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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I like the picture of you in front of the hay wagon, you haven't aged a bit!! The pictures very cool, you can see areas that are clear-cut at that time and a forest there now. The Gaspésie was very remote and farming was a big part of life....along with fishing of course.
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Some very cool old pictures! You must have been just a boy when you took these.....LOL
  3. Happy Birthday snow farmer and smclelan!

    Happy Birthday Dave and Andy. Thanks to all for good wishes.
  4. 2100km Loop Guidance

    Good Luck on your first trek in Quebec David. Should conditions be favorable I am sure it will be the first of many more to come.
  5. Sad news to announce

    Very sad news. Rob was a great rider and friend. Rest in Peace my friend. I am happy you are back with Jane.
  6. My story is similar to Bills. I have been going to Quebec snowmobiling since 1999 and only once did I run into someone that wasn't very nice. My motto is smile, laugh, and wave your hands a bit, they will smile, laugh, wave their hands a bit and then get your money and you will get what you want. Always say Bonjour, or Bonsoir to start, the effort to try will make the whole thing go easier.
  7. la cache !!!!

    Haha, yes the only 1 Star I have seen too. One of those iconic Quebec stops for sure. I have been very happy many time to pull in the yard and get a hot bowl of soup on a cold day many times. Always got a kick out of the old guy that came out to gas up the sleds and write the amount on a scrap of paper.
  8. la cache !!!!

    I was by La Cache this summer, they were putting new siding on. Glad to hear they are open. La cache a is very strategic gas stop. Most sleds now can make the 120 miles through without stopping in the middle in La Cache for gas, however if you run into fresh powder most would also be in trouble.
  9. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Head north out of the city, Tour du Lac, a 2 day loop through Mont Valin, or up the TQ 3 to Tadassac, across the ferry, over to Jonquierre, back to Quebec City. Long and short, get out of the high traffic areas.
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Awesome pictures
  11. Suggested Tour guide?

    35 y/o with military background, your biggest challenge would be keeping them slowed down and on the trail. That said they could follow direction very well and could be awesome penguins to tour around. An Iceman tour would end up being the first of many snowmobile adventures for them.
  12. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    I put 21,000 miles on my 2010 Renegade 1200 and have virtually no issues. Check and clean your clutches and replace the jackshaft bearing. Scary to think anyone would even joke about you drinking less rouge!
  13. Mt Valin looking good

    This usually was the norm, sledding on the American Thanksgiving in Mt Valin. However the last few years it hasn't been something that could be taken for granted. Good to see the boys finding some white stuff. Be sure to share some pictures with us snow deprived sledders.
  14. Relais 22

    An iconic picture of snowmobiling in Quebec. First time is saw this picture it was posted by our friend Rob Lyons on a previous website. I knew right then I had to go there and get a picture taken in front of these signs.
  15. Relais 22

    Rumor has it that is Andyman.......