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  1. So, it took them almost 4 months to get back to semi normal, now they are already talking about a SECOND WAVE which who knows how that’s going to play out. I personally think we are going to have a serious problem crossing border Come winter considering the mad dash to the border from the Us side. Hope I’m COMPLETELY wrong.
  2. All I’m going to say about that!!!!!!
  3. That is awesome!!!! Love hearing about snowmobile adventures like this.Thanks for sharing!!!!
  4. I’m trying not to pay to much attention to the border shut downs at the moment. For me, by the time November rolls around is when I’ll be clued to the border developments.Honestly don’t know how it’s going to work out... very unsettling!!!!!
  5. I've about had it with these Governor's giving this ridiculous movement to disband law enforcement TRACTION!!! Yes there are serious problems throughout the country with how CERTAIN officers preform there duties, and absolutely this needs to change without question.IMO This is just insanity!!!!!!
  6. Russian Impeachment.... Fail Whistle blower.... Fail Covid19..... Going to Fail Riots, Race Wars.. Going to Fail 4 more years!!!!!!!! Going to happen
  7. Paid invoice along with tip. Thank you to all the hard working people behind the scenes on making this site the best on the Net.
  8. A little something different during these difficult times.
  9. My go to spot in Maine is the NORTHERN DOOR in Fort Kent. Gas station next door, restaurants within walking distance or by sled, police station next door to get trail pass, border crossing across the street into New Brunswick, Trail access to all points N/S/E/W. Skidoo/Yamaha/ Polaris dealers nearby ect. Also cross border from the border trail on the east side. Hotel is clean, great staff, safe for trucks and sleds. And the border trail opened up that had been closed for a while. ESCOURT STATION.( ITS92, Allagash
  10. You are definitely NOT crazy!!!!! I firmly believe there was something going on around end of October 2019. Most of us though it’s was the typical FLU on STEROIDS IMO.
  11. Man!!!!! I hate seeing any snowmobiler involved in a crash BUT Jesus Christ!!!! Riding a long track mountain sled like that on the trails is just PLAIN STUPIDITY!!!!!!!
  12. It was just a matter of time IMO. As a country you need containment.... To get a handle on all this.
  13. Only on a snowmobile forum!!!! Priceless!!!!
  14. Hey Alain, I just took a ride down memory lane while watching your videos since I was in some of those same areas back in 2017. THANK YOU!!!!!! So glad you and Kristine had a great trip and as always, the videos and pictures are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
  15. Well I think you created a PERMANENT GROOVE in that entire trail system this season. No More gps needed 😂. Really enjoyed following your EPIC adventures this year for sure. Finally meeting you and seeing that RIG of yours at the Le Cabanon in February was a Trip!! Enjoy the WIND the next couple of days, be safe and get home to your family for some well deserved RR!!!!!!!! CHRIS