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  1. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Nice ride !! you won't be disappointed I love my '06 F250. I wouldn't waste the money on airbags it's not a 150 it won't squat unless you're dragging something thats extremely heavy. I've had a little over 1 ton of sand in mine and no issue. Z Yea not happening!! Even if you are just pulling that tiny little trailer. One reason is I don't have to stop for fuel, I have an extra 100 gals in the bed that feeds into the main fuel tank gives me a little more than 1600 miles without stopping. Very very nice
  2. Power lines

    So are all the hydro lines free game to ride??? I have ridden the lines near Mt. Valin but not sure if all are free reign.
  3. Cote Nord Team Iceman 6 on 3

    Iceman we saw you at Chapelle we were in for a bite to eat and a thaw. We were on 3 Freerides and a Summit was going to introduce myself but you guys left before I got the chance. Stayed at Vince's (Passion)for the week.
  4. crossing border

    Thanks wasn't sure how they would react to this. Trailer owner is my best friend so I have all his contact info.
  5. crossing border

    We have a trip planned but one of the guys that was coming can't make it and we were planning on him for his trailer (4 place) He said we can use it to go so my question is... Has anyone crossed the border with a trailer that does not belong to anyone in the vehicle (we will have the registration/owners card card for the trailer)
  6. Terrible...terrible trip.....

    Sorry about your luck. St Donat is my wife's favorite place to stay and ride, though it's not the without Gatan and Pierre(Arèa) around. Where did you stay in St Donat? At the pot?
  7. A great loss to the sport

    I received a phone call yesterday afternoon and was told that we lost one of the great ambassadors’ of the sport, Gaetan Aubain. I was told that he succumbed to lung cancer after a long battle with health issues. As most of us know Gaetan was a pioneer in bringing U.S. snowmobilers to St. Donat and the surrounding areas. My wife and I are glad to be able to call him a true friend and spend time with him and his wife at their home after he retired as the owner of la Cuillère à pot. For so many years the trips to the Pot were always our favorite of the season. Three or four trips a year just didn’t seem enough, the fantastic riding was just icing on the cake of our time spent at Gaetan’s. Gaetan my friend, rest in peace you will be greatly missed.
  8. Heading to Quebec for a Week

    Timbo/Andyman, Maybe I'll run into you guys up there, We're heading to the Pot on the 14th-21st. My wife is dying to ride her new GSX. Timbo, where are you staying on the lake?