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  1. So it will be really awesome the third and fourth week, no traffic!😁
  2. Happy belated B day.
  3. Team bubble to the rescue.
  4. And maybe if we don’t get this virus under control, Quebec won’t be open to Ontario folks either for sledding. As you must know, Quebec has just recently opened up it’s Ontario/ Quebec borders and lifted the regional road blocks Dispute having bigger infection numbers than your Provence. If things ballon out of control they will most likely shut them down again. I certainly hope for the sake of all of us on here we do get things under control in both the US and Canada to the point we are all free to enjoy our sport in Quebec next winter, but if we don’t and we get a second wave worse than the first, well don’t count on Quebec trails being open for anyone.
  5. Or should be safe when it’s 40 below zero.
  6. Saw this on concerning that video. You just don’t know what to believe on the internet anymore, hell you can’t even get an accurate report on what the trails will be like in 2 weeks.
  7. On a bike you go where you eyes go, looks to me like he fixated on the wall. He never attempted to make the corner nor brake.
  8. And when you really get bored from being cooped up, you can always draw on yourself 😁
  9. You can’t put it on your arm like that, on coming sleds will think your giving the count down.😁
  10. There is the danger of losing those papers or you dog accidentally eating them, could all the healthy people just get a brand on their foreheads instead?😁😁😁😁😁 Sorry couldn’t resist.
  11. Sounds like a subject for a new topic. “ how is your situation and how are you fairing these days.” Something like that?
  12. Hers’s the thing. let’s say testing and the results were instant, which it’s not at this point, you could still easily catch the virus from the time you get tested till the time you decide to head north across the border or you could have already been exposed before testing but not yet showing signs at the moment of testing. Interesting idea, but until Quebec feels it’s safe to allows it’s citizens to circulate freely in their own province, I don’t see that happening.
  13. Snowmobile companies are making contributions to help the covid19 cause.
  14. And hence the saying “ sh*t happens”.👍
  15. Do you need it right away?, essential errands only up our way.🤣