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  1. St Raymond North?

    I'm probably wrong, but I believe FB translated that sentence incorrectly. Well not really wrong it says "close" as in nearby. le sentier sera donc près pour la fin semaine. I think it says so the trail will be ready for the weekend. Worth a call to the club
  2. IMotoneige now available

    Still works on my phone but does not display the grooming delay color spectrum lines. You can still plan trips with itinetaries but you won’t have the latest grooming info. . . Unless you pony up $2.99.
  3. Very cool. Look forward to seeing it in person this winter!
  4. IMotoneige now available

    Yes. New version each year if you want grooming updates. Some older versions still get the maps though, as you can tell. It gets a little better each year too.
  5. Mt Valin looking good

    X2. So jealous of you guys who get up there so often.
  6. Quebec Tries to Say Au Revoir to ‘Hi,’ and Hello to ‘Bonjour’

    You never know exactly what is going on in other people's heads. You have no idea what that persons problem could have been that day - doesn't excuse it just could be any thing other than you. The first time we traveled to Quebec I asked who ever would listen if they preferred we try to speak their language poorly or just be polite in english. Universally they said they preferred that we try to speak French. I am not fluent but I learned a lot of French solely for traveling to Quebec for snowmobiling (it helps in France and Martinique too). When a language is not your native lang, speed is a killer and although I know a lot of French I do not speak it everyday and its hard for me to have a full on conversation. Speaking some French opens some doors. Some times it doesn't matter. I would say I've never been to Quebec without feeling the cold shoulder at least once, I didnt say Nasty just not welcoming. BUT largely, by far, the people are kind and helpful especially in situations where you need help. I blew a trailer tire on my first ride up and I walked into Canada tire in Chicoutimi and asked a young guy if he spoke English - his response was Fuckin-A whadaya need man? I have also seen a lot of times that locals will want to practice their English with us. The language barrier can be frustrating at times for both sides but to me its part of the fun and appeal of going to Quebec, until it isn't.
  7. Cool. Might be able to see Tremblant from the top.
  8. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    From Quebec City Ice hotel?? east not sure if they made the trail yet to new location of ice hotel Manior Richelieu west up river Auberge du Ravage L''Etape loop 3-23-369. 23 is a highway ride 369 is a coaster ride. 3 will be crowed on weekends
  9. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    I can speak to this a little since I do the planning for my group. The short answer really is it just depends. It depends on the day of the week, the part of the season, if there is snow everywhere or almost no where else etc. etc etc. So for me its now pretty much a mix of booking and winging-it I’ve been planning trips snowmobiling for groups as many as 14 since 1999. The trips are usually a set range of days since, often, people are flying up to meet us. We finally started going to Quebec annually, after we kept planning trips to places that wound up not having snow for our dates. After 2 years we graduated from base camp (or hotel) riding with overnights to full back pack trips. We lost guys from the group who don't enjoy the packing and unpacking. And we learned to pack lighter and especially more securely. I used to plan my trips in pretty deep detail including thinking about gas, food, and points of interest along the way. Everyone on the trip knows we may do the plan 100% or ZERO or anywhere in between. We go where there's snow (we hope). Now I am comfortable with a plan framework and 80%+ winging-it. For weekend destinations in busy places you need reservations. Hopefully those have cancellation policies that help or understanding management when something goes wrong. 2 years ago I had to cancel Rebaska on a Friday and boy was she pissed - deservedly so but shit happens (not sure I'm allowed back yet although I did give 24 hrs notice). When you are going to remote places during the week you're probably OK to wing it. If you're heading anywhere on a weekend. it is best to have some reservation and some understanding of the penalty for not making the stop. In any year, at any time, the best plan can go south and you may be a in small town with people offering their stable to your group - un gros merci La Maison Bleu. This couple opened their home (an advertised B&B on the back of a local map) to us at 1am. Woke up to let us in, fed us, opened wine, and made us a huge breakfast a few hours later while letting us use his tools in their barn to tinker on the troublesome sled. One year we went to the Four Points in QC and the place was empty. The next year we arrived on a Monday without reservations and the place was 100% booked due to a convention. The first timers were not happy about 20 more miles on top of the 250 so far but they sure wanted a bed. The next season I took the family to QC and I couldn't find the place in Lac Beauport because they tore it down to build condos. Le Manior St Castin (I think). Built 1937 ---. During your trip, gauge your day in the am and call ahead before you hit the trail. Then check in at lunch to make sure your plan is holding together. Be careful of hockey tournaments. Head into a town with a big tournament going on without a reservation and you might be sleeping in the bus terminal Came close to spending the night in a trail side hunting shack the year we got stuck in the rain storm but made it to La Tuque and spent the next day at the launderette. Luckily, I have never found myself in freezing rain in Quebec but would soldier on (like you did) or if not possible, make an alternate plan. When you have a reservation you can't cancel, you solve your problem (band-aid repair or tow the sled), call ahead if possible and arrive late. See if that town offers late night food ordering from somewhere. During your trip, gauge your day in the am and call ahead before you hit the trail. Chances are good the person waiting for you will place your food order and have it waiting for you when you get there. We towed a sled with a popped coolant crossover tube 25 miles last year to keep a Saturday night reservation in St. Jovite. That is snowmobiling. For a 3 day loop the 23-73 loop from St Raymond or Shawinigan up to Jonquiere and back is hard to beat, but there are plenty of great options in multiple regions of Quebec depending on where the snow is when you are going.
  10. FCMQ map

    Pretty sure this happened last year when they were getting ready to release the latest app version. Prob the same thing.
  11. Well it is a start

    I for one am very hopeful this connection gets made. Update soon I hope.
  12. 2017-2018 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    A foot of frost. Wow. Thats a good start
  13. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Dec 18 (Now a Contributing Member)
  14. is the trail network in jeopardy??

    Hard to believe they would put so much of the winter economy in such peril. This would be disastrous for an entire industry and so many families.
  15. Woodrunner loop

    You might be able to start at Lac Carling for an even shorter drive.