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  1. Oops, what a dummy! I better not lead 🤪
  2. I don’t see on the Abitibi-Témiscamingue map or the Via explora maps that they are using the old trail. You can certainly use it. It may or may not be groomed. The last time we went by, it was not. If however you take the short cut trail, and skip gas at LeVendrye (sp), it is 115 miles from kitcisakik to Le Domaine.
  3. Our group stayed there back in 2010. It was not in the plan as we were headed back to the Saint Zenon area. A bent carbide and some bad heated visors caused delays and backed us up several hours. We stopped, gassed up and had a quick bite. We hit the lake and by time we got to the end of the lake, the two guys having shield problems were completely frosted over. Decision made, we can not ride that far, this late in the day (about an hour from dark at this point) with those shields like that. Back we went to the Domaine du Lac Edouard. We got three rooms, unpacked, had a great meal, and had a great time that night. Towards the end of the evening, a guy came in that was way out in front of his buddies. He said, I might as well have a beer while I wait. He ordered a beer and one of our guys said, “they’re all out of that, we drank them all”! The guy went through a few more, with our guy saying, we drank all of those too before he finally found a brand we had not cleaned them out of. Great fun that night, great memories that we still laugh about.
  4. That is truly a wonderful story of your daughter. So good to know that she has recovered and doing well.
  5. You mean never miss a photo opportunity Andrew? It would be like a no holds barred match if Cuomo and Schumer had the same photo opportunity! Might be better than McGregor v Cowboy in the UFC fight tonight?
  6. When it came time to renew my passport, I added the passport card for $30. When it came time to renew my license, I didn’t bother getting the enhanced version, which of course, NY charges $30 for.
  7. George, I do hope that you are going too? I haven’t seen you the past few times for breakfast in the Koffee Kove. Hope all is well? We are heading up to Mont Laurier to start a western trip on the 31st. Hope to see you in the restaurant or better yet, on the trail soon.
  8. 110 miles from station to station. The next closest was 138 miles.
  9. Smoked meat is right up there with the club in my book.
  10. LuNic is on 33 about 8 miles after the intersection with 53, and about 18 miles before you get to 100 Lacs.
  11. It’s a nice ride. Old RR bed from Mont Laurier to Rivière Rouge. Then it turns north going over the top of Mont Tremblant park. Gas up at the gas station/bar/restaurant across the street from the LaMacaza airport. The food is good there, but it will be pretty early when you get there. You won’t miss it,, the trail runs through their parking lot. Then it’s on to Saint Michele. You have choices once in St. Michele if you want to add miles and time to your day by going around Lac Taureau and crossing across the top of the dam on 345, or going directly to LeCabanon. I would say, if you are just taking your time, enjoying your day, and going the most direct route, it’s a 2/3 of a day ride.
  12. Ski Doo has a new bag this year. It’s called the dry bag. It takes up one LinQ location and is 40L.
  13. There are quite a few credit cards that do not charge the transaction fees. Capital One for instance does not charge.