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  1. Definitely beats staying at home. Love to see people adapting to overcome bullcrap obstacles to carry-on. I expect no less of the Quebecois.
  2. Peak oil has always been nonsense. Peak electricity? Well that will be some bad juju.
  3. I gonna say I absolutely love my Sidewinder as I did and do my Apex and Attak that I still own. The Winder is a sexy beast, a rocket, but there is no denying she is heavy and I may be getting a Riot or a Backcountry. And yes, sense is anything but common these days.
  4. I'm not gonna read all the posts I'm just gonna slap and move on. Reality (free market enterprise) killed the electric car. Now that reality has been suspended, untold numbers of people are willing to tail off one environmental impact for a MUCH worse one - mostly electric infrastructure. Renewables (absent cold fusion) will never surpass fossil fuels. There is more than enough fossil fuel to burn clean enough to least us until at least the next 2 extinction events. All electric or even hydrogen power will double greenhouse gas emissions and come along with the environment impacts of mining and disposing of the additional heavy metals needed. The world should be looking at tech to make using fossil fuels cleaner and increase efficiency and be building nuclear. Otherwise only look to California to see what the future will hold with electric rationing due to idiotic renewable %s mandates. Common sense always takes too long to prevail after upheaval. The next asteroid will take care of the rest (maybe a CME or EMP). Would make for a Dark Winter.
  5. Nice to see PA getting some white gold riding in. Been a tough several years. I'm sure my sticker is current but its not even on my sled. No idea where it is. My 1st real organized trail riding trip was ANF trail 1. Great memories. We didn't even have helmets! I don't even remember the little town's name (KANE) but we made it to Westline and over east to Coudersport. I was riding a beat up '82 Enticer. Saw a lot of "Team Belly Pan" on that trip.
  6. Hopkins researcher finds no actual increase in deaths due to Covid-19. Simply unscrupulously mischaracterizing expected deaths to Covid-19. Heart disease, influenza and pneumonia deaths are down a near conveniently exact number of the increase in supposed Covid deaths. This is the result of the fraud that is the PCR testing that gives as much as 97% false positives due the cycle count of amplification used in the US. Hospitalizations and death always seasonally fluctuate up and down with the peaks always being winter and holidays.
  7. I read about those payouts for the 1st time in this referenced article. Just silly, it was a darn train track right? And much of it was and still is trail. Miss you guys! Hope you guys get to enjoy some semblance of a season.
  8. Shoulda just put the trail back on the L' Ptit Train du Nord. Its idiotic! What a waste. Well I for one like this area so when ever we get back to Quebec it will help make starting in Lac Carling even better. Hopefully the club does some massive signage on either end of this trail. Funny to see that picture of the lady with that massive tow truck rolling behind her. Other than cans or extreme speed not much chance the trail will be louder.
  9. THIS IS COMPLETELY EMBLEMATIC OF THE BULLSHIT TIMES WE LIVE IN. I was very tempted to remove the name calling until I dug even a little more. "As NPR reported in July, the government reached a deal for nearly two billion dollars to help distribute the vaccine. Pfizer’s own press release in July announced that the U.S. government placed an initial order of 100 million doses for $1.95 billion. No money went specifically into the vaccine’s research and development, but Pfizer absolutely did take government money, and was forced to walk back Jansen’s statement."
  10. The New York Times described the partnership as ‘part of what the White House calls the Warp Speed project’ in July. THE New York Times NO LESS
  11. Thanks to Operation Warp Speed there is hope for a vaccine. Undeniable. Just as undeniable as widespread voter fraud. DC is THE circus. The circus may never leave. Certainly not any time soon if Creepy Sleepy Big Guy and the demented diabolical democrats are finally able to complete their coup of lies against the man the American public elected to try to clean it up. By the way Big Guy says masks are better and Cuomo doesn't want Trump's vaccine efforts. Just keep sending the sick to nursing homes and let Fauci and family watch the Super Bowl without their masks.
  12. I hope they do get deemed essential. I'm going to save that Mylene interview to watch it on a loop to sharpen may French 😎
  13. On another note, the FDA is warning of false positives for the Rapid Antigen test which was supposed to be the more accurate test than the fraud #PCRtest RNA test.