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  1. Wonderful photos. As always, THANK YOU ! What's with the abandoned snowmobile? Paddy O
  2. I didn't want to hi-jack Playhard & JG's posts in the Matapedia Valley forum, so I chose to drop these videos here of the Blue Angels. Ginny & I took the videos from on top of the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, NY, a short ride from Playhards NY compound. The hyperlink is a commercial link that contains video footage from within the cockpit. https://abc7ny.com/see-the-blue-angels-fly-over-philly-and-nyc-from-inside-the-cockpit/6137486/ Stay safe all. Enjoy. Video_1.MOV Video___2.MOV
  3. I have not been on in a few days, but when this one-liner - teaser appeared in my inbox, it piqued my interest enough to sign on & scroll up & down to see what warranted the post. Regretfully I came across Groomer's response where Groomer replied in sum & substance he was too stubborn. Wishing the powers to be at the club will make some sacrifices in the future & entertain Groomer's concerns & if so, maybe Groomer will give careful thought to the offer, if any, to return. In the interim, I am delighted to read Groomer is enjoying life. Going forward, best to each of you during these trying times. Stay safe all. Paddy O
  4. Me too. I split multiple memberships between Bill & JG's clubs annually.
  5. In past years we have happily patronized Spence. It was my first time at IMPERIUM Ski-Doo. Co-owner Natacha Spence recently reached out to me. In sum & substance, Natacha apologized for what occurred and in part blamed it on staff having obligations after hours a claim to which I have much respect for had after hours come into play. It was clear to me Rob who speaks English well was more than willing & ready to assist before the boss interjected. I am confident the swap would have been completed in comparison to the time it took Rob to interpret on my behalf with his boss. It is water under the bridge now. I'm satisfied someone of authority at Spence is informed of the incident. The awareness may assist someone else in the future. Happy trails. Keep right. The end : )
  6. JG, From a selfish side that I'd like to think I do not have this a sad day for all of us who you brought great smiles too daily. We can only hope the boss approaches you with an offer in hand, no promises, that you can not refuse & is satisfactory to your liking. However, I firmly believe you must take care of yourself first and no matter how good the offer is if it is affecting your well being then I support your decision to call it quits. I am often asked when I am going to pull the pin as I have been doing what I do best for a fairly long time, with great satisfaction not only for myself but for others. In return, I respond by repeating what was told to me for many years with persons who have more time then I, "I will know when the time has come". If it is no longer enjoyable you know it best when its time to call it quits. So this evening Ginny & I will raise a glass of rouge at dinner in your honor, thanking you for what you did for the sport, the recognition you brought to the Gaspesie region, wishing you good health in the days coming and hoping the boss comes to you with an offer in hand, and with a clear mind focusing on what is best for JG you give careful consideration to the offer. Thank you, Ginny & Paddy O
  7. Roland Spence & fils Ski-Doo dealership, Jonquière -Thursday, February 12, 2020, @ 445pm 15 minutes before closing I roll in by sled with a frozen shield on my BVS2. The salesperson named Rob is all too happy to assist with my purchase & agrees to swap out the old shield with a new one as he said no problem, it will only take ten minutes. I feel a sigh of relief & suspect the Canadian hospitality I have experienced year after year has once again come through. As Rob prepares to assist, a person Rob identified as his boss interrupts. Rob & he speak in French. Rob turns to me and apologizes. Rob explains his boss will not allow him to swap the shield. Rob said the boss suggested I return Monday as the woman who normally swaps out the shields will be working. I ask Rob to ask his boss to reconsider as I am on a saddlebag trip & the following day forecast was forecasted to be -15F. I add that this is not my first visit as I have made several purchases for many consecutive years from Roland Spence & fils. Rob speaks with his boss and Rob says his boss says no. I contemplate strapping the shield to my bag, returning to the hotel and replacing the shield with sufficient lighting & out of the poor weather but I know through experience the shields are fragile so I chose not too. Subsequently, I leave with a non-functioning shield, a forty-mile round trip journey from Centre de Congres & Hotel La Sagueneenne and no progress. The following morning myself & three colleagues travel from the hotel by taxi to IMPERIUM Ski-Doo located in Chicoutimi. Thankfully the sales team could not have been more helpful - true Canadian hospitality. Minutes later the four of us depart after happily dropping $1000+CAD on an assortment of clothing & accessories all of which are currently marked down 25%. Most importantly, my helmet was fixed. Kudos to the staff @ IMPERIUM Ski-Doo. I am very grateful to each of you that assisted the four of us. I will return. As for the sales staff @ Roland Spence & fils, I'm sorry you have a boss as inconsiderate & uncompassionate as he was. Rob was a professional. Rob's boss, not so much. If the owner and or a person of authority from Roland Spence & fils wants to reach out to me please do so. Thank you. Paddy O'Reilly CC Google review Facebook Quebec Rider
  8. Fearful snobeeleer was planning on getting a new sled we chose to move on ... Rt 3 and a handful of local trails to kill time before we could check in did not disappoint. Currently @ the Le Petit La Manoir. IMG_4599.MOV
  9. It was the first time we did a day trip from the DoubleTree Hilton, Quebec. The trail conditions were awesome in some areas & rough & tough in others. Delightful lunch at Hotel Roquemont & delicious dinner at the Archibald micro brasserie. In addition, it was a very warm day 30F + ~ . IMG_4563.MOV
  10. JG, I pay attention to your photos. I assume image #6 reflects a Gaspese woman praying to the snow gods : ) & that a piston bully is coming your way shortly. Also image # 2 reflects she is a bit messy. Please ask her to pick up behind herself before she exits the clubhouse. Best of luck in your crisis. Thanks for all you do.
  11. Dennis Lavoie, Senior Columnist with Motoneiges.CA writes "Trail 595 between St-Paulin and La Cache finally open" If the article reads in French consider cutting & pasting the link into google translator. https://motoneiges.ca/actions/page?docId=11624&ctx=ctx&p=Le sentier 595 entre St-Paulin et La Cache enfin ouvert&request_locale=fr
  12. Ha ha ..very true. If we had only known. Summer started riding snowmobiles with me at age 8. Loves the snowmobile, refuses to ride the ATV or HD. If my memory serves me right I put a 1+1 seat on my 2006 MXZ-X 800 while her older sister Taylor inherited my 2000 MXZ 700. Aside from moving up from a 2013 - 600 ACE Renegade & currently running a brand new, out of the box, 2020 900T Summer is a very fortunate young lady for many reasons. One of which, in October 2017, at the age of 20, Summer was in Memorial Sloan Kettering here in Manhattan where she underwent liver resection surgery. Since recovering Summer hasn't missed a beat. Her surgeon states Summer is the poster child for liver resection & wishes everyone could do as well as she did. Needless to say, it is a delight to see Summer so happy on the sled, loving life & wanting to spend time with family while on winter break from her last few months in college.
  13. Ran my Oxygen helmet last week for the first time w/o incident. On a recommendation from a friend, I did leave the setting on max / 3. As a result, the helmet did make my head feel warm at times. I was told the rear light would brighten when the sled's brake was applied. A bright idea : ) if in fact that is suppose to happen. I never did verify it or if they were putting me on. I transitioned from the BVS2 helmet the latter of which I thought could not be better, aside from the extremely expensive heated shields, of which I went through many.
  14. Summer loved her first trip to Quebec. Here are a few photos of Summer on her maiden voyage with the new 2020 - 900T. Normally I would have liked for her to ride it first in Pittsburg in case of any hidden gremlins but we didn't have the choice so we rolled the dice & thankfully the sled ran flawlessly. She enjoyed the lengthy straightaways in the blueberry fields. Additionally, we had the weather in our favor. Had it been this weekend with the frigid temps I don't think she would have enjoyed it as much. We are blessed.