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  1. The TQ 5 goes to the Inter-Provincial motel in Pointe a la Croix, from there call Mundles Towing 506 759 8881. They will come a large tilt deck and take you across the river to the trail on the New Brunswick side.
  2. Zoom in green green waypoint along the 597 on the FCMQ interactive map. This picture does not zoom close enough. See anything? http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2021_09/697063640_Screenshot_20210926-143714_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.53874a90a66a2c623af467c449133b7b.jpg
  3. There is certainly a different hook in the 597 now on the map.
  4. I have to agree with Iceman on the above. You can snowmobile in other provinces or states but Quebec will always set the bar!
  5. The FCMQ map is still showing a section of the 597 closed. Hard to say how often it is updated.
  6. Don't stress yet, December 9th is when you really have make a choice (last day of early bird permit) The one thing that is obvious about this whole covid thing is: things change every couple months! I certainly hope it is easier for all our American members to come north this wi term to the best snowmobiling in the world.
  7. Would that be considered recycling?
  8. They do know how to cross rivers in Quebec!
  9. Never good to loose trails , especially when there wasn't even a chance to defend or discuss the decision.
  10. I am surprised that a (professional) guide would take a risk on ice especially in an area he was not familiar with. Very very tragic.
  11. Thanks John for all you do in the back ground to keep this site running smooth.
  12. I have not been tested, but from what I hear the swab may not penetrate the skull completely. They just shove it in until you see stars and your eyes water! Feel better now? LOL
  13. Wow lots of dead wood! A real fire hazard.
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