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  1. gowser

    St Ray to Saguenay

    Snow globe day. Snowfall warning at the Roquemont this am. Lit out on 23 at 9. Into Le Tape for fuel and the obligatory Coq Roi at 11:30 Met maybe 4 sleds. Swimming a bit with all the pow but trial was decent. As usual tons of sleds at tape. Traffic a bit heavier heading to Apacia but still not bad Wind blowing like a mo, flat light and snow so Vision on hydro lines and open spaces sketchy but trail is cherry. Blow by Apacia and groomer has been out..lots of traffic heading south so just putting.... for cris sake tabernak and all that stay right people😳 10min out things die down so off we go. Real good until we hit the fields outside Sag. Holy hurricane .... she’s blowing! limited visibility and serious drifts. Time to decel... wind is literally trying to blow us off the trail and can’t see shite. No prob just slow down and keep an eye on the Gps. Only 20k to the delta. No prob ... right? TBC..😳
  2. gowser

    Temiscaming to La Verendy

    Your good to go. Stayed at the lodge last night. Groomer had just come down from the red on 386. headed south on 63 from the lodge
  3. gowser

    63 Val D’or

    Yes sir. All in geat shape👍
  4. gowser

    63 Val D’or

    Open to Val Dor Quick lil toot from the Classic to Pavillion La Verendrye thurs afternoon. Nothing groomed.... single track all the way and greasy lots of evidence of blow offs.... slow down peeps and stay right. ran back down this am and she was carpet all the way down😁 Met quite a few sleds this aft as you would expect on a Friday .... lots of riders clearly cutting corners and running to fast in areas with little of no vision.... I’ve already been taken out once this year by someone doing exactly that😡 Slow down, keep right and stay on the friggn trails people Ride safe all 👍
  5. gowser

    Oxygen Helmets

    Best helmet hands down. Light, warm, awesome vision. Buy one👍
  6. gowser

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    He’s got one ready. Just need the appraiser to get there which is supposed to happen tomrorrow. I’ll be there as soon as he leaves to load up😁
  7. gowser

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    Most live around Ste Therese area. They stayed fri nite about an hour east of Laurier. Most were 50 or so which was kinda of shocking.
  8. gowser

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    Guy blew a right hander big time...actually cranked it left we he saw me....I did the same as right wasn’t an option.
  9. gowser

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    Ty PQ insurance would cover but I prefer to carry my own. Luckily my dealer has the identical sled in black as someone backed out of their snow ck so we’re good to go. Thinking Red wasn’t my colour 😳
  10. gowser


    Right you are...my bad.
  11. Ran 53, 33, 13 on the weekend. Left Comfort Inn Laurier Friday am headed to 100 lacs. Obligatory stop at Meekos for lunch and pulled in Auberge 100 Lacs at 3 for a brief siesta before chow time. Frosty day but trail were great. Dipped into the wine closet and found suitable choice for dinner which was great. Stayed in the Auberge where the rooms are cozy shall we say but comfortable. Up early for breakfast and off we to head back down 13 heading to Devils mountain and then back to Laurier again for the night. Could not have asked for better conditions.....fresh ribbon pretty much until local trail 222? I think above St Anne Du Lac. Fair bit of logging towards the North end but other than that pretty good. Getting close to St Annne at about 11am and northbound traffic is picking up.....lots of people heading north out of Laurier as you would expect on Sat. Note to self....slow down...stay right. Well that worked swimmingly until about 15 minutes normal riding time north of St Anne when wham....guy totally blows a blind corner doing at least 70 mph. next 2 guys in his group blow the corner as well. I managed to get up and flag down 4 more that would have piled up as well. By the grace of god no one got seriously injured. Sadly new gade didn't even get out of break-in mode and she's headed to the bone yard :( Had a lot of close calls over the years as most have. Accident would not have happened had the other party been riding responsible. Don't get me wrong...not harping as I like ripp'n as much as anyone but there is a place and time. Narrow local trails with limited sightlines are not the place! Hopefully the party that hit me and those that were riding in the group got a wake up call. Sleds can be replaced....lives can't. Ride safe Gowser
  12. gowser


    Aux View Moulin in right behind Central. Rooms are crap but you can rent Condos they have right beside the restaurant at a reasonable price. Restaurant is good and you can walk to central as well. 450 833 6656 way nicer than Central
  13. gowser

    Accommodations north of Tremblant Park?

    Stayed at Central last week.....rooms stinky & musty. Showing its age. Won't stay there again until there is a re-furb. Food was still great though. Sexy Santa tomorrow night for those heading that way....jus say'n.
  14. gowser

    New Years lac st-jean

    Don't know what your looking for but check out the Delta. Very nice spot.