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  1. Has been going on for years. Take items away sell it to you as a option. X sleds no more shock adjustment. Gen 4 foot holds by them as an accessory. Wonder if they even consider customers when making the decisions no wonder 15 grand for a new sled another 1 to 2 grand to make it whole
  2. 1200 was a great motor and sled. Regular gas which is always the freshest as most cars use it. My concern is longevity. Is 900t going to last 15000 to 20000 miles or more like the 1200 has. Turbo spinning over 200,000 rpm has skidoo created a 4 stroke that has a limited life as certainly the 2 stroke 800 class sleds have. At 15 grand to only get 7or 9 thousand miles which is one or 2 seasons for Quebec riders is not good. Plus 900t needs premium fuel, not at every stop and not the freshest especially in very small towns. Last 1200 was 135hp 900 is 95hp so to stay close in power they have just the 600 2 stroke smoker. Don't feel skidoo considered the 1200 buyers when they dropped it for 900t My opinion not sure what to do except keep enjoying my 1200 for now
  3. I'm a professional never spill good booze. Even sleeping
  4. Have a great ride give JG our best. Monkey see monkey doo tour
  5. 418-760-8565 found there number nice people very helpful. You can launch from there for day trips as well
  6. At the top of the hill at golf course there is a tour company that sells passes around back lower level. Probably a phone number on door
  7. That's good year round. At least she finally figured it out.
  8. Confirmed! he is alive saw him at the NH grass drags. Always a pleasure to spend time with Bill. Great ambassador for the sport. If anyone is ready he was selling passes like hot cakes on sunday
  9. Thats alot of snowflake talk. Lots of cuddly words that say nothing.
  10. Happy summer solstice. Were half way to winter
  11. Monroes what kind of food do they serve. Travel safely
  12. We always get gas at Polaris dealer just before 83 splits off always made it to the lake
  13. Not sure of consolate procedure. I had issues at one time and all were dismissed but still turned back time to time. Then one evening at Jackman crossing the imigraton officer spent the time hour or so and not sure what he did but he said your all set. Since then I have never been turned back but I have to go in to see imigraton and they check to see if I am still behaving. Occasionally they go in depth and it takes 30 minutes to be released but ever since I have never been denied entry. the imigraton office can fix the problem just have to find a officer that wants to help.
  14. never mind starting watch the antifreeze BRP premix is only good to -37 degrees Eddieskidoo spent 3 days in valdor because of frozen engine it started though!
  15. Jim glad you made it safe across the river. Timbo limped safely into Amiqu I and after it started snowing sideways we ducked into a great gite de la tour Eaffel rather than push on to Amiqui. Great hosts sleds in barn see what mother nature has for us in the morning