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  1. zeusand

    Shawinigan Parking

    Yes, was there in January, top notch hosts. I believe it was 10 or $12 a night. Totally worth it knowing your vehicle is locked up and safe.
  2. zeusand

    Security Precautions

    Years ago, the thieves used to walk up to your vehicle and take a picture of your VIN number through your windshield and go to the local dealer and have a key made. Then they would walk up to your car and get in like they owned it and just drive it away but now law enforcement and the dealerships have partnered and you cannot get the key made unless you have one to copy. Otherwise you have to have your driver's license and or proof of the vehicle ownership.
  3. Thanks for all you do and keeping the site going👍
  4. zeusand

    Gouin area adventure

    Very cool!
  5. zeusand

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    That's a great idea, who cares about turn by turn directions anyways... you can't even hear them when you're moving at speed anyways. Not to mention the phone screen is almost twice the size of my 3.5" Garmin Nuvi 550 And you'll notice your notifications faster when you go through areas that actually have reception. Thanks again 👍
  6. zeusand

    Joliette/ Rivière Mattawin vidéo

    Awesome video as usual! Funny story, about 15 years ago my buddy from Vermont and I got on the river by Grand mere and we saw open water to the left by the dam which we have seen before but going under that big bridge there was the Shadow from the bridge on the River Plus the dirt from the roadway that was plowed and sprayed on to the river ice and we thought we saw Open Water. We both looked at each other doing about 50 miles an hour thinking we can't stop now not enough time and hit the gas up to about 70 thinking that we were crossing water but it was just a shadow and the dirt from the snow plow spray coming off the bridge LOL
  7. zeusand

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Hi Jay, I keep my phone in my pocket and that solves that problem. But my GPS is mounted on my Dash. It is a Garmin 550 and I've noticed when the battery is new it can handle cold Temps down to about 15F below before acting up. But after a couple of years it barely stays on plugged in even at 20F above. But that is a great idea on the heated grip warmer, a nice thin one that will fit right inside the RAM mount. Thanks!
  8. zeusand

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Before GPS, I had a compass mounted to my sled. Saved me many times, come to a three-way intersection, not sure which way to go. I knew the right way on the map was northeast mostly so I'd start going that way for a few miles and as long as the compass was right... It usually workout out. I always carry Maps just in case. My GPS has frozen in super cold Temps and won't stay on for more than 15 seconds at best. I've been thinking to get another compass but the Imotoniege app should solve that problem. As long as it's charged... LOL
  9. zeusand

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    At least you have a riding partner, although he might not be able to go get help, better than being alone LOL
  10. zeusand

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Yes! So easy that way. I've been doing it that way for years Like snowmaster said... so so true
  11. zeusand

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Wow 200 cars🤤
  12. Awesome video Alain, fantastic job editing. I felt like I was on the trip!👍👍
  13. zeusand

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    LOL, no Rouge no pics.
  14. zeusand

    Heated socks or insole heaters

    When I first started riding years ago , I always had a problem with cold feet. I tried a few pairs of boots and nothing kept my toes warm at 10 below or colder. I even bought a product called Hot Shot boot heaters which did solve the problem but I hated being connected by the wires. Friend of mine told me to get Sorel glaciers that are rated to 100 below and I haven't had cold feet since. I wear a 10 and a half in normal shoes but I bought the boots a size 12. I've noticed if you have a size and a half bigger your foot will be much warmer. Good luck!