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  1. I read some parts of Newfoundland got 12 feet 😲🤣😨
  2. Hey Bob, do you still have that 200 Horsepower Supercharged Vector?
  3. No more stickers for daily passes, interesting. Thanks for the info👍
  4. That's what I read as well, just doesn't lose horsepower in high-elevation. But still, how do you add a turbo and not gain horsepower even at sea level??
  5. Beautiful pictures on a nice clear day👍
  6. "One thing I think would go over well is a pullover that would be embroidered with logo and also have the option of having your 'log-in' name added." Great idea, I'll take one!
  7. Those Rolling Hill Trails look so familiar yet so different this time of year. 👍
  8. Lol, I can only imagine you whipping through Manawan on an e bike. 🤣
  9. It really is! Trip meter 1 was for the entire trip and trip meter 2 was how many miles since last fill up. LOL, guaranteed!