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  1. Trail maps

    X2 What dates are you planning this trip for?
  2. look what I've found.

    Don’t call it the kennel Gary - call it the “Spa”. They like it much better!
  3. La Sarre to Cochrane Usage Question

    A105 railroad bed hasn’t been groomed in many years. Hope they start again next year. Great access to Ontario trail network. It’s a long stretch of RR bed that never got a lot of use. Maybe that’s why the grooming stopped.
  4. Share a video of memories..

    Great video & editing! Love the music. My back hurts from all the digging outs!
  5. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy Birthday Jean-Guy!! Best wishes for a great year filled with good health & abundant happiness! Joyeux anniversaire mon bon ami. Best, Tom
  6. What an unbelievable gift you had! Amazing ride in April no less! Enjoy your off season Alain & KriKri. Best, Tom
  7. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Hahahaha! Funny but true dat! Safe ride home on the black trail today Jim & Eric!! Stay awake after that lousy sleep last night!
  8. Joncas

    That’s the rebuilt 2nd Joncas Jim. I remember waking up there one morning to -44*F and nobody’s sled would start. Worked with the owner & his pickup truck to get all the dozen or so sleds up and running. Great place. Good memories. Too bad so many fires have taken down so many of my favorite places to stay in PQ! Sad indeed.
  9. Good news!

    Great idea!!
  10. How not to do it.

    Natural Selection at work!
  11. Iceman’s Ender?

    Hey Jim & Eric! Have a great safe run guys! The WiFi was down there when we stayed also. I bet it never works. Isn’t it funny how that becomes a dealbreaker now? They also serve breakfast too late! Beautiful setting though!
  12. Iceman’s Ender?

    Great day Don & Alain! There is nothing like hitting it perfect. You guys did just that today! Like you said Don these days are what help carry you through the 3 long off seasons! Safe ride in & on the black trail.
  13. Pirate ride.

    Hey Michael. You’re still getting those miles in! Don’t you have a big birthday coming up soon? I hope your eye is getting better Phil. Don’t push it too hard! Enjoy guys! Tom
  14. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Right ski at right edge of trail period! And KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE HANDLEBARS! I don’t care how many sleds might be behind you. Control YOUR sled with both hands!
  15. Pirate ride.

    Looking good guys! Stay warm & have a great run to Matagami tomorrow!