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  1. Sherry only has 3 cabins 4 beds per cabin built in bunks stayed a couple of times not bad sorry no picks
  2. Thanks for the pictures ice man tears of joy and sadness we all must have massive super spreader when border opens
  3. Had one of the best meals of my life there not sure if same owner or cook but was awesome great view can't go wrong
  4. So your saying I should get my cdl for next year!!!!!
  5. Rode out of Rockwood today 190 miles Good bad ugly but mostly good jomary area very good but Not Quebec. 2022 back to normal!!!!
  6. poltodoo


    It still is a home improvement joke! You can't go with a negative test, we are going to Maine all in our group have tested negative and we are bringing everything we need to isolate ourselves and go home clean!!!! Crazy times. Need mucho grande Blue's
  7. poltodoo


    Steven you can't go to Gaspie? The Ontario guys are going to Quebec? Are there different restrictions for your province?
  8. That's awesome cooking set up Beat covid restrictions in style
  9. Thanks for all the pictures of that special place keeping us sane Glad you got to camp
  10. Signed up for first week of February in Rockwood need a storm or two for sure and a negative test result🤒
  11. I hear you Mike that canyon is Yellowstone beautiful, more snow in PA than Maine or Eastern Quebec, thanks for pictures guys ,hopefully SNOW ❄ falls in New england soon
  12. Setting up for the global rest Control the population first
  13. Unfortunately looks like rain all the way to the north pole but I'm praying 🙏