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  1. Thanks Yeti and Eastmark for posting the great pictures. I have found some great riding in Maine this season. If we are shut out of Quebec again next season, I now know I will survive. And loving that quick 3 hour drive. mike
  2. Hi Blueblood. Winds were crazy all over the state yesterday. Sounds like you have taken up residency in Maine! I am at about the same mileage as you. May be back next week, watching the weather. We found that when heading north towards Shin Pond, if 85/86 is rough, we detour onto 112 to 83 to bypass that section, the latter almost always great. That's probably the only tip I have, as I imagine by now you have seen every inch of the area and then some. If you are looking for something different to do, Shin Pond Camps rents out Polaris Maryx 650 sleds for a day or half day. These sleds are so much fun to drive. I rented one in Jackman, made me feel young again. lol I never found any restaurants in Millinocket downtown area worth mentioning. mike
  3. That is a great looking bar!
  4. Nice run Dave. Making me wish I stayed longer.
  5. Hi Mark, Yesterday stopped at Mattagammon on your advice. Really cool place. Today was second day in high 30*'s. Went up to Abol dam and it got rough going towards Kokadjo so we looped around to Wildwood Cabins. All smooth going rest of the day. I had forgotten what 25 miles of moguls were like. Not pretty. 4 inches are forecast for tonight. Home for Friday. Tomorrow playing in the far north, via Shin Pond, maybe lunch at Uncolcos Camps. We've been mentioning QuebecRider enough to the owner of Baxter Park Inn that it should be a household name. Would it be good to have a Maine business an advertiser on QR? mike
  6. Today Skidoo 420, Jak, and GKW and I went to Libby's Camps for lunch. 3 to 4 inches of new snow coated the trees adding to a winter comeback. A couple pics of the trail and Mattagammon Wilderness Store and Restaurant. We are blown away with trail conditions here. The Baxter Inn owner has been so good to us. He has provided our own happy hour room .
  7. The lodge is just a restaurant. Would not be much to do there. Shin Pond cabins might be good, big field by the cabins, and lake is just down the hill. Is he trail riding. If not I really like Bald Mtn Camps in Rangley, big lake outside the cabins. Restaurant and bar.
  8. Thank you Alain. Always so beautiful when the trees are coated with snow.
  9. Jak and Skidoo 420 joined me today for a romp down to Wildwood Cabins and lodge. I was embarrassed showing them the area on a Monday after the somewhat heavy weekend traffic. Pretty much every inch of the way was freshly groomed to perfection. It was the perfect day and Quebec like trails. The husband and wife team at Baxter Park Inn are turning out to be the perfect hosts. The food at Wildwood was great and portions were huge. Couple pics of the lodge at Wildwood. I thought this winter would be a disaster, turns out it has been awesome! mike
  10. Eastmark, no ride before hitting the road this morning?
  11. Hi Shooter. I have never stayed at the convention center, I used to always ride out of Caribou back in the day. Have you been hitting good trails? mike
  12. Really enjoying the Millinocket area. If only Universel would build me a hotel here. Today's ride was up around by Baxter Park and almost over to Kokajo and looped around a different trail coming back. Hit lots of smooth trails (until afternoon, but hey, its a Sunday) and beautiful sights including several views of Mt. Katahdin and Abol Dam, and the Penobscot River. mike
  13. Left at 7:30. Topped off gas at Shin Pond. Trails were hard and smooth. Most of the way back was also very nice, hardly anyone had used the southbound lane, where as I could see the NB was heavily traveled since I had been through.
  14. No argument from me Blueblood that Quebec is nicer, but so far my two trips to Millinocket have been very satisfying. Was at Libby's Camps at 9:45 this morning. Had to wait 15 minutes for them to open and feed me. And I feel like I am saving a bunch of money riding Maine vs. Canada. Shooter and Keith, have fun. Heard the PI Convention Ctr is really nice. I am not sure if Oxbow is within a day loop for you, but when I was up there a week ago the trails in that area were awesome on the south side of Oxbow. mike
  15. Blueblood, you have managed to really see the best of Maine Are you still in Maine.? I am back in Millinocket for a week. I am really liking the 3 hour ride to get here vs. 6 1/2 hrs. trip to RDL. And I am loving the cheap prices I am paying for dinner each night. During my week this trip there will be five QuebecRiders in Millinocket. I actually thought there would be many posting they are riding in Maine. Apparently some must be sitting out the winter. Riding today was 5 stars, went to WildWood Cabins. mike