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  1. Sorry for your loss, sounds like a great guy. RIP.
  2. How do you think it will be in 2 weeks?
  3. Still some grooming going on in Escomins and 93 in Mt Valin for any late birds🤑
  4. Mt Valin is very good right now, from the ski area to Escomins. Chapel will close after this weekend, dont know about Km31. Lots of snow, but cant imagine grooming will go much more than one more week. Other areas are showing alot of running water and trails closing.
  5. Have friends that have gone for a afternoon and got the random test. Hopefully they drop the random after tomorrow as they dont require a test to cross the border April 1st.
  6. Tomorrow is April 1st, will the clubs keep grooming if they have snow?
  7. Dont you guys get head aches standing on your head in all these pics?
  8. Headed for Sageunay Sunday thru Thursday.
  9. All the times we have been around the lake on 93 we have never stopped at Lac a Jim until last month. Great little place and super nice people.👍
  10. Pat, you got lucky. 355 from Lac Brouchette to Lac Edourd shows closed this morning? Cant be a snow issue.
  11. All trails this trip? Must be because of the old guy on the Polaris.😃
  12. Also still giving out the random test.
  13. Looks like partially and un vaxed can go with negative test and quarantine. Not as good as it sounds.
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