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  1. It’s a 1967 mustang with a small block 302 Aluminum heads apr 525 hp with 6 speed 391 rear. I’ve had this car for 40 years and just got it back on road IMG_2814.MOV
  2. Sic of all the political, COVID and all lives matter Left work early and hit the black trail turning on the classic rock and banging the gears all threw western ma ,southern Vt and NH 500 miles of stress free weekend Back to the real world tomorrow!!! IMG_2814.MOV
  3. One of mine is orange trail 701 from lac a Jim to 373 it’s not long but nice I’ve done this loop early morning while others were sleeping 😴 in
  4. From 1992-2000 we used to stay at LeCabanon the week between Xmas- new year’s I used to see the same groups of people every year anyone still here!!!
  5. Curtis found this old map from the days we were leaving from St Zenon
  6. Yes in deed blue sunny all day -8 in am and warmed up in the afternoon Eric it’s a 20 you saw me with my RDL sled
  7. Today was a great day lot’s of fresh powder apr 6” ready to explore new terrain after 30+ years finally making the big 93 loop lots of snow in the forecast
  8. Nice pics from top of MSP almost like I’m there tell Phil I looked for the gps but no luck have a fun and safe ride
  9. Mike we left RDL yesterday around 230 for recovery mission got home at 5 am we had a great time Saturday best wishes to you and snow farmer 👩‍🌾 I probably won’t see you again this year till next year 🍷
  10. Mike yesterday we went towards Tourville via tunnels looking for Phil’s GPS had coffee at club house just before 55 then this happened!!!!
  11. There are no water crossing but you may want to get day pass for NB
  12. Mike skidoo 120, Curtis and myself will be arriving Thursday or Friday. Don’t worry short days!!! We won’t be doing 285 days
  13. Be careful of the pepper corn gravy hopefully it doesn’t cause problems at dam
  14. Looks like you’re having a great time nice pics enjoy the nice weather good meeting you a couple of weeks ago