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  1. Oh so nice. That is one of the best rides out there and so few people riding. Giddy-up guys! Someone from the club should ask that Dodge what he's doing there? You got a good picture of the plate. Jack & Sandi
  2. The cooler was replaced in March 2017. We didn't run the sled after that last season. This season it has the leak so I'm figuring it has something to do with the work done in the March. Thanks for the insight. Jack
  3. The Challenge

    Yea! Another major step in the project. Congrats. Jack & Sandi
  4. St Ray to Saguenay

    Hi Chris, 300 K will get you to Jonquiere / Chicoutimi area. The Delta and Saguenneene are the two popular hotels. From there you can plan your trips. Mont Valin East gets a lot of traffic on weekends. Other than that, enjoy the ride. Jack & Sandi
  5. Season Opener 2018

    Many years ago the SkiDoo dealer in Matane let us pull parts off a used year old sled on the floor that was for sale so we could continue on. This was on Dec 31st. It is a long story but the people in Quebec have given us a hand when things looked pretty bleak. Thanks to everyone that has helped us over the years. Jack & Sandi
  6. Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    It has been a few years since we have been on 355 but there is fuel at the top in Lac Bouchette. A regular gas station right on the auto road. The next stop will be Lac Edouard. There is nothing on 73 thru the park. After the park Riviere-a-Pierre has gas if I remember correctly. Then you are good to St Raymond. Alma to Roberval is a short day unless you are doing a loop around the top of Lac St Jean. If you do the north side, ride some of the green and yellow trails and not just 93. Some of the local trails are really nice especially Peribonka to St Felicien. Jack & Sandi
  7. Looking good Mike and Terry. Wish we were still there but we have to tend to business every now and then. We made it back to CT without any mishaps. There was a light snow thru VT and MA. CT was still clear. The snow came in overnight and only a couple of inches. Jack & Sandi
  8. I can't see it being a major issue. The oil is clean and no steam coming out the exhaust. Hopefully it is a quick fix. The tough part of it is finding the leak. Jack & Sandi
  9. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    You are on it with it being a land owner issue. Passable but no permission. Jack & Sandi
  10. Base camp for week itinerary

    Hi Dynomite, St Raymond to Passions is a long day. I don't know what you normally do for mileage but I see it is a least you and your wife. Check and make sure that it is within your comfort range. You don't want to overdo the first day. Jack & Sandi
  11. Hi RR, We were speaking with a group yesterday morning that had come up from Maine and were doing the Gaspe. One person was Josh if I remember correctly. That is great to hear that Matane is passable now. We wish them the best on the rest of the loop. Jack & Sandi
  12. I'm late for yesterday's post but sometimes that happens. Terry and Mike covered the pics and overview pretty good. A quick detail is we took 5 east 565 south and then 544 thru St Cypien. The fields on 5 were frozen but there were large bodies of water on them a few days ago. Terry's wash and dry hole was on 565. There is a small bridge crossing a creek. I'm guessing there is an ice dam under the bridge and the dam is diverting the water around the bridge and across the trail. Not a huge water hole just an awkward one that his right front ski got caught under the ice. We hit 571 and headed south to Squatec. Had lunch at the restaurant there and gassed up next door. After lunch it was 35 over the mountain. The Squatec side was groomed and wonderful. The St Louis du Ha! Ha! side was not. When we got to 85, the groomer had made a pass heading north so that is what we followed. We ran 85 all the way back to RDL. Like Mike says, the trails are coming back quickly. There are still a few spots but each night there are a few less. Sandi and I are packing up this morning and heading back to CT. We haven't decided on the next trip yet. Sandi's 1200 has a slow and very annoying anti-freeze leak that we have to get fixed first. She is thinking about her next sled. It is her turn for a new one in 2019. Anyone interested in a good 2016 Renegade 1200 driven by a grandmother only in Quebec? We normally trade in the old sled to the dealer but I thought I would mention it here. Jack & Sandi
  13. Andy, Steve needs one more post not quote. Jack & Sandi
  14. Welcome to QuebecRider Chuck. Look at it this way. With a first trip that didn't turn out the way you expected to put it mildly. Chances are the next trip will be great. Don't give up. Jack & Sandi