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  1. Mine too. Took about 15 minutes.
  2. Thank you JG for your all you do. The photos are most enjoyable. Stay well. Stay safe. Hope to visit again next season and or over the summer on the HOG's. Ginny & Paddy O
  3. Had the "Indians" / original settlers seen this polar bear image back in the day I am curious as to what they would named the mountain.
  4. So cool.....What are the odds? Thanks for sharing...
  5. Not a great feeling when encounter those conditions on any day, let alone a saddlebag trip. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the fact it wasn't me "this time". Ha ha
  6. Very cool in so many ways....Thanks for sharing.
  7. "Pictures won’t do justice.".......So true. Always disappointed when comparing the captured electronic image vs real life / real time image. Thanks for the blogs. Much appreciated. Enjoy.
  8. WOW ! Great news. Great honor. Congratulations Bill. I for one can in part thank Bill on behalf of myself & family members for the initial introduction to the Saguenay region / Hotel Delta. After I wrote to Bill cold turkey he promptly replied and with great confidence he encouraged me to make the journey to paradise. The rest is history. Thank you Bill. Paddy & Ginny O & family.
  9. Read in a 3rd party post on FB the ferry had a hard docking and put a hole in the hull causing the ferry to be put out of commission.
  10. We don't always have the luxury of moving on to the next fuel station when we are on the sled but I have made it a standing practice since I learned to drive not to get fuel when the tanker is present. Tanker drivers that I have spoken with , when I inquire specifically what they are delivering have told me with todays filters it is not a concern, other tanker drivers have told me they too practice what I preach...move on..let it settle.
  11. Doo Linq Cargo Box & liner - 5 stars With the recent trade of the '14 & '15 Doo GSX 1200's I was happy to learn the previous Linq sport bags would fit on the Gen4 '19 900 turbo - Renegade Enduro's. Previously the wife & I each saddle bagged with two Linq sport bags & a soft combo bag the latter of which straddled the seat & mounted to the tunnel with after market parts. With the end or start of each day it would require multiple trips in & out of the lodge carrying the multiple bags. Prior to our most recent saddlebag I purchased for the wife a Doo's Linq Cargo Box & liner. The Linq Cargo Box & liner turned out to be a dream come true. The system in part allowed for additional cubic space, elimination of the soft combo bag & time consuming strapping / securing of the soft combo bag & a single trip to & from the lodge. Although we don't have a need for it the box is fitted for stackable mounting. No buyer remorse here. Anyone on the fence may consider purchasing the Cargo Box & liner with confidence. Those who choose to ride a product other than Doo can purchase after market Linq mounts albeit I have no first hand knowledge of the quality. I suggest contacting one of QR's advertisers to see if they can accommodate you or consider reviewing the after market Linq system @ http://upnorthtechnologies.com/product-tag/LINQ/. Stay safe... Paddy O
  12. Scarsdale, we didn't go as it wasn't in the plans but it is in my bucket. Returning from the Gaspesie during the summer on our bikes we did attempt to visit the BRP factory but as we neared Valcourt we encountered a team paving the road. The paving team had recently sprayed "tac coat" (liquid adhesive tar applied to the roadbed before resurfacing with blacktop) and the flag men motioned for the waiting traffic to travel over the tac coat. No thanks..needless to say we pulled a U-turn and returned to camp. Hope to get back that way this summer. As for the winter races I will definitely return. Had a great day. Great energy / excitement. Do you still drive the hummer? I'm always looking for your plate "PLAYHRD" on the parkways. Haven't come across it yet. I trust you are enjoying your winter. Stay safe... Paddy O
  13. Returned from RDL yesterday -Thursday the 21st by means of the black trail. Parallel & or intersecting trails on Routes 20, 55 & 410 were all groomed & looking appetizing. In comparison to two weeks ago where the intersecting trails on 410 & 55 were bare or under water. Happy trails....
  14. Good morning Joe. Eddy O & Liam did not travel with us on this journey. Eddy O did come with us a few weeks back to Caribou. Liam is a freshman attending Binghamton University & during school break he chose to stay behind & visit with the girlfriend despite speaking all year of the anticipated annual trip. Needless to say Liam lost a few favorable points with me....First year of college and he is ruined. Ha ha On Monday we left RDL, Tuesday Matane, Wednesday Maria outside of New Richmond, Thursday Rimouski & back to RDL in 2.5 hours arriving @ 1130. A quick change, load trailer, and stock up on Cadbury chocolate @ the neighboring fuel stop & on the black trail @ 1pm arriving in Pittsburg at 7pm with 2' + - of new snow to shovel to get in the door. Referring to supporting QR where do we stand with the QR referral cards written in French where the card states in sum & substance we are eating / sleeping here because the business was referred too on QR? The entry level receptionists / hostesses we mentioned QR too were unaware of the QR website. The idea of providing the card written in French with contact information for advertising on QR is optimal. For purposes of supporting this site I regret I didn't have any cards to offer. Attached are a handful of photos depicting the fantastic trail conditions & weather we encountered.