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  1. One last ride for the year, the annual family long weekend at the basket thong. The weather cooperated nicely. Kept the rides to less than a couple hour jaunts. Managed to put almost 400 miles on the buggy. Visited Sainte Anne du Lac, Mekoos, Notawissi, the Mitchimanecus through the Menjo, crossed the Lessueur and Petawaga ZECs, took le Chemin de Parent, le Chemin LePine, many trails and roads in between. We saw the results of at least a dozen successful moose hunts, some large, some small. Here are some pics
  2. Looks similar to the one between Martin’s and Clova. We hit that stretch last year and I thought it was a little tight then, I can just imagine what that “tunnel” looked like this year when you went through that area. It too bad you guys are so far from us, I am always looking for people to ride with. As Ike mentioned, I can certainly appreciate the need for an extended run to make the 8 hour hike worthwhile, I am just not sure about an 8 day ride.... I am in for sure, the rest of the gang not so much... I would really appreciate if you shared some more tales of the route and any other info about the top side of the reservoir. I think that might be next summer’s escapade. I have been considering how to include the Pelchat trail in a side by side run, but I think that would require at least a 4 day loop.
  3. We put another ride on the books this weekend. Marineau’s to 100 Lacs. Took the southern route out on Saturday, 360 to 33 and the northern side on Sunday, 33 to 345 and good ole M20. 30 degrees Saturday morning, 210 miles later we were enjoying the classic flank steak dinner we agree is tied with Lac Faillon for top outfitter meal in Quebec. Sunday was a little warmer and shorter, 180 miles, finished with the disappointing A&W in Berthierville. Leaves are almost peak in some areas. Lots of hunting in the zec, looks like some prefer just cruising on the ATV, all we needed was some blaze orange and we would have fit right in, minus the rifles and what
  4. I understand that the top half had tough internet connections, but I know that Clova, Kanawata and 100 lacs have good WiFi...I am dying for an update and some pics of your trip
  5. When we had lunch at the Rabaska today, a group of European’s were just getting off some sea doo’s. We thought to ourselves I bet that was a short HOLY SHIT it was way too cold for that!