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  1. If you have the 2018 iMotoneige app, go to the upper right and click on services, then click on grooming delay. If you don’t have the app you won’t be able to get it right now as it is in development for the 2019 trail updates. It should be available in a few weeks. Keep checking the FCMQ website. It is very useful app for riding in Quebec. Without the app, go to via explora and click on the mobile version. Once in the mobile version, services will be available along with grooming delay. It is also under development and you can’t use the feature just yet. At least I couldn’t prior to this reply. Have a good season.
  2. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Our group of 8 will be there on the 2nd of February and again on the 9th. We would love to meet any and all of you. We will also mention that the hotel came on recommendations of fellow QR members.
  3. When do you pack it in out on Grindstone?  We just had breakfast yesterday at the Koffee Kove.

  4. New Warming Hut

    That is indeed Auberge Eva. Stayed in their condo on Superbowl night in 2017. That is a definitely stay again spot. We didn't run into the crowd Shore speaks about though.
  5. I just checked the NOAA maps, it doesn’t look like there is any significant/groom able snow in the area yet. Soon I’m sure. The snow pack is steadily moving South.
  6. Pilot TS skis vs Pilot 5.7's

    This is just my opinion. I have the TS skis on my last 2 Renegade 1200’s. I like them on the Quebec trails, or any trail I have been on as you can adjust them as conditions change throughout the day. Raise the carbides in the morning when the trails are hard, drop them down as the conditions loosen up. I have not experienced any darting on either sled with them. My wife has them on her Enduro 900, and appreciates the adjustability to balance good handling with steering ease/effort. I still have the stock carbide inserts in them and haven’t found the need to upgrade them until they wear out, at which time I may try the longer carbide. They work as advertised. In deep snow they are not as good as the Pilot 5.7’s if you do any amount of off trail riding.
  7. New Gear!!!

    Thanks Gutz. Just what I was looking for.
  8. New Gear!!!

    Thanks Gutz. The mic placement is my concern. I was thinking maybe the lesser model with the mic integrated with the speaker may be a better fit. I’m looking at collet as well since they have a mic that mounts into the breath box.
  9. New Gear!!!

    MrGutz - I’ve been looking for a good helmet communication system to use with our group. I keep coming back to uclear amp series and I see in your post that you’re adding them to your new helmets. Just wondering if you have had experience with these before? Most of us have the bv2s helmet and one guy has a modular 3. I am a little concerned about actually being able talk in our style helmet. If you or anyone else has any feedback on the uclear coupled with the bv2s, I would certainly appreciate hearing of your experience. Thanks Rick
  10. Trail maps

    Sounds like a trip to remember! Of course, they all are!
  11. Trail maps

    Give this a try.
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Hey Shore 1066, Clayton is crazy busy this weekend for sure. We took a run up there in the boat from Sackets Harbor yesterday thinking we would avoid the weekend rush and have a nice dinner. Not a single dock space available anywhere. Ended up running all the way to Henderson Harbor for dinner.
  13. Mourning no more

    My buddies actually think something is wrong with me if there isn’t some sort of plan shaping up by mid-May.
  14. Mourning no more

    He's going to Buffalo State. He committed to the football team, so we are looking forward to watch him play a few more years. We did see that Conner committed to St. John Fisher on Absolutely get together this fall. Always love to talk about sledding and Quebec. Just laid out a 7 day bag ride in Gaspesie leaving out of RDL a couple days ago. We were always a group of 6 then a long time friend got back into riding last year, now we are 7. We may need another rider to even up the rooms.
  15. Mourning no more

    Shore, I’m right down the road in Brownville. I too feel I missed several opportunities to go back north. Well, next year, son is in college, no more basketball games. Just football in the fall. I’m with you on Tug Hill. I cringe every time I ride there these days. Last time I was there I met a group 2 wide coming my way with one of them with his left ski off the trail on the right side. Keep me in mind if you get the itch next winter and are in need of another rider.