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  1. If they don't find a way to open the boarder this is going to be really painful going to need my shrink to prescribe some meds
  2. Is that run by Keolis same as the Boston T
  3. Your killing me!!! I'm going to need counseling and a therapy dog
  4. I read they made a deal so those five customers will get their sleds
  5. Beautiful Thank you Today was very nice
  6. Got an email from FCMQ today They mentioned the hurt to the clubs from covid and its effects for the future of the trails I'm going to get my pass and membership to la college Verte as usual and hope for the best!!!
  7. Thank you JG Thanks for sharing your pictures of the wildlife and natural beauty of Gaspie year round It always brightens my day Hopefully we can have a grande together again soon🍺
  8. Thank you I had heard of #4 but couldn't believe anything I heard Fake news fake statistics
  9. Who knew he left it with the Russians for repair?? Dam commies are into all the good jobs no wonder unemployment is so high
  10. Love it unfortunately main stream media is giving it a good leaving alone and social media is shutting it down Sad out of 330 million people a corrupt potato brain and a affirmative action hire is the best they can put up
  11. What will the trails be like in 2 weeks