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  1. 6 Day Ride

    Shore - we are headed up mid January. Usually we are around the first week in February, but work obligations all but shut down the entire month for all of us to get together. We're a little nervous about the trails being connected out in the west, although it looks like things are shaping up. In smaller groups with our wives we'll get up once or twice in February and probably early March.
  2. 6 Day Ride

    Pretty sure he is talking about the outfitter between Relais 22 and Wemotaci. Quite cold up there in Clayton this week? I’m right down in Brownville. I met you and your son a couple years ago at the logging camp down on TQ 93.
  3. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Agree with the too early for that ride comments.. In general, February is probably the best bet month. We are leaving with our annual boys trip on the 19th of January. I'm a little nervous at this point of full inter-connected trails. We typically plan for early.February, but it is not in the cards due to work obligations this year. Our fallback dates are now early March. I wish you the best of luck, and hope it works for you/your group as it is a nice looking loop.
  4. Big White Tour

    There is gas in Saint Dominique-du-Rosaire. From there to Matagami is about 167 Kms (104 miles).
  5. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    You can get trail passes directly from the FCMQ website now and select whatever club you would like. Very easy to do.
  6. Suggested Tour guide?

    Bon Voyage seems like a good bet. Have met and talked with Gary at the Big East show a couple of times and he convinces me that he has a high quality product.
  7. Sickness

    And we continue to pour money into a cure!
  8. Snow in the air Sept1/17 Mont Valin!!!!

    In two weeks...all the trails will be interconnected and the saddlebag trips can begin by October 1st.
  9. Auberge Eva Lac Bouchette

    We were there on for the Super Bowl. It's difinitely on our stay again list.
  10. Easy way is to stay on 417 to the Nicholas St. exit. Go to the end at Rideau St. Turn right. Turn left on King Edward and you are across the MacDonald Cartier bridge in no time and on to Rt 50. On the way back, cross the MacDonald Cartier bridge and get off on King Edward. Take to the end and 417 is right there. If you follow your GPS or a mapping program you're going to weave your way through the city. Give it a try.
  11. Trailer Brakes

    Too bad whatever GM is using as a coating on their brakes these days isn't or can't be used on the trailer components. My '14 Silverado is heading into it's 4th winter and the brakes still look and perform like new.
  12. Pourvoirie Windigo

    I just checked, they have Coors Light. You're all set.
  13. 20 years ago !!!

    1992 Polaris RXL 650
  14. Snowfarmer- I'm part of the banker crew. Coming in from the east 63 dumps you out onto a plowed road for just a few yards. 63 then takes a hard left and there is a trail sign right there indicating that. Looking straight ahead on the road you can see the Trout Lake Lodge. There were no signs, or at least none that we noticed for the lodge. As banker said it was no more than 500 yards down the road.
  15. I'm pretty sure we ran into you and your son at the sawmill on 93? You guys were on your way up from St, Felicien. Clayton, right? We were the group of 6 that came in after getting gas that were talking with you. Sounds like you had a good ride as we did. You'll be right back at it next year. Good luck with your surgery.