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  1. Sounds familiar, we started in the late 80s, early 90s in the St Agathe, St Donat area and thought we were in heaven, looking at the local map we saw up north was a place called La tuque, but it looked like it was way too far . Little did we know there was a real big Province for us to explore in the decades to come. Got 5000 miles in Quebec this season, 200 miles in Vermont, and very happy with the ratio.
  2. 800steve


    That trip was a good season back in 75. Great to see. Looks like they ended up at the Colibri, has not changed a bit in all these years.
  3. I hope not, I will be sitting in my chair shakin like a crack addict if I cant get to Quebec,😩😫😫
  4. Make it that good and all your friends will come up and give you the virus,😧
  5. A little off the subject, but does that Boost mobile work in Canada?
  6. Saw this snowmans relative in St Tite a few weeks ago, he must have been part horse. Had tears in my eyes from laughing.
  7. 5000 miles in Quebec, 200 in Vermont, hoped to be in Quebec this week to wrap up a great season, but, you all know what we have to do. Hope all you guys stay on the site for the spring and summer so I have something to do LOL. Be safe and hope to see and talk to you all next season.
  8. Mike, get the new sled, if you hide out in Riviere Du Loup, the tax man will never find you.😎😎😎
  9. That E mail set the hook on me last year.
  10. They really take a big hit on depreciating on a used sled, even after 10 minutes. Hope smclelan is willing to take the BIG hit for us😂😂😂
  11. Alain, do you ever get to use the Hot Tub, or just take the pictures?
  12. Its time to stay home and let this thing run its course, so we can get back at it next year. Hope you all get thru it well.
  13. Went thru last week and all i can say is what a great job they do.
  14. Thanks Alain, we also had a trip planned, now I can stay safe at home and watch your video😄😃😄