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  1. The one and only reason they use pop rivet's is cost . A few cent's per rivet as opposed to several dollar's. As for keeping the bolts in use heavy grade lock tight , or the old fashioned way , tying wire , or even better both methods...
  2. They are a brilliant bit of kit we used them all the time when I was working.
  3. Happy Birthday snow farmer and smclelan!

    Very happy birthday to you both.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our QR friends from across the pond. have a great day with family and friends. Gary and Pat
  5. Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    Looking good ... are you there ?? Gary and Pat
  6. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Ok I'll go for 16th December
  7. Air Medic

    Brilliant idea, we just joined up , $70 for the 2 of us for 30 days in February including tax. God willing we won't use it, as it's one helicopter we don't want to ride in.
  8. Proline Trailers

    Sweet . Looks great
  9. Proline Trailers

    And that's before you start taking it apart........ lol
  10. Happy Birthday JAK

    Happy birthday Joe , have a great day, hope we see you in feb.
  11. Sickness

    remember in 1972 thinking my 440 Cheetah was the fastest sled on earth, and a SnoJet blew by me on a lake. Maybe it was Andyman!!! Hi mike ,sounds like the first line of a Springsteen song ...... lol
  12. Happy Birthday SnomoGary !!!

    Cheers mike , I hope our paths cross this feb .
  13. The Challenge

    I saw the moon, and the moon saw me . Lol
  14. Happy Birthday SnomoGary !!!

    Thanks guy's