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  1. Another confusing item I am reading, you also may be required to take another Covid test at the border crossing, or be given a home test to take with you on your trip. The home test must be done within 24 hours of entering Canada. After completing the home test, you call a number and a courier comes and picks it up. I am wondering if you need to stick around at the hotel to hand over the test or just leave it with the front desk (or bartender lol). Or if saddle bagging, how will that work? Very few border crossings have on site testing, so I am thinking?? most will get this home test from a border agent.
  2. Hi Mark. I'm probably going to be a Maine rider this winter just to play it safe and to hopefully keep the budget more in check. It won't be the same not having a beer with you at RDL. You Mark, would make the perfect mayor of Riviere du Loup. You could even tell the kingdom you overthrew the last mayor. (I was in your neighborhood today paddling Cobbossee). mike
  3. I too am leaning towards Maine again this winter I usually do 3 to 5 trips to Canada and testing is expensive. On the news today, one of Maine's large statewide healthcare providers is discontinuing doing testing for travelers, stating they are flooded with doing tests for sick people and workers who must be tested. They also said there is starting to be a shortage of test kits. I also heard test results are not always coming back in a timely manner. I am also worried about catching Covid in Quebec and being hospitalized. Check your health insurance. When in Canada, my coverage only pays for the hospital to stabilize me enough to ship me to the U.S. Not sure who pays for the ambulance ride. But if you feel comfortable going to Quebec, by all means you should. It is still the best. mike
  4. Going west, Riviere du Loup might be 85 or so miles, recommend Hotel Universel or Hotel Levesque. Then continuing west or south west (to get more miles than 85) you will run into a lot of small towns that probably don't have hotels. Next good sized city after Riviere du Loup would be Montmagny (several hotels) or maybe St. Pamphile has a hotel. One option is to leave Rimouski and get on Trail 35 to Squatec and continue on 35 towards Cabano. When you get to the area just above Canano, stay on 35 until you get go trail 526 and head into Riviere du Loup, adding to the mileage. mike
  5. So last month I caught a cold, got a rapid Covid test, negative results in 15 quick minutes. Just a somewhat uncomfortable swab up the nose. I have heard that this rapid test will not suffice for entry into Canada, and the swab for the Canada accepted test goes way past the nose and up into the skull and is akin to wanting to die in pain. Anybody had this test and how did it feel? (worth the pain to go to Quebec?) mike
  6. Not looking good at all. The Delta variant is far more deadly and spreads far easier and faster than originally thought. And I am betting a booster shot will be recommended by late fall. On a good note, if the border is closed, Baxter Park Inn (Maine) wants to be a QR advertiser! mike
  7. Good info. I read through it a couple times and found it confusing. You need an ArriveCan APP so I guess you need a smart phone to fill out that part of the paperwork and a printer to print it out . Plus proof of vaccination, plus a negative test within 72 hours of entry (So probably a rapid test.or you may not have the results in time). Part of the ArriveCan is stating your arrival date and departure date (us retirees wait til the last second to leave after seeing a good forecast and stay until a warm up arrives).
  8. I think the registration that says 'non transferable' only means that if you sell the sled, the new owner can't use your registration to go off and ride the sled. He needs to register it in his name. mike
  9. And it will be great to see all our Canadian friends again. Very good news.
  10. Steven, Make sure to tell the girlfriend this trip is far more fun than when you go with the guys.
  11. I heard there is a nice waterfall in RDL. Is that the one? Don't forget to eat at the pub in the downtown. mike
  12. What a great spot you have made Steven. Sometimes just sitting down in a spot like that with a friend is just as good as any adventure. Thought of you and your forestry work today as I made a second paddle trip down the Penobscot to the island with the boom house museum. Found out is is always open and unlocked with no one there watching over it. Couple old phones at the museum, tried calling you, must have been out of the office. Did an early morning remote paddle first. mike
  13. I would love to ride Millinocket another year. So nice to arrive there in 2 1/2 hours instead of 6 hrs or more. If the border opened and I stayed in Maine, I probably wouldn't have any friends to ride with in Maine, they would all be in Quebec. So if the border opens, and the Quebec businesses are fully open with no foolish rules about seating etc. (like only 2 to a table and only half the seating available), I most likely will go to Quebec. I am torn. Maine trails weren't as consistently as smooth, but they were really nice in Millinocket and the lunch stops were top notch. The hotel owner really treated us QuebecRiders great, letting us gather each late afternoon or evening in his un used bar. He even let a couple guys leave their sleds next door in his storage garage so they wouldn't have to trailer them home.
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