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  1. I wear Klim 3.0 liners and mittens. Had to get used to the feel on the bars but never get cold hands anymore.
  2. I really liked the mechanical reverse feature on the 19 rather than the button feature on the previous models.My 700 mile impression was HOME RUN!!!
  3. About 1hr south of you, Drexel Hill to be exact.Friend of mine I rode with Dec 26 was out of Allentown.
  4. Right!!!!!! Starts no matter what temp outside.Could do all the same speeds as my old viper with less hp, and way better fuel mileage.That motor felt right at home with the Quebec temps.IMO. Excellent feedback.... thankyou. Btw... the G4 ergo’s felt way better than previous renegades which is why I’m seriously looking at Skidoo.
  5. Hey Alain, looks like you had excellent ride!!!!.Noticed a lot of changes myself on certain trails while I was in your back yard. Ride on my friend!!!! Chris
  6. I need opinions on this latest 900 ace in the G4.Im finding myself riding more club trails, fuel stops are getting longer. I’m all about higher HP turbo sleds but shocked about how well this sled ran( wasn’t easy on it) all while getting excellent fuel mileage.
  7. Living in pa is very hard to justify owning a snowmobile and all the expense that we go through to fill our addiction.Thats why I love Quebec.Ride forever. So got tired of my viper last season that I bought brand new in 15. The starting issues drove me nuts for 8000 miles. I was able to ride a brand new (.6km) 19 g4 900ace renegade ( non turbo) for my recent trip.What an awesome package. The clutching, gearing, and the slight improvement on the motor make this little 900 the best kept secret.All on 87 octane.Seriously thinking about pulling the trigger on a 19/20 model.After 700 miles, sipping fuel and can get speeds into the 90’s, I don’t think a need the turbo to be happy. Thoughts on this model / engine.?
  8. This is why I love Quebec!!!! Listen closely..... you here nothing!!! Lol. If your wondering about the sled, I’ll get into that later. 10E746A7-7747-45DE-9023-21A61FF3DAA3.MOV
  9. Thanks everyone!!!!! Looking forward to meeting all you folks in my future rides. Usually start my bag rides from RDL, 4 points Sheridan (now called something else) Levi and like to enter Jackman/ Fort Kent depending on the 14 day ride plan. This year I only could do one trip and already completed my 700mile ride North of the La Cabanon( Between Xmas/New Years. That trip always starts my season.Good friends with Dennis and Diane so will always support them. Enjoyed watching the dogs do there thing at La Blanc. 723D19CB-8059-4673-8B6A-E5B2C45F792B.MOV
  10. Since I’ve been exclusively touring Quebec and Northern Maine at the same time since 2016, I figured I should belong to the best forum out there!!!! IMO. Everyone enjoy the season and most importantly.... Be safe.