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  1. Thanks again for the great report. It amazing how the shawinigan river trail is holding up.
  2. St-Gabriel de Brandon to St-Zenon video

    Great to see such nice trails! Keep up the great reports.
  3. New toys

    Breaking in my new 2017 leftover pro-s 800 around my house, 30 miles this past weekend. Hope to see you in Quebec this winter George.
  4. Ice scratchers

    The Dura a Flex Ice Scratchers work great, I think any cable style scratcher ( some other brands out there now ) should work just fine. Here is a new item out there i just purchased that others might be interested in. On my 2017 Polaris Switchback there is not much, if any room to mount. Many other brands may have this problem. Check these out. Going to make for a clean install with no drilling. Just installed, check it out.
  5. Plan b trip help

    Lac St Jean area is great. I was just thre last week. You can do 200 + mile loops easy from alma (hotel universal) or Delta hotel in Jonquire. You could Ride to Chibougamau 1 day and back the next. We rode from Alma to Sacre-Coeur on day, Sacre-Coeur to Petit Saguenay back down to La Malbie (casino area) Then quebec or st Raymond next day, then back up to Saguenay area. Like I say there is a lot of area up there north of the River to explore day loops. It is a long haul up there but this year its worth it. Two of my friends rode from Mount Laurier to Saguenay and met us in Saguenay on 2/6/16 and they returned 2/13/16. Hope this helps.

    They should of called it a Hot Dog with all that ketchup & mustard on the hood. LOL
  7. BRP and CAT OIL-stock up!

    Go to Canadian Tire, They have Shell full syn., Or my favorite on the trail oil Castrol Blue Snow, $28 / gallon or out on the Gaspésie some places have HI Per Tech full syn. and its $40 or less a gallon. I know many of you are oil fanatics, I have used every different oil in my 2006 Polaris 600, 10,000 miles & still going strong. Same for my 2012 600 Switchback, 6500 miles so far so good!
  8. Abitibi/temiscaming ride report

    Thanks for report, snow pack & trails look and sound encouraging after the big rain / thaw. Rode the abitibi area last 2 years, #93 is by far one of my favorites. Heading to quebec 2/7/14, not sure where yet. Looks like most areas are getting back to good conditions. Cant wait to get up to Quebec!
  9. Nice report, love the pictures, it gives us hope to see the base is holding up quite nicely. I like the icy corner pic by st.donat, my studded track would like it. We are heading up to Maniwaki this Friday 2/8/13, going to ride up to Abitibi area do a big week loop. Looks like it will be a long drive in the snow (heading up 81 from Syracuse) Thanks again for the report!
  10. Trip planning from Maniwaki I just made a reservation yesterday for february. Lady speaks english, I am staying for 2 days the heading out on a similiar run. She said i could leave my truck & trailer there for a week. I think it should be fine & i think they should have plenty of space being a golf course. Last year I had to park it in IGA Parking lot (with permision) in Mt Laurier as the hotels in that area dont have the space and did not want to let me leave it that long. hope this helps, if you can get to the area, trail 93 from la sarre to val d or is a nice run, also for someting different & nice, take local orange trail off of 93 that goes west, across lac abitibi then back east to 93
  11. Mont Laurier and area

    Arrived at Mt Laurier 2:30 am Fri.1/13/2012, Pics are on the TQ 63 heading south towards Lac Nominique. Rode Fri, Sat, & Sun. Trails were good to excellent condition. 0-6" groomed hard base on all trails, 12-20" snowpack in the woods. Emily & I Started Friday 1/13 with 0 miles on the new sleds. Rode TQ 63 to Lac Nominique, turned around rode up TQ 53, stoped at club house, headed up to Meekos, then 319 west to St Ann du Lac, TQ 13 south to Mt Laurier. 205 Miles on great trails, new sled worked great. Sat. 130 miles to Devils Mtn. (cold out) Sun. 180 miles Meekos, then to club Notawissi, trail 13 to there was Excellent, went around the lake on there private trail to rabaska area, then 322 over to 13 south to Mt. Laurier. 517 miles in 3 days. Enought to break the sleds in and take the itch off. Trails were great and should now be even better with the new snow.
  12. Snowmobiling in Mont Laurier 1/13/12