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  1. Yesterday I drove an hour and a half with my sled in my truck to my dealer to get a trade price on a '21 Renegade 900na. Arrived to find him closed because of C-19. One of the owners was in the building and peeked out long enough to tell me to e-mail the info for a trade and the deal could be completed by e-mail. They would not even look over my trade-in. Not even sure when I could drop off my used sled. My plan B had been if no trade I would at least drop off my sled to them for summerization and storage. Can't even do plan B. I am now thinking to just hold off until fall re trading and see if this pandemic goes away. mike
  2. Snowmobiling ended so quickly this year I was going through with drawls not seeing any new reports or photos of everyone's adventures. Thanks Steven for keeping the spirit alive. mike
  3. I rode about 6,600 miles this season. Conditions out of RDL were excellent this year between mid January and mid March with only a couple short warm ups and no real rain events. I am thankful for all the friends that came up and rode with me, we had a great time. mike
  4. I see on DooTalk a couple Canadians did get the Diamond Lottery. The person in the know just mentioned the dealer gets the list of those who are eligible and then is supposed to email those that are chosen. There is some thought and suspicion the dealer is allotted a certain number of winners and if the dealer thinks you will spring order a sled or are on the fence, they can assign you as a winner. I would just go to a dealer and ask. Sorry I don't have more details.
  5. Hi Mike, It was usually very close, generally filling up at around every 100 miles each day, the turbo took about 2 to 3 liters more, once in a blue moon 4 liters more.
  6. Hi Jak, No Polaris, if I do make a move, another 900 ACE. Hopes dashed by a big income tax bill. What about you? Getting that new RMotion X?
  7. Yes Chris, believe there is. 1200 4 strokes excluded. lol
  8. For those on the fence about buying a 2021 SkiDoo, check with your dealer to see if you won the "Diamond' Lottery. This gives you an extra $500 off your spring order. You should get an e-mail from SkiDoo, but as people are finding out, the e-mail has not arrived yet. However, the dealers already have the names of those selected. I was selected (per my dealer) but have not received the e-mail yet. This might put me over the fence about buying, if I get a good trade in price. mike
  9. The Covid Virus makes it tough whether to spring check a new sled. This virus could still be very active come next winter, making it impossible to go north across the border to ride. The flu virus seems to mostly go away with warm weather. Maybe not so much the Covid. As I understand, it is spreading fast even in warm climate countries.
  10. Great way to start off retirement! Thanks for posting about the trip and posting all the great pictures. Glad you are enjoying yourselves. mike
  11. There are a lot of people on QR who are far smarter than me. They will figure it out and I will follow their lead. Actually, I am holding off any spring order til April, thinking if spring orders are way down, SkiDoo and the others may add more incentives to the pot.
  12. That is a great idea Steven. If I just did the math correctly, those of us south of the border buying north of the border would save a bundle. But SkiDoo and the others have, from what I heard, really buckled down on their dealers in Canada to not even think of doing this. However, we can buy used sleds in Canada, even if they are brand new '21's. Long as they had a Canadian (like a certain friend in NS) purchase them first and turn around ten minutes later and sell them to an American.
  13. Your videos are so nice to watch. You do a great job with them, and the music just adds to the pleasure. mike
  14. Glad you are enjoying the trails and conditions. Thanks for taking time to post the pics. Wish I was there still. mike
  15. Great write up and pictures. RDL season didn't get going to almost mid January, but the conditions the rest of the winter were superb! And looks like they still are. Glad you got down to L'Estimenet Pub. I am so hooked on that place and thank you and your friends for telling me about it. January 2021 is a long way away. mike