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  1. Yes I was just editing my post as to that effect. Could be the difference but like you said strange that they would not want the day pass affixed to the sled.
  2. That's strange it's on the pass I printed out. Maybe the difference is mine is a Temporary for the season verses yours which is a one day pass.
  3. Instructions that are attached to the printable permit INSTRUCTIONS: Once printed, the trail permit must be affixed to the snowmobile to which it was registered. It is your responsibility to ensure that it remains clear and legible for the duration of its usage. We offered the following suggestions as methods of protecting and affixing the permit to your snowmobile: Insert the permit in a clear plastic packing slip envelope with adhesive backing from an office supply store. Laminate the permit and tape it to the snowmobile. Affix the permit to the sled with clear packing tape that will allow to be seen while protecting it from the elements. Insert the permit in a clear Ziploc bag and tape it to the snowmobile. As an extra precaution, we recommend printing the required permit registration paperwork and proof of purchase and carrying it on your person at all times.
  4. ^^^X2. La Glaciere gets my vote much more personable. Lionel and his wife are great host’s.
  5. Not to derail a good write up but I never did like the signal thing. Been almost taken out numerous times by people taking their hands off the bars to signal as their sled darts all over the trail. is the guy that is last in one group and signals you to that fact know that there is not another sled or group just around the corner behind him???? Signals are stupid !!! Keep your hands on the bars and your sled in control on your side and I'll deal with whats behind you.
  6. Now that right there is a trail ride!!! Thanks for sharing!! The Backcountry part up to Chibougamu would be a blast!!! I could do without all the other high mileage days though as that's not for me anymore but the off trail looks like way to much fun.
  7. Not really, mountain guys have been relocating everything off the bars even the kill switch for awhile now. It's less things to break when rolling the sled over and from tree branches also keeps them out of the way when hoping from one side of the sled to the other and grabbing the strap, but most accomplished riders don't use the strap.
  8. Item: Brand New Baffin Lighting boots Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: Pittsburgh Pa Price: $120 USD Brand new never worn tags still on, men's size 9. Thought they would fit but they don't, super nice boots, Pm if interested. info on boots
  9. Nice ride !! you won't be disappointed I love my '06 F250. I wouldn't waste the money on airbags it's not a 150 it won't squat unless you're dragging something thats extremely heavy. I've had a little over 1 ton of sand in mine and no issue. Z Yea not happening!! Even if you are just pulling that tiny little trailer. One reason is I don't have to stop for fuel, I have an extra 100 gals in the bed that feeds into the main fuel tank gives me a little more than 1600 miles without stopping. Very very nice
  10. So are all the hydro lines free game to ride??? I have ridden the lines near Mt. Valin but not sure if all are free reign.
  11. Iceman we saw you at Chapelle we were in for a bite to eat and a thaw. We were on 3 Freerides and a Summit was going to introduce myself but you guys left before I got the chance. Stayed at Vince's (Passion)for the week.
  12. Thanks wasn't sure how they would react to this. Trailer owner is my best friend so I have all his contact info.
  13. We have a trip planned but one of the guys that was coming can't make it and we were planning on him for his trailer (4 place) He said we can use it to go so my question is... Has anyone crossed the border with a trailer that does not belong to anyone in the vehicle (we will have the registration/owners card card for the trailer)
  14. Sorry about your luck. St Donat is my wife's favorite place to stay and ride, though it's not the without Gatan and Pierre(Arèa) around. Where did you stay in St Donat? At the pot?