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  1. Both places below have dog sledding on site. I’ve done it at both places but prefer Lac-a-l’Eau-Claire.
  2. Hahahaha! You're catching up quickly Gary! I’m glad you got vaccinated also. Let’s get a ride in together this winter in the Great White North! It’s been too long my friend! I hope you’re enjoying retirement! Best, Tom
  3. Hotel Coline Railroad tracks in front of the room doors to lock up your sled to.
  4. Check out this article from USA TODAY: US extends Mexico, Canada border travel restrictions through Aug. 21 despite Canada allowing fully vaccinated Americans https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/07/21/us-mexico-canada-border-reopening-travel-restrictions-through-august/8034057002/
  5. Mid September & I will join you on my Gold Wing Bob! Let’s do it! Best, Tom
  6. Check out this article from USA TODAY: Canada to reopen its border to fully vaccinated Americans starting Aug. 9 https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/07/19/canada-border-reopening-fully-vaccinated-us-citizens-aug-9/8016368002/
  7. Vaccinated & ready to ride the best trail system on the planet!
  8. Great report & pics as usual Don! Thanks for sharing. The Gaspesie Rocks! So glad Caro likes to ride. Such a great thing to do together.
  9. Prayers for your entire family Dave!
  10. Prayers for a swift & complete recovery Bill! You have so many people pulling for you my friend! Anything, anytime, anywhere. Just ask. Best, Tom
  11. Nice! Have fun & enjoy it all. So glad you got Caroline out there with you!
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