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  1. Happy birthday To my friend and ridding partner. Looking forward to a great season turning fuel into noise!!!
  2. 700 miles and 13 hours later we finally arrived amazing views and fresh air Oh and the dinner was great
  3. The wife and I heading to Perce tomorrow night 1st stop
  4. Great pics JG making every QR long off season most enjoyable
  5. Happy birthday JG many more to come with your family gens
  6. We’re right behind you leaving Mattawin tomorrow around 11 Am last run for the season also
  7. Started in river Mattiwin on three day loop 2016 800 etec problems ( not blown engin) 30 miles from relaid 22 toe sled back got rental at Auburge Eva tonight
  8. I went by there 2 weeks ago it was open with the tree line did not know there was club house there. Great pics
  9. Great pics I wish I was there we paid the same at mout valian
  10. Congratulations Bill it’s been a pleasure to ride with you over the years
  11. What is the history of the cave?? I’ve heard of it where approximately is it
  12. Mike it was great to see you again this evening hope to see you soon Great trails today skidoo 320 and skidoo 120 are tied and the bar is quiet tonight BTW how is George