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  1. We were there a few weeks ago, always a great view!
  2. Was he trying to signal how many behind him and took a hand of the bars??
  3. Chris, was missing your reporting and thought it was important to lighten the mood!
  5. Blaze- I believe it was 140 or so miles from Manoir lac du William to our camp in Averill, figure about 160 from IP. We crossed in Beecher Falls, but you could also cross in Norton for a lot of open field riding, good both ways. Easy trails to follow, very well marked. Trails usually are in great shape with very little traffic
  6. neksledr

    la Tabatiere

    Come on, we need details! How's the new sleigh performing? How many miles so far? Any issues? Played golf yesterday here in VT, but would rather be up there with you! Keep us posted, and have fun!
  7. neksledr

    la Tabatiere

    JG, how is your adventure going?
  8. Eastmark, we left from Vermont again on Friday and rode through the Eastern townships back up to Sainte-Marie for another stay at La Cache Maxime. From there we rode north than looped back south for a night at Manior du lac William. We then rode back to VT on Sunday. All of the trails were absolutely amazing, could not have asked for better. Very few sleds out. However....that will be the last trip leaving from VT for this year! The road crossings are getting really bad, and the stretch of 55 going through East Angus was brutal. To many sidewalks and one logging operation after you cross the bridge that are basically not passable now. But with that exception, you couldn't ask for better trails!
  9. Well I certainly hope you picked up the GT Riders tab! And yes, I have been under the influence a time or two whilst visiting RDL! If I can get back up there this year before you leave, I owe you a dinner for your Dodge leasing service, always appreciated!