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Grooming Started?


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Steve, By the pics we have been seeing, it sounds like there is snow enough for them to pan some areas, this photo from Martin at Hotel Pelchat is most likely somewhere down near Escoumin , appears to have decent snow cover even there.  We hopefully will find  out shortly the extent of the snow cover and panning, if any? 


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8 hours ago, PLAYHARD said:

This is SOOOO True.

My Wife watches the News and starts getting Covid Symptoms...... from the hype of Omicron.

Omicron is actually the natural progression of most viruses over time.

Viruses "Usually" become More Contagious and Less Deadly.

Dead hosts dont spread the virus well.


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2 hours ago, MrGutz said:

My Wife watches the News

Mine watches the Hallmark Channel, always a happy ending!

Me, I'm hooked on MTV's Rediculousnesss & TrueTV's Impractical Jokers, which are very f*cking close in concept to "the news"  

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