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  1. It really is! Trip meter 1 was for the entire trip and trip meter 2 was how many miles since last fill up. LOL, guaranteed!
  2. Happy birthday Jean guy!! Enjoy your summer!
  3. Awesome video even if I didn't understand it! And snowmaster I don't think that's just your opinion, from what I've heard... Quebec has the best trail system in the world by far! Thanks CNC
  4. I totally agree and you can't post or you get timed out after 15 seconds and then can't get back in for a half hour. Me personally, I feel guilty not helping out a small mom-and-pop type site. The ironic thing is a lot of these guys buy brand new sleds every year.
  5. Only 40 km range, but maybe one day
  6. Hi CNC, always logged on. Now it's showing it correctly? Maybe a moderator will chime in as to why? I do have Google Translate but I've always had that and I rarely use it. It's not a big deal, just wondering👍
  7. Not that I know of?? LOL, Yes... this area is a 10/10 now and it's doesn't melt until August.
  8. Awesome picture Linda! You need to blow that up and hang it in your house!
  9. I think they're talking about Lac Saint Jean area but there is a town near Rogers cabin in the Maurice area that's similar or the same, just can't remember the name
  10. Who's better than you? Very sexy outfit "You're" wearing 🍸🤣
  11. zeusand

    GT 2019

    So riding alone... I'm just wondering if you and Mrs GT flipped that over by yourselves 😎