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  1. Same here , you also get a discount for triple A membership, and as we live in UK we call them and speak to Helene who is fantastic to deal with .
  2. Happy 4th July guy's. Hope you all have a great day with friends and family.
  3. × 2 on that , our flights were booked 4 weeks ago.. 😎😎
  4. So sorry to hear this, like everyone on this site we love Quebec but we only see it in February with the beautiful white carpet.... we often forget you guy's suffer the thaw... . Hope the floods drop soon..
  5. Wow !! well spotted that man ....
  6. × 2 on that Don same as air medic....
  7. Brilliant idea..... fingers crossed its rolled out all over Quebec.
  8. Ok incase people missed it on Quebec rider Facebook page Bill posted message about getting a Bill trail sign from the saguenay club and is taking orders. There $40 cad each plus shipping from franconia but he needs to know by 15th of April . So check out on fb...
  9. Thanks for all your reports Mike , safe trip home and get well soon...
  10. Big thanks to Gemma and you Jim great pictures and reports we've loved riding along with you in the comfort of our sofa..have a safe trip home. Gary and Pat.
  11. Hi Russ and Pam don't hold me to this but i was led to believe it's going to be the new rerouted 383 from the dam to 368 that's been closed for the last 2 years. Ok found out a bit more it's the 368 from junction of the 23 right up to the 383 about 48k section.... we love that trail it's one of Pat's favourite...
  12. Just for everyone's information , Saguenay Bill has this afternoon been honoured by FCMQ , saguenay snowmobile club and area tourism in naming a trail after him . Congratulations Bill well deserved , we were let into the big secret before we left last Thursday. It is a well deserved honour for all the work you do to promote the area. Enjoy the day very best wishes Gary and Pat..
  13. Welcome Motos Thibault great to have you onboard