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  1. Happy Birthday snow farmer and smclelan!

    Hi Steve, happy birthday, hope we can get together this year and ride and maybe drink some rouge. Take care. mike
  2. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Last year I bought a '16 Ram 1500 with the Hemi, white in color. My second Ram now. I could not be more pleased with this truck. The smooth ride from the coil springs, the quiet cab, great handling and the very good gas mileage. The mpg started out horrible, then after about 5,000 miles it kept climbing. I now get 22 mpg on the road and 16-17 in town. And I have a big smile every time I tromp down on the accelerator! mike
  3. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us. Fantastic pictures. Looks like Johnny 24 Widetrack is leading the cross country race! How did all the new 850's hold up? mike
  4. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Bill, Thank you for the great service. Mine arrived back yesterday. Let the fun begin. mike
  5. Sad news to announce

    I feel lucky I was able to call Rob a friend and riding partner. He will be missed.
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Looks like the sled stayed up late drinking Grand Mariner, Red Wine and bad Poutine!
  7. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Mailed everything two days ago for a trail permit. Have you set an arrival date for the Delta yet? mike
  8. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Thanks BJ The bar stool has never broken down and left me stranded.
  9. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Great information from all of you. Thanks to all. I am pondering how deep to delve into the wallet and go just a bearing or two and take my chances or go for the track and all the bearings. I may need to sell the sled and take up curling! Cheers, Mike
  10. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Thank you, each of you for all the replies and good info. Well, except for RoadRunner's suggestion to drink four less glasses of wine each night. It was so easy to work on sleds up until the early 2000's. Between a bad back and the comlexity of the new sleds, I don't do anything but the very minor stuff. Another alternative that might be cheaper is to invite all of you to RDL this winter to ride with me and I will pay the bar tab each night. Only catch, EVERYONE bring a tow rope!!! Thanks again. You guys are the best! mike
  11. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Thanks Jackstraw. Didn't want that kind of news about the track! How did your Jackshaft and driveshaft bearings look at 11,000 miles? mike
  12. I haven't been able to get an affordable deal on a new sled, so I am thinking pretty hard on running the 2016 Renegade 900 ACE another season. It has 10,000 miles on it and will probably get another 6,000 miles this coming winter. I will be having the dealer do all the work. I plan to have the oil, filter, chain oil done and clutches gone over and install new clutch springs. The sled still goes like new. I guess all that is left is bearings. Some say the bearing behind the driven clutch should be changed, some also add that the brake bearing should be changed. (I will have them take out the skid and check the bearings/wheels). So I guess my question is which drive bearings should actually be changed? SkiDoo bearings do seem to last far longer than the other brands. Or should I have all four driveshaft and jackshaft bearings replaced. Anything else you think I should have done? Spark plugs replaced? New Chain? I am thinking all this will be under $2,000, which will be half or more what it would cost me for a one year newer leftover 900 Renegade. I know many of you work on your own sleds so you probably have a good idea what wears and what seems to last. Thanks, Mike
  13. Mt Valin looking good

    And still November! Have fun guys. mike
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing many of you this winter. mike
  15. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    December 30th. Snow Groomer, not ATV Groomer. (I lost last year on that technicality) mike