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  1. Cnc

    Parking nw of montreal

    Ax hotel in Tremblant is a bit off the direct route anyway. Hotel Chausser in Pine Hill will probably let you park and ride on the 327 but a fairly long ride to Mont Laurier( still shorter than parking anywhere on the 50. You might consider driving to Labelle 20 min further north than Tremblant on the 117. Start of the pitit train de Nord and main route to Mont Laurier. There is a parking lot there always full of trucks and Trailers so I am assuming it is safe. It is right in front of the old train station ( restaurant catering to sledders ) and at the junction of The 323 and 325.
  2. Cnc

    Parking nw of montreal

    How much North West of MTL? How long a stay? Do you plan on arriving late, staying where you park or unloading and head for Mont Laurier?
  3. Cnc


    Yes been there by tour bus with guys from work years ago. Lot of fun, a small village right on the ice. They had the buses parking on the ice, telephone poles and power to many of the ice shanties as well as a case croute style restaurant back then. I caught a few tommy cod and a big hangover.
  4. Cnc

    Quebec Pass for Sled Trade??

    Don’t forget to take the sticker off your old sled and bring it with the papers. Friend didn’t do that and had a bit of a hard time.
  5. Cnc


    Ice fishing is not open in all fishing zones of Quebec. This might get you started on your hunt for info.
  6. Village Windigo is a great place stayed there a few years back with my wife.
  7. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    Lakes srd now passable in the Hebou Blanc’a trail system but apparently very rough.
  8. Cnc

    Trailer advise

    Congrats JG, two words” Road Trip”!👍🏻
  9. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    Friday Feb 15 2019. 6:30 pm snowed all day, turned to wet snow then a bit of rain. all Diable trails will be groomed again tonight as it cools down. Unfortunally Hebou Blanc has closed all lakes in their trail system due to slush accumulation.
  10. I carry what they call a fuel cell, small battery pack no bigger than the phone that can recharge the phone, go pro batteries etc several times on a single charge. Like the phone it likes to stay warm for maximum power.
  11. Yup works without cell signal, map is on your phone, position is from gps, If we come to a confusing intersection and I am unsure which is the right trail, I check the phone to make sure we are where we think we are and sometimes ride down the trail we think we want a few kilometres and check our position again to see if we are moving down the correct trail.
  12. Cnc

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    More snow coming tomorrow depending where you are.
  13. My favourite is a sign at a junction that says 40 km to...., and 15 minutes later it is 53 km to the same place. Dam I didn’t realize the sled was in reverse!😬
  14. Cnc

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    The first pic is one sharp picture deserves to be blown up and hung up on a wall.
  15. It is way more accurate than posted distance on trail signs.