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  1. Yeah sorry if you thought you were coming with the whole Ark!😂😂😂
  2. Just so you know in case you sneak through the border:
  3. Like those rocks are going to stop anybody serious about sneaking across the border.
  4. Yeah just like that sign, people can’t seem to stay on the trail to the benefit of all.
  5. We do take it seriously in QC, masks are mandatory in all indoor establishments or stores, taxi’s, buses, etc but not out side walking down a street unless the 6 ft distance rule can not be maintained. Maybe that is what you are seeing. Private gathering are limited to max 10 people inside or out and preferably from no more that 3 households. They still need to remain 6 ft apart or wear a mask. We do have idiots who defy the rules but most comply and certainly when it comes to masks in stores I have not experienced anyone trying to get in without one or having a hissy fit tantrum because they are refused entry without one.
  6. Nice, what’s in that?, my brother had a 68 fast back with a 390, while I had a 68 firebird back in the day.
  7. I have been following this post with interest. What a great thought and gesture. For what it is worth here is my opinion. Tracking down individuals who are in financial dire straits due to covid could be tough and judging by the way the Canadian government has handled this with on going payments to just about everybody, I kind of think small establishments that cater to you guys on your trips up here are the way to payback your appreciation. Businesses are hurting and depending on the type and their past income government relief not only varies but some do not qualify. Not an easy thing to decide who or what establishments are in the most need, but maybe a first step is understanding what the government up here has been doing to help in establishing a direction for you to help. Here is a link to most of the programs that the Canadian government has been offering in terms of aid.
  8. Yes it seems common sense is not very common any more.😁😁😁😁
  9. We have the same problem up here with people refusing to wear masks which is now mandatory in all public places, but they are a small percentage. I just don’t get it, when they claim it is their personal right to choose. It is their personal right to choose to take their chances and drive without a seatbelt, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, jump out of a plane without a parachute, etc etc, all things that are common sense no no’s but don’t really affect the health and safety of others. Somehow they can’t grasp that we are all on the same side fighting a war against an unseen enemy. If they go into a store with no mask for example, they are pretty much protected by all the ones who wear a mask but they are the ones putting others at risk who wear a mask. A vaccine would be great but curing selfishness would go a long ways to getting the virus under control as well.
  10. Actually I was thinking of them when I wrote my response what a great job they do.
  11. What a refreshing outlook on the situation we all find ourselves in. I do imagine we will have a snowmobile season in QC despite the covid, but it is doubtful We will open our borders unless a lot changes. I guess I better start practicing my reporting skills, I have a long way to go to catch up to the level of some fellas on here.
  12. Yes and I’m betting most of those people coming back who were told to self quarantine didn’t. In fact many were coming back unexpectedly early and had left little food supplies behind in their homes, so instead of going directly home As they were told they went grocery shopping. Really don’t know where it ends but it is scary to think the success of getting control and keeping a lid on this virus lies in the hands of those who don’t care or feel their individual rights are more important than conquering this.
  13. Well maybe we can trade, but please keep the snow birds down there, And don’t let them come back! That’s how we got in trouble with the virus Here in QC and Ont when they came back.
  14. That’s a long read, I need a nap now.😁