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  1. ICEMAN ....Thanks for all the info and updates ..I assume the river is safe and staked in Shawinigan ?.....Mike
  2. Are you staying in Quebec City? we staying at the Four Points for two nights. I spoke to the hotel rep at the Toronto Snowmobile Snow and when she told me they have a shuttle going into the old city and secure lock-up I was sold.
  3. Hey Grassman24 ..what date are you checking in the Escapade ?..my wife and I check in Feb 19 and head out to St Raymond then Quebec City ...I was booked in at the Comfort Inn but one of the guys here told me about the secure truck and trailer parking at the Escapade ...The info on this site is great ...
  4. Great Tip Thanks....I will check it out, I am booked at the Comfort Inn but can easily cancel.....
  5. Hey Actionjack ...you have to like your dollar this winter ? my daughter and her family live in Boston and they are liking it for sure.. except when I send my American son-law into an Ontario beer store lol...
  6. Wow ..your post gave me a push to book a five day with my wife start Feb 19 from the Comfort Inn Shawinigan (she says hope the river is frozen.. lol ) to Roquemont then to 4 Points in Que City for two days ..we like the fact they have shuttle going to the old city then head back to Shawinigan stopping again the Roquemount for a night ...
  7. Hi Duster ...My son and 4 other buddies are doing the same trip same time ..watch for 4 late model XP`s most of the are renegades and a late model yammi ....Great wide fast trails in that area. I may spend 4 or five days this winter in the Eastern Townships haven't been in that area will have to check with the folks down there to get info If you want to ride the Laurentians send me a note been riding there for many years, are you in the Barry's Bay area ? ...Hey Phil I see your location is Lehigh Valley, my nieces husband was the goalie on your hockey team for the last few years Robb Zepp..
  8. Just came back from a 4 day trip, started in Manawaki and headed to Mount Laurier then to St Jovite. Best snow is around Devils Mountian just a little north-west of Mt Laurier. The Comfort Inn in Mt Laurier is good with the sports bar within the hotel. Worst snow condition I have seen in years in the that area. Good luck on your trip, may be better snow in Maine??
  9. Are you starting from the Auberge Viceroy?, if so its a great place, safe to leave truck and trailer no worries . The president of the local club`s wife did work in the dining room and he will come over and sell you your permits. I believe we will miss you as we arrive in Maniwaki Monday afternoon February 15t, would have liked to chat with you and the boys that have places on the river. Some of the folks I met on the us side of the river that sled, want me to go the Old Forge and Tug Hill any good?? or best to stay in Ont and Que?? Mikeeo
  10. While in the Mt Laurier area be sure to take a ride up to Devil`s Mountain always a beautiful trip.........We will be in the area on the 15th for four as well ...What part of upstate NY are you from ? we boat in the Clayton Abay area......... enjoy
  11. I will for sure: things should be better by mid February if not we will fly to the Bahamas it will cost about the same.Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply`s so far. I don`t want to ride to Clova did it a few years back and it is wilderness for sure. I will probably start from Manikawi and head out, first night on the trail at MT Laurier Comfort Inn. Too bad no trails go into the old village of Tremblant the hotel Nellie O`Conners is great...Mike
  13. Thanks for the info so far, I left from the Viceroy in Montpellier two years ago with the boys. Thought I would try to stage a little closer to Mt Laurier, the wife rides own machine but does not like to run more than 60 kph. Maybe I am best to drive to Manawaki?? any good places to stay the first anf lasyt night that will park to truck for four days.?
  14. Coming from Pembroke Febuary 15th looking to find a good place to start a four day trip,heading toward Mount Laurier, want to run approx 100-120 the first day, I am with the wife so speeding will not be an issue. Any info will help....Mike