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  1. TQ83 up near Barrage Gouin

    I guess I'll respond to my own post. :) Did a little 3 day spin up to Barrage Gouin. 90% of the trails were a 9 out of 10. A little thin and icy around Mont-Laurier but everything else was incredible. Came across an accident on the rail bed (TQ63) East of Mont Laurier. 60 year old Canadian guy vs a deer. Because it was -5F and he was probably doing 50+ mph, the sled literally exploded on impact. There must of been a 1000 little pieces of plastic everywhere. The deer died on impact and the guy probably has some broken ribs but they expected him to be ok. You can see the deer laying to the left of the trail.
  2. Spur of the moment decision to blast up to Barrage Gouin. Never been there before but I called and they have rooms. After that, totally winging it so we might go West toward Val d'Or or East toward Roberval. Or we might head South on 13 and stay at Rabaska or Mekoos, depending on room availability. Are there any sections of 83 (going East or West) I should be worried about? I'm always hearing about logging or sections not being groomed, etc. This is one part of Quebec I haven't explored yet. Also, if there are some "must hit places" (or trails) in that general area I should hit let me know. I try to avoid the slow twisty stuff. I know 83 from Relais 22 to Roberval is generally fast. Looks like some rain coming mid-week so we might be dodging that too. Part of the reason I'm staying North. Thanks.
  3. Trip no. 6

    For those of you that use the I87 boarder crossing, take the last exit (42) and take route 11 to route 276. It literally adds only 5 minutes to your trip and it avoids the delay at the Champlain boarder crossing. I do the same thing coming back to the States. I also check the boarder wait times online to decide which way I'm going. I swear I wake up the boarder patrol guys every time I come through this way. They are almost happy to see someone. It's a one lane boarder crossing and its always dead.
  4. Charlevoix loop

    We are at Ravage tonight. Started in Beaupre and ran TQ3 north. Trails were mid-season conditions. 83 was awesome. 23 and 369 are supposedly good. Trails near St. Foy might be thin right now. Based on what I saw I would go for it. Rivers and lakes that I crossed were fine.
  5. Groomer Contest 2016-2017

    1/2/17 (9am-9pm if we are going that route)
  6. Snow Totals

    Ravage just posted a video on Instagram of the groomer at their place. They said the Saguenay club groomed from Sait-Felix Otis to Ravage. Not sure if the groomer continued down 83 towards Clermont or not. Early start this year. :)
  7. Pretty much. I saw the price go from $1.39/L to $1.59/L as I was sitting there eating a burger. Good thing I filled up before I went in to eat. :)
  8. Charlevoix loop

    Ravage is at the red waypoint on the map. Try hitting 83 and the trail into Ravage after Thursday night because that is typically when they groom that trail. I've noticed that some hotels on viaexplora aren't placed on the map correctly sometimes.
  9. Charlevoix loop

    Yeah I second the Fairmont Richelieu if you're there with the family. Nice pool, ice skating (if it stays cold enough), could sleigh ride on the golf course I suppose. Day trip to Ravage is a must. Took the family there for lunch last year. Make sure you get the kids the hot chocolate, its excellent. The second your wife walks in there she will probably strip down naked and drag you into the nearest room. j/k. Its really nice but its a bit pricey.
  10. Charlevoix loop

    Or just stay here and take your chances. It's in Beaupre about 30 minutes Northeast of Quebec City. Pool, outside saunas, nice skiing if you want. I've stayed here many times with the wife and kids. Trail access from the hotel. Within 5-7 miles of the hotel your into the good stuff trail-wise. We've ridden dirt out of there before until you hit TQ3. It just goes up in elevation from there.
  11. Charlevoix loop

    I told you to put those kids on eBay. Its all about priorities!
  12. Charlevoix loop

    Yeah I'm a bit picky when it comes to skis. I'm running Split Rail skis. They are a great ski if you want power steering and no darting. I think its one of the easiest skis to turn next to the SLP SLT skis (which I ran before). As I get older my shoulders and arms start to hurt after a long day, especially if you run into some twisty trails. Its a great ski for rock hard trails. Once the trails get loose the ski is a bit pushy but I'll take that over hard turning. Some of my friends run Curve skis in Canada and if the trails are hard those skis are ridiculously hard to turn, but if the trails loosen up they are not too bad. I bought the Split Rails used on Craigslist for $350 complete with carbides, no way I'm paying $1000 for new. I wouldn't mind trying Snow Trackers on stock skis. I tried my buddies sled and it was very easy to steer, although I wonder how they are at high speeds. They seem like they could be too positive at high speeds. By the way, if anyone sees a black toiletry bag on 83 its mine. Opened my bag to show my buddy where we were on a map and never closed my bag up. Doh! 30 miles later at a gas station two Canadians pull up and notice my bag isn't closed. They pull out a plastic bag with some cloths and slippers and ask if these are mine. Yup, but didn't notice my toiletry bag was gone til we got home. Bummer...
  13. Charlevoix loop

    Last minute decided to blast up to Quebec for the weekend (5 1/2 hour drive). Launched from Nord Expe and took 369, 23, 383, to 83 and landed at Ravage. Trails were all freshly groomed and phenomenal. Was mid-teens when we started Saturday morning but warmed up to mid-30's by the afternoon. Surprisingly the trails stayed hard and flat, a little bit of mashed potatoes in some areas but flat. For the amount of sleds at Mont-Apica the trails were rocket-ship fast. Light rain Saturday night but it was 14F when we left Ravage Sunday morning. Ice scratches down we blasted down the Clermont Express, floating between 70 and 95mph all the way to Clermont with music cranking in the helmet. Life is good... Only sleds on the trail in the morning. TQ3 for about 15 miles South of Clermont was not groomed the night before (surprisingly because they always groom on Saturday nights, but still good) but after that it was spectacular all the way to the 304 cut-over to 369. Lots of snow still (3+ feet) but its hard to tell how long they will continue. As long as the nights stay cool to allow grooming it should be ok for another week or two.
  14. Days Inn Berthierville ?

    Stayed there many times. Actually only lunched from there. Never had any truck problems. They give you a boot for your truck or trailer. Seems pretty safe... close to TQ3.
  15. 2 Sleds Taken Last Night.

    Our group of 10 was just parked in there last week. There must have been 30+ sleds in there and not one of them was locked, including ours. Easy picking for sure. I just park next to those expensive yammies. I parked an old Polaris in there 15 years ago and someone pulled my ignition apart and my heated shield cord but they never took the sled for some reason. Damn was really hoping that sled was gone in the morning...