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  1. Any chance ?

    There is always a chance, however not the norm. Usually you have to be a little higher altitude in that time frame. That said I have rode in the Gaspesie around then, but signage usually isn't all up that early unless there has been early snow.
  2. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Well if that is the case, you have been retired as long as I have known you!
  3. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Great to see The Universal as an advertiser on QR. Be sure to tell them you heard about them on QuebecRider when you check in.
  4. Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    Thanks for that. I had heard there was a bridge issue, however you could see lots of traffic leaving the 595 heading down that trail. Certainly a trail worth riding.
  5. Gaspesie trip intel

    All the internal orange trails are often considered the best of the Gaspesie. The 597 and 595 are usually kept in very good condition. The trail from the 597 to just above Perce is also excellent most times. The trails above Carleton are great but not always groomed to the 595, but not an issue to travel with the GPS track. The track between La Cache and Murdochville is a must do!
  6. Shield Heater Tester

    I experienced one last year, they work great. Andyman did the testing in seconds, shield tested good, cord tested good, determined it was a blown fuse. I did exactly what was described above, power cord tapped on the tunnel. A must have in the tool kit.
  7. Perce Rock Area

    I have heard lots of discussion about the no gas issue in Perce for some reason. No, there most winters is not gas available, however that should not be a reason not to stay at a motel there. Waking up and seeing the rock out the motel window at sunrise is a snowmobilers must do. Many of us have stayed the night in Mont Saint Pierre and never worry about no gas in the village. As in MSP there is gas available on both sides of Perce and machines today of lots of fuel range to gas up on one side, drive in and out of Perce, then on to the next gas stop. As for you staying in Perce, Roland's is a great spot with an awesome motel room view of the rock.
  8. Carleton/Nouvelle Orange Trail

    That waterfall is a neat spot. We found that about 10 years ago. First time in we broke about 2 feet of fresh powder. A challenge to say the least.
  9. Advertising Input

    Working on it now.
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    It does look funny.....but also tasty!
  11. He is Alive!!!!

    You are exactly right Ray, just that simple. We should all mention at check-in etc, that good reviews on QR helped influenced the decision to stay at their business.
  12. It’s getting closer

    I don't receive it either. I am not sure the magazine is sent to addresses outside Quebec.
  13. Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..

    This winter Bill will be sending reports with the laptop in one hand and a pizza spatula in the other!
  14. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great picture of the wood pile, you can start dispatching the loaded trucks to Nova Scotia anytime!!
  15. Permits up slightly

    The FCMQ has increased permit prices slightly each year for several years now. They stated at a meeting I attended 10 years ago, a slight increase every year is more palatable then big $40 and $50 increases some provinces do to catch up to increasing operating costs. I believe it is a good tactic.