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  1. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    Club Royaume groomed Le Cab to Lac Taureau today according to their Facebook page.
  2. I dont think the app is released yet. I'm referring to the online map version. I'm sure the "Snow" button will be there when the app is released.
  3. Check out the new SNOW button in the 18-19 version. Snow on ground Radar Snow prediction next 6 hours Snow prediction next 24 hours
  4. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    I am not at all condoning it but I was unaware of the age requirement prior to this thread actually and so my daughter logged a couple miles in QC on one of our sleds prior to her 16th. We were just taking very short jaunts from the hotel. You have to watch where the snow flies early and then pay attention to club conditions to see if they will hold. Almost any time of year other than mid Feb is a weather crap shoot. St Zenon is probably your best bet if it HAS to be over Christmas holiday AND your driving constraints are not flexible. Not sure on the off trail excursion and you want to be careful of that so if the weather works out for you you should find an off trail guide that you can start at or ride to such as Rebaska (West) or Nord Expe or even Auberge du Ravage (east). No matter where you go at Christmas time IF there is snow there will be traffic because everyone else is Jonesing as much as you are. I hope the plan comes together for you.
  5. Entrelacs / Esterel

    I enjoy this area and it is a good place to take the family due to many places to stop. I wont speak to the timing of the start of the season but I went to St Donat 2x last year and the grooming was very good even after the big ice up. I have used AirBnb and other VRBO like sites to rent chalets in Quebec over the years including last year. Another nice new option in St Donat is Le Grand R. They have condos, rooms, and chalets, an indoor pool and bar and restaurant. There is a short direct connector trail there off 33 just before the bend that turns to where you can see Lac Archambault from up high. The ride up the the Montagne Noir peak is a good trip for the wives and kids. Bring bread or trail mix to feed the jays. Esterel is cool place to take the wives too but expensive. Last time I stayed there was before the remodel but I have ridden there for lunch since the improvements. Lots of selfie sticks. Be aware there is a loss of right of way on 43 N near Entre-Lacs due to land sale.
  6. Quebec elections? Making the trails great again?

    Club Saint Donat already printed trail 310 through the parc on this year’s map.
  7. Quebec elections? Making the trails great again?

    Actually the CAQ promised, if elected to reopen parts of the trails through Parc Tremblant in response to Saint-Donat complaining of the trail closures hurting their economy by isolating the region. In response, CAQ opponents, Parti Quebecois, Solidaire, and Liberal all stated the matter was settled in 2013 when the trails were closed. In supporting their positions of keeping the park closed they touted the reconnection of St Faustin and Tremblant but of course that hasn't happened in reality yet. Guess its too early, but I was looking for more on the ground info on a potential positive development for the sport.
  8. Am I reading correctly that the politiicians that have promised reopening of Parc Tremblant trails have been elected? Does that mean this trail (or trails) will be open this season?
  9. Trail maps

    There are some waypoint repositories here in the Waypoint sticky thread. That plus Basecamp, Trakmaps, Googlemaps, and iMotoneige will get you almost anywhere. As a signed in user to Google you can save (star or bookmark) places on Google maps so use your GPSr to guide you 99% of the way then use google maps once you are close. Usually signage works for the last Klick too. So when I have a trip planned I use the interactive map and google maps to back and forth to make sure I can get from the trail to the place want to go. Several starred places in google maps and waypoint file I got from here in GPS Kit app.
  10. Early December Trails

    Spend some time reading Early Riders and Road Runners Posts from past seasons. They are the ones that always seem to post early when I am wishing I could be riding already in December. Every year is different you have to watch where the snow starts to fall early. And then keep in mind you’ll have early-season conditions and lots of competition from other riders trying to get to the only places with snow.
  11. Share a video of memories..

    put it on youtube or instagram and share
  12. Another gas stop loss

    Several years ago we had a heck of a time scratching back and forth through Labelle trying to find the other end of the trail.
  13. Another gas stop loss
  14. Another gas stop loss

    I have started 2 trips from here since Iceman posted about this place. Beautiful buildings, great service, good food, indoor pool, underground parking garage, just about the shortest drive possible for us to get to good riding. Planning to go play golf there this summer. The place is empty in winter so the service has been very good both times. Rooms are large and the price is quite reasonable to me. Most important truck still there when we returned. This year there was a lot of snow in this area. If they actually connect 317 St Faustin to Tremblant will make an even better place to start.
  15. Good news!

    The post I am taking about is from yesterday clearly. Not from the past. It announces the trail closure for this season AND that the connection will be made for next season. Hope it’s true.