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  1. Maine had been one of the lowest covid states in the country. Thanks to this wedding covid has spread across the entire state like crazy, all because of the recklesness of the bride and groom, the minister, and the inn that hosted the wedding. The lawsuit could be in the millions. Seven people died as a result. It will be interesting to see if anyone will be charged with manslaughter. And it is safe to say Maine's snowmobile season could be in jeapody if this keeps spreading.
  2. Rut Row, Ice, I think you nailed it. There now is probably a wanted poster of me and my kayak at the official border crossing. I must have tripped a sensor. From the time I arrived to launch and carrying the kayak to the pond, loading it with gear, and rowing out to the middle when I started to see the copter make passes was probably half an hour. Maybe flew in from Lac Megantic. Any lawyers on QuebecRider? Joe, If I switched to bass I would have to give up good wine for cheap beer. lol
  3. Just happens I was up again in the big Maine wilderness backwoods exploring. I also went back to the pond on the border and this time launched the kayak. The pond is only about 3/10's a mile long. BUT, on the north end I found a very small stream that heads north, I went about a tenth of a mile up the stream before turning around, worried I would set off border sensors, as I should have been right at the borders of Quebec and Maine. The stream is shallow and hardly any current. This stream will be our road north, We are golden sneaking into Canada this winter!!! I was a little worried as I walked through the trail carrying my kayak down to the pond and heard a plane buzz me. Got out on the pond and a large white helicopter made a few passes looking down at me from the Quebec side of the border. Tried to get a pic of the copter but the sun washed out my view screen and I was zoomed out to the camera's max. Strange having a copter here as it, I believe, is also very remote on the Quebec side. Border Patrol has a large presence nearby but I have never once seen them up in this far back country. I saw no cameras or sensors although most likely they are well hidden. Brought my fly rod, got a brook trout on every cast, but they were small. mike Oops, posting the pics and realized I did get a shot of the copter. (Can anyone from Quebec identify the copter from its colors? -police, military, Quebec version of CIA-)
  4. Thank you Iceman for up dating this and writing this up as only you can do. It is not too late to give back to our friends and businesses in Quebec. Auberge Drakker's address is in one of the earlier posts. I suggest a small note, maybe thanking Reggie for making the snowmobile experience in Quebec even better or thanking him for being so welcoming to those of us south of the border. Remember to put on at least two stamps. Thanks, mike
  5. Hopefully see you in Aroostook County. Start learning to like ploys and baked beans so you don't look like one of those people from 'away'. And memorize the trail to Lakeview Restaurant. mike
  6. Came across this very old snowmobile in central Maine today. Look closely and you can see the wooden cleated track, and notice the early version of the Linq system to attach your barrel of wine.
  7. Great pictures Dave! mike
  8. We Now Return To Our Regular Scheduled Programming
  9. Bug season pretty much over for the season. Its beautiful area of Maine. Seems strange to kayak lakes that are ten miles long and hardly ever see a power boat.
  10. Josie has become the kayak dog my wife had hoped for. She rides along great, jumps out and likes to run the shoreline, and also enjoys a good swim alongside the kayak. Just got home from a few weeks retreating in the mountains. She is wiped. I earlier posted about National Geographic being at the camp to film a series. Apparently its legit, by the time we left there was a crew of about 40 people from all over the country. I won't give away the story but it sounds like it could be interesting. Will be shot in the far backwoods at 18 remote sites in the middle of nowhere. I did see a map left on the office table one day so I got to see all the locations. A fairly young crowd and they were all exceptionally nice. May be aired next spring or summer on the NG channel or History Channel, which I guess are all under the umbrella of Disney. Maine has a huge loon count, and on these wilderness lakes the loons like to gather from all over the lake each morning, and as it happens, they do so right in front of the dining hall. Loons hate it when small planes go overhead and get really pissed. So one morning the film crew sent out a drone to film the loons. The loons at first went nuts and started their panic calls. Then they started diving. About 15 minutes into this, the loons all lined up and started swimming, following the drone like it was their fearless leader. Pretty funny stuff.
  11. I had a day for more exploring, looking for that secret passage into Quebec. Needed to get to a remote pond on the border, I found it, finally. Had to cross a large gully , 4x4 across the brook where Border Patrol took out the bridge. That got me to the old road to the pond, said road blocked off by small boulders at the pond entrance. Just a quick sled ride down the pond, pick up the old road and over the border, onto Arnold Bog near Woburn, and quick ride to Lac Megantic. Now need some volunteers to canoe up the pond, drag the canoe to Arnold Bog, and then keep walking north. Then wait in Quebec for five days to see if the authorities are looking for you. Benedict Arnold did it, kind of. There is a heavy Border Patrol presence in the nearby town, but I never see them more than two miles off the paved roads. This area is a lot of miles into the back country. mike
  12. The rocks are just stage one. Further down the road is bulldozed and blocked with trees, rocks and dirt. The last layer is like a wall. Usually the road is destroyed before the last barrier.
  13. Couple pics today. All the old roads leading into Quebec from Maine have been blocked off in multiple layers since 9-11. First boulders and then bulldozed, all on the US side. Pic of the washout road to get me to the pond. Also a pic of the rental boat the film crew brought to the lake. Supposedly a few of the people being dropped off into the wilderness will be taken down the lake in the boat then to make their way into their section of the wilderness.
  14. Got a full day hall pass from the wife so headed up to the back country. Got within feet of the border but could not find a certain pond that is a must cross. Found an old timer who set me straight. I was only a few hundred yards from the pond, just needed to cross a short connector road with a wash out at a stream. I had seen this spot but wasn't sure I wanted to cross it as I was out in the middle of nowhere. I was told the stream bed is solid, not muddy so should be good to go in 4x4Low. Once at the pond, in the winter, it is just a matter of going 1/2 mile down the pond and Quebec borders the pond. On another note concerning the National Geographic film crew at camp. A big satellite dish has been installed at the camp. I have heard the storyline they will be using but it doesn't pass the straight face test. I won't give away the story line, as they are trying to keep it secret, but it involves sending out people to 18 very remote spots in this wilderness and leaving them there. I don't watch their channel, but a few guests are suggesting this may be a cover for a show called 'Naked and Afraid". I will do more intel and recon work on this. If this involves naked women, I will not post, since Quebec Rider is a PG-13 site. mike