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  1. Last year while while searching for the Titan 210 electric combo helmet from CKX, I found a distributor called PEAKBOYS online. So I purchased the helmet, had a excellent transaction ect. While the helmet preformed as described I found A minor issue ( cover detaching from electrical plug). I sent a email describing situation, next morning got a replay, instructions on exactlywhat they needed for WARRANTY. They answered all my questions and concerns in a very timely manner. After sending pictures, they processed the claim with CKX, told me what parts are being sent ect. They went even further and made a video for me showing how the goggle is taken apart (step by step). There video not CKX’S. Refreshing to deal with a vender that takes customer service seriously. So all you US guys and gals, this company is legit, don’t be afraid to purchase from them. Just wanted to share my experience.
  2. Thinking about using those Linq locks made by Whiteout Technology. Fully understand that it’s just a deterrent but seems like a good idea especially while touring. Locking 4 gallon can to sled, oil caddy to gas can. Anyone have any experience with these?
  3. Rolling 9hrs north Dec 26.Me and my riding partner have 2 Skidoo’s to get out of break-in. Never to soon!!!!!
  4. I know exactly what you saying. My partners sled at the time 15 600etec with 300 miles on it. Was at the La Cabanon in Dec-27-17.Wouldn’t start, fouled plugs, BAD GAS ECT. Spent all morning in Dennis’s groomer garage, sucking gas out, running to the doo dealer getting plugs and replacing. Warned him all off season to make sure he treated fuel accordingly. That day really sucked!!!!!!
  5. Yup, Eazymove..... never had an issue with it.👍
  6. Actually that was made by a guy that I found at our local snowmobile show. It also comes with bigger rubber wheels for gravel and grass. I’ll post back the info on it. Btw... just have to add Rouski ski wheels and I’m all set!!!! 😂
  7. I’m using this configuration for the bag tours next season.
  8. Since I got this new sled unexpectedly this year, I’m able to break free for a short 3day ride. Going the La Cabanon 27-30.Just going to get out of break in and try to dial in sled to my liking, so my question is how is that area holding up.
  9. I also received that same letter. also wondering what it was about. google translated and basically came up how the trail pass covered the required liability
  10. I was only commenting on the mileage on the filter,they should last atleast till 3k plus. Obviously being a victim of a bad tank on fill up will kill a filter regardless of mileage.
  11. Good to know.... That’s our spot if we are using the Jackman Maine crossing. Used the Fort Kent crossing last year. Curious on the new arrangement, might have to check it out next year.
  12. Wow that’s low mileage, I’ll do that in one bag trip.Thanks for the heads up.
  13. If it’s the old Bernieres then trail head and truck/ trailing packing across the street. Didn’t have issue with anything. Haven’t been there since 2017 so don’t know what has changed.
  14. How many miles on sled when you experienced your issue?