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  1. Chomping at the bit to get back there soon Pipeman!
  2. Thanks Pipeman! I share in all of the same sentiments! Good times! Best company! Ike
  3. Lots of familiar sites! Unfortunately, the screenshots of our route around the Gouin are a distant memory at this time. Update on the App wiped out the saved track! Ugh! I did place a bunch of Google Earth placemarks at the intersections that I could make out on the aerial (for future reference). Maybe I'll try to bring them over here later. I've attached a picture of the map that the surveyors gave me. It was helpful. The "black line" on the next photo is an "edit" that the nice fella at Gouin made for me. He informed us of a "new road" that wasn't on the map at KM 152 heading north out of Gouin that we could take instead of the "big road" (which was closed anyway). It can bring you back out on to the "big road" by passing either Lac de la Lime (to the east) or Lac Bell (to the north) - shown on the last photo. We blew right past in at first because the km markers were overgrown with thick brush along the road.
  4. Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! That "bridge" is on that stretch of "trail"...……...And as I said before it was TIGHT to say the least...…. I will have to get some screenshots of the route we took around the reservoir. I downloaded a topo app and used it and a forestry map that was given to me by some fellow surveyors in the area to navigate around the reservoir. It was mostly all "road" riding from Barrage Goiun all the way around to Martin's. The app I used "tracked" our route so I should be able to get a shot of it on here somehow...……..
  5. Nice Run Je me souviens. I wished we were closer so we could take advantage of some weekend trips like that but it's a 10+ hour haul for us just to a good starting point - hence the 8 day runs. Buggy is already tore down for the season and being serviced. I am already contemplating the next big adventure...…..maybe starting over around Shawinigan or St. Raymond and heading up towards Forestville to Chenail du Nord and over to Onatchiway. Lots of logistics involved with interconnectivity and such. The Pipmaucan intrigues me but I have some homework to do first! Got the call a couple weeks ago that my new sled for this season is in so I am switching the shop over to sled mode here shortly! Ike
  6. Yes. Had to wait on vehicles there before in winter as well. Road is plowed there....
  7. .....and scratchers...... trust me......🤬
  8. Just North of LaTuque before Odanak.
  9. ......And yes......ripe blueberries for the pickin' all over!
  10. Unfortunately, we took the old trail. BAD BAD BAD idea. In some places, it was completely grown closed. Not wide enough to walk through let alone take a SXS! I know what the followers were thinking about 100 yards into it. For that, I am still sorry but we made it. Dominic told me that he has a contract out to clear that trail (?soon?)…….. I will NOT take it again until that is confirmed.
  11. Ok. Here's a quick update. Made the trip as planned for the most part. 1260-1300 miles depending on which of the three odometer readings you use. I had the least (oversized tires) and the Polaris had the most. Not one flat tire or mechanical issue on any of the machines. We didn't even run out of fuel! We made the lookout on the Gouin and the "bunkers" at Casey thanks to all of the information posted here! All in all - great trip with great people! Thanks again for the helpful information! Ike
  12. Teaser...... Yep I had to zoom up real close but...Frost this AM at Cabanon!
  13. Made it to Le Cabanon! 180 miles+/-!
  14. Thanks Trailblazer we are definitely going to try to find that! We are at Mekoos this morning heading to Le cabanon tonight via Manawan and Repos. Then over to Odanak tomorrow evening if all goes well.
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