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  1. If it happens in January it will be with a negative test result in hand IMO Beers with Mike at long lake inn st Agath Maine
  2. Really sucks I was in old orchard Beach ⛱ Maine for yearly trip with my daughter .very odd with no Quebec visitors typically they are 20 to 30 percent of the people on the beach Economic destruction on both sides of the border will be epic in the coming months and years Maybe with better non political testing the border can open if we enter with a negative test result My neighbors wife has a mother in nova Scotia her brother was able to cross to vist He had to provide lodging location plan to acquire food and quarantine for 2 weeks,they called every day sometimes twice and a personal visit from RCP to assure he didn't leave,his mom couldn't even sit on the porch and talk through the window, 2 weeks and then he could see his mother 2020 SUCKS
  3. Great pictures Thanks
  4. I heard that today what is the history of dominion day vs Canada day and happy holiday to all canadians
  5. Saw a Quebec plate in Boston yesterday Must be possible to slip through thats "hope" for winter
  6. Thanks alot for the laugh Rather than chewing the furniture
  7. Great video My brother lives in Florida he said after closing the beaches they opened the beaches but not the parking g lots to the beaches and you can't bring umbrellas or chairs to the beach I guess because it is a long walk to the beach with a chair and umbrella under your arms Officially the inmates are running the asylum
  8. Never saw that operation but crossed the ice bridge many times Often skipping some water i prefer the bridge Helped pull a submerged sled out who didn't make it
  9. Nice bike I've seen groups of canadians in Moosehead lake Maine on those BMW endures All with aluminum boxes on the back for storage They were not as nice as yours
  10. Happy birthday JG Have a great day and may the trails ahead be smooth
  11. Lol belly laugh. Loved following your adventures this winter thank you for posting and a needed laugh hope I can find you on the trail next year
  12. Ok hook the trailer back on
  13. Well that makes my decision easy
  14. Great thought nothing stays the same but some things come full circle Miles and smiles were limited while I raised my daughter alone but that's done ! getting back to miles and smiles with my longest riding partner with whom we together discovered quebec trails for the first time 1989. Happy trails everyone
  15. Have not yet met reggie but he sounds like a heck of a guy like the previous owner bernard One heck of a guy