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  1. This was just shared on another post. Apparently they are back to using the old 63 this season...
  2. It’s the old 63 a forest road.
  3. If it were me I'd refuel in Kitcisakik and take the old trail (short cut) run to Le Domaine and skip running down through La Vendrye it wiil cut off over 20mi.
  4. Yes, an absolute tragedy no matter what unfolds......
  5. No groomed or marked trail from Clova, bush trails, logging roads etc. Phil1 and I made the trek last year to find out they were closed but we didn't have plans on staying overnight so no biggy.
  6. I believe club Les Our Blancs reported on FB that they were opening 13 towards Mount Laurier within the last day or so.
  7. Did it last two yr's. both ways, it cuts off approx. 20-25mi using the bypass (old trail)
  8. What track is Kwik Nick running on the FR? Any cooling issues?
  9. Clova and Parent have it and I believe Relay 22
  10. Some things have changed in Manawan since my first visit in 1995. A nice new grocery store with gas pumps without cages or locks and the Auberge Manawan that I've only heard good things about. With that being said some things haven't changed, stray dogs running the streets that look to be starving and kids interested in the outside world and that occasional stare like you have three heads......
  11. My bad, I knew his name is Martin but didn't realize her name was Dominique.
  12. Maybe there is a mix up in translation? I don't know of a Dominique at Rabaska but they may possibly be referring to Dominique in Clova that maintains the LePine trail from Rabaska to Clova.