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  1. Gramps, Thanks for the great report and pics. The 3rd picture of the sunset is awesome. The rest are great, but that one is really something, some times you just hit it right. For years I have been waiting to add the pic of the belvedere in Mont St. Pierre, here's what I saw last March. What a bummer.
  2. The rock wall is in a church that has been repurposed into a community center in the the town of St. Stanislas, between Milot and Girardville. The place is called restaurant au Clocher.
  3. A few additional trip notes: The new polaris indy 850 really hugs the trail, as a die hard Skidoo man it pains me to admit it The owner of the faillon took his leaf blower to all the sleds in the yard so all guests started on a clean sled in the morning, never had that experience before, it was nice to not have to deal with the powder on everything 1st thing in the AM Breakfast at Montagner and Vilain does not start until 8, we deferred to the local snack bar so we could get an earlier start in ASJ. At vilain they sent us to our cabin with all the necessities to make ourselves an early breakfast in our cabin Gas was 1.29/L at the mill, and 2.00/L in Desmaraisville You can find gas at Lac Eden, head right around the lake and stop at the log cabin with the red tin roof. They leave the radio on in the heated garage at the Nordic, like cows in the barn, the sleds were happy in the morning Mario gets a little testy if you want to eat after 7 but Celine's jokes make up for it. Getting from the bottom of M19 back to St. Raymond is a PIA
  4. Last Thursday morning Coyote and I left Sweet Baby St. Ray headed north to L'Anse St. Jean. Stayed at chalets sur le fjord, great meal at Chez Montagner. 250 miles by way of 23 368 383. Bill's trail was in tip top shape. Friday we went east and crossed in Tadoussac had lunch at the white birch clubhouse in Les Escoumins. The Pelchat did not disappoint, stopped at the chapple for a mandatory caffeine and chocolate fuel up at the zoo, a splash of fuel at Onatchaway and in for the night at Mont Vilain. 260 miles by way of 383 3 Pelchat 252 251 93 267 476 484. Saturday morning we headed west to Milot, north to Lac Eden back south to Dolbeau and La Dore, ending at the Nordic in Chibaugamou. The rally was in town that night, lot of cool vintage sleds running around. We had a good meal at the Royal pub. 300 miles by way of 373 local 93 Sunday we headed west to Senneterre staying at Faillon. The first 3 days had been hard packed fresh groomed, things were about to change. Once we got to Quevillon the snow started. After lunch in Senneterre the trail had a few inches of fluff, by the time we arrived Faillon we had declared it a powder day. Another great meal that night. 300 miles by way of 93 and 83. Monday morning we woke up to a fluffy blanket of fresh powder covering our sleds. The Coyote had the wisdom to hook up with the a couple guys from the Lake George area. This turned out to be the greatest idea yet, turns out we are all headed to Kanawata for the night. The open areas west of Clova were fun to play in after the Fire Chief, Coup and Coyote had plowed a path for my heavier 4 stroke. 250 miles by way of 83 345. Tuesday morning we continued southeast back to the truck at the Roquemont. We met the groomer just north of the Repos, perfect. The only segment of the trip that concerned me with trail quality due to high traffic south of the Repos was fresh. We parted ways with The Fire Chief and Coup at the intersection of 345 and 360. It was a classic moment in the woods that I think will be remembered by all 4 of us for some time. I enjoyed meeting fellow QR members and spending 2 days swapping stories about our shared passion for snowmobiling in Quebec. 250 miles by way of 345 360 M19 23 73 1627 miles was my final tally.
  5. Stayed at chalets et spa a couple weeks ago, beautiful place, the outdoor hot tub was nice. We were there on a Sunday, so we had the place to ourselves. Play hard suggested it a few years ago, and he was spot on. Supper is a fondue, and breakfast is a help yourself situation, they cook the eggs, you grab the rest.