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  1. I think that bridge had lights on it at night.
  2. I had a wire go bad so shield was not getting steady voltage. By chance did your riding partners say the LED light in the back was flickering?
  3. Did you have it turned up to three on the heat setting?
  4. Better in the spa for sure! Drove home today to Nova Scotia in sketchy conditions.
  5. Just came back from a three day loop, trails are excellent. Seemed we followed groomers everyday. Excellent snow levels, even around Matane.
  6. GoOd news!! Just landed in Quebec, may try the 595 on Friday.
  7. Tough slugging for the deer....idea for the Motoniege!!!
  8. Awesome looking pictures! Hoping to be at the Universal Thursday evening.
  9. Great that is what I am looking for. Are you looping the gaspe?
  10. Let me know Roadrunner if you and your merry crew head eastward checking trails. I am hoping to land in PALC Wednesday night with a buddy and head for the Universal if conditions are favorable.
  11. I went the other way with the bag situation, I went bigger. I was using a 40L trunk bag on less then 5 day trips, longer ones I added a set of saddle bags. Come time to check in I had: trunk bags, saddle bags, handle bar bags, a helmet....... It was just a jack pot. This year I bought the Ski Doo 80L bag with the snow cover. It comes with a shoulder strap for ease of carrying and lots of room for clothes, footwear, tool kit, extra base layers, balaclavas and much more. All positives, however with this bag I am not able to carry a gas can, that is a negative to some. I just have to make sure I travel with guys with gas jugs!! LOL.
  12. Look at the pictures on the Amazon page, it shows the bag wore as a back back. Gives you roughly the size of it.
  13. RIP Neil Rush is certainly one of top rock bands of all time! I saw them once in concert back in the early eighties in Halifax. Always been a fan. Have a great ride Chris
  14. We have a ferry here in Nova Scotia that is supposed to run between Yarmouth NS, and Bar Harbour Maine. Our government in its infinite wisdom has had it tied to the dock for almost two years without making a single trip.. Maybe we should offer to rent it to Quebec for that crossing!! LOL
  15. Darryl I have said it many times, as far as snowmobile goes...."in Quebec they get it"