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  1. Nice Heading to Valin tomorrow for one more kick at the can before we get the summer toys out. Rain rain stay away 😁
  2. Gas can goes on the bottom. Small link bag on top
  3. Still plenty of snow. Probably 2 more weeks of riding. Sketchy getting out of Laurier but plenty good if you drop at the Airport. 13, 63, 53 all very good. Outfitters are closing.... 100 lacs has gas but closed other than that as is Meekos. Food and fuel at Unik Fer A Cheval may be closing too so call ahead. Piteman still grooming out of St Anne but limited hours at the restaurant and motel so call there too. Trails are great above st Anne. Getting beat a bit close to Laurier. Be heading out again thursday 😁
  4. Yes, easybon and off And way better to carry than hardcase
  5. Big and bulky. Had one and returned it. Id suggest the Linq Q combo seat bag and either the sport tunnel bags which hold more than one would think or the Sr 21 tunnel bag We have 4 of the sport bags and 2 seat bags for our sleds. Thats plenty for a week or more for us on the move.
  6. gowser


    Enjoy lobster sandwich or lobster club .... decisions at Mamie safe travel fyi ... local clubhouse by Baie Blue ....literally 2 minutes away has $4 pints not that anyone needs one after a good ride😁
  7. gowser


    Easily done in 4 days so modify as you wish. Rimouski to Baie Blue, Baie bluecto Perce. Stay / eat at table du Roland. Perce to hotel Cie .... 400k day but easily doable on 5. About 40k shorter if you run 597 through Murdochville. Maybe 1212 or elsewhere from Cie then back to l’empress Note there is no gas in Perce so don’t roll in on fumes.
  8. gowser


    Keep an eye on the weather... supposed to storm tomorrow / Sat. If it’s more snow than rain you will be fine but I’d suggest starting from L’empress if you are bagging for a few days. If your day looping you may want to consider Amqui as you can ride in a different direction for multiple days. Hotel Rimouski is on the map but there is no snow to get in and out on.
  9. gowser


    If you’re thinking about coming better get here soon unless you just want to ride the interior. 5 east out of Rimouski won’t take much more...hilltops getting scorched. No issues up over the top to Amqu, pointe a la croix over to new Richmond, perce etc. Trails were great all the way round save for about 30km around chandler.
  10. Planned on heading that way tomorrow but going to wait for the weekend. We’ll see you next week for a gross biere froid Gowser
  11. Ditto on most above universal in Rdl is great as well. Spa is nice after a long day. Decent food and comfy rooms Great couple at La Verendye now and food is good. Same at 100 lacs. Haven’t stayed at too many places I wouldn’t go back to as everyone in La Belle Province gets it 👍
  12. Best call the Roquemont in advance as they have been booked solid thurs through the weekend the past few weeks and lot has been full. Believe front desk has passes