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  1. Awesome pictures Buddy. Really like the hornet nest tucked in the maple leaves pic.
  2. I agree Iceman, certainly looks like RCMP colors.
  3. Biking on the ocean floor at low tide in the Bay of Fundy. Six hours after the picture was taken there was close to 8 feet of water where we are parked.
  4. Hope you have a great one Gutz. Happy Birthday
  5. Is that a spare gas tank or keg of brandy?
  6. Thanks Iceman The December 9th countdown begins. I am hoping travel to PQ without 2wks isolation will be in place by then.
  7. A couple from the memory banks.
  8. Paper maps are to spread out on the bed in the room each night to review and change the previous route planned..
  9. Is that in the Gaspesie park? Looks a bit like Jacques Cartier.
  10. Ya you get up way too early! You might be surprised, from what I hear they ride amazingly smooth. Have to if someone is going to sit in it for 10-12hrs