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  1. Next time take the 360 all the way to 23 and back to St Ray.
  2. Came down the 355 yesterday and it was great. But warm temps and weekend traffic could be bad on both trails. Which ever one was groomed last would get my vote.
  3. I think you can still get a refund, but for the 25$ US you will get back is it worth it. 1 Million liability ins for 25$ goes a long way if you have a wreck and happen to hurt someone or do some damage.
  4. Call Dion Motorsports, passes and a large lot across the street on the trail.
  5. Hotel Central, 5 Star, and on Safari, my all time favorite.
  6. Canadian for sure. Two loonies or a toony, your choice.
  7. I would pay $2.00 cash for one of those trail signs.
  8. Thats my motto also, Photo first help second.
  9. A few years ago a guy we ride with took the wrong jacket at the Chapel. We rode to Onachaway for lunch and while eating a guy comes over to our table and says to our rider You have my jacket, he laughed and said yes they look the same. He then said in a louder voice, YOU have MY jacket. He was right. Lucky we had talked with him at the Chapel and had mentioned we were headed to Onachaway for lunch. His wallet and phone were in the jacket. Our rider bought him a beer and apologized for the mistake and he was ok, but could have been a bad day for him.
  10. Congrats Bill. Hope you had a great season.
  11. If leaving from St Raymond, 3 thru Quebec city area is slow going. Up to St Simeon is pretty nice. From there to the ferry and the 93 intersection is kind of narrow and curvy. 93 up to the Mts is a rocket ride if it has been groomed in the last day or so. We usually Go north from St Ray to L Etape and back down the 369 to the 3 trail then north to avoid Quebec city. Straight thru from St Ray to La Malbaie is a pretty short day. Hope this helps.
  12. We ride with a guy who doesn't even know he has an hour meter, its not impossible. If you have the premium gauge on a Skidoo you can get to Average speed using Mode-Display 1-Set- AVR_SPD. Just checked mine, Avg 35mph. since new.