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  1. Great pics Mon Ami. I recognized lots of the locations! I will be up soon to try my new 900T if that base stays and builds.
  2. Sounds like there will be riding there for the American Thanksgiving. That is always a positive sign of good things ahead.
  3. Great pictures!! Good to see white stuff starting in the Gaspesie!
  4. It does present the potential for an accident, however responsible riders and proper signage should limit it. Every driveway above mentioned also comes out to the highway. The landowner must accept responsibility for his safety crossing the trail and pulling into the highway. As snowmobilers we need to make sure we do our part by stopping at every driveway to check for traffic. The government has put a lot of money into this trail, let's make sure it is not irresponsible snowmobilers that make us loose it. Certainly an area I hope authorities strictly enforce loud pipe laws.
  5. I think it is sad that the residence are putting up so much resistance, mostly about noise and speed. I suspect in the summer the motorcycles with straight pipes make far more noise and travel by every bit as fast!
  6. I asked my dealer about this, he had not heard of it, but said he would check. Has anyone got the second trip meter configured?
  7. That is a good looking picture!
  8. Things are certainly looking up even if it is a little early. We need a big cold front to come from the north to freeze the swamps, brooks, and lakes....then bring on the heavy snowfalls.
  9. That is the spot. I think Marco and Julie are family
  10. is happy to welcome Motel Royal as a new advertiser to the site. Motel Royal is located just off the TQ85 in Cabano. Julie and Marco are very gracious and welcoming hosts that can speak very good English (for those that are challenged with the native tongue LOL). Pub du Lac is right next door offering excellent dining. Be sure to tell them you heard about Motel Royal on QuebecRider when checking in. Always try to support businesses that support our site.
  11. would like to welcome Mitchell Tees and Signs on board as Advertiser's for our site. Mitchell Tees and Signs are producing and selling high quality QuebecRider clothing for sale to our members. Please support businesses that help support our site.
  12. Condolences Andy. I will be up for a visit when you get back.
  13. I have always been a huge Choko fan. I did buy a new Adventurer jacket last winter, I am going to sell it. As said above it is an awesome jacket at -30, however most days without any venting it is too warm. Too hard to control temperature with this jacket.
  14. Happy Birthday Eddie. Hope to hook up this winter on the trail. It is time for us to do another run to the Saint Paulin Relais!
  15. I rode with two guys last winter with new ones that never had a seconds trouble, and both say they are the best helmets they have ever owned. I did have some issues, but believe they are now resolved with the new shield. I would not hesitate getting one, they are an incredible helmet. Only advice I offer is ask the dealer if it is the second generation shield. I also recommend a spare cord, regardless of the helmet a spare cord is always a good idea.