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  1. Those plastic fasteners Are used on my two Polaris windshields. They get loose and rattle with time and when I rolled one of the sleds they all broke or popped out saving the windshield from breakage. Maybe they are meant to give like that so using them IMO any impact and those bottom panels may part company with the sled.

    I belong to Diable et Rouge. I could support Hebou Blanc as they come into Weir now but, I have been supporting Diable since they took over the Weir to St Remi and the trail over the mountain from the relais to 16 Island. They are also the club that is spear heading getting the bypass trail from Tremblant to St Agathe going. How about you Grumpy?

    Yes, we lost two important trails here and almost lost the railwaybed from Arundel to St Remi due to a clubs poor management a few years back. As the story goes, first the president of the club had a fight with a land owner and managed to lose a right of way that goes back to the seventies. It branched off the Arundel trail passed through near Barkmere connecting the Relais des Pins and beyond. Around the same time this same president refused to let a land owner plow a small section of the railway bed going from Weir to Lac Des Seize Ile on Lac Des Pin to make easier winter access to her cottage. She closed her section that she owned of the railway bed and we lost that trail. The trail on the railway bed from Weir/ Arundel to St Remi was virtually a dead end and since that club had no direct access to it from other trails in their sector, they rarely groomed it. Lucky it was taken over by Diable et Rouge club and they maintained it. As you probably know Grumpy, things started looking up again when Hebou Blanc got the trail pushed through from Lakeveiw to Weir and we are no longer on a long dead end. It takes good foresight and clubs with good people skills and negotiating skills to keep us interconnected these days.
  4. You could maybe use clip nuts and bolts.

    If I'm not mistaken this is not the first time Hibou blanc has had issues with their trail system as it connects to the Lynx club. We get enough disconnects in the trail system due to loss of right of ways and other issues beyond a club or the FCMQ's control. On the surface it would seem very short sighted of the Lynx club to decide to abandon a trail.
  6. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Nice trucks fellas, when I read the title I expected to see some fire breathing long paddle track machine with a boom and hook out the back!
  7. IMotoneige now available

    Older versions may still work as a map and where you are on it but, if there are trail routing changes from one year to the next it won't show the new route and you may find looking at it out on the trail it shows you in the middle of a field or such. Don't ask me how I know.
  8. Sad news to announce

    Always sad to hear of the loss of a fellow snowmobile enthusiast. I have never met the man nor did I know until reading this the thank you I and others owe him for this forum. My sympathies to his family and friends.
  9. Suggested Tour guide?

    On the run from radar!😄
  10. Suggested Tour guide?

    Already? Wasn't on radar your favourite activity last year JG?😄
  11. Suggested Tour guide?

    The place he might of used was this one. North of Montreal by about 1.25 hrs. On the petit train de Nord around st Agathe.Not much sled activity in Montreal unless that was where the office was. There is another out of Mt Tremblant Qc. I think both are more geared to one day outings but, who knows what can be arranged.
  12. Duhamel and surrounding area

    A lot of these restaurants do a great business in season but just about stave in the off season, so if there was a camp ground closing that could be a factor. Le Madorick is very busy in winter, well weekends anyway, but dead in summer. I brought about 25 friends on motorcycles through there a couple of summers ago and we had arranged to eat there. The owner was very thankful to have the extra summer business and told me so several times. They just don't get bike traffic. Same thing when we went through a place just outside of St Donat. They go nuts in winter being on a sled trail but have to close a couple of days a week in summer. Where I live same problem, different season. My neighbour runs a hot dog stand in summer and is flooded with motorcycle clientele, but come winter there is no sled traffic and they shut down for the season and go snowmobiling with us.
  13. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Your lake needs a little refrigerating JG. You still have more snow than us, ours is mostly gone.
  14. Well it is a start

    Info is very vague at this time but a short summary on face book of the Diable et Rouge AGM suggests the ministry of transport came up short on the funds and the club is looking for a solution. The club needs to come up with or find regional investment for 25% of the cost it would seem. Pretty darn sure the Tremblant - St Faustin by pass is not happening this year dispite talk last Feb it was a done deal.