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  1. Winter Preparations

    Guess the poutine gravy comes in on a tanker ship. 🤪
  2. look what I've found.

    Any trail report?
  3. Mourning no more

    Well I see no problem in planning ahead in the off season, heck I plan trips and rallies all winter with my bike buddies, in between sledding of course!😀
  4. Mourning no more

    We used to have 6-8 guys ready to ride all from around here. Slowly they dwindled down. Even my wife has slowed down on wanting to ride her own sled. A couple of new guys to sledding hooked up with me and one of my long term riding buddies this winter but they are not so much into long distance rides yet. I know it might sound mean but in the past when we had plans to do some serious miles, we just made plans amongest a few of us who were sure to ride and had the same riding style. Same held true this year. My closes riding buddy and I are all ready making loose plans for next year. I do have the advantage of being able to ride right from home. 4-5 hrs or so on the trail or 1 and 1/2 hrs on the black top puts me in Mt Laurier if we were to head that way.
  5. Mourning no more

    According to my quirky mind, mourning period for the season past is over and the “waiting for the next snowmobile season” season begins. Only about 230 days to go give or take a bit.
  6. polaris pidd

    I am not replying to bash this it may be great I don’t know, but I would be curious as to where they are getting the base maps from and updates etc. Hopefully some gps map program revised each year. Reason I wonder is about 2 years ago I had Polaris ride command ( or some similar name from Polaris) a free app that supposedly had snowmobile trail maps for multi states and Provence’s. I also use I motoneige. The Polaris app was hopelessly out of date. I emailed them and told them that they had trails on there that had changed or closed going back as far as 2 years ago. The reply was they rely on local clubs and individuals to get the latest info and did I want to be a contributor / advisor. The wording may not be exact but that was the gist of their response, I deleted the app.
  7. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    Ha, in our area it was over about 3 times and made a come back each time, once in January, February and March. Weirdest winter in a long time, mid April but everything is frozen up including my lake and we are bracing for a winter storm.
  8. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    A bit on the liquid side is my guess.
  9. Well for those people may I suggest a double black line painted down the Center of the trail.
  10. Sounds great both for the groomers and sledders. It does need to be strongly marketed that everyone one have one, insurance rebate etc. Issue I see is, equipped with this it may be easy to rely on this too much to warn about incoming sleds and let your guard down, then bam, a sled or two without the device comes around a blind corner.
  11. Not how it’s done !

    Now that is what I call bushing it.😀
  12. Another gas stop loss

    Love the drone shots they really add prospective to the video.
  13. Another gas stop loss

    Yeah but do they have an iceman sticker on the front door?😀
  14. Another gas stop loss

    Yes that railway bed runs from St Agathe all the way to Mt Laurier. It was a quick way to get north or south on a snowmobile. When a group of citizens took the government, snowmobile club, and town to court over noise etc, they won and the railway bed got shut down between Labelle where you got off and St Faustin ( 17 km south of Mt Tremblant. Screwed sledding in the area big time. Tremblant is basically a dead end because of that and another trail closure. The new bypass will reconnect Tremblant with St Faustin where the railway bed is still open to st Agathe. I believe there is hope that after that a way to connect Tremblant with Labelle will be found. Labelle is a snowmobile friendly town IMO with two parking lots for truck and trailers. When they rebuilt the bridge a few years back they widened the side walk for a better passage for sleds and a newer less complicated passage through town. They used to have orange cones on a couple of sidewalks and keep them snow covered to get through town and we had to cross a main road in town at a set of lights. All that to say I think Labelle would be delighted with a direct connection to Tremblant and further south.
  15. Another gas stop loss

    Next time try this route, doesn’t matter if you get off the pitit train du Nord onto the 319 at Nomingue or 323 at Labelle. Follow the route I highlighted. 1 being Hotel Lac Carling. It is overall a nicer trail both the ride and the scenery as well as being at least an hr shorted than the way you went.