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  1. Permits up slightly

    The FCMQ has increased permit prices slightly each year for several years now. They stated at a meeting I attended 10 years ago, a slight increase every year is more palatable then big $40 and $50 increases some provinces do to catch up to increasing operating costs. I believe it is a good tactic.
  2. Sweet new Art!!

    Nice work!
  3. Trail maps

    This plan will be good until you sit on the bed the end of the first or second night with the trail map....then it all changes!! LOL. All the best trips never go as originally planned.
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Is the waterfall your talking about the one you, Bob, and I walked into?
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I am sure the private woodlot owners are having trouble finding a harvesting contractor that has not got lots of wood ahead to cut.
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Red trees from budworm is bad news for your area. The loggers should get that wood picked up and trucked pretty soon or it will start drying out. Nice pics of the ferns.
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Nice shots of the spray planes Jean Guy.
  8. Do you see it? Amen.

    We need snow! It appears we are very hard pressed for new threads.
  9. Mourning no more

    Haha. Talking about planning next winters sled trips in May.....that is passion for the sport!! I am not poking fun at you, I was talking to a buddy about a trip next winter a couple days ago.
  10. flight !!!

    Where would Mont Olivine be in this picture? Under the plane or off to the left?
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Maybe it was just the axle seals failed.
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Did they say what broke on the groomer?
  13. April 14, 2018 Snowmobile Run

    That looks awesome!! I know exactly where that intersection is. I see this is your first post 2strokefun, welcome aboard QuebecRider.
  14. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    What do you think the trails will be like in two weeks????? LOL
  15. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Doesn't look like you have to worry about swatting mosquitoes back at the cabin for a few days yet!!!