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  1. It was a question for all in response to the implementation of carrying papers for passage. Sorry as it seems directed solely towards you..
  2. Question?????????? If President Trump were to implement the same measures on foreigners do you think he'd be accused of being a racist?...…….for the one millionth time.. Just curious..
  3. This isn’t the only county in Pa. that this is happening in, several other Counties are reporting the same findings. Just putting this out there like all the other news.
  4. Thank you for your services. Would you be so kind to share the name of the hospital that you are associated with?
  5. Positive case counts INCLUDE confirmed and PROBABLE cases! Straight from the Pa. dept of health! You decide.. I have.
  6. Unfortunately we will never know true numbers...
  7. As our Presidential election is in November. The border and snowmobiling in Canada will be a go for 2020-21
  8. Unfortunately some people have no option...
  9. I have a pair of Keweenaw bibs and at the time I bought them (5 yrs ago) they were advertised as being the warmest bib available from Klim. So I'm going to assume in reading the spec's on the Klimate bib that you may at best get equal warmth but not warmer than Keweenaw.
  10. Approx. 100km west of Blanc-Sablon
  11. Exactly! Beginning to think this isn't QR anymore.....?
  12. I always carry X-tra fuel I also bought a caddy for my wife's sled.... That did the trick so she'd keep her eyes on the trail instead of the gas gauge..
  13. I've made the run from Kitcisakik- Domaine without needing refueled with some of my riding partners being on 800 Polaris
  14. This was just shared on another post. Apparently they are back to using the old 63 this season...
  15. It’s the old 63 a forest road.