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  1. Where’s your camp pal... just clicked off 250km out of mine near Otter lake today? I know of NO existing law where you could be fined. Just turned 2000km... been stopped at least 6 times by QPP or trail wardens way up the line. Like I said earlier.....zero issues Most of today’s loop which was very good for the most part.
  2. Nothing preventing you from riding. Just book a room(S) and go. QPP and trail wardens have been great. If you don't have a pass, properly equipped sled (eg mirrors), proof of Ins, your drivers lic and don't act like a dick when you get stopped you won't have an issue.
  3. Be safe & enjoy. Not sure when I'm going to head.
  4. Hey Ice, where are you dropping? Thinking about loading up myself....might bag out of Rimouski for 3-4 day run.
  5. Just above St Anne Du Lac 2 years ago. Wicked corner right after Range 10e. Knew the boys would be flying out of Laurier / St Anne after a big night. Had stopped about 15 minutes earlier to remind my son to stay right...lol He got an eyeful shortly thereafter. Anyway, I was turning left at maybe 50kph right ski was literally in the ruhbarb.....dude came out of nowhere didn't even try to make the corner. just saw him out of the corner of my eye.....cranked the bars left and into the air I went. Complete flip.....land and all I can hear is another sled coming...... barely get up and out of the way and that lad ends up in the weeds with his pal. I run down the trail from the direction they came from as I hear more coming. Can't get far enough to get the 3rd one slowed so he ditches it as well. Finally got the 4th waved down and 4 other behind. 500km on the sled...not a scratch save for missing suspension. Was fun getting her back to St Anne Du Lac for flatbed back to Laurier. Straight to the boneyard she went after that. Been around that corner 4 times since.....don't think i've broken 15kph 🙂 Lucky nobody got seriously messed up that day for sure.
  6. Can't understand it.....seeing it more and more. Ran a farmstead around caddilac saturday afternoon.....droite fragille posted EVERYWHERE. Volunteers must have staked close to 5k both sides of the field. Lines, ropes, snow fence....can't imagine how long it took. Asshats still rode around it. Just sad 😞
  7. All good my man. Could have posted the beefaroni and burgers from the day before. Gotta fuel the furnace when your playing hard 🙂
  8. Thing works great. Easy to transport in link bag. Perfect for the times.
  9. Still dialing both in but they are great. Completely diff sleds than the 18xrs & 19x we traded. XRS seems to be a bit stiffer than the X for some reason with pre-loads set the same on both. Found that with the 18 as well. Shock thing is guess. That said, both are awesome 🙂
  10. We did ...only had 6 split top buns.Toasted those and stuffed two dogs in each.Delicious 😊
  11. No locals in VD Ice passesd a few SDQ cruisers parked in strange areas along the highway on the way in this time but didn’t bother us. Fueled at Ultramarine Louvicourt with one in the lot there as well and nothing.
  12. Well it’s a rap for this trip. 200km for the day. Not the greatest today but still decent for the most part. local 307/309 ok but not great. awesome trailside dogs and pretty much sunny all day but frosty. cheers gowser
  13. Chilly start again but ces’t la via. Meandering back to Forestel today. Thinking 307 caddilac malartic maybe run down 309 and back. we’ll see which way the skis want to go
  14. Almost feel guilty..almost being the key. 300k plus today on perfect trails. Amos to Macamic-la sarre-palmarolle-amos Zero morning traffic. Fast and tight all day. Definitely long John weather though. Gourmet trailside beefaroni and steamed dogs for lunch. Tucked in at Atmosphere now. Val Dor Via Cadillac and environ tomorrow Stay well Gowser
  15. Wow...that’s a bummer. No, haven’t had any problem.
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