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  1. And I thought Obama was the biggest pos Oh wait he is and probably Biden 's Puppet master
  2. Is that like Bidenomics !!!!! Same ass fucking !!!
  3. I cannot like or react to posts either. Started 2 or 3 months ago ????
  4. Unfortunately barbarians holding a medieval grudge over who's religion is best. The only way it ends is when none of them exist to remember they hate you for existing!! Make the place a sheet of glass
  5. Amen to her family Good news in the story is the shit bag is dead!!!!!!! Should have shot him first rather than arrest him. Back the Blue!!
  6. God bless America!!! Unfortunately we have forgotten! and are allowing millions of unvetted terrorists into the country only a matter of time for the next attack !!!!!! The invasion is ongoing supported by our government paid for by you and I. RIP America 🇺🇸 😢
  7. Great pictures Thank you Looks like spring is early this year?
  8. This guy didn't get the recall done !!!!
  9. Wow great picture !! saguenay Bill, Ray182, who has green with red stripes Mike rider?? Definitely meet a couple of the others. I'm terrible with names. Thanks
  10. Physical -terrorist !!!! that's rich ! love it. Best of luck, at least you have the options 20 years ago it was a wheelchair!
  11. 597 is amazing!!! First time in Gaspie with skidoo420 we went down it ,they had it groomed two lanes for north and south. Beautiful scenery at full throttle. We were in chandler in what seemed like 30 minutes. Enjoy thanks for posting and bringing us along
  12. Met a group in Forks Maine over the weekend from NY they said no snow your way. There is not alot anywhere except the western mountains. ☹️
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