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  1. I’d like to know too. In Cabano now heading for RDL in the morning. All the trails we hit today from Matane down were perfection, minus the snow drifts.
  2. It was nice meeting you in your office last night Mike. Snowdogs in the middle.
  3. Témiscamingue region trip

    Lol Actually only 6 went this time so it wasn’t too bad. We do the smaller groups too.
  4. Témiscamingue region trip

    Quick update to this 4 day trip. Launched from Fontbrune (Baskatong res area) and took the scenic way to 100 lacs. From there to Balbuzard (was renamed ball-buster by the time we left). Good times there. From there to Senneterre to buy some more belts but the dealer closed 15 minutes before we got there. Damn. Off to La Verendyre for the night. 83 was perfect, 386 desperately needs a groomer and 63 to Le Domaine could use one too. Problems with the club we were told, been two weeks since its been groomed. After Le Domaine it was perfect all the way to FontBrune. Saw 4 sleds (2 Doos, 2 Poos) from NY at the intersection of 83 and 13 near Parent but they took off before I could say anything. No problems other than belt issues. My 800 blew a belt with 400 miles on it. (previous belt lasted 1500 miles). Buddies 850 blew 2 belts this trip. One with 700 miles on it (which cleanly blew out the bottom of his belly pan at 100mph) the other belt with 400 miles on it. Other buddy's 1200 blew his belt with 700 miles on it. I'm guessing its directly related to the throttle position. The 800 and 850 consistently got 10mpg, the 1200 got 11mpg, the 900 ACE pulling up the rear got 17-18mpg. My 800 ran out of gas at exactly 101 miles (we all carried extra). Nearly out of spare belts we took it easy the rest of the way (tried to anyway). Plenty of snow everywhere we went.
  5. Another great run up to Parent.

    Was on that trail yesterday too. It was a nice trail and very little traffic.
  6. Wifey made the FCMQ news letter

    Nope. We got to Beaupre on the 18th, rode to L'Etape on the 19th, and then to 4 Points Sheraton on the 20th. We were the only idiots out riding in the rain on the 20th.
  7. Wifey made the FCMQ news letter

    Thanks. She's a trooper. Had dark days in the beginning but she eventually pulled through. Good thing snowmobiles are inherently all hand controls. A hook-up for electric socks and she's good to go. I see your from Enfield, CT. I've spent a lot of time there for work recently. Heading there again next week. We did a town-wide energy project there. You've' probably seen all those LED street lights that everyone hates. :)
  8. Wasn't expecting this. Dropped them a quick thank you note and they put it in their news letter. Thought that was pretty cool.
  9. Le Domaine to Val-D'Or

    Our first stop is 100 lacs so we are looping the other way. I guess we will start from Fontbrune or Rabaska.
  10. Le Domaine to Val-D'Or

    Damn Ok thanks. Will probably have to drive further North to start our loop then. The app shows that TQ13 was recently groomed to Maniwaki but maybe it was just returning home.
  11. Le Domaine to Val-D'Or

    How's it looking around Maniwaki?
  12. Rain rain go away....

    I just came back from Beaupre today. The trails will survive. Rode TQ3 yesterday from Quebec City to Beaupre and it was bumped up but had good snow. Freezing rain the whole way. Never got above freezing until this morning. Trail 369 up to L Etape was mint yesterday with tons of snow. The trails will bounce back quickly.
  13. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Just be glad they know what the super bowl is at Gouin. About 10 years ago at the Coronet we asked them to put the super bowl on and they said “what is that”? So we watched hockey... good times.
  14. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Ok good. I took the picture mid- March last year. Was a bit annoyed but I did chuckle when I saw it. Glad it was replaced. Looks like your doing some big miles out west. I’ll be doing the same loop in a few weeks.
  15. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Did you at least put a new sticker on the gas pumps up there? Some jackwagon f'd with it last year.