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  1. We all know that would be a complete waste of money...
  2. I got gas yesterday at an Irving in Clermont. It’s just past the IGA. Need to ride the sidewalk for a bit but not bad.
  3. Thanks for the info. We ended up stopping at Motel Charley on our way through Beaupre. Just need to remember many places don’t take credit cards for trail passes, cash only.
  4. Universal as in RDL? Not going there.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get trail passes in Baie-Saint-Paul? Launching from there and I have a few sleds that need permits. Baie-Saint-Paul Hotel doesn’t sell them.
  6. $1.66 per liter at Mont Apica last weekend.
  7. Well... its my secret parking spot but since we are all friends here I'll spill the beans. The parking spot is at the end of the local orange trail where the green way point is. Its somehow associated with the owners of Motel Charley which is the motel icon shown near it. Its a 5 min drive from the parking spot. Great place to stay, cheap, and they sell passes, plus the owner (Joanne) is a snowmobiler, so she's good for intel. The parking spot is $10/day per truck. Its secure and the people that run it live right there. A lot of the locals in the area use this spot too. Been going here on and off over the last 10 years. Its also a great starting point because you are quickly into the mountains and you're hitting the good stuff right away. Its also a great last minute place to launch from because there are a bunch of motels in the area in case Motel Charley is booked. Or just drive directly to the parking spot and go. Below is the exact location. GPS says 5 hours from Lake George but its usually closer to 6 with all the stops. If your headed toward Lake-Saint-Jean its as good or better than starting from St. Raymond. 275 Côte Sainte-Anne Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC G0A 3C0, Canada 47.021030, -70.940047
  8. That was the plan. Only the fast stuff!
  9. Did a quick two day loop this weekend. Trails were mint the whole way. Got a little thin towards the North but still very good. Saturday was 34F all day which was a bit odd for January but the trails stayed together. Its nice that they groom to the top of the old NORAD site in Mont-Apica now.
  10. Uh oh... she has a new boyfriend.
  11. I’d like to know too. In Cabano now heading for RDL in the morning. All the trails we hit today from Matane down were perfection, minus the snow drifts.
  12. It was nice meeting you in your office last night Mike. Snowdogs in the middle.
  13. Lol Actually only 6 went this time so it wasn’t too bad. We do the smaller groups too.
  14. Quick update to this 4 day trip. Launched from Fontbrune (Baskatong res area) and took the scenic way to 100 lacs. From there to Balbuzard (was renamed ball-buster by the time we left). Good times there. From there to Senneterre to buy some more belts but the dealer closed 15 minutes before we got there. Damn. Off to La Verendyre for the night. 83 was perfect, 386 desperately needs a groomer and 63 to Le Domaine could use one too. Problems with the club we were told, been two weeks since its been groomed. After Le Domaine it was perfect all the way to FontBrune. Saw 4 sleds (2 Doos, 2 Poos) from NY at the intersection of 83 and 13 near Parent but they took off before I could say anything. No problems other than belt issues. My 800 blew a belt with 400 miles on it. (previous belt lasted 1500 miles). Buddies 850 blew 2 belts this trip. One with 700 miles on it (which cleanly blew out the bottom of his belly pan at 100mph) the other belt with 400 miles on it. Other buddy's 1200 blew his belt with 700 miles on it. I'm guessing its directly related to the throttle position. The 800 and 850 consistently got 10mpg, the 1200 got 11mpg, the 900 ACE pulling up the rear got 17-18mpg. My 800 ran out of gas at exactly 101 miles (we all carried extra). Nearly out of spare belts we took it easy the rest of the way (tried to anyway). Plenty of snow everywhere we went.