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Big chunk of TQ 3 closed , east of Forestville?


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Hopefully by next year the transport will not be needed, but if it is, this is what we found,today. We were headed west from sept isle. Called from Baie Comeau last night. Called the guy in Pointe-aux-outardes, seemed most logistical. He owns the Petro Canada gas station in that town and has 2 rollback trucks. Nice guy named Thomas. We told him we would get into town at 9am. Trail goes right into town. He dropped us at a side road crossing at Columbier. But he is flexible. He could have picked us up in Baie Comeau or dropped us in Forestville. But he charges by the hour, so shorter is better. He charged us 135 plus tax. His rate is 100 per hour.

 All 3 of the guys on the poster are independent. Didn't check with the others. This guy seemed reasonable and was easy to work with.

      Jeff and Sandy 





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Thanks Jeff.  I was wondering if anyone was going to try the shuttle service. Yes hopefully it will not be necessary next winter. I bet that closure was felt in many communities along that area of the TQ3.

Hope you and Sandy are having a great ride.

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 Not sounding like it’s going to be open this year either. Lots of work still to be done for the new go around trail. Still do not have all the permission needed from land owners and lots of government red tape. This is no small feat to bypass that section. 

We shall see.

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the ok has been received from govt by the logging company who will cut the path for the new trail bypassing Pessamit. 

Now the question is will there be enough time to cut the path and make the trail there are many streams to cross evidently and they need to order culvert pipes also. 

They are not sure they can complete all this work before the cold and snow arrives. 

There is also a large mountain that will require some blasting they say to remove rock to allow passage. 

Should be more news on this in a few weeks. 

They are trying but don’t want people to get their hopes up. It might not happen this season.

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Latest on this...

Work in progress to allow the TQ-3 to bypass Pessamit

Snowmobilers fear a new traffic ban this winter on the section of Trans-Québec 3 (TQ-3) that crosses the territory of Pessamit. The clearing of a future bypass trail began in mid-October. The trail must allow snowmobilers to no longer have to use a towing service. However, the region's snowmobile clubs and the contractor who won the contract believe that it is unlikely that the work will be completed in time for the next season.

Authorizations from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests were granted at the beginning of October and the work is estimated to last 12 to 14 weeks, according to the director of trails for the Bolides de Ragueneau club, Yves Savard. . “The start of the work is great news because we have been waiting for a long time. » — A quote from Yves Savard, director of trails for the Bolides de Ragueneau club Administrative delays meant that it started later than we had hoped. But at least we are in the right direction. The contractor is a competent person who knows what they are doing. They will do their best to complete the work on time, but if it is not possible, it is unfortunate, but we will have to live with that, he explains.

Return of towing service?

In the last two years, the community of Pessamit has banned the circulation of snowmobilers on the segment of the Trans-Québec 3 that crosses its territory. Snowmobilers had to use road towing services to continue their journey on the TQ-3.

Jeff St-Gelais, sales consultant at the Baie-Comeau Motosports store, hopes that snowmobilers will be able to cross the territory without having to use a towing service.

 We would like the bypass to be functional, says Jeff St-Gelais. It also underlines the tourist attraction that this sport represents in winter.

Regarding the coming winter, the Innu Council of Pessamit mentions that it has not made a decision. He indicates that discussions are still underway to determine if the TQ-3 in Pessamit will be accessible to non-Aboriginals this year.

For its part, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests of Quebec confirms that a permit was granted on October 4, and that this intervention permit is an authorization to build, improve or close a multi-use road. However, the department adds that the request for use of public land filed by Club Manic Quad for the ATV trail is still being analyze

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Good digging Iceman.  The project has a 12-14 week timeline.  Optimistically the trail could be open for early-mid February. Timely for one of my favorite loops, start in Pointe a la Croix down through Quebec city via the shuttle, up the TQ23 through Mont Valin and back across a Baie Comeau on the ferry, down the 595, and back to the truck.

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Sadly.....It’s a no go for this year.

No TQ3 in Pessamit, nor bypass trail this winter


The Club Manic Quad, in charge of the project, must resign itself, there will be no trail to connect Ragueneau to the Pessamit footbridge this winter for snowmobilers. The organization at Club Manic Quad indicates that " circumstances beyond our control lead us to this observation ". The explanations given by the Club indicate delays in the granting of the necessary permits for the construction of the detour path and the work which only began on October 21. The presence of rock requiring blasting in the section of the work on the Ragueneau side, " either on the coast and in a curve along a stone cape must be blasted for the safety of users ", indicates those in charge of the file at Club Manic Quad , Pascal Morneau, president and Yolande Jean, secretary-treasurer.

Moreover, the organization must apply for a permit from the ministry concerned for the blasting, with the delays that this includes and with the snow arriving, it became impossible for the contractor to continue to carry out the work. Club Manic Quad thanks the population for their understanding and is saddened to have to pass on this bad news.



See you next year.........

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1 hour ago, Blueblood said:

guys saw this yesterday and it didn't change today.   is 3 going to be open now imotoniege doesn't show it closed?


Not open this season

i motoneige is great but not always correct

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