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  1. Border Trail, Caswell Maine, Aroostook County. It was a sweet ride.
  2. In Pittsburg, NH for February but escaped for a week to Caribou to mix it up. A few photos from Tues & Wednesday. Rode to & from to Two Rivers in Allagash yesterday for a quick bite. 208M R/T, regretfully the trails were hammered. Hopefully, the groomers caught up last night, as they have received a substantial amount of snow late Monday through early Wednesday. When the vax policy changes, honor natural immunity, we will be back in Canada. IMG_0707.MOV http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/0.jpg.c68ac8bf2cb5a62996c885eb47be0747.jpg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/IMG_0719.jpg.c91bf23f4050c2d50facd2047540616e.jpg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/IMG_0721.jpg.7154178d7b66039f3a68d771c2ac6360.jpg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/IMG_0700.jpg.0c83dd53b6cfadda6c2aa517c0e1246b.jpg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/IMG_0708.jpg.7abd7d22daa908c7dbd52a9dc773d499.jpg http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_02/IMG_0696.jpg.813c93efaa986a2207e954aa08317602.jpg
  3. Would rather be snowmobiling. Bad day in Westchester for motorists on the parkways. Westchester County, aka Playhards front & backyard. https://www.lohud.com/story/weather/2022/01/05/hudson-valley-commuters-face-snow-ice-freezing-rain-week/9100803002/
  4. A beautiful Saturday, Oct 23, 2021, @ the West Point Military Academy Campus. Sadly ARMY lost to Wake Forest, of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Regardless we enjoyed the game. Hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did. Sorry. I can't view in Google Chrome using a MAC. Nor could I attach using google chrome. I had to attach & view using Safari. 1958247037_TouchdownArmy.mov 1349258219_MultipleDropIns.mov IMG_7798-1.mov 1556042665_ArmyWestPointparachuteteam.mov E64780A5-74B7-4040-B7C3-311738BD5F2C.mov
  5. Beautiful weather today in lower NY. We tooled around multiple counties - Sullivan, Orange, Rockland, Westchester & Putnam. Here is a short video of us crossing the Bear Mountain today from Westchester into Orange County. For those of you unfamiliar with the bridge it is one of many that spans the Hudson River. This one in particular is just south of the amazing West Point Military Campus. Those of you who are engineers, simply curious, or bridge buffs here is a link describing the span. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_Mountain_Bridge Stay safe all, God Bless America! Ginny & Paddy O IMG_9507.mov joined_video_e71a055629d24c60ac041a26362fab14.MP4
  6. Innocent belly laughs from each episode. Great memories.
  7. Gore Mountain, North Creek, NY, (Adirondack Park) with best of friends Sunday, Oct 10,2021.
  8. https://nypost.com/2021/09/23/gorillas-shock-onlookers-with-oral-sex-at-bronx-zoo-video/
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