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  1. South shore ride

    Very cool
  2. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Chalets and Spa Lac St Jean is very nice, great chef, awesome spa features. The cabins are very nice too.
  3. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    That chalet places looks like a nice place to try for a family chalet weekend.
  4. Last Run of 2017\2018

    317 and the local trail is a loop so I could see how you might not have passed Chasseur if you went west. When we were there this year the west side was advised as closed at entrance to Lac MacDonald so we took the east side through Lac-Laurel both times passing Chasseur. Carole (I think) is a nice lady. Not obvious they have gas when the "shed" is closed. The year before we rode to west side on the way out and the east on the way back. Cant say I remember that hill but it is more than a year ago now. If you are starting at Lac Carling you can stop in La Chute for permits at Nadon Yamaha and gas on the way in or you can drive more directly to Pine Hill and stop at Chasseur which is very close to Hotel Lac Carling. If you come in at night towards or during the weekend Hotel du Chasseur is hopping. On another note - The Delay map is VERY green this morning for 16 March!
  5. Last Run of 2017\2018

    No gas at hotel du chasseur? 10 min ride max from hotel Lac Carling Should be gas in La Chute. Although that’s pretty far south.
  6. 100 Lac Suds vs Mekoos

    Mekoos is "nicer" I would say although I have never spent the night there. Their facilities feel more developed. They also have A hot tub however I think their capacity is at least 80 people so it seems they should need a few more. 100 Lacs is more of an outfitter feel to me. I've never seen anything but a quite small bed at 100 Lacs. Hell those rooms in the main lodge with 2 beds - the room itself might not be the size of a king bed.
  7. White Road Run

    Amazing adventures. Respect.
  8. Currency Exchange at Thousand Island Bridge?

    ATM that cooperates with your own bank is generally the best way to get cash in foreign countries
  9. Saint Donat Area

    Saint Donat is a nice area. There are some tight areas near town including XC ski trail crossings but outside of town the trails are nice and well groomed usually. Towing made a report recently that includes this area. I was there the same time and trails were in great shape. Plenty of snow cover. There is a new place to stay called Le Grand R. Nice lodging and good chef. Also A Culière a Pot. Thé Spa (Chalet Suisse) place is real nice but only rooms with one bed I think. They sell passes to use the hot tub and pool to non hotel guests too. If you get near St D and time allows take the trail to Mt Noire and bring bread to feed the jaybirds.
  10. Rental Sled Near Casino

    Pro Mechanique on the bend near the golf course. +1 418-665-7965 No review just looked it up
  11. looking to ride Les Nids des Mont Valin the lady is super nice but does not speak much english
  12. Westbound from Shawinigan

    Not Yamaha skis, motor, clutches, or running boards. Cat
  13. Westbound from Shawinigan

    Not a Yamaha actually
  14. Trailside kitties

    Theres another post on FB today showing a family of 4