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  1. 2017-2018 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Instead of going to bed today, how about trucking some of that neige up to the trail so the groomer can go thru tomorrow as planned?
  2. Ice’s new ride

    Looks GOOD Don, but you better hurryup, the groomer is coming thru on Friday.
  3. In 25 years have not run into a language problem we could not get past. Last time we had a waitress who didnt speak english she walked away from our table, and came back with the cook who spoke perfect english. All smiles, all good. Most of the time, like Iceman says, speak slowly, be patient and it will work. Remember you are a guest in there country, act like a good guest and they will treat you well.
  4. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Not my shop, from Sled Dogs post.
  5. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Was always a Chev guy, but the Ram crew cab has been good to me. Just needed air bags in the back.
  6. Sad news to announce

    R.I.P. Rob
  7. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Could not agree more, way too early in the season for a trip like this, most clubs will not have groomed by then.
  8. Mt Valin looking good

    Sorry about 3 posts, just got home LOL.
  9. Mt Valin looking good

    Hi Mark, you sure are right about the 1200s not liking water. We got gas at Escomins club house, new tank and he said he has been having trouble with the pump, probably water freezing in the pump. One sled cleared up the next day, the other one is still having some issues. Andy will have to drain his tank to get it all out. Other than that great early season ride. Bras Louis trail is 100mph good.
  10. Mt Valin looking good

    Rode 240 miles yesterday from ski area to Escomins club house and some side trails, mostly good, looks like about a foot of new snow in the Monts today. Grooming is starting to look good. Very nice for this early in the season. Calling for rain around the Delta today. Locals have been riding the lowlands, but no grooming yet .Had interesting ride back from Escomins, water in gas, thought we were going to tow 2 of the sleds, but made it back ok.
  11. Mt Valin looking good

    Great news, heading up tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Mt Valin looking good

    Beautiful site.
  13. FCMQ map

    Looks like its up and running.
  14. Proline Trailers

    Yea and a generator will keep your brothers awake while you are sleeping inside at the Delta.
  15. Suggested Tour guide?

    T.I.T. tours sounds like a winner.