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  1. Doing lots of hikes with the pup. Luckily many areas nearby with conserved land and hiking trails. Today's hike into Spirit Pond. mike
  2. Yes Mark, things are looking up in Maine for sure. The precautions have worked and IMO we can't yet let our guard down to early.
  3. If you followed my Riviere du Loup posts this past winter, it is no secret my favorite trail is from Biencourt to Moose Valley. (Thanks to SkiDoo420 for showing me the way). Each time I ride this trail I arrive at Moose Valley with a big smile and I think everyone else that has gone along with me on this trip had the same reaction. mike
  4. Thanks, Andy, that is a great video and makes New Brunswick an easy first choice should Quebec not open up next winter. Trails look amazing. I know when Skidoo420 and I made the loop from Moose Valley to Edmunston back to RDL, every inch of NB was smooth as silk. During that ride, I can't tell you how many cars came stop to let us cross the road. Says a lot of the New Brunswick people and their hospitality. If anyone needs a little taste of sledding during the off season, this is a great video to watch. mike
  5. Well, New Brunswick is certainly beating out my beloved state of Maine. Serpentine Lodge just looks small. I came across Wilson's Sporting Camp's web site by accident and that looks nice, but so far the Host has my vote.
  6. Thanks Andy. Atlantic Host looks like a perfect place to stay. I would be fine pitching a tent, but the group I ride with need their pillows fluffed and chocolates left at the foot of the bed each day. ( JK ) When spending 8 to 14 days at a place it really adds to the vacation to be somewhere that is nice. Atlantic Host looks perfect. I can't believe NB only has only six active C-19 cases, that is incredible. It is really difficult to see how next winter plays out with the US/Canada border. I would guess ether the entire border opens or doesn't, not just some province borders. But a scenario could play out that the border opens and only NB opens their trails and QC does not. Wow, wouldn't NB be some crowded!!! with folks from everywhere. Gutz, I am with Jak's thinking, if stuck in Maine, then Aroostook County. it is Although New Brunswick sounds like a better alternative to Maine if that scenario can play out. Rangeley, Maine is my favorite area to spend time and has some great lodging, but, trails can be crowded and too many sharp turns everywhere.
  7. Thanks Cobra. I forgot about this place, but believe it had another name years ago and I stayed there. Recall it was nice. mike
  8. Joe, Spent hours looking up places to stay in Maine and there isn't much. I agree, PI Convention Ctr., and the Caribou Convention Ctr., looks the best of anything out there. I am guessing??? the Caribou Convention Ctr. might be new. (Wow, have we been spoiled staying in Quebc). mike
  9. Maine winter weather has been really up and down past several years. I have gotten use to the more dependable Quebec winters to the point I have only ridden a couple times in Maine over the last 15 years. So many times I have driven thru Maine's snow belt on my way to Quebec only to be glad I wasn't riding Maine that week. No late ride Mike, but that is certainly hopeful news;
  10. Andy, Glad you posted as it gave me hope that maybe New Brunswick might be open even though Quebec may not be. NB would be a nice alternative. NB might have some better lodging alternatives than Maine. On the downside, the entire US/Canada border may be closed. Sorry about your trip to Lisbon. That you and Steven both like to go to Portugal makes me think it might be really nice there. Bob, I live in Maine and have rode all the snow belt areas since the 60's. It is better today than the craziness of the '80's. Lack of Quebec quality lodging is a factor in many Maine areas. Talking about a Plan B is better than talking politics! lol mike
  11. I agree Mark, places to stay in the heart of Maine's snow belt won't be as good, but hopefully at least something cozy for all where we can gather for that all important beer or wine in the evening. Thanks for the heads up on Millinockett, the place I am least familiar with, but have been hearing very nice reports in recent years. I have lots of experience in the other two areas, but it has been a long time since spending any time at them.
  12. Well RDL gang and others who are interested, I think we need to look ahead and get a jump on things should Quebec be a no go next season. Maine might be the logical plan B. Thinking areas with the best snowfalls, best grooming, best places to stay, most trails etc., would probably come down to Jackman, Millinockett and Aroostook County (Caribou or Shin Pond area). Areas mentioned are listed closest to furthest travel distance and most used areas to least used sledding areas. Hard to say if the trails will be extra busy or extra quiet due to the economy etc. All that is needed to do is find that perfect place to stay that meets our needs of cost and ability to socialize, and on site restaurant. I will do a little research on this. Let's hope for the best, but be prepared for second best if necessary. Its going to be a long summer. mike
  13. If President Trump implemented the same plan, I would say he is doing the right thing to protect us. Not sure where you are coming from on this. I am not totally in favor for open border immigration. We are talking about a pandemic and crossing the border to vacation, not immigration.
  14. I would be glad to carry papers if it would allow me to cross the border. Maybe by next winter there will be testing at the border. Test healthy and be allowed to cross.