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  1. Cnc


    In my case sorta both!
  2. Cnc


    Ok I’m not sure I would admit that.😂
  3. Cnc


    Been there done that, not fun. A group of guys helped lift / drag my dead sled onto the trailer while one guy grabbed the tilt pin from the back of my truck and put it in. I never checked his work. 45 minutes later all hell broke loose, long story short the draw bar broke at the pivot point, the trailer made one attempt to pass the truck then did several flips before finally ejecting the sled in the highway and the trailer parked on the snow bank. My fault I never checked and took his word that the pin was in correctly.
  4. Cnc


    But did they have good poutine?😎
  5. The boys went riding today lake Macdonald to Tremblant down the by-pass and on to the Pitit train de Nord to St Agathe. They took a back road to miss riding on the lake but I gave it a pass because of the slush on my lake I need to ride on to meet up. I probably could have made it but I’m not that gung-ho to get stuck in it these days. Older hopefully wiser definitely weaker!😎
  6. Diable et rouge just posted today they have checked and marked a number of their water crossings, finally open for business. Attention ... attention ... attention BONNE NOUVELLE ENFIN ! ! ! NOUS VOUS ANNONCONS QUE LES DEUX PONTS DE GLACE SUR LA RIVIERE AU PONT PRUDHOMME ET A BREBEUF AINSI QUE LE LAC DES TROIX MONTAGNES SONT OUVERT A LA CIRCULATION ... BALISÉ .. EPAISSEUR DE GLACE CORRECT DONC SÉCURITAIRE !!! Soyez quand meme prudent la securité de tous passe par votre comportement """" Bonne randonnée 😄......
  7. I’m always in the lead these days, so always 2 fingers covering the brake in the hidden corners and my preference is weekdays, except there are probably more people with no fixed weekday job commitments this year.
  8. I have been run off the trail more often in the last 5 years than I have in all the years I have been riding and that goes back a long long way. I fear your right Trailblazer, more inexperienced riders and it would seem even more riders going through land owners fields than past years.
  9. I have about a 1.5 mile stretch of lake to drive down to get to the main trail from my house. I’ve been walking it and testing it for years at the beginning of the season. Really not hard these days with a cordless drill and a 1.5 in spade drill.
  10. Cnc

    Sciere 54

    I hope your experience with them is better than my brother’s. Years ago he put gas in a couple of those and brought them along, probably 45 minutes into the trip both had developed cracks were leaking from being jostled around.
  11. Cnc

    Sciere 54

    Methane gas powered sleds with on board bioreactors might be the solution.
  12. I was surprised when I heard this, I mean I feel bad but I wouldn’t have thought the crossing wasn’t safe enough yet. There is open water spots on a number of lakes around me and with the heavy snow on the ice we can expect it to be slow to freeze and lots of slush spots. Heard they found the sled a boot and a glove or gloves but no sign of him. Hoping for a good outcome.
  13. Some parts of QC have be slow to get going this year due to mild weather and lack of snow, so I’m not sure if you guys have been missing much. But I think it is safe to say in Grumpy Santa’s and my corner we will be good to go in a few days. I know the groomers are coming out around here to pack then groom and the cold is coming in the next 24 hrs.
  14. Yup 6-7 inches so far this morning here.