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  1. Hope you got back on your side before 8:00 pm.😁
  2. When I was buying my Polaris way back when, a dealer demonstrated to me how you could start the 3 cylinder machines spinning the clutch with his hands. He started the dam thing up right in the showroom!
  3. Cnc


    It’s been on Facebook for a few days. There is a $10,000 reward.
  4. Shared by people who do not read French perhaps, so they delete the text.
  5. On a motorcycle your bike goes where your eyes look, fixation on an on coming car ior other object on the side of the road is not uncommon with newer riders and the results usually aren’t pretty. I am pretty sure this happens with sleds too since I have several times had to take evasive action where a on coming sled starts coming at me and invades my side for no real apparent reason on straightaways or Curves where we can see each other.
  6. Just need to pay attention to Quebec news channels for any developments before you go.
  7. I don’t see any recent news of accidents yet for the area. Some older ones dating back into January.
  8. Living in Canada I’m sure you know the rules concerning travel during covid change more often than some politicians change underwear. Depending on your timing for your trip, there are rumours of QC considering tightening travel between Provence’s and possibly regions during it’s upcoming spring break. Might want to avoid that time period. March 1-8.
  9. If you are a commercial truck company you can. Many of the snow birds who left Canada on a flight, ( legal but land crossing is not ) had a trucking company deliver their cars directly to Florida. In many cases they only flew to Plattsburgh and picked up their cars from their trucking company there. One company was regularly advertising their services for this loop hole on Face Book this winter.
  10. If you ride on separate machines, stay 6 feet apart when stopped, wear a mask and sanitize your hands if you go inside to pay for gas or order take out food to eat on your sled your ok. We have been doing just that as are the other groups of sleds we come across. Skiing has also remained open in QC but you have to be members of the same household to share the chair lift otherwise single occupancy. Having said all that spring break is coming and though they have been discouraging travel between regions, there is now talk of setting up checkpoints to limit travel to sensitive regions.
  11. Nice report Alan. It seems we are experiencing the same lack of base in several regions this year, plenty of snow but many of the trails are worn brown. As Grumpy mentioned, not that enjoyable riding.
  12. I have the component your looking for, it worked fine when parked, will not ship, local pickup only.
  13. Cnc

    Back on it

    Feels good to get out doesn’t it. I spent yesterday buzzing around the trails around my place after the slush on my lake finally froze up and I was able to pack a trail down the lake to the trail system. Better late than never.👍
  14. Aha, a clear case of patent infringement!