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  1. Thank you all. We’ve been through Clova many times. Gassed up and ate lunch at the gas station/restaurant, but have never had the need to stay there. I’ve heard mostly good stuff about staying there.
  2. I’m planning one of our rides this winter and I’m looking to stay our second to last night in Clova leaving out of Val d’ Or. Originally we were going to stay in Lac Faillon, but that’s too short of a day. Considering Balbuzard, but unsure if it will be open again this winter? I will be watching the post on that subject. So it looks like Clova is the spot as we’re trying to shorten the following day into Mekoos. Any information on where to stay in Clova would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time. - Rick
  3. I don’t actually have one of the Oxygen helmets, but I am seriously considering one. Just my opinion, I would want a spare cord. As I understand it, the helmet needs to be plugged in at all times or it will fog/frost up. Most of my riding is saddlebagging, so I wouldn’t want a broken cord ruining my day, or multiple days for myself and those in our group. I happen to have the accessories catalog right here, $39.99 for the cord kit. Part number 929004. Best of luck with the new helmet.
  4. I put a set of Beamtech H13’s on my brothers turbo. Huge difference. They were just under $40 USD on Amazon. The Beamtechs got good comments on Dootalk. Hope this saves you some searching.
  5. I have my question/concern out the the FCMQ. I will post what I find out. I was thinking the only way day by day permits would work is via a document you could print or store on your phone .
  6. I’ve been using the online purchasing for seasonal permits for the past couple of years and have had no problems. There is a slight delay in receiving your permit/sticker for those of us in the states as it transitions from Canada Post to US Post. I’d say approximately 10 days to 2 weeks. That hasn’t been an issue for me as I order season permits early. I do have concerns for those that will get a 7 day permit for certain dates. Most of my group gets their 7 day permits at the hotel we’re staging at. What happens if you order those type permits two to three weeks ahead of time, then you have to change dates for some reason? I’m not sure online ordering will work well for these type permits. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can comment?
  7. Klim Keweenaw bibs and jacket. Good stuff. I also have an older set of the Klimate line. Good as well. The Keweenaw jackets are a little longer, where the Klimate was more of a sit at your waist length. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the top manufacturers, more personal preference. Good luck.
  8. Here’s a link and a picture of one on an XRS.
  9. Yes it fits. DooTalk has a couple topics on it in the wide body threads.
  10. That just got my laugh of the day award. That is funny. Thanks for the laugh!
  11. The only real change I see with a 2020 is the new all digital gauge. There is a Ski Doo promotion currently that prices the leftover 2019’s pretty reasonable.
  12. When we have a package meal plan, we place an estimate on what the meal costs. We leave a tip at the table for the wait staff after the meal in the 20% range. If we have some drinks at the bar, we follow the usual practice of tipping the bartender when we leave the bar. As far as the room, most times we leave loonies/twonies in the room. We don't add a tip when we pay the bill.
  13. One last pointer if you’re using your phone. Put it airplane mode to conserve the battery. When you lose cell service or it is very weak, your phone will go to full power to try and maintain connectivity. This will use up the battery pretty fast. The app will work just fine to tell you where you are with no connectivity. You will have a black cloud in the lower right meaning you are not connected to the internet, so things like grooming delay, or gas/lodging functions will not work. Keep your phone warm to further conserve battery, either next to your body, or in a heated handlebar bag. If in the bag, keep it right next to the heating element.