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  1. 2019 ski-doo models released

    If you are referring to the OXYGEN helmet our dealer said when released in September 2018 + - it will be offered at $600USD. Sorry...Didn't realize initial post was 2/22/18....Don't know how to delete my response / post.
  2. Currency Exchange at Thousand Island Bridge?

    Are you a member of AAA ? We recently purchased CAD from AAA and not only was it a reasonable rate it was free two day delivery. Check it out @ http://ww2.aaa.com/scripts/WebObjects.dll/AAAOnline?association=aaa&club=240&page=TravelMoneyHome&zip=10601&devicecd=PC The only downside is that someone has to be home to sign for the package and they will only deliver it your home address on file with AAA. So if you need it delivered to a place other then home you are out of luck. Best of luck to you... Paddy O
  3. Forecast is promising. Those on the fence giddy up. Wednesdays sleet & light mist did little damage if any, albeit the trails pre-lunch were like concrete but flat as it was 1F when we pulled out @ 0830. Scratchers were definitely a plus. 1" of powder forecasted for Friday afternoon and another 1 x 3 friday night into Saturday will make for continued fast - awesome trails. Post lunch @ Relais Onatchiway we lifted the scratchers & ran down & over to Relais A Labreque where we enjoyed a beverage. No bumps the entire day. Regretfully no photos to share as I left the phone in the room : ) . It has been a great few days as we are on the black trail tomorrow. Wonderful to see everyone again. A great support team / family here @ the Delta. Thanks to each of you. Stay safe.... Paddy O
  4. Tuesday was a fun filled snow day -

    Departed out of the Delta..Made the river crossing @ Saint Charles de Bourget up to the truck stop, over to Mont Vilain and back down to the Delta. Aside from the stretch under the electric towers we didn't feel a bump. Superb conditions. Ice & light rain overnight. Anyone who left their machine outside has to deal with an ice covered machine. Warm temps to drop significantly today. IMG_5592.MOV IMG_5601.MOV IMG_5607.MOV
  5. Two half day trips - Pittsburg to Thetford - Delightful

    18 years back La Patrie was my first Canadian bar & first trip to Canada. Early in departure for a day trip we (6 guys) stopped at one of the two places - the one with rooms. Needless to say that was as far as we got - OMG ...what a morning, afternoon, evening & night : ) .
  6. Two half day trips - Pittsburg to Thetford - Delightful

    That would be wonderful. Eddy O & Liam arrive this afternoon. If the weather permits we will ride locally tomorrow, load the trailer tomorrow evening & head to the Delta on Saturday as we have reservations Sat to Sat. : ) Hope you can make it work . It would be great to see you. Paddy O
  7. Friday Feb 9, we departed by sled from camp in Pittsburg NH and crossed at the Pittsburg - Chartierville border crossing without incident. Ran 65 into La Patrie where we topped off and jumped on 523 to 55. Took 55 and turned back onto 65 taking it into Weedon where we had an early lunch @ Restaurant Le Moulin and topped off again @ the neighboring SONIC. Jumped out on 65 to 540 to 25 and then onto a local trail leading us across multiple lengthy sidewalks and parking lots before we located our inn for the evening @ Thetford Mines. Trails were mint. Aside from the local trail that includes the sidewalk in Thetford Mines we had 150 miles without a ripple. When dinner time rolled around and at the suggestion of the receptionist we patronized La Face De Boeuf where we were served mouth watering steaks, salads and 32 ounce draught Canadian beer : ) and tasty glasses of red wine that I am confident Groomer would approve if he were in this neighborhood. On Saturday morning the forecast which had no precipitation forecasted now reflected rain for the next two days in the Thetford Mines area & on Sunday in Pittsburg NH so we decided to prematurely return in an attempt to avoid the rain. Fortunately we encountered minimal rain and again 150 miles of freshly groomed trails. On the return trip @ 55 & 525 we were pulled in at a trail block orchestrated by club volunteers & police. After our meet & greet and an inspection of our paperwork and a brief conversation where we complimented the volunteers on their trails and thanked them for their service we were off only to pull in again for lunch @ La Patrie where we patronized the only two bar / restos in town, meeting with a number of acquaintances we were fortunate to meet on our many previous visits. After a belly full we skipped the gas fill and darted off to complete the 40 miles to camp. Hats off to the many clubs we traveled through. On this specific weekend the trails some of which are tight & twisty and others that are as straight as an arrow for fair distances were spectacular. Having completed this trip several times I knew what to expect as the recent snowfall two days prior would be a bonus. I urge those of us who sit on this side of the boundary line and who have an urge / curiosity to run the Eastern Townships trail system whether it is for a first time or a repetitive time to do so when the opportunity permits.
  8. Best place to stay?

    No surprise....& now the politicians in NH have agreed to allow Hydro Quebec to run aerial electrical transmission lines from the tip of NH down through the White Mountains to the residents of Massachusetts. The H.Q. project is titled "Northern Pass". Say NO to the "Northern Pass" project. If it must come through, bury the lines. Save northern NH's scenic views. Or an additional alternative is to piggyback or run it through Vt. where they presently have aerial electrical transmission lines. Paddy O
  9. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Reminiscing after reading your post.... Lunch @ Auberge duRavage Feb 2017 - Liam , Eddy , Ginny , Paddy & Bill. A great day it was.
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    WOW.......Showed photos to wife & eldest daughter & they immediately became traumatized. They are now suffering from PTSD from a February trip 4+- years back. Brought back a load of memories & great conversation. Wifes standing over my shoulder viewing the photos. Wife verbally states, "flashback". Daughter is in Maryland viewing photos at my request . Daughter texts back, "flashback". Identical responses. Two peas in a pod. Again, Thanks JG for your efforts & photos. Stay safe.... Paddy O
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Finally a positive interaction between a snowmobiler & a moose. Wonderful outcome. Thanks for sharing. Very much enjoyed reading the story.
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Suspected it would have been as I was just above you .... Stay well : )
  13. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I too needed the heater. The -21 is in fahrenheit and was recorded in St Johnsbury Vt at 8:36am earlier today as I travelled to camp in Pitsburg NH. Albeit at the time I took the photo I was further north than where Bill & JD reside but i'd bet they too had a chilly day.
  14. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Heater ? Don't disappoint us : ) . All these years we thought you were roughing it, a real rugged - tough mountain man. Ski Doo only gives us heated hand grips and thumb warmer. Maybe the more fortunate a heated seat, or some with a larger windscreen. Next Christmas you are probably going to ask for a heated steering wheel to add to the enclosed cab, wipers, defroster, headlights, motor in lieu of mules, etc. The nerve of you : ) Just think of what we would save on our annual permit prices if you just sacrificed two of those non-essential accessories. Be careful of providing us with to much information. With all the movements/protests going on in the world they just might set up a demonstration / roadblock on a trail near you. Thanks again JG for what you do for the sport & us - over & above. Bonne Année 2018 : )