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  1. Merci JG, GT Snow racer was that model amazing that you take over 600 pics in an average day, increases your chances of having “a good one” haha. i was thinking about staying on the zec roads myself, the trail can be a little bumpy at times. The bulldozer usually makes a nice smooth path, and the grader keeps it that way, or so we hope... have you noticed more deer over the years as they migrate further north? When I am out in the western part of the province I hear all the time places are having deer hunting seasons that never used to see deer when you say “potholes” in French do you say “nids de poules”? i had never heard it called a chickens nest before last year, I had to make sure I heard it as per always... thank you for your photography, like many of us QRs, I check on it all the time if I had the chance to meet you someday I think I would like to hear more about your stories from the challenge Canada adventures, sounds like those were awesome George
  2. I try my hand at photography every once in a while too. Not quite at your level yet in progress
  3. JG often times when I see your pictures I think to myself I should bring my buggy up to La Valley de la Matapedia for my next ride. I don’t know much about the area or the trail system, it looks perfect. I would have done it by now but it’s a 7 hour ride to Amqui from my house. That puts a damper on chances of making it a weekend ride in that neck of the woods.
  4. Dana la onzieime photo ca m’as l’aire d’un ancien Noma sno ski qui a ete l’aisser dans le banc de neige je me r’appelle quands on glissais avec dans ma jeunesse
  5. I saw your picture of the chicken and thought it looked familiar. That’s funny shit. Let me know when you’re in full withdrawals, I will send some down to you Fedex. They’re first claim to fame was michigans. Similar to a Chile dog but not quite.
  6. Hey Phil, Looks like tough sledding that day in the first
  7. If you take advantage of the current exchange rate..then leverage your gains on a short sale of the S&P index..convert back to CDN and use the 24 months no payment backed with a 4 year warranty you might end up with a heated garage for the sunshield that works so well you have to crack the helmet open every time you stop for PS sorry I couldn’t help myself, I figured we could all use a little levity right now and yes the instructions above will still be good in 2 weeks
  8. Hi Jeff I believe I tried that place once upon a time years ago as a back up because the Roq was full if indeed it is the same place, I seem to remember the parking situation was not ideal. The other knock I had on the place was no direct trail access if the lake is not safe to cross
  9. Call me at room 150 we are headed that way tomorrow just saw you pull in
  10. Coming from a fellow Irishman that knew a few Italians over the years.... Head down to the Central in St Michels des Saints on Thursday night. Might be some local talent putting on a show
  11. That chevreuil looks tres petit for this time of year, I bet the snow is making it hard to find something to snack on. Is there a deer hunting season in your neck of the woods JG?
  12. Somebody help QR out....he is trying to post a picture of the first ride of the year. I can't hold my breath any longer...
  13. Continental breakfast...a good friend of mine calls that a bird breakfast...The night before we took a cab to the Royal, it was worth getting back out for. The garage is handy. I seem to recall my stomach grumbling the whole way down the tracks to LSQ the next morning. Pizza place was closed, damn, off to Senneterre, by the time I got there I think I would have eaten shit on a stick. Maybe that's why the flank steak was so special at Faillon that night. One a side note, I beleive the ballet is across the road from the Nordic. We did not go inside so I can't comment on the caliber of the establishment. Andre and Genevieve are really something at Ombre du Vent in Parent. As indicated in previous replies, they go the distance for sure. Breakfast at the Central with everybody else in town in the morning. I usually get them to deliver food the night before, trick is to indicate the tip will be large. Be careful if the dishwasher lady delivers it though, she's a pretty wild driver.
  14. Maybe try chalets et spa lac st jean instead of chateau roberval, the rest looks good to me