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  1. If you haven't been to Sept-Isles, go for it. It is pretty well marked and maintained. The first section to Godbout, like Quebec Bob said, is twisty and the other half to Sept-Isles is a very nice ride. Harve-St. Pierre on the other hand isn't quite so well marked and not maintained as well. Make sure you are comfortable with being a boy scout at times. The big bridge is on the west side of Baie Comeau. It is the highest snowmobile bridge in the world. Jack & Sandi
  2. Hi RR, We are scheduled to go to the Sag from Christmas to New Year's for our maiden voyage. We have snow here in CT but no where to ride that is worth while. Only a couple of more weeks. Hopefully we won't get a melt down between now and then. Someone needs to design a 100 liter tank to mount on the back of the tunnel. It would be about 165 lbs. plus the weight of the tank and mount. About the same as a passenger. Hmm! Jack & Sandi
  3. Hi RR and folks, It is great to be getting into the snow season. It has been a long summer and seeing groomed trails brings a smile to my face. Keep the reports and pictures coming. We appreciate it. You are making many riders happy. Jack & Sandi
  4. Hi Mike, There was a tiny motel across from Bombardier with about 8 rooms. Very basic. I don't know if it is still there but it would probably be booked way ahead if it is. In Richmond, northeast of Valcourt, on trail 35 is Motel LaGare. We stayed there a long time ago. Nothing fancy. Not a bad ride by sled to Valcourt on 35. There will be a lot of traffic on the trails during race week though. Sherbrooke has many hotels. We had a theft problem there but that was twenty years ago. I haven't heard anything lately. The bed and breakfasts or Gites are pretty good if there is one nearby. The best suggestion is to book early because all the good stuff will get sold out. You could also contact the tourism for the Eastern Townships. They would have the inside scoop. Jack & Sandi
  5. Hi Pat, We go Dec 27th thru Jan 2nd to Chicoutimi. The next trip hopefully will be Jan 12th thru Jan 17th at RDL. If you are in either of those areas, you are more than welcome to ride with us. We usually do day trips out of the hotel. Jack & Sandi
  6. So sorry for your loss. Remember the memories. Jack & Sandi
  7. You are already grooming and I don't have the sleds ready yet! Jack & Sandi
  8. I somehow missed this thread. Now its time to start reading again. Congrats Bill. All of us appreciate what you do for the sport. You have touched the lives of many snowmobilers. Jack & Sandi
  9. Hi Rick, Clova is a good place to stay. Like Gutz said, not many options. Make reservations. You can't see them in the photo above but to the left side there are railroad tracks. They run along side of the restaurant where the Canadian flag is hanging. Don't park your sleds on that side of the restaurant. Sometimes the tracks are covered with snow. Years ago some sledders did. They didn't ride their snowmobiles after the train came into town. We stopped in Clova one night and everything was full. They put us in the barn on the other side of the pond (lake). There were others in the barn with us. Bunk beds, common shower / toilet and a wood stove down stairs. Yes there was a down stairs to the barn. It looked like a fire trap but it was one of the best night's sleep I've had. Enjoy the rustic Canadian wilderness. Jack & Sandi
  10. It sounds like you are hooked now on Quebec! Jack & Sandi
  11. My 2 cents. I've got a 2014 Chevy 2500 that I haven't had any problems with. Knock on wood. It has 180,000 miles on it. It is maintained but nothing out of the norm. I typically use the same brand of diesel but not a fanatic. Is the Bosch system used on all Duramax engines or only some? Jack & Sandi
  12. Hi Steve, The new one is ordered. Pretty much the same, 850 Renegade. Jack
  13. Phone call here the other day. It was a good 15 minutes. It can't hurt to see how much money us crazy Americans spend to go out and freeze our butts off. Add in the trucks, trailers, sleds and everything else we buy here in the U.S. And we do this why? Jack & Sandi
  14. revct1

    GT 2019

    Thanks Jim & Gemma. Great pics and stories as always. That new sled is going to see a lot of Quebec miles. It was great seeing you at RDL. Have a safe trip home. Jack & Sandi
  15. Oh oh! It just stopped running coming out of that last corner. It felt like it was firing on one cylinder for hundred meters and then came to a rolling stop. Did it run out of fuel? No it was full of fuel 40 miles ago. Blown belt. No. Boy there is a lot of steam coming out from under that right side panel. Hey Mike & Joe, I don't remember seeing the pink snow when the sled stopped. Hmm? The anti-freeze bottle is empty. We can only move the primary clutch about an inch in either direction and it makes a funny clunking sound. 13,000 miles on the 850. I thought these were going to go further than the 800 E-tecs. My last two E-tecs I had 15,000 and 13,500 no rebuilds on either. Sandi isn't with me on this trip. First time she couldn't make it in years. Her new 600R is in the trailer! Should I? Jack & no Sandi