Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

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bonsoir !!!


landed  late at my camp this morning .....short ride on the north branch !!!

seldom i see that.... stuck in a '' gaspesian traffic jam '' on a saturday morning !!!

sunny ...but still fresh cold a bit !!!





DSC_0007 (4).JPG





DSC_0013 (4).JPG

DSC_0017 (4).JPG

DSC_0023 (2).JPG

DSC_0031 (2).JPG

DSC_0034 (2).JPG








DSC_0004 (5).JPG

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Jean Guy. What lake is the boat docks on. Is it a parks area for camping and fishing. Looks like a great place to go boating. Is there camps on the lake. Glad you can get to your camp. I bet you sleep better there too. I know I sleep better in our island cabin. Have a good summer.

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hi artsled and shore1066 !!!


yaa...snow maybe for next week ...if not much rain and sunshine !!!.....where there s a lots of shade...still good patches of snow !!!

the lake is '' lac du nord '' s on the z e c...roughly 20 miles from my camp .....almost at the border of park matane....only 1 camp there....looks like a camping area ...but no....only road and docks !!!

small lake....less than 3 miles long i guess...

i went by the docks side ...around the lake to the dam...pic with mini bridge....just below lac des coeurs.....short trail...there s a beaver dam on main road...

sure.....sleep better at the camp ....very quiet ...

brook at the camp still very high ...can t cross yet with my weekend should be ok !!! went across last thursday ...but with a load of firewood....water came up to the height of the seat !!!



lac nord 1.jpg

lac nord 2.jpg

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