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  1. Several of you may show up at the hotel tonight, my cell phone hasn't worked since I arrived. mike
  2. Thank you Alain. You and your wife have brought us along through words and pictures on another great ride. Are you doing a big week long tour this year? I still remember the epic meeting when you and your wife met up with GTRider and his wife. A historic international meeting of two snowmobiling couples from both sides of the border with a passion for riding. mike
  3. Hi Mark, Its been awhile since I have stopped at the Tourville Restaurant, It just falls a little too early for lunch during the loop we like to make down that way, whereas St. Pamphile is the halfway mark and we arrive usually around 12:30. You picked a date yet to come to RDL? mike
  4. Rode to St. Pamphile today with Farmer Old, Tammy and Jak. Awesome trails on a sunny but frigid day. First time ever St. Pamphile club house not open. Went to the restaurant in town. Very awesome food. Jak's 900T still only using about 3 liters more than my 900 ACE at fill ups. Pretty impressive. Lots of moose tracks in various areas but haven't seen one yet. mike
  5. Great to be reading your reports again!!! mike
  6. George stayed home, nursing another hang over. Will have to bring him next trip due to popular demand. I am staying til at least Friday, will be good to see you. mike
  7. Terry, to Club Hiboux is excellent, then SW to St. Pamphile is excellent. Friends said from St, Pamphille to Lac Etchemin is great. Levis east to Club Hiboux I haven't heard. The wine situation is dire. Hope to see you. mike
  8. After a foot of snow yesterday we thought the trails would be soft with no steering grip. Wrong. Despite the sparse groomer report this morning, many trails had been groomed, and those that weren't were still packed from yesterday's traffic. Plus we met lots of groomers during our ride. All was well until we decided to take the green trails back to RDL from the Verte club house and hug the St. Lawrence. Quite a ways in we lost the couple sled tracks we were following. Conditions were drifty and deep snow. We doubled back a ways and found an old trail a couple sleds used and was going in the right direction. Really a sketchy trail and surprised we made it thru to the main trail. Then had any miles where some wheeled vehicle went thru. There were areas by the river where all the snow was blown off the trail, and along the river with huge ice heaves. Once we got to the helecoptor pad the rest of the way was fine. We did see one stuck groomer. He had a helper who was putting big pieces of wood under the cleats to get traction. Never saw that before. Worked slick. The snow in many areas is now deep enough you would not want to try off trail, even in some of the fields. mike
  9. I bet the driving was bad. Think we might have gotten a foot of fluff in RDL. All the locals here taking about up coming trips to the tropics. Bathing suits on sale at the indoor mall today. Got all the things done on my check list today except wine. Working on that now.
  10. hmmmm, riding in white out conditions, or going to the spa and getting a massage. Maybe a little time in the hot tub after. Followed by a glass of wine.
  11. Retirement means never having to go out on a day like this. About 8 inches of snow on the ground and winds starting to pick up, supposedly 50 kph winds later this morning, Oh the drifts. New Brunswick group headed for home:
  12. Hi, Still at Universel, maybe be here another week. Trails have been awesome, mid winter conditions. Extremely busy trails yesterday, but seemed to be mostly Canadians, not too many stateside people in this area this weekend. Got about 4 inches or more so far , still snowing hard and may be some bad drifting. Might be a couple days for the groomers to get things good again. Trails were very quiet Tuesday thru Friday. mike
  13. Just a nice day of riding with nice trails. Calling for about 6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Trails were very crowded today. Thought maybe the free weekend deal, but only saw mostly Quebec registrations at relais's and hotel. Hotel is very busy, lots of sleds. Squatech for lunch, with Autofois Restaurant closed, another closed restaurant opened. Can't remember the name, but when the trail to the old restaurant comes into the housing neighborhood, continue straight, past the rec center and groomers, down to the road, and it is right next door. Best burger in ages and very cheap. Huge police fcmq check point on Trail #85. Past coupe years be advised the police also ask for your drivers licence to compare the name to the registration. mike
  14. Have fun Jack and Sandi. We miss you over in RDL. Say hi to the kids for me. mike