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  1. Don’t forget we have done away with the pennies in Canada so your 3 cents worth is rounded up to 5 cents, talk about inflation! 😁 Good words gully rider, one thing I do wish is there was a discount for multiple sleds. I have 3 and it gets expensive to put passes on them all when one considers I can only ride one at a time.
  2. We also have a government that invests in the sport in the name of tourism, not sure what other provinces or states do.
  3. Snowed all day here too, about 15 cm and we had a lot of snow still on the ground. I hear the Charlevoix area had 31 cm out of this storm. While snowmobiling is my biggest passion, I’m getting itchy to get the motorcycle out, should be good to go by July or August.😄
  4. As another season winds Down, My club posted this on FB about volunteers as a tribute to them and an encouragement to get involved. While the commentary is in French I am sure the message comes through and it is a nice clip reminding us of the great season we just had and it doesn’t happen without lots of volunteers behind the scenes.
  5. Kinda makes you want to take up photography!😁
  6. The expense of an activity is often tied to the amount of adrenaline rush. On the opposite end of the scale we have things like jig saw puzzles, take your pick.😁
  7. I stand corrected, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek. Hats off to him and his wife. My wife used to ride all the time with me, but not really interested in riding her own sled anymore. She may hold the record for the least miles on a “99” Polaris XC.
  8. Amazing, 96 days that translates for example to 6 days in December and every day in January February and March, he must not have a wife or a job.
  9. With regard to the electric snowmobile, I see a possible cottage industry for the Keebler elves, charging stations in every tree!😁 Seriously, I think saddle bagging long distances in the extreme cold up here is a long way off, but those e bikes sure are cool. Around here a good portion of the snowmobile trails on the railway beds and some railway beds blocked to snowmobiles are open in summer for bicycles and walking. I can see making good use out of an ebike on them as for me on my mountain bike, how far i’m willing to explore on them is tied to how far I think I can peddle back! thanks to the links may have to look into that.
  10. Since they are cold blooded, guessing if you brought him north in the winter, you would have to warm him up first to make him move. I can just see some lady yelling call security there is some guy playing with his snake in the lobby.😁
  11. Internet gremlins?, it is almost April fools!😁
  12. Very bizarre, You must have the visitor version then, notice how Mauricie - centre du Québec has been changed also.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Here is what I see.
  13. Do you have some sort of translation app running?, you also have North coast instead of Cote Nord right below. Everything shows up normal for me.
  14. Very nice pics and commentary, my hat goes off to anyone who will ride that distance solo.