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  1. In the US these days, adding the new pipe would be considered a pipeline. That would be shutdown. Joe has a pen for that. Kidding aside, that is some serious flooding.
  2. Think about the diesel for the groomers. There will probably be some sort of fuel surcharge added to the trail permits. I’ve been trying to fill up my truck when I still have 3/4 of a tank just so I don’t have to re-swipe my card. Missed the other day, 16 gallons of diesel, $100. I sure picked a fine time to retire!
  3. Proof of vaccination is still required. Testing is no longer required.
  4. Bravo for Team Iceman. What a great two weeks! Thanks for letting us ride along.
  5. Love Motel Le Delice. Ice is right, a warm friendly atmosphere. Back in 2011, we were there, finished dinner and back to our rooms to continue/finish happy hour, we hear a sled start up and a lot of hooting a hollering. Look outside and there is a guy riding his sled around in the parking lot in a pair of boots and just his underpants. Lots of pictures being taken by his buddies. I’m sure there was a bet, and some alcohol involved.
  6. There’s always money in the sledding budget! Compensate elsewhere during the rest of the year. The season is too short.
  7. Great news. Hopefully they don’t ever require a 4th booster. I’m pretty much done with vaccination. I agree, Walgreens worked extremely well.
  8. ^^^Agreed. That was the other thought in my helmet…why am I here.
  9. Rode Tug Hill yesterday morning for 2 hours. Had to have passed 150 - 200 sleds. Spent the morning creeping around corners on the extreme right. Thinking the whole time there will be accidents today. Condolences to the loved ones.
  10. It is great riding along with your pictures and commentary. Too many 60 plus year olds and those that are really close in our group. I think we’ll stay on the trail.
  11. What an adventure. That’s a lot of snow! Dig outs are a calorie burning cardio workout for sure. Enjoy your ride! We got caught in the storm a week and a half ago running from Sacre Coeur to Saint Felicien. After multiple dig outs we called an audible at 4:00. “We are not going to make it. What’s the closest town? Alma, 17 miles by trail”. Five dig outs later, find the closest road, Google map to the Universal. Got the last two rooms. (Nice rooms). Great dinner.
  12. If they can’t make your turns while staying on the right side of the trail…they need to slow down! The trails are not a closed course track. Just this morning on Tug Hill, went out for a short ride before the trails are closed. Almost got clipped by one of these types. Chris - Maddie’s South in Dansville is not too far from you. Tell the guy to relax, you’ll pick it up.
  13. Not quite correct. You will no longer have to take a PCR or NAT or NAAT test. You will have to take the antigen test. It will need to be administered by a medical professional so you can get the official results. The home test, which is the same antigen test, is not valid. Hopeful that testing will all go away soon.
  14. Still closed during the week? Looks open, but checking to make sure.
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