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  1. My 2 cents. I've got a 2014 Chevy 2500 that I haven't had any problems with. Knock on wood. It has 180,000 miles on it. It is maintained but nothing out of the norm. I typically use the same brand of diesel but not a fanatic. Is the Bosch system used on all Duramax engines or only some? Jack & Sandi
  2. Hi Steve, The new one is ordered. Pretty much the same, 850 Renegade. Jack
  3. Phone call here the other day. It was a good 15 minutes. It can't hurt to see how much money us crazy Americans spend to go out and freeze our butts off. Add in the trucks, trailers, sleds and everything else we buy here in the U.S. And we do this why? Jack & Sandi
  4. revct1

    GT 2019

    Thanks Jim & Gemma. Great pics and stories as always. That new sled is going to see a lot of Quebec miles. It was great seeing you at RDL. Have a safe trip home. Jack & Sandi
  5. Oh oh! It just stopped running coming out of that last corner. It felt like it was firing on one cylinder for hundred meters and then came to a rolling stop. Did it run out of fuel? No it was full of fuel 40 miles ago. Blown belt. No. Boy there is a lot of steam coming out from under that right side panel. Hey Mike & Joe, I don't remember seeing the pink snow when the sled stopped. Hmm? The anti-freeze bottle is empty. We can only move the primary clutch about an inch in either direction and it makes a funny clunking sound. 13,000 miles on the 850. I thought these were going to go further than the 800 E-tecs. My last two E-tecs I had 15,000 and 13,500 no rebuilds on either. Sandi isn't with me on this trip. First time she couldn't make it in years. Her new 600R is in the trailer! Should I? Jack & no Sandi
  6. The Team is out again. You have a big following RR. We will be reading. Be safe and have fun! Jack & Sandi
  7. Hi Mike, I see you making points with Valerie. Brilliant! The mayor is trying for free drinks tonight. That Kawasaki brings back memories. I had a 440 fan cooled in my younger days. 72 mph top speed on a good day. Jack & Sandi
  8. Sometimes a heat gun on low will warm up the glue on the back of the sticker and makes removal a little easier. Jack & Sandi
  9. The 900Ts are supposed to be quite the ride. I haven't tried one but from what I have heard they are "quick". I don't remember the last time the belt was changed on my 850. We have over 3,000 miles this season and I know it hasn't been changed this year. I don't even remember it being changed last year. Give us a report on the 900T. Jack & Sandi
  10. Hi Terry & Molly, We love reading along with you. The trails this year have stood up very well after a grooming because of the low temps. I think this has been one of the best seasons for trail conditions. Jack & Sandi
  11. The Godbout portion of trail 3 everyone should experience at least once. I give the groomer compliments to get thru it. You wouldn't send a new guy there. Thanks for the pics and enjoy your ride. Jack & Sandi
  12. We made it back to Connecticut without incident. It was a pleasure seeing so many QuebecRider folks. Maybe we will get in one more ride to RDL. Jack & Sandi
  13. It must be getting pretty bad when Groomer cancels. The wind just covers up all your work. Jack & Sandi
  14. Hi Gowser, For some reason that I can't figure out, this past week it has been wicked windy around Jonquiere. North of the river and south on 23 or 83 it hasn't been as bad. Leaving the Delta in the morning and coming back in at night, wow! It feels like the wind is going to take you right off your feet. Jack & Sandi
  15. Today is our last day of riding for this trip. Almost all the trails were groomed last night. We have some light snow in the forecast and big wind for today. I think we will stay in the woods. The open fields in Alma would not be our choice. We cross the two bridges one more time. 367 is fine as shown on the groomer map. In St Ambroise we turn left on 93 and again this is fine. We are on our way to Mont Vilain. Cruising along on 93 we turn right onto local 554. Hmm? I thought the sign at the beginning of the trail said 553 but the map says 554. The picture I took yesterday doesn't show the sign. We will call it 554 for now. Buzzing along and we slow down at Relais des Lac. Only a few sleds here and that one is Bill's. I can tell by the parking lights on it. That one is MichRev's. We weren't going to stop but we have to go in and see where they are going. Hi Bill and Dave. Just finishing up a coffee and water. Where are you going? Up to Mont Vilain. We are too. Sandi and I sit and have a hot chocolate. This is a short day so we can get back to the hotel and get the truck hooked to the trailer and do a few things to prep for tomorrow's ride home. Relax and chat about how good of a week of riding it has been. The four of us leave and go on 328 around the lake. Right on 553. The fields are drifted in some fields even though they were groomed last night. This time we take the local trail thru Lamarche and get on 373 to finish the ride to Mont Vilain. Not too busy during the week here. We order lunch and relax. It is snowing pretty good now. The wind is still strong. Over lunch we decide the best route back is the way we came up. Only a few fields. Most of the trails are in the woods. We get back on the sleds and u-turn. 367 to the local thru Lamarche and then 553 to 328. Around the lac and pass Relais des Lacs. No need to stop today. The temp is mild and we keep on riding. Left on 93, a right on 367 and cross the two bridges one last time. These are as bumpy as ever but after the bridges the trail is good. No need to gas up tonight and we pull into the Delta. Time to hook up the trailer and get a few things ready for the ride home tomorrow. It was great seeing so many QuebecRiders and riding with who we had the blessing to ride with. It was a great trip this past week. Thanks for reading along with us. We hope you got a few chuckles and enjoyment out of our posts. Is there one more trip this season for us? Home for a week and then we will decide. Thanks. Jack & Sandi