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  1. Celine is back. Saw her in January & again in February.
  2. Great video Alain! So fun to watch. Love the music with all the action!
  3. Great run! Nice meeting you last month at Kanawata at lunchtime. Still a lot of snow up there!
  4. Thanks GutZ! That’s great to know. I’ve had the app for years & never tried it that way! Feel better & retire soon!
  5. Awesome Alain! I can hear Krikri as you hit those drifts! Not easy! Great video.
  6. Safe travels south Mike & feel better soon! Thanks for all the reports & pics! Best, Tom
  7. Thanks for sharing Jim & Gemma! Was fun following along with you both. Safe travels home today!
  8. Way to go yet again Don! You are such a great contributor to QR! Thanks for everything you do for this site! The Iceman Rocks! Welcome Forestel! What a fantastic place to stay!
  9. Nice run guys! I hope your ride home is easier than your truck ride north!
  10. You guys left Drakkar a couple hours after we did on Sunday. Monday & Tuesday were epic days indeed! As Jean-Guy (Trailblazer) always says: “Snowmobiling is always an adventure!” Thanks for the entertaining narrative & all the pics! Z16 is lucky to have an uncle like you!