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  1. Since I got this new sled unexpectedly this year, I’m able to break free for a short 3day ride. Going the La Cabanon 27-30.Just going to get out of break in and try to dial in sled to my liking, so my question is how is that area holding up.
  2. I also received that same letter. also wondering what it was about. google translated and basically came up how the trail pass covered the required liability
  3. I was only commenting on the mileage on the filter,they should last atleast till 3k plus. Obviously being a victim of a bad tank on fill up will kill a filter regardless of mileage.
  4. Good to know.... That’s our spot if we are using the Jackman Maine crossing. Used the Fort Kent crossing last year. Curious on the new arrangement, might have to check it out next year.
  5. Wow that’s low mileage, I’ll do that in one bag trip.Thanks for the heads up.
  6. If it’s the old Bernieres then trail head and truck/ trailing packing across the street. Didn’t have issue with anything. Haven’t been there since 2017 so don’t know what has changed.
  7. How many miles on sled when you experienced your issue?
  8. My sweetspot is 45-75mph with the occasional wack of the throttle. I think this motor will do me just fine and with good mpg’s. After about 30miles on the g4 renegade I was riding I got a handle on the characteristics and with minor adjustments on the trail I was happy being it was a rental. Now I’ll make this sled my own!!! keep me in the loop as far as any issues with the motor.
  9. Yea this color combo really looks sharp in person. Wasn’t sure initially. All my riding partners are all on pre 18 etecs so really curious on this 600r.
  10. Well since I was basically taking this season off and only did one small trip before the first of the year and being sledless. Came across a 19 renegade x 600r loaded with 0 miles. Not ridden due to injury. My new ride!!! Anybody running the new 600r?
  11. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning, having a little breakfast, loading your saddlebags on the sled and having to break trail to get out of town.
  12. The M20 trail is one of my favorites. Your trip sounds awesome, enjoy!!!
  13. I have one of those DENNIS pictures myself!!! I took this pic when I was up Between Xmas/ New Years. Hey Viper2, never been on that local river trail between 23/360,how well is that marked or do I have to set a track on my Gps before traveling?. Btw... excellent post of your ride!!! Will be doing something similar next season myself.
  14. That’s where we staged from when we did our ride in 2017. We actually went up trail #3 and hung a left on trail# 93 to LSJ. Did our loop around and used trail # 23 for the return trip back to the Signature. Reason being we wanted to incorporate Mt Valin area while on our trip.Either way it’s a great ride.