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  1. Happy Birthday JG, Hope's it's a good one. And many more!!!! Jeff and Sandy
  2. JG, you are absolutely correct about the 3rd pic. The real question is how she ended up "parking in the rhubarb" there😀
  3. While looking through some old snowmobile stuff I came across this quebec snowmobile map from 1992 that someone might enjoy. Try to find the trails you rode this year. And then remember to be thankful and appreciative to all the club members, groomers, FCMQ officials, trail permit buyers, LAND OWNERS and all the businesses including relays, gas stations and hotels. Without those people we wouldn't have the options or great trail network we now enjoy.
  4. I was always a dirt bike rider. Sandy's not big on Ohio mud and dust. We always canoe camped since the 70s in canada. Then we started cross country skiing in ontario. We rented a sled one day and became hooked. We bought a used sled that year, I think in 92. A second used sled the next year. I think. We rode ontario and began saddle bagging, staging in Huntsville and looping through sunbury, Hearst, Cochrane. On a reciprocity weekend we jumped over into the abitibi region from Kirkland while on a trip. The next year we trailered to Quebec, staged in Berthierville, rode north. Stayed in a few places including the Cabanon. Next year, we staged again in Berthierville, and looped the gaspe. Now we were really hooked. That was 2000. We've looped the gaspe since then ever year but one. We've ridden most areas of quebec and enjoy them all. Many ohio snowmobilers trailer to michigan. We tried that once. But figured we had to trailer anyway, so we might as well trailer further for better conditions. We've got a ton of pics and really enjoyed looking through just some of them this morning. Jeff and Sandy
  5. So.....tomorrow we head for home. Sandy really likes her 137. We both love our oxygen helmets. We rode 9893 km or 6147 miles. No exciting stories or drama but we had a great time. We enjoyed visiting with the many Quebec Riders. I think I like retirement. I hope everyone finishes the year safely. Jeff and Sandy
  6. We got to the Delta monday. Just hung around trying to decide what to do on tuesday. Trails are still great, but because of everything going on we decided to ride one more day, then head for home. So today we rode Bill's Tour Du Lac. Very nice day for a ride.
  7. Now on the south shore we spent a night in matane again, the the day of the storm just rode to mont joli for the night, then RDL, then Bernieres for 3 nights to avoid some rain and one day for a cab into the city. Then we took the shuttle across and rode to la tuque and then back to the delta.
  8. As we were heading to the 3pm ferry in BC we were stopped by a club volunteer checking stickers. He asked where we were going and insisted that we go get a cup of coffee with him. He assured us he'd get us to the boat on time. We went to Tim's with him and on the way back he rode his sled up there to take a picture of us down there
  9. Next we jumped the ferry to Godbout, rode to Sept Isle, then back to Baie Comeau. From there we were shooting for sacre coer, but some wind and snow was predicted so we thought our chances of heading west would be better on the south shore, so we took the ferry back across.
  10. Now in the gaspe, which I also posted with pics under gaspe region. We rode the 587 out of cross pt and some locals to Amqui. Next day, the mummy trees, mont joli for lunch and on to matane. Spent 3 nights there, one day watching it snow, 1 day day riding. Then a night in st anne des monts, Grande Vallee, three nights in gaspe, one day ride to perce, a night in Bonoventure, then through la cache back to matane.
  11. Then we headed south to st anne de beupre, Q. City(doubletree), Bernieres, RDL, then 4 days in New Brunswick. I've already posted about that under general discussion 2-24. Pic crossing into NB on the 85. Pic getting transported back into Quebec at cross pt. (Mundles now has competition. Mundles is 40 per sled, this guy is 25)
  12. Ok back at the Delta, relaxed some and rode with many friends. Stayed for a little over a week. Helmeted pics only to protect identifies. I can say 3 countries were represented. Had a very good time.
  13. Hi, thought I would make a last post. I've posted bits and pieces of our winter, but thought I would fill in some blanks. First of all, I RETIRED, jan. 4th 2020. I always dreamt about a snowmobile trip when I didn't have to go home to go back to work. This was it. Our plan was to ride when we wanted to, stay in when we wanted to, saddlebag and day ride when we wanted to. Ride with limited far out reservations. As storms approach, find a place we like, relax, wait for the groomers or you to break the drifts. We started at the Delta on jan 21st. We day rode for several days getting used to new sleds and helmets. Sandy went to her first 137 after always riding 120s. Then we headed out, went around the lake to St. Felician, Chibougamau, Senneterre, Rouyn Noranda, New Liskeard ont, North Bay, Pembroke, Mt Laurier, Sainte Emelie de L'energie, Quebec city and back to the Delta. Pic from Lake Temiscaming, crossing into Ontario around New Lisk. Pic of RR trestle south of Pembroke leading back into Quebec
  14. Finishing saddlebag trip. Saturday night, Bernieres, south of Q city. Sunday night la tuque. In restaurant they spaced out the few people in there. Plenty of people out riding the last 2 days. Yesterday got back to the Delta and our truck (which someone hit😞). Its pretty weird here. 4 other sleds in compound, Ontario guys, leaving today. Delta is 10 story hotel. It only has 4 floors open. Bar closed, restaurant, last night, while we were there, had those 4 guys and 2 other couples. Except for carryout, as we understand, dining rooms are closed at mcds, Tim's, and St. Hubert's. Facebook is listing more and more relays closing. We were going to day ride for a few days and head home on the weekend, now not sure. I feel like we've walked into a Stephen King novel. And to add insult to injury the trails are in great condition.
  15. Blaze, we found conditions good from QC to latuque today. Everything groomed up, a little grainy south, but got better heading north. Alot of southbound traffic today but plenty of snow. Joe, hopefully still at the Delta. It's been a good winter, but it's not over yet. We'll find out tomorrow 🙂