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  1. Thanks for the updates everyone and its what i hoped to hear. We'll head south towards perce, then 597 up towards grand valley as planned.
  2. Does anyone have an update on grooming operations in eastern Gaspe? We're in Riviere-au-ren , just outside Gaspe and the TQ5 hasnt been groomed and according to the fcmq map it looks like all trails east and south haven't been groomed in more than 72 hours. It's not good at all. On the other hand everything West of cap chat was outstanding. Any insight as to what may be going on in eastern Gaspe would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. 1. Gaspe 2. Gaspe 3. Gaspe 4. Mt Valin
  4. ODog

    Sept Isles

    C-N in wind and snow is nuthin when compared to posting pics of said adventure...
  5. ODog

    Sept Isles

    8Epic adventure in the books. 2325 mi in 10 days. 965 mi during first 4 days in Abitibi, (Fontbrune, Club Trout, Lac Fallion, 100 Lacs, Fontbrune) then trailered to Baie St Paul . Rode east with nights in Forestville, Port Cartier and Harve St Pierre -both up and back. With exception of the last few mi returning to BSP on Sunday afternoon, conditions were fantastic for 1360 mi. IMO this region competes with the North shore of Gaspe for variety of trails and scenery but with less traffic. As I said we lucked out with sun and fresh snow the entire trip....however...the last 100 miles heading into HSP -knowing what i do now- i wouldnt attempt in a snowstorm or heavy wind. Miles and miles of elevation with no vegetation, navigating stake to stake through the drifting snow and sharp, off-canter turns. If you like Gaspe (and who doesn't???) you should put Cote Nord on the list... Now if I can only figure how to post pics
  6. ODog

    Sept Isles

    Livin large in Havre St Pierre! Ken and Owen's excellent adventure continues with a 202 mi run today finishing at Hotel du Harve in light snow. Some of the nicest terrain and views we've ever ridden in Quebec. Why don't more people ride Cote Nord??? Conditions and weather have been mostly ideal since we left Baie St Paul 3 days ago, warm and sunny with lots of snow. However, north of Sept Isles is nowhere I'd want to ride in weather or wind. Wide open mostly, following stake to stake across a moonlike landscape working feverishly to keep the sled in the center of the trail. Failure left or right means certain digging out of a ditch -or worse (and if your riding buddies are anything like mine, you won't be allowed to forget:). Of course this means we have to do it all again starting tomorrow. Havre St Pierre to Port Cartier to Forestville to Baie St Paul, and did I say its snowing?? The adventure continues.....
  7. ODog

    Sept Isles

    Day 2 -255 mi Forestville to Port Cartier, resting with a Blue (or 3) at L'Artier hotel with the truckers. Lots of snow, some groomed, some fluff, but all wonderful white gold. Much of the first half of this leg reminded me of riding the north coast of Gaspe, narrow and curvy with sharp elevation changes and many, switchbacks. Further north are long straight runs helping us make up time as the sun began to set. If you're considering Cote Nord, there's no reason to wait. Conditions are great, weather is good (20 deg today) and minimal traffic. Just BYB to L'Artier, as they're a dry hotel... Havre St Pierre tomorrow...the adventure continues...
  8. ODog

    Sept Isles

    Day 1 in the books. Bay St Paul to Forestville. 230 mi. Trail conditions a mixed bag some good, some bad but still tons better than working on a Tuesday. Blue skies and 15 deg. There's plenty of snow, just need the groomers to do their magic on 378 and Q3 tadousac to the 93 split. North from there 6.5 out of 10. Tomorrow's plan is a 240 mi run up to Port Cartier. Weather forecast is favorable for a following day attempt at the -FIN of Q3- east of Havre St Pierre ..stay tuned!
  9. 6 of us departing from Baie St Paul on Feb 12 with destination -planned- as the end Q3. (Give or take 50 mi east of Havre St Pierre). Keeping our schedule flexible -to say the least. Should be an adventure! Plans are to stay in Forestville, Port Cartier and Harve St Pierry in both directions. I'll provide conditions best I can during or soon after. O
  10. We spent a night there last season and the rumors are correct. No shoes. Didn't bother me or anyone else in our group. I walked around in socks, others carried shoes from room. No biggie. Really nice place. O
  11. Nice place, but not many rooms. Make sure you call ahead and make a reservation.
  12. ODog

    Sept Isles

    According to the local Port Cartier club, Club de Mononeigistes Odanak, this is no longer an issue. The trail is open from Tadousac to Sept Iles, "and further'.
  13. No need to drive to Sagunay. Try hotel Marineau Matawin. Short drive north of Trois Riveries, clean, safe, reasonably priced. Then ride north and west.
  14. Simply bad luck Chuck. You MUST try again, chances are it will be more than worth it. If I could offer some advice: book the time off and a tentative location, then at the last minute if need be, drive to where the trails are good. There are many different micro-climates in Quebec, rain in one area, snow in another. Adjust as necessary. 2 years ago we were counting on a 6-day Gaspe trip. Really looking forward to it. As the date approached conditions were terrible -even mid-February. So we cancelled reservations (most hotels are very understanding) and drove west for a loop near Matane - Clova- Lac Fallion and had the time of our lives. Trust me, it will be worth it.
  15. ODog

    Sept Isles

    Was planning a trip to Harve St. Pierre I Feb. Is there any chance there will be an alternate route, or possibly allow sleds to use the auto bridge over the river.? Can't imagine the economic impact north of here, as im sure the communities count on snowmobile tourism.