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  1. Stay right, Simple, superior and no cost. I will give a hand signal if its safe and I still like to get one when its safe, but no need for the whole group to do the countdown, have seen it down right dangerous at times.
  2. I could see some down sides, but no club would refuse the help and the business owner would know what is going on with the trails.
  3. I guess if I was a business owner in the area that depended on snowmobiles I would become more involved with the clubs?
  4. Was up there the end of last season, alot of logging. Any better this year?
  5. Those non retired guys dont get it yet.😀
  6. I hope they do get military help, people die from stuff like this.
  7. I might as well ask, What will the conditions be in 2 weeks?
  8. Hate those days, when you gotta go.
  9. No , we were there this week and surprised when we took of for L Etape and no gas pumps. Probably down the 23 into town, but dont know how far, Im sure Jack will post.
  10. Went from Delta to Clairmont Tuesday. 83 was great to the 3 trail. Into Clairmont was very good. New snow got them going.
  11. Probably crossed a hundred times in the last ten years with Enhanced, never a problem.
  12. Just got back from 4 days, Very good out of St Raymond to the Delta. Tons of snow in Mt Valin, and the 83 to Clairmont is perfect.
  13. Headed up Sunday, will post conditions. Looks ok now.
  14. Wait until tomorrow and check again, it has changed every day so far.