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  1. I'm very jealous, great report Alain thanks..
  2. SnomoGary

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    As far as i can see 31st December is still available so I'll go for that..
  3. SnomoGary

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Yer i know 5 pm my time but took a punt as wasn't around then , we went to see frankie valli never mind... lol
  4. Tough luck mark, at least you gave him a run for his money..
  5. SnomoGary


    I get the same message but i assumed it's because I'm in uk n going through play store uk .
  6. SnomoGary

    Towing's season opener teaser video

    Love it, more please.. 😄😄. Thanks Alain
  7. SnomoGary

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Ok I'm going for 27th December..
  8. Congratulations mark , good luck in next round...
  9. SnomoGary

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Have a very happy thanksgiving guy's ....
  10. Sorry guy's it won't let me...... uk cell . and no Canada n U.S. address... good luck though....
  11. SnomoGary

    Whats everybody doing this summer?

    He always is a lucky git..... can't wait to see him in it when he's next trail side boon docking..... 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. SnomoGary

    SNOW THIS DATE 2016,2017,2018

    Lol.... I go beating 1st one of the season this Saturday ( we do driven game in the uk.pheasant, English partridge, French partridge, and duck. ) and that always means winter is around the corner and takes me to end of January....😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 then sleds.... yer !!!!
  13. SnomoGary

    Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..

    So funny I'm sat in pub reading this out loud to pat , in between wiping tears from my eye's..... 😂😂😂😂