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  1. Saw this on trail today the old buzzard was smoking a cigar
  2. Have fun guys we are across the River in RDL
  3. Mike we are heading your way Wednesday for day trips is George ready for a ride
  4. How was your adventure with new partner
  5. We have been on this trail a few times very scenic is the new relay in the same location as old one
  6. Pic from Sunday morning 60 miles of what a broken in 2020 renagade 850 was asking for {Eddie skidoo and doo4adoo in the cat outfit}
  7. Heading to st Raymond Thursday leaving roquemont Friday with Eddie skidoo if you want to join us
  8. Great pics snowmaster hoping to get back to that area this year
  9. Happy birthday To my friend and ridding partner. Looking forward to a great season turning fuel into noise!!!
  10. 700 miles and 13 hours later we finally arrived amazing views and fresh air Oh and the dinner was great
  11. The wife and I heading to Perce tomorrow night 1st stop
  12. Great pics JG making every QR long off season most enjoyable
  13. Happy birthday JG many more to come with your family gens