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  1. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Love the smiling monkey! mike
  2. Thanks Jack, and the 900 ACE gets 5 more horsepower next year. Might be biting on the rear bumper of those 850's. lol Have a great summer. mike
  3. Gaspesie season ender March 19-23

    Awesome pictures. Have fun.
  4. Last ride of the season: Was only appropriate the ACE hit the 15,000 mile mark on the Mikerider bypass. That would sound more impressive in Kilometers! Sled goes just like it came off the showroom floor. Saw a black cat for several seconds in a field today before he disappeared into the woods. Looked 25 to 30 pounds, no idea what it was. And, best of all, the mice story did not get me kicked off QR, thanks for all the positive feedback on the story. mike
  5. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Tell the cop the scarf was flapping at 120, you were only doing 70. mike
  6. Pirate ride.

    Great ride guys, I like the run til the gas tank empty. mike
  7. Headed east on the local trails that go down by the St. Lawrence. The trees marking the ice route to the island have been taken down but a lot of cars at the landing. Looked like open water stretch between the mainland and island. Not sure how the people get back and forth until I saw a helecoptor parked behind the building. mike
  8. The police were on the rail bed Trail 85 at intersection with 526. I have seen more police on trail this year than last several years combined.
  9. Hi Tom, I came up a week, gave myself another week extension, and now another three day extension. Going home Wednesday AM for sure. May need a 'go fund me' for this trip. lol I can't believe how good the riding is. Even RDL has good snow cover.
  10. Beautiful trails all day. Brutally cold. One of the pics I'll post is a guy who probably started for the tunnel coming towards RDL and saw how bad it was. Hit reverse and went too far backwards. Must have happened last night. Then a first this afternoon. Stopped for speeding. Saw I was from Maine and asked if I knew the speed limit was 42. Said yes. Said he got me at 98. First thought was damn mice under the hood on Viagra again, then wondering how long I would be in jail. Then I realized he gave speed limit in mph and my speed in kilometers. Whew, only 18 over. Told me to slow down and waved me through. mike
  11. Spoiled is probably the correct answer. Dressed for the 20's and met a lot colder temps with high winds.
  12. Left RDL at comfy but cool temps. Got into the highlands and it was down right cold. Cut ride short at 170 miles to get back early and get warm. Saw temp was 11*F. !!! Trails were amazing, Lot of traffic today. Tonight is the last night of Levesque Hotel's winter party. Second floor outdoor patio has an ice bar, fire pit, beach light torches etc. Only for the tough and only in Quebec. I went a couple nights ago, first time to the bar (also second floor) and first time in daylight savings (still light out at evening). View is amazing of the blue sky, cold gray water of the St L, and the snow covered mountains across the river. Was gorgeous. A warning about using the tunnels for the short cut to Trail #5. west bound is like an ice chute just before the first tunnel. Meet an on coming sled coming out of the tunnel and disaster. Coming from east bound there is a mound coming out of one of the tunnels and you probably won't make it over the mound nor will you make it up the ice chute. Thanks to Jack and Sandy, they found a way around, all groomed. From the Universel, take the trail out front westerly, past the gas station, go straight along the roadway staying to the left side of the roadway. They leave a little snow along the road for the sled (until a good warm up), This is groomed all the way to the groomed trail that goes be the tunnels. Coming easterly, go straight by the tunnels and this way it is easier to see the trail, just a short stretch and you are at the hotel. mike
  13. Team Vermont in British Columbia

    That looked so amazing until I saw the shovel and stuck sled. You boys have fun, I will be happy to just read it from the couch. mike
  14. Mike and Mark, Great meeting you guys, had a great time. Have a good ride next few days. mike
  15. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Glad to see the monkey is still smiling!!! mike