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  1. then the group right in front of you doesnt have cash
  2. Nice sled. I have been using Overboard waterproof boating backpacks as my primary sled (and beach) gear for several years. That bag Fuse posted looks good too.
  3. Its ironic that the lady has joined forces with the person instrumental in closing the PTdN which ultimately resulted in her current complaints. Don't know the facts but don't like the idea of crossing multiple driveways along a trail. That is a recipe for bad blood at least, as well as increasing chances of crashing.
  4. Put your photos on a hosting site (flickr, google photos, etc) and them embed links in your post. Works better anyway once you figure out the process. Photo from Flickr. This site auto embedded the link when I pasted it in.
  5. Im guessing Im the only one sitting next to the River Pool here at Kingsmill Resort watching snowmobile videos. Thanks for sharing Allan. Your summer trip looked pretty awesome too.
  6. Thanks for the report Alain. Looking forward to next season's first.
  7. Ha I was there in Feb. Super hotel.
  8. Did this actually open? Did anyone ride it? I don't see it on iMotoneige. The Saint Faustin connector is probably more important for the Saint Donat area anyway.
  9. Good to hear. Hope the trail connection actually gets realized.
  10. Thanks for the report. Great adventure. Gripping. Glad everyone survived.
  11. Congrats Bill. Please come back to posting reports.
  12. OK yeah agreed. Nice how out of the way Lac Carling is tho. Maybe worth a call for a fee to park.
  13. Hotel Lac Carling, Very close to Pine Hill. Secure parking, nice rooms, good dinner and good breakfast. They do not have trail passes. May be or used to be a site sponsor.
  14. Incredible story. Thank goodness no one was more hurt.
  15. I wear Klim Fusion gloves and they are good down to the coldest temps you want to ride in. But when it’s really cold and the trucks are the light at the end of the tunnel I have a pair of Quebec fur mittens buried in the depths of my gear bag. If it’s too cold for them, the trip will have to be extended while I get a message and the finest dinner within reach I have tried on Kilm Ultras and I bet they are worth a try, just too rich while I’m already riding around with $500 in gloves. Soon enough I’ll loose one of Fusions and buy the Ultras.