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  1. Does anyone remember when part of the hotel was a nursing home? Sandi
  2. Parking is always an issue there. I hope this doesn't cut into it too much. Sandi & Jack
  3. Thanks for the kind remarks but we did not ride this year. I did get a new sled which has 0 miles on it. We were going to do Maine but decided against it with the Covid quarantine coming back into CT. We still haven't retired and I didn't want to keep the store closed for that long. Sooooo looking forward to next year. Thanks to all who posted pictures and let us ride vicariously thru them. Sandi & Jack
  4. It's amazing how those snow banks sneak up on a person!! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Sandi & Jack .
  5. Iceman says the trailer was locked.
  6. You have had more snow there than we have had here in New England. Jack & Sandi
  7. Its been a few years since we have been out there but it is a nice ride with not much traffic. Hotel Les Mouettes in Sept Illes is our choice. We prefer the local hotels vs the chains. You get a better taste for Quebec that way. The trip back is still the same trail you rode out but you're looking at the other side of the trees, so its different! 😁 Unfortunately, I'm not real optimistic about Canada being open to us, U.S. Jack & Sandi
  8. Hi Fuse. Yes. Same as her last sled, MXZ X 600. She really liked the way it handled (me too) so she is staying with it. I still have the Renegade but the MXZ X is really light in the corners. I could be talked into one of these. Jack & Sandi
  9. Ah! A change from the political posting. Thanks and well done. Jack & Sandi
  10. It is so sad this happened but it is good that the body has been recovered. May peace be with the families now. Jack & Sandi
  11. We started riding in Quebec in the late 70's in Eastman and the eastern townships. Then to St. Raymond, Mont Laurier thru the 80's and 90's. Eventually we covered most of Quebec from Gaspe to Abitibi, Havre St Pierre to Matagami with a couple trips to Ontario thrown in. We don't ride anywhere else. Quebec is unsurpassed for trails, scenery, and it's great people. Sandi & Jack
  12. Thanks for posting and the pics. What a way to start off retirement! It was good seeing you this year. Hope to see you next season. Take care and be safe. Jack & Sandi
  13. The above restaurant is a nice place. Not accessible by sled but only a few minutes by truck from the Universal. We had a great time with a late season ride this past week. We enjoyed the company, the trails, the food and of course the happy hour. Saw a few more QuebecRiders at the Universal. For all of you still riding, enjoy this wonderful March weather. Back in CT it has been in the 50's and 60's. Jack & Sandi
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