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  1. Thanks Terry! Just put an order in. Best, Tom
  2. Happy Birthday Eddie! I hope to see you this winter in Paradise!
  3. So sorry to hear about the passing of Ward. May all your fond memories of him remain close to your heart. RIP Ward.
  4. Welcome Mitchell Tees! Thanks for supporting this great site Terry! See you soon my friend! Best, Tom
  5. Great work JG! Awesome season indeed. Didn’t get your way this year but definitely will be there next February or March! Have a great summer & stay well. Best, Tom
  6. Well done David! Thanks for sharing all your narrative & pics! Fun tagging along with you. Don’t forget the flowers & Birthday cake for Lucy! Safe travels southbound.
  7. Celine is back. Saw her in January & again in February.
  8. Great video Alain! So fun to watch. Love the music with all the action!
  9. Great run! Nice meeting you last month at Kanawata at lunchtime. Still a lot of snow up there!
  10. Thanks GutZ! That’s great to know. I’ve had the app for years & never tried it that way! Feel better & retire soon!