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  1. river crossing

    A couple buddies got lead across the river last Thursday by a local they met at the gas station. I saw lots of tracks crossing from behind Mundles to the back of the village when I drove the truck over the bridge.
  2. Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Looks like the groomer was driving beyond his skill level and blew the corner! Happens with those high speed groomers! LOL
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    The grooming God's are shining on us. The trail from Baie Comeau was perfect all the way, 180mi of perfection. Things are very dry around the parking lot at the Comfort Inn in Sept Ilse. Best thing, the trails will be just as good going back to the ferry in BC tomorrow. Weather is supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, spring sledding can be beautiful.
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    It wasn't as rough as I thought it was going to be on the boat, I expected worse. It was windy as hell from Amqui up to Matane in some of the fields.
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I rode from Pointe a la Croix today, the trail was 10 out of 10!! It was groomed last night. We stopped for breakfast in Albertville at the clubhouse, good as always. Sitting in Baie Comeau tonight, not bad considering the plan at 10pm last night was for us the stay at the Copper tonight. LOL
  6. I thought there had been a huge sale on rouge!
  7. gaspie

    Is the section you are questioning north of Gaspe or south before Perce??
  8. 2019 ski-doo models released

    This snowmobiling thing....has never been a sport for saving money!!! But it is worth every penny when: you are the first track, on a freshly groomed trail, for 70 miles, at -10°, beautiful sunny morning, going whatever speed you want!
  9. I hope your pension was well funded!
  10. Great ride summary. The zoom on that camera is impressive, the picture of the hang glider buildings from the other side tells the tail.
  11. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Haha. We have all got stories similar to yours of longer days then planned!! 415 miles, someone in the group isn't allowed to route plan any more. Great report and pictures. Welcome aboard.
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    That skidder is buried deeper then two weeks ago, a good sign with my plan to ride there again starting this Thursday.
  13. Day trips out of the Delta

    The Delta is a great place to stage and run day trips from. You could easily go 4 days and drive different areas each time. Saguenay Bill is the master of trip planning out of the Delta, he could certainly direct you to some nice loops or maybe you could tag along with him on his excursions.
  14. Yes snow load support is a must in Quebec! Haha
  15. 100 Lac Suds vs Mekoos

    I have stayed at both and each have their own good points. 100 Lacs has an amazing wine cellar and great food. You will not go wrong which ever way you choose.