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  1. 10 days ago I sent out emails to the 2 contacts I have for Hotel Matagami for a status update. No responses yet.
  2. All good now! Repairs seem to have been completed.
  3. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_10/8395DD43-71D0-4591-91D4-ADC4A5D1FBDA.thumb.png.5f8a02f2f9ed0d6d67d3b718e973da16.png Try calling this number. It’s been 5-6 years since I’ve used them. Hopefully they’re still in business or know of someone.
  4. Rut roh……………………….
  5. Go get it boys! Looking forward to reading of your escapades.
  6. Awesome trip & pics guys! Looks like you had great weather on the north shore. I’m sweating here just looking at those dig outs! You’re a brave group!
  7. Looking great there Dave! Have fun!
  8. Thanks for all the above posts. These accidents are always so tragic yet avoidable if trained properly. I also always think about the double yellow line down the middle of the trail. Every time I catch myself with my left ski on or over the yellow line I give myself a strike. I hate it if I get one strike in a total days ride. Two strikes & it’s time to slow down & start practicing and reinforcing all my good riding skills. I taught all 3 of my kids the same thing. Also my right ski must be at the right berm on every right hand turn! Everyone cheats a little bit on left-hand turns. They are more difficult to make staying on your side of the trail. My right hand turn is the oncoming persons left hand turns. If I’m not hugging the right berm on my right turns & we know the person coming and making the left turn is cheating then Houston we have a problem! I can’t tell you how much damage on the right side from scratches from tree branches and broken right mirrors I’ve had on my sleds over the years. That’s because I try to keep my right ski at the right edge as much as I am humanly possibly capable of. That not only goes for right turns but for all my riding.
  9. Kudos guys! You are all made of hard core adventure! Glad you made it to the Nordic! I’m exhausted just thinking about those dig outs! Sleep well tonight! How about riding all groomed TQ93 tomorrow eh?
  10. Go get it Team Vermont! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!!!
  11. Snowmobiling is always an adventure Don! Glad you’re both safe & your horse is at the vet. Thanks for all the storytelling & the details. Always great reading along.
  12. What a memory you have John! I remember hitting a cut/split fireplace log on the trail that day & then the dreadful green blood started leaking from my horse. I can’t believe you found that picture so quickly!
  13. Enjoy guys! Glad you’re back sledding in Quebec! Have fun!
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