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  1. Never been to the Forestel. any chance they would make you bag lunches to eat trail side? Had 100 Lacs make us bag sandwich lunches once to cut out the time for 9 cats to be herded at lunch stop.
  2. That appears to be the former Comfort Suites Tremblant. Have stayed there multiple times on tours. Looks as if it is rebranded with refreshed rooms and now no anglaise on their website. You may have noticed the threads concerning Tremblant and St Faustin and due to the closure of the old Ptit Train du Nord the trail is a dead end not far east of the hotel. For that reason it is not a great spot to base a trip. Nevertheless we have saddlebagged there and take a taxi to Tremblant resort for dinner and nightlife and had good times. Have met several people, mostly from Ontario, there on weekend trips basing there. The condos are very nice and up to 3 BRs. The pools are nice to have access to but the last couple of times have been overrun by screaming kids. The covered parking garage (offered to condo guests) makes a great place to improvise repairs.
  3. I should mention for me one of the keys is zippered packing cubes. Being a backpack makes the trudge from the sled 1 trip with everything. Being a "dry bag" as a boating oriented product eliminates the need for putting anything plastic bags. Also I have plenty of utility contingency stuff, even parts, packed on my sled just not with what comes in the lodging with me. These Overboard bags travel with us all over because they are great for the beach and places like Universal where you might need your crap dry due to weather or the log flume.
  4. Unlike all other times when I pack the kitchen sink, I learned to pack really light for touring. 1 set of street clothes with slip on shoes for dinner. Swim trunks with flip flops. 1 spare set of all base layer rotated with ride gear Im wearing. I set of heavy weight base layer for -30° and beyond. Toiletries and charging gear.
  5. Been using Overboard back packs for years. I can pack for a week tour in my 30 L bag.
  6. Most compelling snomo thread since Andymans blizzard regaling. Thanks
  7. Nice loop. Hope to try something similar from Jackman. We rarely crack 200 but those legs are a bit short. I do like those fire tower views in CA.
  8. We unloaded up the hill there and they them let us leave the trailer in the camera view. They have underground parking as well but its tight and out of the question if your ride is lifted or on oversized tires.
  9. I think Iceman stumbled upon Lac Carling in a plan B scenario and signed them up. The GM rides but is not a total sled head. I think his name was Mark but not sure. The times we were there we were the only sledders at the hotel.
  10. We started two years in a row at Lac Carling after we lost our rigs. Great place. Been meaning to go back in summer and play golf. Tough spot for them for snow at times but the rooms are huge the price is good, we had great dinner there both times. And good buffet breakfast to kick off the tour. Beat of all, look at that beautiful trailer still parked there when we rounded the last corner And yes the Chasseur is a fun little place. We got our passes there.
  11. Thanks CNC. Is that actually the complainant? There are very few properties that fit the criteria of being so close (<20m?). Seems impossible that a snowmobile would be louder than any of the transport trucks going by.
  12. Been to Tremblant many times touring. Enjoy cabbing in to the resort for dinner. Without that trail its a poor base. We would usually hit Tremblant on the way back to trucks at Lac Carling. Short ride then hit the highway. If that trail ever opens up there are several new lodging places I would love to take the family. Any body got current photos of the "trail" now that there may be some snow?
  13. Hope you find some snow. Always chose Le Sag due to pool. Getting to the open trail cutting thru town is not as easy from Le Sag tho.
  14. AHA. Thanks for the explanation! Makes more sense to me now.
  15. They changed the color scale of the grooming delay!!! Most recent grooming is purple. This does not POP like the previous colors as seen above. NOT an improvement IMO. I stand corrected.