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  1. Wheel and Scratcher Ride

    Can remember when you could hardly get thru the parking lot because too many sleds. Times sure do change.
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hi JG, any idea of end date for grooming this year, or just depending on snow cover?
  3. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Rode to the Delta last night in FREEZING RAIN, the worst I have ever ridden in. The trails will be fine, they have ALOT of snow, and just 1 day of warm up.
  4. Shawinigan Weather

    Had the same plan, driving to the Delta Saturday.
  5. Two half day trips - Pittsburg to Thetford - Delightful

    Nice ride, we did almost the same thing mid week a few weeks ago, out of Derby.
  6. Today’s Superstar

    But my GPS said turn right.
  7. Sept Isles

    Watch out for those BIG drifts.
  8. Sept Isles

    Weekend around Quebec City is a big no-no. Last weekend we went to Baie St Paul up thru L Etape just to avoid that area 23-369-3 not bad.
  9. TQ73 from La Tuque to Reliais 22

    Came through on Tuesday and it was great. Alot of new logging roads.
  10. Grooming the St Laurent

    Must have slept over, looks like he came over from Baie Comeau. more than 72 hrs ago?
  11. The Challenge

    Looking forward to the video?
  12. Conditions

    We stayed there Monday nite, came around the lake Jonquiere. They dont have tons of snow but what they have they were doing a great job. No bare spots anywhere around the lake. Last weeks storm seems to have filled in all the bare spots.Went from there to Relay 22, Awesome.
  13. Your second day will be short, 150 miles and they are fast miles. If your last day is on the weekend stay away from Quebec area on #3, it gets real bad fast. IF you want to add some miles to your second day go 83 to 383, in L Anse St Jean, take the orange trail south back to 83, if its a sunny day, great scenery.