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  1. Deano, You are always welcome to join us. Give a shout after next Christmas.
  2. The first pic I recognize Deano and his son, Ray and Ginger, Daniel and Colette, Bill and Juliedele, Snowcrazed, and a couple from PA, and another couple from Ontario whose names I can't remember. Second pic I recognize Bill and Juliedele, Pat and Gary, Brandon, Daniel, and Collette, Jack, Farmerold, Great memories! Thanks to SnowCrazed for posting these pictures.
  3. Playhard, rest and stay home, have a good recovery. Is the Aruba house key still under the front door mat?
  4. just wonderful reading abut your trip and getting to see your pictures. And I agree about the Levesque Hotel. Amazing views and amazing food. One year I hit their ice bar on the second floor outdoor porch. That too was amazing and amazingly cold. Have a wonderful summer. mike
  5. Thanks. I was thinking of heading up this morning and decided not to when I saw a chance of rain showers coming in a few days.
  6. How is the sledding in the area? There is a new place in Cabano (Auberge Gare??). Going south on #85 just before entering downtown Cabano, right side, old red house. Food is realy good, cute place inside.
  7. Toying with the idea of going to RDL tomorrow for a few days of day loops from the hotel. Anyone in the area with updates on how things look around the area? Are trails deserted or still people riding the area? mike
  8. To get the Chibougamau experience in its totality, staying downtown at the Hotel Chibigamau is a must. You and your friends will come away with great stories to tell your grand kids, and you will receive a decal proclaiming 'I survived a night in Chiboug'. A five star experience.
  9. As far as parking around Bar Harbor: Bar Harbor is so crowded with tourists and parking is a premium just to shop or eat. I would check Ellsworth, a small city before Bar Harbor. Maybe contact a towing company that has an impound lot is the best I can think of. mike
  10. Jim and Gemma, Your adventures are always so great to follow. Wish we could have met up this winter for at least a dinner. Take care and have a wonderful summer. mike
  11. I would need a five day head start to ride with you guys.
  12. Mark, when you come into town and into the neighborhood, go beyond the side street to our old favorite restaurant. Take the last left side street and at the end of that side street is the gas station.
  13. Very impressive day. Have a great trip. Wish I was at the bar tonight.
  14. Nice run, Steven and Kelly. I may need to ask my wife to stop it up and buy a sled. mike
  15. I am beginning to think the sport of snowmobiling is really just a fun way to go out to lunch.
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