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  1. Trail maps

    There are some waypoint repositories here in the Waypoint sticky thread. That plus Basecamp, Trakmaps, Googlemaps, and iMotoneige will get you almost anywhere. As a signed in user to Google you can save (star or bookmark) places on Google maps so use your GPSr to guide you 99% of the way then use google maps once you are close. Usually signage works for the last Klick too. So when I have a trip planned I use the interactive map and google maps to back and forth to make sure I can get from the trail to the place want to go. Several starred places in google maps and waypoint file I got from here in GPS Kit app.
  2. Early December Trails

    Spend some time reading Early Riders and Road Runners Posts from past seasons. They are the ones that always seem to post early when I am wishing I could be riding already in December. Every year is different you have to watch where the snow starts to fall early. And then keep in mind you’ll have early-season conditions and lots of competition from other riders trying to get to the only places with snow.
  3. Share a video of memories..

    put it on youtube or instagram and share
  4. Another gas stop loss

    Several years ago we had a heck of a time scratching back and forth through Labelle trying to find the other end of the trail.
  5. Another gas stop loss
  6. Another gas stop loss

    I have started 2 trips from here since Iceman posted about this place. Beautiful buildings, great service, good food, indoor pool, underground parking garage, just about the shortest drive possible for us to get to good riding. Planning to go play golf there this summer. The place is empty in winter so the service has been very good both times. Rooms are large and the price is quite reasonable to me. Most important truck still there when we returned. This year there was a lot of snow in this area. If they actually connect 317 St Faustin to Tremblant will make an even better place to start.
  7. Good news!

    The post I am taking about is from yesterday clearly. Not from the past. It announces the trail closure for this season AND that the connection will be made for next season. Hope it’s true.
  8. Good news!

    CNC do I read this correctly that club diable et rouge today announced this will be connected next season?
  9. Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    imotoneige pseudo-tip Plan to your heart's desire on phone or computer ( and use email link to email yourself. Then paste links in notes app or any other app you can quickly find on your phone to organize them any way you want. Then when you want to view it or run just click link and imotoneige opens it up. Voila! Your own saved routes collection. I'd love to see them implement "dragging" the route so you could modify the route it pops up without having to use way points.
  10. South shore ride

    Very cool
  11. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Chalets and Spa Lac St Jean is very nice, great chef, awesome spa features. The cabins are very nice too.
  12. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    That chalet places looks like a nice place to try for a family chalet weekend.
  13. Last Run of 2017\2018

    317 and the local trail is a loop so I could see how you might not have passed Chasseur if you went west. When we were there this year the west side was advised as closed at entrance to Lac MacDonald so we took the east side through Lac-Laurel both times passing Chasseur. Carole (I think) is a nice lady. Not obvious they have gas when the "shed" is closed. The year before we rode to west side on the way out and the east on the way back. Cant say I remember that hill but it is more than a year ago now. If you are starting at Lac Carling you can stop in La Chute for permits at Nadon Yamaha and gas on the way in or you can drive more directly to Pine Hill and stop at Chasseur which is very close to Hotel Lac Carling. If you come in at night towards or during the weekend Hotel du Chasseur is hopping. On another note - The Delay map is VERY green this morning for 16 March!
  14. Last Run of 2017\2018

    No gas at hotel du chasseur? 10 min ride max from hotel Lac Carling Should be gas in La Chute. Although that’s pretty far south.