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  1. Then don't get a divorce !!!
  2. Good news the longer you stay the more you save!!!!
  3. The science is the vaccine doesn't work one or ten there is no protection from getting it!!!!
  4. Bill is certainly a great asset to the region. Anyone have an update on Bill since his last injury?
  5. Still only costs the same as 2 days skiing but we can go as many times as we can
  6. Snowmobiling is an adventure evey time !!!
  7. Driest spring in 22 years in Massachusetts my yard is usually mush until about mid May. It has been hard and dry since early April. Need some snowpack from PQ !!
  8. Looks like that could have gotten out of hand quickly Best possible outcome to a bad situation
  9. Only drug on the market that when advertised the only side effect noted is "safe". I don't see safe listed on that chart.
  10. They are afraid of BLM that's why they get a pass and peaceful citizens can't get heard! but labeled "wait for it" racists. Then treated like a terrorist. Very sad what is going on in both our countries. Law and order bad Burn, Loot, Murder, good Power back to the people Amen
  11. Bernard was one Heck of a guy! Great ambassador of the sport always enjoyed talking with him
  12. Very nice we were up that way last weekend it was great. Groomer was down in Alagash area that's why so rough. Small town America up there
  13. Bizzaro world !! Racial equity Crack pipes WTF
  14. I hope it's something stupid!! I have 2 1200's that have been bullit proof,
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