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  1. Awesome Alain & KriKri! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful videos! Unfortunately now I am even further depressed than I was already. I should be leaving for my first trip of the season to Quebec in the next few days but that won’t be happening. This COVID-19 has got to go!! We will live vicariously through your trips and postings! Please please please keep them coming! Best wishes for a Healthy & Happy 2021! Tom
  2. Cabo San Lucas. I’ve swam in those waters there.
  3. Another view from top of Mont Saint Anne.
  4. Motel Nordic in Chibougamau.
  5. Entrance driveway for Auberge Le Montagnard in Saint Roch de Mekinac?
  6. The prior “Coline Hotel”. Had a single line of railroad track to chain your horse (sled) up to for the night.
  7. CC7B1DD9-0CF8-4A48-9365-7615C79C9301.MOV
  8. Watch the series “Hell on Wheels” on Netflix. Great show about laying railroad.
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay healthy & safe!
  10. Just saw someone got it before me. Oh well.
  11. Ferry crossing for L’Isle aux-Coudres.