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  1. #35 is mostly RR bed. I always like 55. Somewhere below Montmagny is a groomed trail that goes up a good size mountain and has a viewing platform. Great ride if you can find it. There are some great north/south trails below Montmagny that are quite scenic, just do not remember the (green) trail numbers.
  2. EastMark, The handiest guide after a warm up or rain event is the club reports listed on Sledmagazine.com under 'trail conditions'. These are updated every 3 or 4 days. Chaudiere region just had all their clubs update their conditions today, the 18th of March. All are reporting very good conditions. I expect Bas St. Laurent will update tomorrow. This is a really handy guide, as when you click on the region, you get a color coded condition from every club in that area. Check it out. mike
  3. Eastmark, NH Moose reported in his '5 day ride in Gaspe' under the Gaspe section that trails are hard in the RDL section and a couple spots the snow pack is thin near town. FYI, Last week a friend reported another 850 went down while they were doing the Gaspe loop. Sorry, I don't have any details.
  4. Steve, Always good to see you get off the Island and out for a ride. Have fun! mike
  5. You are one smooth driver, Alain!
  6. I thought it rode a little plusher. His got better bite in the softer snow, (steering), he has the adjustable skis. Overall, I thought mine handled better on harder trails.
  7. I have rode quite a few days this winter with a friend who has a 900T Renegade X. His mileage meter usually says 18-19 on most days. A couple times he even beat my mileage on my 900na ACE (when the going is a little tougher, such as soft chewed up trails).. He is a fairly fast rider. Has about 3,000 miles and no problems. I have driven it a couple times and it goes nice but I felt the ITC throttle was way too touchy to use in sport mode. Standard mode felt fine. He came from a 1200 Rene X and likes this sled a lot more. mike
  8. Have fun guys. I know you will. Mike
  9. Past couple days have been great trails and great riding. Two days ago south to Packington and back up for lunch at the brick oven pizza restaurant in Cabano. Yesterday to Rimouski and Squatec. We ran into lots of traffic around Rimouski. This morning GKW headed home, I woke up with a head cold and Mark's Viper won't start. I was headed home the next day or two anyway, ended season with over 6,500 miles. Was blessed with so many friends, both those I rode with and those who stopped to visit. Thank you. And thanks to all who took time to read my posts. mike
  10. jak, We could not have rode smoother trails! What a great week we had. mike
  11. Moose picture is great. Looks like a very successful trip. Thank you for posting and sharing. mike
  12. Yesterday and today rode with Mark and GKW. Past week was fantastic trails and weather riding with so many great friends like Jak, Farmerold, Keith, & Jack. Even got to briefly see Snowdog. Today was windy and there will be some good drifts tomorrow. We did get back to the brick oven pizza again in Cabano. Few pics of recent days. Also, '19 ACE 900 just went over 6,300 miles. No problems to report. Gas and go. mike
  13. Have so much enjoyed your pictures and narratives of this year's journey. It was really special during your extended stay in RDL to get to see you so many times each day. Hope you are having a safe ride home. Maybe in your golden years you can be a hotel groupie like myself and we will see each other all winter. Best to both of you. mike
  14. RR, You get such a feel for the land and its people where ever you go. That is what makes your posts so interesting to read and your pictures have so much depth. mike