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  1. Perspective from My daily life........ Since Covid, never stopped working, my living is classified as Essential. We took a step back and evaluated what was going on, changed certain daily habits, adjusted home life practices ect. ITS CALLED TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for you own lives. I have never had any signs, symptoms nor has my family members during this pandemic. I’ve been tested twice, once early on because of a customer being diagnosed positive that I was exposed to and followed the appropriate guidelines. That particular time was early on in April when it was ALOT HARDER to get a test performed. My doctor actually via ZOOM At the time basically had to FUDGE the paperwork to get me a appointment at a testing center, rather then just quarantine for the 8 days with no signs or symptoms. Just stayed home pending the test results as required. Second round of tests where done just because I could, testing now is so easy to get done without jumping through hoops like back in April. With that being said...... a person like me is PISSED OFF that people have NO ACCOUNTABILITY whatsoever!!!!! From where I’m sitting, I’m bringing NOTHING with me if I travel out of state or country. I where a mask on and off work hrs everywhere I go outside my personal house. Social distance as required, sanitize appropriately ect. Honestly if I have paperwork with negative covid results within 72 hrs of entering state or country and no symptoms then WHATS THE PROBLEM!!!! Same deal on re entry, no symptoms, get a test stay home until results. And for people that never had any testing done.... why haven’t you, testing sights are all over the place. Show up take a Q tip up the nose, takes 5 minutes out of your day. Covid isn’t going away completely, it’s going to be a part of life, to what extent who knows. A Vaccine is not Full Proof, hows the Flu shot working.....wait!!!! People still get SICK with the flu shot People taking ownership of there own lives, having ACCOUNTABILITY for there actions, using common sense during there daily lives will settle down THIS SHIT that’s going on. IM so tired of the INSANITY of what daily life has become. OVER IT !!!!!!!!!! I hear FORT KENT CALLING MY NAME!!!!
  2. This is not helping our snowmobile season for us state side, if border stays closed😡
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hears to another 50 🍻
  4. Thanks to Snowmaster with his love for the CLUB SANDWICH!!!!! I rode out of my way on the last day before returning home to hang with my new BUDDY!!!!! and have one more. Just as important as snowmobile pics lol.
  5. Already puked in my mouth looking at this!!! Just plain F&@ked up on so many levels!!
  6. What’s even more scary then these idiots!!! Is there IMO... plan B. Let’s FLOOD the entire Us with mail in voting, use Covid as a scare tactic to keep people from leaving there homes. Not set up safe polling area’s( which can easily be accomplished) Blame Trump and USPS for the impossible proper counting of ballots which they already know cannot be achieved. Which only leads to one outcome. This IDIOT RUNNING THE COUNTRY!!!!!!
  7. Yea.... let’s strip all these knuckleheads of there PRIVATE security details and make them follow there own ridiculous policies there pedaling to the American people.
  8. I’ll throw some more Bullsh%t into the pile!!!
  9. So, it took them almost 4 months to get back to semi normal, now they are already talking about a SECOND WAVE which who knows how that’s going to play out. I personally think we are going to have a serious problem crossing border Come winter considering the mad dash to the border from the Us side. Hope I’m COMPLETELY wrong.