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  1. The Gaspe Monster!!

    Just another naked camper.🙈
  2. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Yes, a great ride for sure, second trip by bike for my wife and I. For some others it was their first trip into Atlantic Canada. One from Michigan, one from Wisconsin, 2 from New York, 2 from Boston area, one from Georgia, one from Ontario and Two were local to Nova Scotia, one of them lives near the Cabot Trail and gave us a local touch to the tour. I rode down from Tremblant with my wife, and we all met along the way at predetermined points.
  3. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Just got back from Cape Breton. When I can’t sled, we tour different areas on motorcycles. A group of 12 of us this time round.
  4. Now that is what I call a real HOSER set up!😂
  5. Early December Trails

    Well then historically don’t expect much action that early in areas where trails rely on lakes rivers and swamps to interconnect.
  6. And where does the iceman sticker go?
  7. summer solstice

    Awe man, you mean I got to start thinking about putting the summer toys and lawn chairs away already? 👍🏻
  8. Do you see it? Amen.

    Might be some truth to that I had a Pit Bull and a Shih Tzu, the Pit left really big brown spots behind and was a sweet heart. The the Shih Tzu left little much smaller ones and was a real pain in the ass!
  9. Do you see it? Amen.

    Hail Mary.
  10. Quebec Rider Meet Tomorrow?

    And slip a few Iceman Stickers into the photo op!
  11. Do you see it? Amen.

    Not nuts butt close by!😂
  12. Winter Preparations

    Guess the poutine gravy comes in on a tanker ship. 🤪
  13. look what I've found.

    Any trail report?
  14. Mourning no more

    Well I see no problem in planning ahead in the off season, heck I plan trips and rallies all winter with my bike buddies, in between sledding of course!😀