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  1. Agreed. Pretty serious rig. Imagine how much that set up costs... I thought a flat bed ride alone would be about $1k if it was far enough, add the fact that they come directly to you with the tracked rig. Holy shit... does CAA cover that bill?
  2. That should be an episode of highway through hell.
  3. I would hate to see that tow bill. Ouch for sure
  4. Agreed. That’s if they will sell it to you. Again...Ballbuster
  5. So my question you try to pick it back up at that point? Or do you just call it in to the authorities and hope for the best when you call your insurance agent?
  6. Used to be the go to place on the way up 355 to do the LSJ run to the HI. Stage out of sweet baby St Ray. Run 355 up and 23 down.
  7. Byrd, that is the wild osprey. Balbuzard sauvage. I used to refer to it as the ballbuster. The last ownership I met didn’t fit the usual personality type for that area. Take you boots off. No gas. No coffee. Beer only. It was 9am.
  8. Thanks for the ride report and the pictures. Did you get to meet the new owner of the Touriste in SADL? I was sad to hear about the end of Steve’s tenure. He always treated us right. He always had his apron on in the kitchen when we returned on Sunday’s. I am a firm believer that when you return numerous times, the people are more likely to help out in a “situation” requiring additional assistance. cheers
  9. More information required about the tall boots and short Must be native tradition for deep snow travel.... It’s a damn shame to see less and less of those establishments, how are they putting themselves through college these days?
  10. Yes do tell more... shit anything about it. Here is the deal... we are going to need a detailed 224 word explanation about the whole ride. From how the trailer unloaded to the thoughts crossing your mind when you hit the start
  11. Count me in for at least 100