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  1. What would our electric service and panels look like if these were all electric? Plus our electric Super Dutys, SXSs? Wife's trucks or cars? Imagine the stress on our grids with an inverse mix of fossil fuel vehicles to all electric. Hell even 60/40 fossil fuel to electric mix. All bolstered by unreliable "renewables". In an ever colder world "saved" from Anthropogenic Global Warming by eliminating fossil fuels. Think TX in record cold without enough electricity X orders of magnitude. Imagine lunch at Repos or overnight at 100 Lacs with an Octopus of 220v wires charging up the sleds off the grid. #energystupidity
  2. Write a letter to the court explaining the trail was groomed and the unlawful area was not well marked and ask for an elimination or reduction of the fine. Whatcha got to lose? This works better than expected often. Not paying is a bad idea.
  3. Any trip with the wife will be a place or places with Spa Nordiques or at least indoor pool. Richeliu La Malbaie - long drive The 4 Points or whatever its called now - Quebec City Auberge Vieux Moulin - St Zenon area - bring locks Manior Lac William Victoriaville area (Chaudiere Appalaches) L'Esterel - cool place north of St. Jerome. For me I could go any of those places and come up with decent ride out and back using GPS planning and viaexplora/imotoneige. Now that I ride out of Maine we are hoping to do a tour of the La Cache hotels in lower Chaudiere by leaving from Jackman area. Who knows post-covid what places may be gone.
  4. Zoinks! Blew track on rental?
  5. Surprised to see 2 of these in West Yellowstone.
  6. We never ride the trail from Greenville to Kokadjo because we've never seen it good. We have no problem taking the lake. 12 miles east of Kokadjo was not bad. Was surprised to see the Millinocket side so rough.
  7. Took two trips west to ride the mountains in Gallatin forest and finishing the season with a trip to Maine. Greenville to NEOC for lunch yesterday. More moguls than not.
  8. Ill post some media after we return. Epic day off trail riding in W Yellowstone today. See you in Maine in a few weeks. Fewer than 10 miles on my sidewinder. 100s of miles on rentals this stupid F-in winter.
  9. I stand corrected that NO Vaccine was more than 90% effective. And we've only had the Polio vaccine for 55 years. I was referring to flu vaccines. In any case this Sars CoV2 "vaccine" is more aptly described as gene therapy NOT a vaccine. Nevertheless all irrelevant to the fraud that is the PCR test used to define a "case" until a change in administration.
  10. Awesome! We were booked for Grizzly Lodge but couldn't go due to closed border. So we did West Yellowstone in January. Going back next week.
  11. that photo is getting a lot of shares on fb without much context.
  12. Crazy!. Yeah I knew there had to a turn at the camera's back. I read through some (rusty since not been in QC since '17).
  13. Ski-doo v. Skidoo. Any info? Hope all involved are OK.
  14. It is worse than you think. The "vaccine" took hours to concoct. No vaccine has ever been >90% effective. Malarkey.