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  1. I want to start by saying my hats off to all the members that post pictures and do write ups every night during their Quebec snowmobile adventures. Some like Snowmaster2112 and others updating us a couple times through their day. I have been very lazy this year, never posted a picture or write up and been on five trips to Quebec this winter. My first trip was December 17 and last trip ended March 22, the last official day due to Covid. Pictures are going to be fewer and further between now except for Groomer who thankfully never stops sharing pictures. So I thought to make up for my laziness all winter I would share a few of my pictures this winter. Hopefully some of these remind you of some p!aces you have traveled or places you have plans to ride.
  2. More smoke coming off that machine then Groomers machine the night it woofed its cookies! LOL Hopefully the operator got out safely. On the positive side, Matane will have a new machine next winter.
  3. Cool picture of the planes parked on the lake in front of Real Masse (sp).
  4. Well the season has come and gone even though it did end a bit early. How did you do for total mileage? My season ended March 22, the last official day with: 7185 kilometers or 4490 miles
  5. Great season Chris!! I have really enjoyed reading about your winter adventure. Glad we could hook up in Chapais and finally meet. I had hear lots of stories from Dave and Andy about the guy called "Crazy Chris"!! Maybe next winter we can catch up for a couple days and ride. Enjoy your summer.
  6. I am heading up to the Gaspesie tomorrow for the wknd. There is 6500km on my new 900T, I can't put it away with less then 7000! Can't leave too much on the table Bob.
  7. What's was that??? I think I hear something.....can't quite make it could be the fat lady singing!
  8. Too bad, conditions are excellent right now, and spring sledding is always awesome.
  9. Awesome way to spend the winter!! Really enjoyed following along on your winter adventure. I like how you pulled it all together here in this one thread. Hope we can cross paths next winter. Enjoy your summer.
  10. Perhaps a sled from a rental fleet. The favorable exchange rate has to make it worth investigating. Mike you could buy a new one and give them the civic address for the Universal, that is your winter home. They would never check. Lol
  11. Great time for US sledders to order and pay for new sleds in Canada and have them ready and waiting for next winter!
  12. Closed because business is slow or because of the virus??
  13. Is anyone seeing or hearing of places closing or any effects to snowmobile travel in Quebec?