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  1. The red rig does not appear to have moved Trailblazer was talking about pulling off the Pipmuacan loop. I have to imagine that your raptor would fit nicely up to the Pip. I believe the entire Pelchat trail is ATV friendly
  2. We did not get into the bunkers, I have heard about them and even found a video once, but I do not know how to access them. If you told me where the entrance is I will check it out next time. Did you head up to pipmuacan yet? I was looking forward to your ride report, including snacks....😀
  3. No & no look on iquad or fqcq the map will give you an option for 62” accommodating trails I have never had a problem with a width issue
  4. The airstrip is a good place to let the maverick stretch her legs
  5. Keep your eyes peeled for the washouts
  6. The truck at the top of 345 is still there.
  7. Took a ride last weekend. Left marineaus in Trois Rives Saturday morning, hit the repos, Lunic then on to Parent for the night. Next morning we headed back to Marineaus by way of kanawata. 486 miles for the weekend.
  8. Bonjour Jean Guy, Love the hunting stand picture. That guy has a good sense of humor...
  9. It's pretty simple...riding your sled while drunk is stupid. I live in northeast NY and refrain from riding the area. Strictly for a test ride after a repair or major change to my setup. It would take me just as long to get to tug hill as St. Raymond, so that is never going to happen. The idea that riding from one bar stool to another, no matter what the location, is acceptable, is ridiculous. I am always amazed when I see people consuming alcohol in excess, knowing that they are about get on a machine that can easily kill you with no impairment to your faculties. I would support more sobriety tests on all sled trails. Being the lead dog is dangerous enough as it is, add turbo and booze, now you have a recipe for disaster. It seems that people have a hard enough time keeping it on the right as it is, use your brain, not your balls when riding with the gang, the life you save might be yours.
  10. Looks like you brought the right amount of horses to handle piston alley
  11. Triggerhappy how did you do on your ride, or did you not go yet? When I called late last week, they said the black flies had just started in the metropolis.