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  1. I haven’t heard anything new about it from club Diable et Rouge yet this season.
  2. Yeah it varies some days as low as 40-60 new cases BUT Kids are just going back to school now and already there has been a few cases linked to that, so unfortunately it is likely to rise as we get into fall here.
  3. I tend to use the interactive map installed in my brain coupled with trail signs and I motoneige. Can’t remember the last time I unfolded a map trail side anyway.
  4. I read that Ont press release today. The way I read it they want you to buy early $190 pass and if covid shuts the season down early you get a $50 credit for next year. Wonder worst case, covid shuts the season before it even starts Will it still only be a $50 credit? I haven’t heard of any news from FCMQ other than they cancelled their annual convention normally in September.
  5. When helmets get more expensive than snowmobiles, I think it will be time retire From the sport.
  6. I have a sail boat sitting out of the water at a marina in Ontario. I could have put it in the water but later than usual by about a month due to covid restrictions. Marinas like every thing else were shut down and travel to Ontario from Quebec was for awhile shut down as well right when everyone works on their boats and gets them ready for spring launch. Once I could get to my boat in June, I elected to keep it out of the water along with about 25 % of the people with boats stored there. Why?, Because it was going to be a shitty season, going up the St Lawrence to Gananoque, Kingston etc despite being Canadian and and the boat being Canadian we travel in and out of US waters by the nature of the water ways, it was unsure if the Canadian 1000 island parks that we visit would be open or fully functional as well as Municipalité marinas we frequent in our summer travels. Add to that the thought that there will be a second fall covid wave and we might not be able to get back to the boat for haul out should they shut everything down again and it was a no brainer to give the season a miss. Costs are kind of irrelevant, in the water or out. All the costs of boat ownership remains the same, insurance mortgage ( if the boat is not free and clear), etc are constant. Out of the water storage however is cheaper than seasonal dockage and spring launch/ fall haul out fees are saved by not launching so there is a slight incentive to skip this year.
  7. A sure sign of fall even before the leaves change is this:
  8. Yeah sorry if you thought you were coming with the whole Ark!😂😂😂
  9. Just so you know in case you sneak through the border:
  10. Like those rocks are going to stop anybody serious about sneaking across the border.
  11. Yeah just like that sign, people can’t seem to stay on the trail to the benefit of all.
  12. We do take it seriously in QC, masks are mandatory in all indoor establishments or stores, taxi’s, buses, etc but not out side walking down a street unless the 6 ft distance rule can not be maintained. Maybe that is what you are seeing. Private gathering are limited to max 10 people inside or out and preferably from no more that 3 households. They still need to remain 6 ft apart or wear a mask. We do have idiots who defy the rules but most comply and certainly when it comes to masks in stores I have not experienced anyone trying to get in without one or having a hissy fit tantrum because they are refused entry without one.
  13. Nice, what’s in that?, my brother had a 68 fast back with a 390, while I had a 68 firebird back in the day.