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  1. Northbound

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    JG Very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you. Your friends, Jeff and Sandy
  2. Northbound

    Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy birthday JG, Enjoy your summer, we will see you again when the snow flies. Your friends, Jeff and Sandy
  3. Northbound

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    JG, Your memory never fails to amaze me. In the 70s when I was living and breathing MX, I was reading Dirt Bike and Motocross Action. my go-to magazines. I thought my world revolved around southern California. I don't know if I could of quickly even found PQ on the map. I remember Mikkola, Mcgrath and of course Decoster, but you're pulling out names I've never heard of. And to think you saw some of them in Matane. You've had a rich life, and you have photographs to prove it. Jeff
  4. Northbound

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Being an old kawasaki diehard, mine was Brad Lackey. That was until the elsinore arrived and then, I think I remember a Jones?
  5. Towing, Great pictures, and it sounded like a great trip, even with the trail "texture". Thank you for sharing and have a good summer Jeff and Sandy
  6. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Playhard, I know I'm lucky Sandy has kept following me around for so many years. And I've got the winter warrior on my Montana on my sled. Although I think it sort of looks like a crab. 999 truck miles still seemed far, going home from the last trip of the season is never the best trip. Jeff
  7. Northbound

    GT 2018

    GT, Great report as always, thanks for spending your time to share. Jeff and Sandy
  8. Northbound

    GT 2018

    Gt, you need to write a guide book, I would buy it. Thats alot of wheel miles, bet you were glad to have them. My back hurts just thinking about flipping them up and down 10 times. And Sandy said thanx Gemma. Jeff
  9. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Snobeeler, glad you enjoyed. We have used Cornwall also, and Watertown NY.and Farmington NY. Always try to get as far as possible.
  10. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Gary, we're back home, thanx for following along till the end, jeff
  11. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Day 12, back to RDL, Leaving 4pts we knew we could ride straight to RDL in one day and then drive for 2 days....or stretch our ride to 1 1/2 days and then drive 1 1/2 days. Glad we stretched our ride, today was nice. The 5 was showing green and the 35 was mostly grey, so we went 5-561-local. Hadn't ridden that section of the 5 in years, remember it usually rough, not today. Saw a total of 6 sleds. Trail was a nicer mix than the 35 if not as fast. Well, thats it. We rode 1930 miles. We got back to the truck and drove 400 miles tonight to Brockville ont. 600 miles to home tomorrow. We set no records, we have no drama to report. We did although ride every day and enjoyed every day. Highlights this season were visiting with Bill and JD; dropping our saddlebags for a few days and riding with Bill for the FIRST time. We saw the ice cave, Bill is such a great tour guide. Riding with Daniel and Colette. Riding with Dave. Dinner with Steven.and Kelly. Dinner with Ray and Ginger. And of course Dinner with JG, the one and only groomer. Looking at your pics throughout the year, always makes the day better. Gary and Pat, sorry we missed you, hopefully next year. Jack and Sandy, I can't believe we never saw you guys either. I always enjoy your posts and can't wait to saw your new paws, Jack. I hope someone enjoyed our story. And for those still riding, we hope for everyone to finish their season safely. Jeff and Sandy
  12. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Yes, it wasn't bad at all. The 5 coming in was rough, so tommorrow we might be jumping back to the 35. Why aren't you up? You can't use work as an excuse. If you don't want to ride, you can go for me and I'll stay till the mud fills my skidframe. Haha Jeff
  13. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Day 11 to Montmagny, Last night we took advantage of the shuttle that the Sheraton provides between the 4pts and Q city. Had dinner, walked around old town, wandered around the Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace, nice evening. This morning we were on the trail at about the crack of 10. We didn't have far to go so I picked a route that was away from the river that showed alot of green on the map this morning. We left the hotel got gas and headed to the collibri to get the not free transport across the river to Bernieres where we ate lunch at Tims. Now we're off on the 75 south to an orange to the 545 to an orange, ok no, local closed, rivers open, so down.the 545 to the 35. That crossing is starting to look a little sketchy. We cross and head down the poog to the 551 and then back down the 5 in montmag. Most everything was groomed today. Around QC trails were mushed by quads, snow thinned south, poog was very good the 551 was beautiful. All still very rideable, just not destination material. Saw a lot of local sleds out, but no other saddlebaggers. Jeff and Sandy
  14. Northbound

    Northbound 2018

    Day 10 to Q city, Last night visited with Bill & JD (always nice) and met a couple of QRs new to us, nice evening. This morning, alot of sleds in corral and we unlocked the gate. I wanted to get a decent start so we would make it to mt apica before the crowds. Today is saturday. My plan worked. Everything from the front door of the Delta to mt apica had been groomed overnight and was perfect. We got gas and some soup and when we left the sleds were piling in. Heading south the trail was rough till la cache, then it got better, but by now there had already been much traffic. Stopping to take pics we saw a steady flow of traffic from both directions. In QC the 3 must have been groomed overnight and was still good although soft. Road crossings weren't great. Full house here tonight at 4 points. Many trucks and trailers, but has dwindled since 2 weeks ago. Jeff and Sandy Tomorrow I will post on Bas St-Laurent
  15. Northbound

    White Road Run

    That last map puts some perspective on just how far you guys are going. Keep up the great posting. Happy trails Jeff and Sandy