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  1. Man!!!!! I hate seeing any snowmobiler involved in a crash BUT Jesus Christ!!!! Riding a long track mountain sled like that on the trails is just PLAIN STUPIDITY!!!!!!!
  2. It was just a matter of time IMO. As a country you need containment.... To get a handle on all this.
  3. Only on a snowmobile forum!!!! Priceless!!!!
  4. Hey Alain, I just took a ride down memory lane while watching your videos since I was in some of those same areas back in 2017. THANK YOU!!!!!! So glad you and Kristine had a great trip and as always, the videos and pictures are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
  5. Well I think you created a PERMANENT GROOVE in that entire trail system this season. No More gps needed 😂. Really enjoyed following your EPIC adventures this year for sure. Finally meeting you and seeing that RIG of yours at the Le Cabanon in February was a Trip!! Enjoy the WIND the next couple of days, be safe and get home to your family for some well deserved RR!!!!!!!! CHRIS
  6. The ROCK STARS!!!!!!! at it again.So glad you guys had a great trip. Look forward to seeing the rest of your trip.Kristine forget the best pick at Kanawata, I’ll add it HAHA!!
  7. Last thing Dennis said to me was he’ll keep my club sandwich in in fridge until Dec 27 for my return. 😂
  8. Cobra


    Just came from Quebec riding 8days. Have to say people are OUT OF CONTROL! Riding center left, blowing turns, 2 wide Johnny racers thinking they are the only ones on the trail system ect. Had 2 instances where I was almost wiped out. People really need to check themselves and start riding more responsible!
  9. Here is Snowmaster live!!!!!! IMG_0322.MOV
  10. Only on a snowmobile trip!!!!!! Hope everything works out for you guys.Didn’t expect that situation out of Gero, and furthermore junk fuel out of Repo.
  11. How did Chris make out with his sled? Oil leak fixed?
  12. Scum bags like him know how to play the system and use bottom feeder lawyers to keep them walking the streets.
  13. Not surprised another PIECE OF SHIT is allowed to roam the streets!!!! Flat out RIDICULOUS!!!!!
  14. Hats off to the FIRST RESPONDERS. !!!!!!!! Thankfully a positive outcome considering what could have been.
  15. While doing my cleaning, chaincase oil and tension adjustment on my sled, had on our local 93.3 wmmr station on. Preston and Pierre did a whole tribute to Rush and Neil with a lot of personal insights. The drum solos they played were Amazing🤘🤘.