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  1. Hey Mike! Yes, we do them in house. Let me know what else you had in mind and I'll see what we can do...
  2. It's there now Don, scroll down to the bottom....
  3. Hey Fuse- Yes, my bad, there was supposed to be a 3"x5" euro decal on the site. I will make sure that gets added tomorrow if you want to hold off on your order. And yes, I am under the impression that your CC company takes care of all of the exchange. Regarding the shipping, my guy here in the office says that is all set as well, you just need to choose the country, enter your address and it should work. Really not sure of the cost for that yet, please let me know on check-out if there are any issues. Gutz, check your mail, it should be there! Headed to the golf course now, will check back tomorrow!
  4. Hello All- Ok, we are ready to launch the QR apparel website. We have selected a few items to start off with, and moving forward we can always add or delete items based on demand. The way this works is we will leave the 'store' open until the end of September, then gather all of the orders to print / embroider at that time. The turn time will be approx 10 days, and when everything is decorated, we will ship to individuals. Bear with us as we get our feet wet with this first order!! Hope everyone is happy with the options, and think snow! Regards- Terry
  5. Gutz hit it on the head! To many options equals lots of headaches! So, here's what I'll do......I will have my graphic dept come up with a few different layouts, both embroidered and printed. As part of our business, we also run 'Order My Gear' stores, so we will create a store so that you can log on and order what you would like, pay by CC and the order will be shipped directly to you. Probably for ease of production, we will take orders and enter into production at the end of every month. That way we are not setting up for single piece runs. All that being said, I still want to make sure this is OK with the Powers To Be, so any assistance is appreciated. Also, I would be more than happy to pay as an advertising sponsor, so I guess that would be the first step. I haven't payed much attention to how that works, so whoever is charge of that, please reach out to me! Stay tuned, designs to follow....
  6. That's what I do! Let me know if there is interest and I can mock up some items. Not sure who has to approve of such stuff, but if someone lets me know I can get the ball rolling!
  7. Lots of great pics JG! That doe looks heavy with child, should be dropping in a week or two
  8. Nice bone find JG! Just curious, do you come across many in your travels or are there alot of guys that shed hunt? I spend many hours in the bush in search of those elusive antlers, always a thrill to find them!
  9. Well, whatever type of slithering fellow this might be, I think you need to keep an open mind. With a little creativity, and perhaps a bit of nurturing, this guy could be an asset to your future snowmobiling trips. There are many uses that I'm sure you haven't even thought about. For instance, he could be used as a deterrent to the theft issues we sometimes face north of the border. Just lay him across the seat when you check into the hotel each night, that should keep the thieves at a distance. the event of a missed turn in deep snow when you need a tug, he could double as a pull rope. And the obvious off season use of him would be to store him in the engine compartment to ward off any pesky mice trying to make your sled their home. Much the same as Mikerider adopted a monkey this winter, 'Copper' could be your new pet. It may take a while to adapt, but before long he'll be riding in your jacket pocket with you on your adventures to the North. Just don't forget to check him in at customs.... sorry.....having snowmobile withdrawals.......
  10. Hey Jim, pretty sure that's a milk snake (some call it a spotted adder) We have some of those here in VT. Scarier looking than a garter, but not poisonous!
  11. Thanks for the ride along David, great pics and commentary! Hopefully a dry finish ahead for you.
  12. Ugh, sorry to hear Jack! Was pretty sure I saw you on Sandi's yellow Doo in another picture, wondered what was up. Any diagnosis on the 850 yet? I'm guessing that the Mayor is pushing you hard towards a new 900? I can tell you, after having ridden both mine and Mollys 850's over the past two years, then jumping on the 900T, there are no regrets!
  13. neksledr

    GT 2019

    Very cool, didn't know about this place! How wide is the island? Thanks for the great pics and reports J & G!
  14. Bet George would love some kitties to play with Mike!