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  1. That just got my laugh of the day award. That is funny. Thanks for the laugh!
  2. The only real change I see with a 2020 is the new all digital gauge. There is a Ski Doo promotion currently that prices the leftover 2019’s pretty reasonable.
  3. When we have a package meal plan, we place an estimate on what the meal costs. We leave a tip at the table for the wait staff after the meal in the 20% range. If we have some drinks at the bar, we follow the usual practice of tipping the bartender when we leave the bar. As far as the room, most times we leave loonies/twonies in the room. We don't add a tip when we pay the bill.
  4. One last pointer if you’re using your phone. Put it airplane mode to conserve the battery. When you lose cell service or it is very weak, your phone will go to full power to try and maintain connectivity. This will use up the battery pretty fast. The app will work just fine to tell you where you are with no connectivity. You will have a black cloud in the lower right meaning you are not connected to the internet, so things like grooming delay, or gas/lodging functions will not work. Keep your phone warm to further conserve battery, either next to your body, or in a heated handlebar bag. If in the bag, keep it right next to the heating element.
  5. Where is that hotel on the lady picture? My wife says we need to go there. I’d hate to disappoint her...
  6. Across the 6 guys in our group we have 1 if not 2 of most anything that would be needed. Helps keep the bags less full. And if we can’t fix it, then out come the straps...whose turn is it to tow? I agree about the MasterCard. A friend once said that there isn’t a problem that can’t be fixed if you have a big enough check book.
  7. Looks like David will hit the snow band around Mexico and get out of it around Adams Center.  I came through it last night, it wasn’t terrible.  It’s been a lot worse.

  8. The one good thing is that much of the state has snow. Many will ride closer to home. The Tug might actually be pretty good. When there is not much traffic, it is actually very nice riding.
  9. I’ve had my wife to both. You can’t go wrong with either.
  10. So back in that cold winter of 2015, I was on Tug Hill with my wife. We were on our way back to the truck from a nice ride and it was about -10. My wife was wearing a pair of the ladies Klim mittens I had bought her as she always had cold hands. I had a pair of Klim Togwotee gloves. At that temp I needed my gauntlets on, but since we only had about 10 more miles to go, I toughed it out. My hands were freezing by the time we got back to the truck. Several times on the way, I stopped and asked my wife if her hands were cold and if she wanted her gauntlets on. Nope she'd say, keep going. When we got back to the truck and loaded, I said my hands are freezing, and yours aren't. Nope, she took her hand out and put it on my cheek and they were just as warm as toast. Shortly after that I ordered a pair of Klim Caribou mittens and haven't used gauntlets since then. I still carry them and a spare pair of gloves on bag trips just in case. The point is, mittens are way warmer than gloves. I've taken some ribbing the past few years, but now there are 4 in our group of 6 wearing mittens.
  11. GSX800


    Le Ombré du Vent is nice. Newer cabins on a hill looking out over the river. You will need to ride into town for food and drink. Central is pretty basic. Common bathrooms. Restaurant and bar are good. If you’re coming in from the south try 100 Lacs or Fer a Cheval. Both nice.
  12. Hi Jack - My wife rides a '16 Enduro 900. She'd get on it with everything full soft and the sled might compress 1/2". She would have problems keeping the sled cool at times when the snow was hard. I thought the same thing...wait until it breaks in a bit. 1200 miles later, so much for that, I went to the lighter springs last year. Now she can sag the sled 2 - 3 inches...and I put a set of scratchers on it as well. Problem solved.
  13. I have the recessed latch on my Blizzard on both the front and back. No issues at all. My buddy has the cam lock type, no issues with that either. I’m not sure it much me anyhow. I do like the man door and use it all the time. Gas doors, just once in a great while. If you can, get the torsion sprin assist on the front door too. The older I get, the heavier mine gets.