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  1. Nice trip. I love that hotel and pool at Richelieu. Lucky young man.
  2. Awesome trip. There are 3 La Cache hotels in CA. Definitely on our radar for rides from Moosehead region especially the one with the spa.
  3. This is what I was thinking. Check grooming map day before and morning of and decide.
  4. yep. slow down and attention peaked. Most times that first guy is the wildest but sometimes its the last guy trying to catch up who is the wildest.
  5. Admitted hand signaler here. Only when control is possible and following sleds are not right with me (which is when it is most useful). Consider it a courtesy. Only learned of signaling from organizations such as FCMQ promoting it. To keep my hands on the bars I now run a Ridelite and I think its a good idea.
  6. Like your videos. I would go If I could.
  7. Beautiful report. I remember when we met it was the camera flash from a moving sled that alerted me. Those GoPros can be such a emmerde. Once I get fed up enough I give up too. My older Hero would run all or most of a day in the waterproof housing with it being charged by a battery pack - made its own heat from running and charging. My Hero 7 no such luck yet. I am actually working on a heater solution for mine. Not proven yet, so not sharing yet.
  8. Judging by the map it looks like they were using the lake to try get around a trail closure. The closed trail goes over the south end of the lake. Was always slushy when I rode it 10 years ago.
  9. Leave the property through the tunnel. Go across the street behind the old ski lift and take local trail to right then right on 317. If you make a left on the local you can stop a Du Chasseur for gas then back track.
  10. I have started 3 trips from Lac Carling. Yes you can.
  11. Never been to the Forestel. any chance they would make you bag lunches to eat trail side? Had 100 Lacs make us bag sandwich lunches once to cut out the time for 9 cats to be herded at lunch stop.
  12. That appears to be the former Comfort Suites Tremblant. Have stayed there multiple times on tours. Looks as if it is rebranded with refreshed rooms and now no anglaise on their website. You may have noticed the threads concerning Tremblant and St Faustin and due to the closure of the old Ptit Train du Nord the trail is a dead end not far east of the hotel. For that reason it is not a great spot to base a trip. Nevertheless we have saddlebagged there and take a taxi to Tremblant resort for dinner and nightlife and had good times. Have met several people, mostly from Ontario, there on weekend trips basing there. The condos are very nice and up to 3 BRs. The pools are nice to have access to but the last couple of times have been overrun by screaming kids. The covered parking garage (offered to condo guests) makes a great place to improvise repairs.
  13. I should mention for me one of the keys is zippered packing cubes. Being a backpack makes the trudge from the sled 1 trip with everything. Being a "dry bag" as a boating oriented product eliminates the need for putting anything plastic bags. Also I have plenty of utility contingency stuff, even parts, packed on my sled just not with what comes in the lodging with me. These Overboard bags travel with us all over because they are great for the beach and places like Universal where you might need your crap dry due to weather or the log flume.
  14. Unlike all other times when I pack the kitchen sink, I learned to pack really light for touring. 1 set of street clothes with slip on shoes for dinner. Swim trunks with flip flops. 1 spare set of all base layer rotated with ride gear Im wearing. I set of heavy weight base layer for -30° and beyond. Toiletries and charging gear.