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  1. Crazy for sure, rode out of Bernard's for like 15 years and the trails always had plenty of snow by at least the second week of January. But hey, still looks good, wish I was there!
  2. Been running those skis for 25 years, on my second set. Best skis ever!
  3. Looks like Repo, but not sure
  4. Great pictures, great to see you riding!
  5. Wow, I remember some delays some years but I don't ever remember it not freezing over and being staked the whole season.
  6. Bungee cord a couple of windshield washer jugs full of gas to your running boards and Pour them in after 30 miles, you're good
  7. January 13th and not much snow... I guess we would have all guessed wrong on the groomer/pass date.
  8. Coroner, Sacre coeur
  9. Very sad, hoping and praying your mom makes it Bob...
  10. Yes relais 540, stopped there a few times with Rob and met Andre. He was the original distributor for snotracker skis.
  11. That sticker was from Rob, the original HCS👍
  12. On trail 3 east of Quebec city. They had great burgers. Burned to the ground.