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  1. neksledr

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Her weather reports are much more reliable now that she is donning some Ice Ink....
  2. neksledr

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    12/22 please
  3. Have been getting in two votes everyday, and doesn't seem to be enough! Have even tried voting more than once in the same day, the voting police won't allow it!
  4. neksledr

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Shame on me for posting while driving! My bad Don, I'll try again another day....
  5. neksledr

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    12/31 for me Ice
  6. Well done David, congrats! I have been voting as well, so hopefully the next prize is mine!
  7. neksledr

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Doonali, those are moose antlers!
  8. neksledr

    2016 Renegade 1200 X

    New sled showing up any day, so time to sell. Sled is in immaculate shape with 6793 Canada miles. Ice ripper track, mirrors, Rouski wheels, linQ attachments, etc. This sled has 1 full year of factory warranty left. $7400
  9. neksledr

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great pics of that mountain chicken JG! She seemed to really like you! We have had one around our home for several years that is very friendly, nicknamed him Grover the Grouse
  10. neksledr

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hello JG! Winter just won't let go of the grip it has on you up there! No snow left here, just got off the lawn mower, think that's the 5th mowing so far. Appreciate all your pics, keep them coming! Terry
  11. neksledr

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    And the pileated pecker has a very distintive call, as well as being a very large bird. Very cool to see, but do lots of damage once they find their insects!
  12. neksledr

    Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy B-Day JG, pour yourself a nice glass of rouge and celebrate!
  13. neksledr

    Duhamel and surrounding area

    Went in with every intention of owning the 900 turbo, walked out as a returnee to two stroke living. I don't need to borrow Molly's sled anymore!
  14. neksledr

    How not to do it.

    Oooh, shit!
  15. neksledr

    Duhamel and surrounding area

    Good to see the Enduro back on the trail JG! You have put that girl through her paces! Rode mine this weekend, last ride for the 1200 as I visited the Doo dealer last week...