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  1. Any chance ?

    I think there is a good chance there will be riding Christmas week at RDL. The Bas St Laurent area is often the first full area to be fully off and running each season (as an entire area). Check 'trail conditions' on 'sledmagazine.com' . They list the areas by region, such as Bas St Laurent. Then each club of the region is listed and updated every couple days. Once there are a lot of 'greens', that tells you they are up and grooming, signed, and ready to rock and roll. I always check this site before making my trip as it gives me a good idea of the overall condition of the region. mike
  2. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Sitting in a chair all day at a snowmobile show sounds too much like coming out of retirement and going back to work. lol Snowmobiling all day and drinking wine at night with friends,,,now that is retirement! mike
  3. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Yes Gutz, I can get you a card that gives you every 10th massage free!!! And give me your credit card and I can probably get you the all new Penthouse Suite.
  4. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    It is no secret that I love the Universel Hotel and stay there several weeks each winter. It is a great place to to meet up with old and new QuebecRider friends, and enjoy a drink or some food together. Thanks to CKF and Scorpionbowl for all they did to get the Universel on board. Hope to see all of you there this winter. And a big welcome to the very wonderful staff at the Universel. mike
  5. Which trip is best???

    With the wife along, I would look for loops with nice/big hotels; you know, places with restaurants, plenty of amenities to keep the wife happy, especially if you get snowed in for a couple days. Probably the Saguenay/Lake St Jean area would be a good bet or the Montmagny, RDL, Matane area. Others can chime in for more specifics. mike
  6. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    An update on the gift my wife got me at the end of summer that would compete with all the toys my QR friends have and that would attract the ladies: So far I have seen great speeds, turns on a dime, not EPA compliant, must have an aftermarket pipe as the bark is pretty loud, and teeth that can saw thru a downed tree across the trail. And how the ladies love it. And no, the picture shown is not my grand daughter, but just another trophy from the dog park! But most of all, a new best friend!
  7. Man Down

    Get well soon and don't rush it. Rest plenty before going back to work. mike
  8. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    What did I do this summer? I cried on my wife's shoulder all summer telling her how my QuebecRider friends have all the great toys: fast boats, big truck rigs, airplanes, Side X sides. You name it, they got it. And with all those toys, I bet the cute ladies just fall all over my QR buddies. So I asked her to buy ME something that will attract all the pretty ladies and make me feel young again. And so she did!
  9. Trail Info

    I think to this day I still have finger blisters from squeezing the brake so hard in that 'special section'. You'll either have stomach butterflies or helmet puke. I did this section solo and thought it would be decades before anyone would find me after I went over one of those drop offs. I think this was before the one inch lugs and far before the inch and a quarter lugs. The track was locked going down hills and I gained great speeds down each hill. mike
  10. Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..

    Or a shuttle service to Tim Horton's at 5:30 AM. Dam that's a cold walk!
  11. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    That looks like a great way to spend a week or two. I've been trying to think of things I want to do in my new found retirement, a ride around NS and PEI sounds great. Thanks for sharing! mike
  12. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    2018 Maine Trail Conditions Report
  13. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Summer spent having fun in the great outdoors, mostly in Rangeley, Maine. Lots of kayaking and fishing. Andyman was right, retirement is the best job ever! mike
  14. Joyeux Anniversaire Monsieur Iceman!

    Happy Birthday, have a good one. mikerider@rdl.vin
  15. look what I've found.

    Great find! Whiskey tour by sled.