that's the operator taking the photo. 🤤
  3. Maybe the last opposite sled that passed them gave them the fist sign
  4. 85 to 35 towards Squatec through Moose Valley and then Rt 17 to Campbellton. We were going to go to the hotel which is right by the bridge across from point a Lacroix in Campbellton but we ended up staying at the Quality Inn which is the first Hotel you see on the 17 coming into Campbellton.
  5. Yes, upload them to YouTube first and then here.
  6. zeusand

    la Tabatiere

    Incredible, look at all those gas cans! I admire you guys for sure!
  7. Totally agree, Sagueney Bill is doing it right!
  8. Here is the video that I got from Adam, you’ll notice the game warden when the moose walks over to him and he gets off his snowmobile and pushes the moose which makes him fall and finally run away. Thanks Adam! IMG_2663.MOV
  9. Ontario just closed their Trails down as well. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2020/03/19/urgent-message-to-ontario-snowmobilers-re-covid-19/
  10. So basically you got almost $3,000 Canadian for $2000 US. You're a smart dude Bob