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  1. Get in touch with the Team Maine guys, they have the setup. Sleds to haul gas, tents, and folding wood stove. Like staying at the Ritz.
  2. If we get to go you may have to pack a lunch and carry a big gas can.
  3. I was refering to the part about intellectuals. I never liked the taste of doorknobs?
  4. I kind of think most of us are pretty safe.😜
  5. 83 has some great sections, my new fav is from Wemotaci to Parent.
  6. If it keeps me sledding, brand away!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Testing that said you had it and are immune, might work? I would carry those papers.
  8. A lot of truth here, we need to find some balance without going overboard. The sad truth is a lot of people are going to die, choose how you want to take care of yourself, and think a little about others.
  9. Make sure you take your pills if you want to cross???????????????????
  10. OPM, you got that right, they sure no how to spend it. Bob I was in the same business as you and recently sold it and retired, worked hard, and never took a hand out. I dont have a problem with helping people out that need it, but a little common sense would go a long way. Tell your employee that got that big check to put in in the bank. He will need it and more when the the taxes go way way up to pay for all of this.
  11. You need longer toes, maybe get some implant to go with your leg?
  12. I bet the driver of that truck had a mud slide when he saw that in front of him.😰