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  1. South of Saybec on the 591?
  2. The big burn between Balbuzard and Lac Fallion on the 83?
  3. It appears that was too easy! Right on Guys.
  4. This thread idea has been done before and people seemed to like it, thought I would try it again. We need something fun and positive right now. Where am I?
  5. Nice looking machine. Is that an auxiliary engine on back to run the side cutter?
  6. I can't imagine riding with a bunch of degengenerate GF's like that! However, I have heard of that type of behavior before, even seen where a rider would stand on a wrench and smoke cigars so another rider could not get his battery installed!
  7. Real studs out perform pre studded on hard groomed or icy trails, however I have found I need the extra lug more often for fresh dumps of snow or drifted areas then icy conditions.
  8. I would never go back to a 1.25 track, the advantages of the bigger lug shine when there is fresh or loose snow and also very noticeable climbing hills.
  9. I installed a 16" x 1.6" track on my 2020. I did have some ice build up periodically, not a big issue, but no damage to lugs.
  10. Good news Iceman. This has been a painful process it seems. Glad it is finally open.
  11. I only have one season on my 900T and 7000km, so far so good. I have faith that it will be bullet proof. Previous to this I had a 1200 that I put 37,000km on and only replaced a stator.
  12. Omg this this ferry will never pay for its self. It must have lost millions of dollars in downtime since its launch. The old ferry was a shit box but it ran everyday!
  13. A great start for snowmobiling in Quebec!!
  14. Most of the guys pictured here would say " I really thought I could go there". LOL