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  1. Lots of great pics JG! That doe looks heavy with child, should be dropping in a week or two
  2. Nice bone find JG! Just curious, do you come across many in your travels or are there alot of guys that shed hunt? I spend many hours in the bush in search of those elusive antlers, always a thrill to find them!
  3. Well, whatever type of slithering fellow this might be, I think you need to keep an open mind. With a little creativity, and perhaps a bit of nurturing, this guy could be an asset to your future snowmobiling trips. There are many uses that I'm sure you haven't even thought about. For instance, he could be used as a deterrent to the theft issues we sometimes face north of the border. Just lay him across the seat when you check into the hotel each night, that should keep the thieves at a distance. the event of a missed turn in deep snow when you need a tug, he could double as a pull rope. And the obvious off season use of him would be to store him in the engine compartment to ward off any pesky mice trying to make your sled their home. Much the same as Mikerider adopted a monkey this winter, 'Copper' could be your new pet. It may take a while to adapt, but before long he'll be riding in your jacket pocket with you on your adventures to the North. Just don't forget to check him in at customs.... sorry.....having snowmobile withdrawals.......
  4. Hey Jim, pretty sure that's a milk snake (some call it a spotted adder) We have some of those here in VT. Scarier looking than a garter, but not poisonous!
  5. Thanks for the ride along David, great pics and commentary! Hopefully a dry finish ahead for you.
  6. Ugh, sorry to hear Jack! Was pretty sure I saw you on Sandi's yellow Doo in another picture, wondered what was up. Any diagnosis on the 850 yet? I'm guessing that the Mayor is pushing you hard towards a new 900? I can tell you, after having ridden both mine and Mollys 850's over the past two years, then jumping on the 900T, there are no regrets!
  7. neksledr

    GT 2019

    Very cool, didn't know about this place! How wide is the island? Thanks for the great pics and reports J & G!
  8. Bet George would love some kitties to play with Mike!
  9. JG, you sure have been spending a lot of time off trail this year?? Do I see a freestyle in your future?
  10. Hi Snowmaster, yes, tons of snow! I believe that outhouse / cabin was on a lake approx 20 miles before we reached Clova. Maybe Tom remembers?
  11. Hey Mike, it's the Enduro. Really enjoyed it, and no adding oil! Take a close up looks at the eyes on the dog pic that I posted..... adorable pup and her name was Georgia! Could be a great new friend for George!
  12. 2/24 Plans were made for a Westward run with QR's infamous Florida Snowman, so a 3:45am departure from Vermont took place, destination Auberge-Motel Drakkar in Shawinigan. The new 900T Enduro with zero miles on it was in the back of the truck for the ride. Roads right out of the gate were slick as my intentions of getting ahead of the pending storm had failed. All the way up and until I was through the tunnel and onto Rte 40 headed east the roads were a nightmare. After reaching Rte 40 the pavement dried up and good time was made. Arrived at the Drakkar with the Snowman prepping his ride ready to go. After a quick trail pass switch to match my new sled we were ready to go. Hit the trail right around 9am and everything is groomed flat and fast a few local trails out of town onto the 23 and jump on the river for a quick run up to the 360. Continue on to Matawin for a quick top of fuel and keep on moving all the way to Repos for more fuel and some soup. Had to wait a little bit for fuel as they were transferring from one tank to another. We also got behind a tour group that was thirsty for fuel. After we fueled the Kanawata Express was a super quick run and we splashed a little more fuel, said hi to Mario, visited with a few Vermonters, and then off we go towards Barrage Goin. It is now snowing very hard and we are pushing 10-12" of fresh snow. Lots of fun and no other sleds on the trails, so good time is made. Pull into Gouin and fill gas again and the horses are shut down for the day at 5pm. We are the only two here. Great walleye dinner and we call it a night. 265 miles 2/25 Up for a quick breakfast and on the trail a little before 8. Still snowing and we run out on jump on the road headed towards Parent. An easy foot of new snow on the road, but the plow has been through and cleared 1/2 the road just for us, so sizzling time is made for the 60 mile run into Parent. It has been snowing hard the whole way and vision is very tricky at times. Take fuel and jump on the 83 headed to Clova. Visibility is getting really bad and the guy on the Yamaha misses a turn ever so slightly, and it was here that we found out exactly how deep the snow is! About 1/2 hr later we have the 1/2 ton Yammie re-directed and back on the trail. The 80 miles from Parent to Clova were done with a lot of caution as digging the sleds out was not how we wanted to spend the day. We roll into Clova and tell Dominic of our plans to reach Val Dor this afternoon. The rolling of his eyes and wagging of his finger saying 'NO' was all we needed to know! He informed us the drifting was very bad and that some sledders were stuck 1/2 in between and supposedly holed up in a camp for the evening. He informed us that the wind had been gusting at 80-100km and the passing would be ill-advised. Why we were not ready to park the sleds for the day, we took his advise when he informed us that the wind was going to be setting down and that groomers were headed out from Senneterre and Clova tonight making for a perfect day in the morning. We checked into the schoolhouse, checked e-mails and messages, and headed back to restaurant for a great steak dinner around 6pm. Not a bad day to shut it down early. 140 miles 2/26 Super cold in the morning, -16 degrees as we loaded up the sleds to continue west. A quick breakfast and we're on the freshly groomed 83 before 8am. We wet the groomer making his return trip about 20 clicks out of town. We now have double wide groomed all to ourselves. The groomer had turned around at Balbuzard, but another groomer from the west had been there and done the same. We finally met our first sleds at our 75th mile of the morning. We pull into Auberge du Lac Faillon at 100 miles for fuel and to thaw our frozen bodies! An hour plus of hot chocolate and warm wood stove is just what we needed. Back on the sleds we go headed towards Senneterre. We catch the groomer, wave our thanks and continue on. A couple of young guys on Cats caught up to us at some point and went by us like fighter jets. We soon caught back up to them as they were helping a couple get unstuck in some of the wicked drifts in part of the big burn. As luck would have it, they were still there to assist 'the guy on the Yamaha' again as that tank just will not tread drifted snow. Sorry Tom, at least I didn't take pics! The rest of the trip into Senneterre was uneventful and we take fuel and make a run up to Amos just because. This section was the only part of our trip that had any real bumps, but the run on the way back to Motel Senabi seemed much quicker as it is certainly easier leading the horses back to the barn. We passed one groomer on the way back and saw signs of lots of groomer activity for the following day. Checked into Senabi at 5:30 and ordered out for dinner. 308 miles 2/27 Plans were made to be on the trail at 6:30am for a long run up and over the 93 to Chibougamo and beyond. All the trails maps showed green, so we wanted to get on them early. This plan was curtailed slightly as the Yamaha did not want to fire in the -18 temps. After locking ourselves out of the room at 6:20am (a quick knock on the owners door fixed that), the Ski Doo got the Yammie singing and we were on our way.Trails were nothing short of incredible on this perfect blue sky cold morning. Gas stops in Lebel-sur-Quevillon, Demaraisville, Chapais, Chibougamau and the Saw Mill were needed as we pushed all the way to Chateau Roberval where we pulled in at 5pm. Just an incredible day with very light traffic. 412 miles 2/28 Another very cold -18 morning to start our run to the trucks. A little later start and then take the 83 to 355, a quick splash of fuel at Lac Bouchette, sail down flat fresh groomed trails to LaTuque for fuel, and then make the final push to the truck. All trails were an easy 9 and the trip was a great success. Arrived at truck at 3pm and headed for home. Great to meet Tom and ride some incredible trails. Tons of snow up here and looking like a great spring riding season. Somewhere along the way I apparently lost my Drivers License in a Canadian snow bank which made for an eventful border crossing with no ID.... 234 miles (not many pics as my phone would shut down because of the cold)
  13. Bad idea Mike, I have a dog and two physco cats, that monkey wouldn't last a day. He is much better off in the wilds of Maine!
  14. Not to hijack thread.....but here is the proof of 10 from yesterday! BTW, did you check with Dominic at Clova regarding the wallet?