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  1. It is still a tragedy regardless of the chain of events that triggered this. Hopefully something good will emerge from this disaster. You can pass laws but in my opinion, education is the key. Riders have to be informed and understand the risks that come along with this or any sport. Lets all be as safe as we can be. Jack & Sandi
  2. That is my understanding. The gas station is on top of the hill in St Henri. Trail 93 drops down and skirts the edge of the lake heading back towards Alma, well marked. 93 gets back on land and there are usually a few tracks that continue on the lake but near the shore. I always figured locals used it going home a little further on. It sounds like the guide may have continued on, maybe to take a shortcut to Alma or missed the get off point at night? The map Mark posted shows the N-FED trail going out on the lake and then dead ends. This cuts across where the lake is draining into the Grande-Decharge and then into the Saguenay River. A very sad situation for whatever reason. Jack & Sandi
  3. Very well said. Thank you. Jack & Sandi
  4. A horrible tragedy. We can only guess because the guide is gone but at night, on the lake and it isn't a designated trail? Our prayers are with the families. Jack & Sandi
  5. We have noticed that where the trail from Bernieres first crosses the road, you can see it from route 20, it appears that the trail doesn't go up that little hill by the power tower. I think you run along the side of the road a little further and then cut in. You should be able to ride because it has shown as groomed. Jack & Sandi
  6. We rode on the north side from Quebec City to St Raymond this past weekend. Rough on trail 3 but they did get a little more snow when we were there. Driving home on route 20, it looked like there was OK snow at Berniers, Normandin. A few trailers parked there. The groomer map shows that the groomers have been out. Trail 35 or 55 will probably have a little better snow cover than 5. Have a good ride. Jack & Sandi
  7. On another note, trail 3 is bumpy. Not all of the signage is out yet. We missed a turn in a big field and ended up in Shannon. It is a dead end trail. A 12 mile oops! Jack & Sandi
  8. There is another gas station, depending on which way you are coming or going, with a lot of other stores. Just east of the 23 and 73 intersection on trail 73 is the groomer's garage. There is a sign on 73 at Route des Pioniers, stating gaz 1 km. It is more like 2 km but the spur runs right along the side of the road and it is very easy to get to. There is an Ultramar, bank, McDonalds, SAQ and other stores. Jack & Sandi
  9. We were at RDL with Mike and Joe earlier this week. This is our last day of this week trip. A gentle ride back to Double Tree Quebec to the truck. A little snowfall last night. I haven't measured but the forecast was for 5-10 cm and maybe another 5 cm today. Jack & Sandi
  10. Here is the link to what Iceman found. Time will tell whether it opens or not. I can see a lot of businesses being affected. Jack & Sandi
  11. Just a quick report. Sandi and I trailered to the DoubleTree (old Four Points) in Quebec yesterday from RDL. Jason and Yushen drove up and are renting a two-up for the weeekend. It is very quiet here. About a dozen rigs and only a few sleds overnight. This morning, Jason picked up the Grand Tour 900 Turbo with zero miles on it. A nice looking sled. This will give them a good ride for the weekend. We headed east on 3 for about 20 miles to the junction with 320 just before St Anne. 3 has been groomed but it is a little thin. A clunker in the trail every now and then. There happens to be a check point here at the junction this morning. I showed the trail warden my paperwork because we still haven't received the stickers. No problem. He said 320 is a cul-de-sac but it is fine going toward L'Etape. We run 3 until we get to the little connector to 369. As we go up in elevation, the conditions get much better. We get to the 369 junction and another check point. I go to get my printout and he says "You have the paper?" I nod my head yes and he motions for me to go along. That was easy. 369 is fine. This is mid winter riding and this trail is superb. The snow cover is deep and the trees are draped with the white fluffy stuff. The sky is blue and we are just cruising along. We pull into L'Etape and this is packed. Everyone is heading to the Lac. There must be 40 - 50 sleds here. Tank up and in for lunch. Nothing exquisite, just good food. Back on the trail. We work our way over to 23 south. From L'Etape to 23 it is rough. It just gets so much traffic that it be groomed every hour and still have bumps. About 5 miles down 23 and things start to smooth out again. Sandi picks up the pace and we are off. A lot of traffic around L'Etape but you don't have to go far and most everyone disappears. A couple of sleds pass us in each direction. All of 23 is fine. It usually gets groomed for the weekend and they didn't miss this one. As we approach St Raymond, a little more traffic. The locals are out on a Friday afternoon. The trail shows a little more wear near town. We get to the Cat dealer next to Roquemont and the gas pumps are gone. Not a big deal we can gas up in the morning in town but it was convenient with the pumps next to the hotel. Roquemont is full. Trailers all over and the sleds have been pulling in since we got here. I think the trail 3 closure has shifted everyone from DoubleTree to Roquemont. A very nice ride today but it was on the cold side, -20C. The forecast is for cold overnight with 5-10 cm. Tomorrow another 5 cm. That should help the trails down here closer to the St Laurent. Jack & Sandi
  12. A few years ago at route 91 Newport, VT I didn't have my passport. Into Quebec, no problem. Coming back thru U.S. Customs, a few more questions as to why I didn't have my passport but they let me in OK. I don't know about now. Jack & Sandi
  13. Side note: This morning here at the top of Connecticut, my truck thermometer said 70 F and it is pretty accurate. Ugh! Jack & Sandi
  14. I like the optimism. I can be happy riding there. Jack & Sandi
  15. The radar is showing snowfall from Maine up to LSJ. Lets hope the groomers can perform their magic. Jack & Sandi