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  1. Cnc

    Problems with imotoneige

    Had this issue with a I phone 4S a few years back updating I motoneige from one year to the next. Phone was not compatible with the NEWER App. Up graded my phone and no issues to date.Guess just like computers as newer models and advancements come along, they can’t or don’t produce programs or apps that are compatible with both older and newer software / hardware.
  2. Cnc

    All this early Snow....not good.

    Am I missing something?, I don’t see one atv in those pics.
  3. Just voted as I have every day and now have my wife voting too. I am seeing a pattern here, Mark trails by 1/2 to 1 %, every time I vote the score goes up by .1 %. If his rival has the same amount of buddies voting for him each day he will alway come out about 1% on top at the end of the day. We need maybe 10-20 more people voting to tip the scales assuming his rival does not get any extra people voting for him.
  4. Cnc

    All this early Snow....not good.

    We are lucky in the laurentiens, had a fair bit of snow on the ground and the ground was frozen 4 inches deep.( I know I had to dig / defrost holes for my tempos hold down spikes ). It was down below zero F several night last week and the lake froze over. I always hope that we don’t get much snow once it freezes and cold weather to build thickness. Then it rained a few days and they announced big snow accumulations for here. I thought we’re screwed still ice on the lake and the ground is soggy again. Both will not freeze well. Big surprise, hardly any snow maybe 1/4 inch fell and almost all the previous snow has melted. Yeah, we get a do over here.
  5. Looks just too pretty to pump poop! Very impressive.
  6. Cnc

    Any chance ?

    What? Residents of Quebec can not apply for the insurance rebate?
  7. Cnc

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Except in a leap year.😁
  8. Cnc

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Will the real Triggerhappy QR member please stand up!😁😁😁😁
  9. Cnc


    Mother nature’s crew was out working on the pot hole.
  10. Cnc


    They already wore out explanations 1-4 last winter when we had a giant thaw and heavy rain in January.🙈
  11. Cnc


    We now have about a foot of snow maybe more in the mountains but no trail grooming yet. Here is a report from Diablo et Rouge club Tremblant QC explaining why. I imagine many areas face a similar situation. Press Release Good morning These are the conditions of the trails of 22 11 2018 Even if we received a lot of snow the club n is not in position to open the trails for the following reasons 01 --- Swamps (swamps) are not frozen 02 --- streams are not frozen 03 --- Rivers and lakes are not frozen 04 --- lack of snow in some places 05 --- Passage Rights Signed for 15 December 05 --- Passage Rights Signed by 15 December Even if in some place it could move Unfortunately not accessible Here's the situation... so patience!!!!
  12. Cnc


    There is a giant pothole between my house and the trail.
  13. Cnc

    Software Update

    Check to see if your sled now starts with your car remote, if so I’d say the update is a100% success.
  14. Apparently vote influencing from another country is allowed, just voted for Mark from Quebec Canada. Good luck Mark!