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  1. Just landed back in Florida. Heading to Quebec on Friday. Can’t wait!
  2. Enjoy Bob! We are heading north on Friday.
  3. Enjoy Terry! Safe travels & have fun!
  4. What a needless tragedy! Prayers for all the victims & their families.
  5. OMG! What a tragedy! Prayers for all the victims & their families!
  6. This is why carrying extra fuel is extremely prudent. If not for yourself maybe you can help your partner or someone else that’s in need. I won’t ride without it.
  7. Nice to have you back Mayor Mike! Looking good there!! Greetings from Sydney, Australia.
  8. Thanks for the updates! So glad to have you back Don!
  9. this ... www.amazon.com › Giant-Loop-RDB-Rogue-Dry Giant Loop RDB Rogue Dry Bag: Automotive - Amazon.com
  10. Email them. I find when done via email in writing I always get better response. Create a paper trail.
  11. Good place. Off Trail #328 north side of Saguenay across from La Baie. Good food but 1 option only.