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  1. Everybody that was in Viet Nam felt the same way. There is no good way, you are in or you are out, no half way.
  2. Might have been easier to fly to Mexico and come in that way? I am alright with immigration, but everyone should have to follow the law and rules.
  3. Yes Don, very unfortunate, I have them on both left and right. And the only problem I have with them is that there minds are made up before the sentence is over. Closed minds dont get anything done.
  4. Sheeple, how true it is. I have a bunch of relatives who if Trump or Rush or Hannity gave them a sh#t sandwich to eat, they would swear on a stack of bibles it was peanut butter and tasted great.
  5. I guess you would have to ask if they were rolling with PAPERS or using a pipe.
  6. Now thats FUNNY, I dont care who you are.🇨🇦🇺🇸
  7. I have a buddy who says he wont get the vaccine, doesnt think it safe, with a cig hanging from his lips. ?????
  8. Like anywhere in Quebec the trails here are very busy on Saturday. There is a huge clubhouse halfway between St Georges and St Marie and Saturday is standing room only. One plus is that they do a great job grooming Saturday nite. We ride most of the time north of the river, but do a trip from the US border to Riviere Du loup every year and go thru this area. Alot of nice trails, but also alot of weekend riders.
  9. AGREE 100%, and dont just pic and choose the parts you like, READ IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Birthday Don, hope you heal up soon.
  11. I will pm you my phone # to give to your wife, I will be happy to help out if you get sick.😂
  12. Good buys. I bought a 600 Polaris this year for Vermont. Save the 900t for Canada.
  13. No middle ground any more. And I dont see it getting better any time soon.
  14. If you think either one of these are "acceptable" we are going to have problems for a long time.
  15. Or the sound of crank bearings blowing at 6000 miles? 😂
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