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  1. Ice, West is best.
  2. Wouldn’t be Casey Prisco’s boat in Port Ontario would it?
  3. If you’re drinking and driving in NY and you get lit up by the police officer behind are screwed! I’m not aware that that has changed.
  4. You keep right. I’ll keep right. If you’re pushing through the corners, slow down. Thanks but no thanks for letting me know how many you have behind you. Keep both hands on the bars. Too many close calls that take your breath away these days.
  5. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing. Lol
  6. Not sure if they are open. 386 North of there and 63 going both East and West of the 386 junction is closed for logging this year so I would imagine not much traffic.
  7. Spent a night at Balbuzard back in 2015. Agree with Mike, one of the best meals we ever had.
  8. Gutz, thanks for posting this. The exact same thing just happened with my wife's 2016 900 Enduro. Yesterday we had a nice ride. Sled was perfect. I went out to the garage this morning to check things over, and the gauge was stuck on Air Suspension and Accel settings. You could not change any setting, and it wouldn't go back to the normal display. I disconnected power...twice, and removed the gauge...twice. Same thing. I'm thinking, great, a trip to the dealer. Googled the symptom and found your post. Grabbed the green key, and BINGO, it worked perfect. Thank You to a fellow QR!
  9. Hard to believe how thin the snow is at this time of the year. I hope the conditions improve so you can help those of us south of the border to keep our sanity. Stay safe and healthy and keep posting.
  10. A dog like that you do even care to shoot the birds. So much fun watching the dogs work. Hope to meet you and may QR’s when this is all over.
  11. Never hunted pheasants over a Lab like you. We had some great Pointers, Brittany’s, and Springers back in my younger days hunting pheasants. Moved on to Labs later on hunting ducks. They are great dogs and wonderful companions.