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  1. Living in Quebec and having dealt with the the MRC des Laurentides ( same extra layer of government above the municipality as the club is dealing with ) regarding their over protective approach to humid zones and the environment on my my own property, I will believe it when I see it getting the trail open for next season. Kudos to the club for keeping up the fight.
  2. Man Down

    Get well soon.
  3. Shield Heater Tester

    Guess i’m Old school, I use a multi meter.😁
  4. Happy Thanksgiving.

    A little late replying but thanks.
  5. Bad news for the Tremblant/ St Faustin by-pass. Seems one form of government or another is determined to make the hoops impossible for the club to jump through. Here is a rough translation of what was posted by Diable et Rouge club. Frustrating is not nearly the word to discribe the situation. Hats off to the persistence of the club, 12 years and $170,000 spent to try and get a solution to our closed trail. Mont-Tremblant, October 06, 2018 Subject: connecting the snowmobile trail between the municipalities of Saint-Faustin-LAC-Carré and Mont-Tremblant To the stakeholders involved in the project to relocate the trail along route 117 Hello everyone! I would like to take a few minutes of your time to take stock of the situation in the project of relocation of the snowmobile trail between the municipalities of st-Faustin-LAC-Carré and Mont-Tremblant. After 12 years of intense negotiations.... on 18 December 2017, the representatives of the government of Quebec gave, at a press conference held in Saint-Faustin-LAC-Square, its agreement and the Financing necessary to achieve the connecting path linking three regions either lanaudière, laurentides and the outaouais. This project was the solution to the relocation of the trail of the train which was closed following the langlois judgment. . This is the state of the situation that concerns us: May 2018: meeting with representatives of the mtmdet in Saint-Faustin-LAC-Square; they confirm that: 01 -- only the mtmdet is responsible for work and authorizations in road roll (which turns out to be wrong later) 02 -- the devil and red snowmobile club is the master of work and responsible for carrying out this project 03 -- the red devil snowmobile club is mandated to hire an engineering firm, what we did (Team Laurence, including Mr. Régis Gold ing. Is responsible). 04-the devil and red snowmobile club in the name of social acceptability must request the approval of the riparian owners, located below 30 metres from the new path... all signed the document and two passage rights... Documents delivered to mtmdet. The Laurence Team, from may to date, presented and submitted all required and necessary documents to obtain authorisations and to carry out this project. The leaders of the devil and red snowmobile club have invested, to date, in studies, plans, requests for authorization, etc., over $ 170 recently, officials have let us know that we must have An environmental authorisation certificate to build 3 abutments of bridge in a wet environment... the request was made via the engineering firm council, a consulting firm specializing in environmental studies. On the other hand, the city of Mont-Tremblant has a regulation that prohibits all construction in a wet and / or flood plain... we therefore ask for a derogation from this regulation... deadline: not before middle or end November to have Derogation.... In addition, the city representatives of Mont-Tremblant let us know that we must have the approval of the residents established below 100 metres.... outside the law of the vhrr is very clear about this, the 30 standard. Meters Apply in this case, since it is a relocation of a path that existed before and not a new path: see law on the. So, inconsistency between the vhrr law and the municipal regulation. Law Act 12.- the movement of off-road vehicles at a distance less than that fixed by municipal regulation or, failing that, less than 30 m from a dwelling, an installation operated by a health institution or a Area Reserved for the practice of cultural, educational, recreational or sports activities is prohibited except: 1° Express Authorization of the owner or tenant of the dwelling or reserved area; 2° on a public road or built in the field of the state under the conditions laid down in this law; 3° on a road or private road open to public traffic in road vehicles; 4° on a path established in an abandoned railway grip and indicated in a planning and development plan or a metropolitan planning and development plan; 5° in any other place determined by government regulation. The distance of 30 m provided for in the first subparagraph shall be increased to 100 m for any new path set up after 31 December 2011. The path which has been changed in a small way, particularly following the Loss of a right of passage is not a new path. A path whose route is changed pursuant to the second subparagraph shall not allow the movement of off-road vehicles at a distance lower than that existing in a place mentioned in the first subparagraph before the modification, unless this distance is at least 100 Mr. Following all these binding demands, which come out of all parts, the representatives of the devil and red snowmobile club, dated 05 October 2018, despite their goodwill and all their efforts as well as those of several of you , have no choice but to see that there is a deadlock and are blocked in the construction and construction of our path housing road 117, at least for the winter 2018-2019. Season. We are still waiting for the following permissions: 01 The permission of the city of Mont-Tremblant to build a bridge. 02.. the permission of the mrc of the laurentians to channel a stream of approximately 150 metres. 03.. the environmental authorisation certificate for the construction of a bridge in a wet environment 04... the acceptance by the municipal council of a derogation from the municipal regulation or the recognition by the authorities of the city of Mont-Tremblant, as stipulated by the law of the vhrr, that during a relocation of the trail, The Standard of 30 metres distance from residences applies. For the devil and red snowmobile club; we are ready We have the approval of the government of Quebec We have the necessary funding We have the permissions All the plans are made and approved, we have the full collaboration of the companies and entrepreneurs in our region to achieve this important path that is so important to us and which is vital for the economic development of the businesses in our region. Unfortunately, as a result of administrative regulations and obstacles, too short deadlines.... the representatives of the devil and red snowmobile club, despite all their goodwill, have no choice but to see that there is a deadlock and that we must with Regret, make the decision to postpone the completion of the saint-Faustin-LAC-Square connection trail in Mont-Tremblant, next year. I take this opportunity, on behalf of the board members of the devil and red snowmobile club inc. And that of all the riders, to warmly thank all those who have worked all their energies to advance this dossier Happy snowmobile season... Still!!! By: Roland Leroy, President club snowmobile devil and Red Inc project manager
  6. I hadn’t realized they made that promise for the park. Time will tell I guess as well as if the Tremblant/ St Faustin by-pass final approval gets pushed along or ends up gathering dust for another season.
  7. I believe all parties were asked what their stance would be on off road trails, development etc etc. I can’t really remember the details only that their responses were similar pre election promises. Maybe some one has more detail. What I do know is under the liberal party, the bypass connecting Tremblant to St Faustin was almost complete, government funding, minister of transport approval all secure. The only thing the club was waiting for to start work was a certificate of approval from the environment minister. Now we have the CAQ and of course there will be all new people filling these positions and that project could just stall in a sea of new bureaucratic red tape.
  8. It’s getting closer

    I don’t believe they do.
  9. It’s getting closer

    That link seems to only be showing the spring edition. Guess the haven’t uploaded this fall’s edition yet. Am I correct in assuming that the federation does not mail the mag to the US?
  10. Sled season must be getting closer, I received my first FCMQ motoneige mag of the season in the mail today. Lots of eye candy.
  11. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Believe it or not none of us had chicken at mister chicken. We were all supposed to meet back up at an ice cream shop some one spotted after we gassed up. Yeah an ice cream shop that doesn’t have a ice cream sign just a big mister chicken sign, half the place sells chicken the other half sells ice cream. I rode past it twice before figuring out where everyone went.
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Yes lots of construction and delays on the trail but the rest of the ride made up for it. Here is a link to our groups photos if your interested.
  13. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Was the ferry open when you were there?, it was closed most of the summer and lots of construction on the trail the week we were there, still great ride!
  14. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Practicing hand - foot coordination???
  15. Eco trails

    On a side note to the petit train de Nord closure, the bypass that will essentially reconnect Tremblant and St Faustin and has been talked about for years, is so close to a go. latest from my club a few weeks back has the money in the bank, the plans drawn and modified slightly to satisfy the ministry of transport, the contractors pretty much ready to get started and one sticking point. Guess who has not yet approved and has the club worried we will see another no go?, the minister of the environment. As I understand because the trail will pass through some humid zones they are dragging their feet.