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  1. We love the sugar shack . We were once lucky enough to get a tour of the maple syrup factory out back with saguenay bill , it's usually one of our first rides after picking up our sleds from the dealer... so sad we won't be visiting this year...
  2. Thanks for sharing Alain, love riding along with you guy's.. enjoy and stay safe..
  3. Happy and healthy New year too everyone.. be safe and take care.... think snow.
  4. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New year... from across the pond.. hopefully we can all ride in paradise in 2022...
  5. Delta pool are is really taking shape. First picture is September, 2nd one now.. looking forward to a dip in 2022...
  6. The feeling is mutual... it's going to be a tough February.. 😞😞😞😞
  7. Cheers thanks for setting up.... but what about us UK residents.. lol 😂😂
  8. Unbelievable, absolutely no thought for anyone else.... very scary
  9. Hi Jeff it was great riding with you and Sandy both in real time and sat here on the couch, enjoy your retirement have a safe trip home hope we meet up next year... have a great summer and stay well.. All the best Gary and Pat..
  10. Yer sad to go but as we've said before always next year.. great too see you guys and everyone else at the delta we had a (awesome) or brilliant time as we say in proper English 😂 .. be safe and have a great summer see you all next February..
  11. Lol .. I've told you before we speak proper English, after all I am an English man!! Born and bred 😂😂😂😂
  12. Thanks for sharing Jack love riding along with you as I'm sat on the sofa. It was great meeting up with you and Sandi again, have a great summer be safe and we'll see you again next February god willing , all the best Gary and Pat..
  13. So sorry to hear that Groomer, but best wishes for what ever you decide to do next.. all the best..
  14. Joe if it's any use Pat saw the Beatles when they supported Roy Orbison and then stood screaming under their hotel room as they appeared on the balcony along with 25 other people .