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  1. And keep your helmet on and don't open your face shield
  2. Do you have a link to the source? Or is this your opinion?
  3. To lift the region out of poverty, wow... very interesting story. Would have never thought of that reason. Don't really understand how that could work unless the government was paying everyone for their house that their about to abandon... or they just walk away and head to the city. Crazy.
  4. Just curious, why did it close? Old mining/ manufacturing Village?
  5. You'll need one for every country, so if you like to travel a lot...
  6. Happy birthday buddy! Great picture linda, of what JG loves to do
  7. Not until the vaccine comes out. According to the prime minister. https://www.freshdaily.ca/news/2020/04/social-distancing-canada-will-last-until-vaccine-ready/
  8. Well, crazy but good I guess. I wonder how they enforce that? You're going to what supermarket? Well you passed 1 that's closer to your house, here's your $1,500 fine?
  9. I stopped darting completely over 20 years ago when I switched to Simmons flexi ski which was recommended to me by New England Bob. Anytime I've ridden one of my buddies sleds I can't deal with the darting. Even more so the sliding especially around the corners. I would like to try the snow trackers as mine do have a lot of ski pressure and it is tougher to steer but I'd rather have that than the alternative.
  10. Ultimate protection... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=655765725208227&id=100023244150095
  11. I have the warmest pair of bibs that Klim makes. I forgot the model name, they're very warm. The only thing I don't like and I didn't notice when I bought them was they don't have the two zipper pockets in the front. Did they seriously need to stop putting pockets to save a buck when they charge $350. Never thought about it when I bought them.
  12. Awesome video, thanks for sharing!
  13. Yep, did my first gaspe trip with him. Just talked to him a few days ago. He's doing well!