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  1. That is a great deal on the insurance for all you get. When I have the big one in Canada, I will just use your name!!!
  2. Joe, You probably have a 'Medigap' plan through BCBS. I have an 'Advantage' plan. In fact, I never heard of the Medigap plan until just recently. My Advantage plan pays for drugs and runs my Medicare plan and is only $19 a month. I have found my plan has huge money coming out of my pocket for the big medical stuff. A Medigap plan probably pays most of the big out of pocket expenses that come with Medicare. But my understanding is Medigap plans cost a couple hundred a month. And Joe, as far as going slower on your new 4 stroke this coming winter, I seem to remember you racing your high performance 2 stroke against a 95 HP 4 stroke last winter and you had to buy the 4 stroke driver a drink afterwards.
  3. VinRougeSledders.com Mission Statement: Looking for wine and snow across Canada
  4. I would think if you have full coverage sled insurance and hit a tree, the sled insurance would? cover your medical bills. I am more worried about a medical event.
  5. Thanks Steve. $50K would be a good piece of mind, or a small down payment on a heart attack should it occur in Canada. I guess my next step will be doing more research and maybe switch over to a different plan next fall. mike
  6. Thanks Catman. It seems everyone I talked to when signing up for Medicare touted the advantage plan I joined. $19 a month. Never even heard of Medigap at the time. Since then learned Mediga[ is around $200 a month but does not cover meds, like advantage plans do. And you can not have both a medigap plan AND an advantage plan. It is just confusing, and traveling to Canada makes it more confusing. Catman, is a plan G a medicare plan or bought from private insurance company. Thanks.
  7. Thanks, my private insurance I got through work was fine. Now that I am older than 65 and retired, Medicare is the only route for US citizens. Travel insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. Thus it would not cover a repeat of something I have had already, like a heart attack.
  8. As if Medicare in the US isn't confusing enough, then having to choose a Medigap plan or an Advantage plan adds to the woe. (I have an Advantage plan) From trying to research all this as to needing medical insurance when in Canada, it sounds like Medicare may not provide coverage out of the country. Travel insurance is an option, but does not usually cover pre-existing conditions or it costs a fortune to get pre-existing conditions covered for travel. Just wondering if any of you on Medicare have any knowledge about this matter or have had a situation where you needed expensive treatment while in Canada. I don't want to go bankrupt due to some medical emergency. (I am talking non snowmobile accident type medical problems). mike
  9. Looks pretty good, Bill. I have been going through with drawls on not reading about Quebec rides and seeing pictures posted, you saved the day. Have fun. mike
  10. Amazing the difference in conditions from one side of a hill to another, or from one area to a different area. I do miss the snow clinging to the trees so often missing in the spring riding. For me, the snow in the trees is just beautiful. mike
  11. Happy birthday Groomer. Hope you have a great day. mike
  12. Thanks, Scorpionbowl You can probably come up with a better plan, but here is my thought. This would be a pinned topic in the general forums so that it is well viewed. No responses /replies are allowed, only the person paying the $25 can post. (this keeps it on topic of the businesses and the topic doesn't sidetrack). People are welcome to hit the 'like' button. So an example: I am giving a shout out to snowmobile dealer 'X' in the town of St. Y. For the past ten years I have spent several weeks a year snowmobiling out of the town of St. Y. During this time I have come across several people from afar who developed a problem with their snowmobile while near the town of St. Y. On each occasion dealer X was able to take in the disabled snowmobile and provide fast service, thus saving the vacation and saddlebag trip of many a rider. So many of these sledding people have told me of the great service received at dealer X, but also added how impressed they were with the showroom. They described it as spotless clean and neat, with an unusually large selection of clothing, accessories, and product to look at while their sled is being repaired. I have stopped into dealer X myself doing some rainy day window shopping and have found this dealer just as people described and then some. Dealer X has impressed me to give them a QuebecRider Shout Out for going the extra mile. mike
  13. Just amazing pics and what an off the map adventure. I always so much reading about these (very) remote rides some of you take. Thank you for sharing. (Makes me wish I was younger). mike
  14. Re Upping the cash flow for QR. I am not a business person, so not sure if this is a good idea or not. What I would propose is having a second tier of advertisers, more like a shout out by members and paid for by members. In the forums we all mention the great places we stay and the restaurants that fed us so well, the dealers that got our sled fixed the same day it went down. I would be willing to pay $25 to give a shout out to a different business every year. Maybe we don't want the business to get a full banner like the paid advertisers, but maybe just a pinned forum where the host of the business (a QR member who paid for the shout out) gets to post about the business and tell about in more detail than usual. It could be a business that a member just likes or a business that helped you out one or more times. Of course we can still mention businesses for free in our regular posts. Just a thought. Any thoughts? mike
  15. 121 days of riding. I would need a Go Fund Me page for just the bar bill.