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  1. Or the sound of crank bearings blowing at 6000 miles? 😂
  2. Another example of no common sense. Quick money grab, probably costs more to fight it than pay the fine. And they know it.
  3. 1800 miles in Vermont, 100 yards in Quebec. I do believe 1800 miles = about 4-5000 miles in Quebec. Sure makes you appreciate the best trails in the world.
  4. With all of this thievery going on, I am not going to Quebec this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ate and got gas a few times there😥
  6. Rode two days in Vermont this week. Cant believe how spoiled we have become riding all these years in Quebec. Cant wait to get back.
  7. Bob, best wishes for your mom. But we just have to suck it up and do our part until they get these vacines out.
  8. You will be OK. The 747 was flying over the ocean to Europe, and the pilot comes on the intercom saying, we have lost an engine so we will be about 1 hour late to our destination. About 20 minutes later he comes on again stating that we have lost one more so the delay will 2 hours. A few minutes later again he comes on saying we lost another and now we are 3 hours late. The fella sitting next to me says" Jeezum if we loose another engine we are gonna be up here all day". All will be OK.
  9. That poutine is going to be COLD by the time we are able to go and get it.😥😢😩
  10. I have seen a bunch of you guys, and this would be an improvement, get in line.😘