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  1. I'm now reading one of the rescue helicopters has crashed and pilot has been taken to hospital.. 😯
  2. Condolences to all involved. Very scary for sure.
  3. Mike we fly 3 weeks today 4th feb arrive at delta on the 5th.. can't wait ... and as for this megan thing it will end in tears mark my words..
  4. Nice too see your back in RDL Mike looking forward to your reports safe trails and enjoy...
  5. Wow Paddy.. looks like a scene from game of thrones... 😄😄
  6. Just read about Neil peart so sad... sorry too hear R.I.P Neil 😥
  7. Hi Padragon sorry we're not at the delta for another 3 weeks, but Bill is back in residence at the delta, so I'm sure there will be someone to ride with.... safe trails n enjoy.
  8. As Eddie said good luck .... another adventure coming up lol ..... hope sandi is feeling better on your return. And safe drive home. Have absolutely loved following your 1st trip of the season. G&P
  9. Happy new year and happy trails to all Quebec riders from the UK .
  10. Hi Jack it's very very wet here in uk, the ground is sodden everywhere. But were all good.. we arrive at the delta on 5th feb and leave on 19th. Be safe n see you both soon.
  11. Hi Jack , great report as usual, were sat here riding along with you both . Pat said you didn't beat the lunch time rush then lol. Hope you find smoother trails tomorrow...
  12. Condolences, so sorry to hear that thinking of you at this sad time.
  13. Great video Alan , and I'm loving the music track. 👍