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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Doonali, those are moose antlers!
  2. 2016 Renegade 1200 X

    New sled showing up any day, so time to sell. Sled is in immaculate shape with 6793 Canada miles. Ice ripper track, mirrors, Rouski wheels, linQ attachments, etc. This sled has 1 full year of factory warranty left. $7400
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great pics of that mountain chicken JG! She seemed to really like you! We have had one around our home for several years that is very friendly, nicknamed him Grover the Grouse
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hello JG! Winter just won't let go of the grip it has on you up there! No snow left here, just got off the lawn mower, think that's the 5th mowing so far. Appreciate all your pics, keep them coming! Terry
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    And the pileated pecker has a very distintive call, as well as being a very large bird. Very cool to see, but do lots of damage once they find their insects!
  6. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy B-Day JG, pour yourself a nice glass of rouge and celebrate!
  7. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Went in with every intention of owning the 900 turbo, walked out as a returnee to two stroke living. I don't need to borrow Molly's sled anymore!
  8. How not to do it.

    Oooh, shit!
  9. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Good to see the Enduro back on the trail JG! You have put that girl through her paces! Rode mine this weekend, last ride for the 1200 as I visited the Doo dealer last week...
  10. Mike, I was sure it was one of (3) things, the aforementioned rouge, somebody switched your tobacco, or worse had been breathing 2 stroke smoke from a new Polaris purchase!
  11. Berniers to Les Escoumins and beyond...

    We had alot of fun Jack, everything went well. Would still like to sneak Nord of the the border at least one more time, but we'll see what the weather dictates...
  12. Berniers to Les Escoumins and beyond...

    Bob- I'm sure if you wanted better oil consumption with this sled you could get it by keeping the rpm's down but that's not why Molly wanted this sled! It is a blast to drive and so impressive, how can you not use all the horses while having fun! I was planning on snow checking another 1200 to replace mine, but that option is out the door. Really not sure which way I'm leaning, the 850 is a hoot to ride, but I'm not sure I'm ready to going back to carrying oil?
  13. Berniers to Les Escoumins and beyond...

    Day 4. Back to the truck day, ugh. Quick breakfast and on sleds at 8am. The snow has not started yet, but we know we're headed into it. Say our goodbyes to Mike and get last minute short cut directions from him. Take right at top of hill, go through 2 tunnels, then take next 3 lefts, except for one that says 'bar'. Got it, we're good to go, thanks Mike! The two tunnels are interesting.....water flowing and lots of rocks, but heaven meets us on the other side. Trail is very smooth and very fast. Morning starts out with racing cars down the 20, I never lost a single race, lots of fun. Throttles were bent all the way to Tourville relais on the 35. Was a super quick 75 miles and we topped off fuel here. The snow has now started and is coming down heavy. Backed off on the ponies just a touch and ran all the way down to the 547 crossover trail to connect with 5 west. It was about here that our vision went immediately to near zero. The snow was very heavy and the wind in these open fields was whipping. We were literally going red stake to red stake hoping not to end up in a ditch or creek. Encountered many 4-5' drifts as we entered and left stands of timber on fields edges. Had the GPS zoomed in tight and needed it several times to locate the trail. Very slow ride back to Levis and the truck at Berniers. We roll in with 213 miles at 1:30 and hit what is supposed to be the black trail to Vermont. However, storm and roads were brutal for much of the ride home, so a long trip it was. Ended up with 900 plus miles in just over 3.5 days of riding. A great trip with lots of great memories, already thinking about the next run!
  14. Berniers to Les Escoumins and beyond...

    Day 3-. Slept in a little as we only had to make it to RDL. Had to get some oil at the Doo shop for Molly's 850, which I still think is burning a lot of it. I have explained the whole flipper pressure / oil consumption ratio to her several times, but she rolls her eyes and says that all the horsies under her hood need to be fed. I cannot win this discussion. After feeding the horses we take 5 to 591 then 597 to get to the deeper snow. All fresh groomed and great running with many feet of snow up here. Make no mistake about it, it's still full on winter in these hills. Jump on 597 and I remember how long and straight these runs are on this trail. The horses are being fed well here. On to 5 for a short time, then 35. Take some orange trails to finish up journey to the Universal in RDL where the mayor Mike comes out to greet us! Pulled in at 3:30 with 215 miles. Have a great dinner with Mike along with a few bottles of nice vino. Trailblazer, we were thinking about you!