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  1. Close to $70K worth in sleds I bet.
  2. I had forgotten about the Sawmill being closed. That said, if your riders have extra fuel it is not that far 160miles. Even a washer fluid jug full of gas that is dumped in 30 miles out would get you through. It is supposed to be an adventure!!
  3. You could do the loop, Val' Dor to Chibougamau, then Relais 22 or Windigo, on to Clova, and back to Val Dor. You can make 4-5 days out of the loop and no day with super high mileage.
  4. Is there no restrictions in place for travel between Pq and Ont? We can not go to New Brunswick, PEI or Newfoundland right now.
  5. Are the skis a bit more for powder riding then trail?
  6. I always enjoy your pictures and videos. Thanks to both of you.
  7. I have been close to that happening a couple times, certainly a hazard of riding hard right.
  8. Select for sure. They have a pool and hot tub....however hard to say if these would be available in this time of Covid. Tabarnak!
  9. I have never heard a sound coming from mine, buzzing does not sound right.
  10. Do you know where the picture was taken from? Looks like just before heading up Mont Lyall, there is a twisty side cut area of trail.
  11. That looks good, I have found the back part a little short. Noticed the new one last night for 2022.
  12. The Francis in New Richmond for sure if you stay there. The Copper is dated but good food, it is clean and safe, but not the Hilton. The Francis is a better Valentine spot then The Copper!
  13. The other option if Grande Vallie or Saint Anne des Months are ok, about the same distance would be Murdochville and the Hotel Copper. Then you are set up to go through to La Cache. Coming from the west you could turn at St Paulin on the 595 and come up that way.
  14. Not much in the next village either side. I would try the Delice, as Grumpysanta said the Motel Mont Sainte Pierre is getting tired.
  15. I don't think you will regret it. You may have to experiment a bit with the heat settings to get it clear at different outside temperatures. When you get back buy yourself a spare cord with the controller, only about $40 but you don't want to be caught without a spare.