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  1. So back in that cold winter of 2015, I was on Tug Hill with my wife. We were on our way back to the truck from a nice ride and it was about -10. My wife was wearing a pair of the ladies Klim mittens I had bought her as she always had cold hands. I had a pair of Klim Togwotee gloves. At that temp I needed my gauntlets on, but since we only had about 10 more miles to go, I toughed it out. My hands were freezing by the time we got back to the truck. Several times on the way, I stopped and asked my wife if her hands were cold and if she wanted her gauntlets on. Nope she'd say, keep going. When we got back to the truck and loaded, I said my hands are freezing, and yours aren't. Nope, she took her hand out and put it on my cheek and they were just as warm as toast. Shortly after that I ordered a pair of Klim Caribou mittens and haven't used gauntlets since then. I still carry them and a spare pair of gloves on bag trips just in case. The point is, mittens are way warmer than gloves. I've taken some ribbing the past few years, but now there are 4 in our group of 6 wearing mittens.
  2. GSX800


    Le Ombré du Vent is nice. Newer cabins on a hill looking out over the river. You will need to ride into town for food and drink. Central is pretty basic. Common bathrooms. Restaurant and bar are good. If you’re coming in from the south try 100 Lacs or Fer a Cheval. Both nice.
  3. GSX800

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Hi Jack - My wife rides a '16 Enduro 900. She'd get on it with everything full soft and the sled might compress 1/2". She would have problems keeping the sled cool at times when the snow was hard. I thought the same thing...wait until it breaks in a bit. 1200 miles later, so much for that, I went to the lighter springs last year. Now she can sag the sled 2 - 3 inches...and I put a set of scratchers on it as well. Problem solved.
  4. GSX800

    Trailer advise

    I have the recessed latch on my Blizzard on both the front and back. No issues at all. My buddy has the cam lock type, no issues with that either. I’m not sure it much me anyhow. I do like the man door and use it all the time. Gas doors, just once in a great while. If you can, get the torsion sprin assist on the front door too. The older I get, the heavier mine gets.
  5. GSX800

    Trip question

    It's 158 miles according to your screen shot. Call the Ski Doo tank 10 gallons (it's actually 10.6 on an XS/XP) plus you 3.9 extra gas. So just call it 13 gallons all together. If you can get 12.2 mpg you will make it with about 1.5 gallons left. Or you can stop at the sawmill (cash only)and top off, then, no worries.
  6. GSX800

    Trailer advise

    I have had a 4 place blizzard in-line that is now 10 years old. I have no complaints.
  7. GSX800

    Border crossing

    Keep in mind that if marijuana is legal in the state you are coming from or going to, the border is federal, not state. It is still illegal in the US.
  8. GSX800

    Border crossing

    It is basically what the FBI has on you. I got asked about something that happened years back in the 70's. I was amazed, but also truthful. If they ask you a question tell them the truth to the best of your ability. You can say that it was a long time ago, and you may not remember all the details, and they will likely be OK with that. Just tell them the truth, they already know the answer. After my question from the 70's, I had a friend in law enforcement run my FBI check, sure enough, it was there.
  9. GSX800

    Border crossing

    As soon as they scan that passport or enhanced license, they know a lot about you.
  10. GSX800

    Northern quebec loop TQ93, TQ83

    That's the section.
  11. GSX800

    Northern quebec loop TQ93, TQ83

    Last year on the rail bed section the trail was routed off the rail bed for what seemed about 50% of it. It was actually better that way. The bed gets a little monotonous after about an hour...and it always seems like the coldest day of the trip coincides with it. It may be different this winter and your back on it. I think it depends on the location of forestry work.
  12. GSX800

    Could you please look and see if you received my $25 Paypal deposit to become a contributing member.  Screen Name GSX800.  Thanks for this great site.  It is a wealth of information, and enjoyable reading.  

  13. GSX800

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Drinks and Dinner, no one rides for free! Of course there were other versions back in the 70's, but this is a family friendly site.
  14. GSX800

    Outfitter, lodge, near chandler

    Give this place a try. It’s inland from the Cap Chat area. VILLAGE GRANDE NATURE CHIC-CHOCS
  15. GSX800

    Oxygen Helmets

    Gutz - same size O2 as you wore with the BV2S, or did you go a size bigger?