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  1. Any chance ?

    Right on Mike! We are both dog magnets!!
  2. Advertising Input

    Agreed! How about sending 10-20 cards to each Contributing Member to start?
  3. Advertising Input

    Great job Gary!
  4. Question about Balbuzard

    I miss Nancy from Forsythe!!
  5. Cross St Lawrence at Trois-Rivieres

    From North call: 1-819-377-4747 From South call: 1-819-233-4414 I haven’t used this service in over 10 years so call & confirm if they are still doing it. Good luck. Tom
  6. Question about Balbuzard

    Bad news. Closed this winter. This place is needed for fuel top offs and/or lodging if people don’t fill in Clova or Lac Faillon and don’t carry extra fuel.
  7. Advertising Input

    Agreed. I think 2 sided cards would work best. One side French & the other side English. Great job so far Gary & John!
  8. Saguenay Bill

    X2 on all the above NHTom! I’ve been buying my pass from Bill for years. Always comes quickly in the mail.
  9. Question 2018-19 Trailer Service Quebec City to Levis

    Hey Fredsleds, Try the contact below. I haven’t used them in 2 years.
  10. New Warming Hut

    This will make Scorpionbowl so very happy as this is his absolute favorite section of trail in PQ! LOL
  11. Advertising Input

    Great idea GutZ! We could all hand them out thruout our Quebec adventures!
  12. Trail maps

    X2 What dates are you planning this trip for?
  13. look what I've found.

    Don’t call it the kennel Gary - call it the “Spa”. They like it much better!