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  1. Looks like you had a great sunny day. Be sure to stop at the lookout on the 587N to see the Mummy Trees after leaving Groomers area.
  2. smclelan

    GT 2019

    Certainly a must have since you and Gemma often travel solo. Way ahead of come along. Good thing you had Jean Guys groomer to hook to! LOL
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Why would they land a helicopter on a known trail that is shared with the airport. Could be a bad situation, unfortunately it will like end up causing the closure of that trail. Snowmobilers loose again.
  4. We didn't notice the stairway but did notice another lookout off to the left. I had been there by car in the summer in the past.
  5. Hmmm??? Sounds like another alcohol related event!
  6. Very cool spot, this was the first time I sledded to it. Good thing there were tracks to follow, there wasn't much for signs and I forgot my GPS this trip.
  7. Grosse poutine with extra formage was ordered Thursday at the club. Flourette told me you already ate before coming.
  8. Keep on subject....there is gas in La Martre now, this is not about age!!
  9. Early, mid March, no better time to do a quick loop through the Gaspesie. Four of us left Nova Scotia Tuesday morning at 6am, drove the 4 hours to Pointe a la Croix getting there at 9am. (Gained an hour with the time zone change) We took off and headed East toward New Richmond. Trails were fair to good, they were ready for the groomer. Lots of deer on the trails, we had to slow down several times. From New Richmond we traveled the 595 to La Cache, also fair to good trail conditions. The trail from La Cache to Murdochville was better then what we rode so far but that was more because of soft snow. We didn't see much traffic all day till we pulled into The Copper, apparently everyone was there. 225 miles The next morning we pulled out to sunshine and freshly groomed trails...awesome!!! Up to the TQ5 and turned westward, first track from last nights grooming. Stopped at the hang glider lookout above Mont Saint Pierre, then on to Riviere Claude. Trail still perfect, hard, and fast. Stopped at La Martre for gas, there is a new gas stop there, an unattended gas pump. Just like buying something from a vending machine, a great idea! We travelled along smiling and landed at St Paulin just after lunch too early to go for Matane. We turned down the 595 to La Cache for a late lunch, spectacular scenery. A little food and beverage an back up the 595 to St Paulin and on to Matane in about 20 minutes after dark. 300 miles. Day three another beautiful sunny day, freshly groomed again...gotta love it!! Took the 591 south through Sayabec to the 587 then up to the Mummy trees before Redemption, could see forever! Trails from there led us to Albertville and Groomers clubhouse. We were eating and hydrating and low and behold in comes Linda, Groomer, and their group out on a sled tour. We chatted for a bit and headed out on the 587 south, Groomer and Linda were heading in the same direction soon after us. Part way through we took a local trail to a very cool look out at L' Ascension de Patapedia. We got back on the 587 again went a short ways and caught up Groomer and company again. We waved and sailed on only to have them catch up to us again we we were going off trail to get around a log truck parked in the middle of the trail. From there on to the truck and headed to Nova with about 725 miles for the trip
  10. Great news for Gaspesie riders. The small family gas station in La Martre closed a couple years back, that made for a long stretch on the north shore without easy gas access. Earlier this week when going by we stopped there just because the signs and even the map indicated gas was available. There is an unattended public gas pump on the trail side of the road. It is right about where you would have crossed the pavement to get to the old station. The pump work with credit cards, I am not sure about debit. Very slick, slip the card in, enter estimated $$$, pin number, select regular or premium, squeeze the noozle, too easy. A very novel idea, could be the answer for small communities that can't support a regular gas station. Sorry forgot to take a picture.
  11. Great pictures as always. It was a surprise to see you pull up an the sled! Great to see Linda, and Joel again. What a beautiful day, March sledding at its best.
  12. Super crisp, sharp pictures Jean Guy. Good to see you out enjoying the snow instead of working on it.
  13. Just curious, did you see any difference in fuel mileage with the 900T verses e 1200? I am playing with the idea of up grading.
  14. Thank you Mike for all your posts of your excursions and restaurant finds. It is great to have you there to help direct or lead other members around that region.
  15. Have a good time riding in the bush, doesn't look like many groomed trails there. No shortage of snow up there yet!! Say hello to Linda.