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  1. Thanks guys. Us couch potatoes needed a good read and some good pics. Great trip!
  2. I will probably go back to the Rene 900 ACE when they get the new front end and new skis. The problem with the non turbo ACE is that you can't get an upgraded model with the better shocks. On my 900's I had tried the coupler blocks on #;s 3 and 4 but the rear suspension became miserably harsh riding. On the 600 I tried cranking the rear springs higher, then the front springs tighter, both tighter, front track spring loose. But I don't think I did try going any higher than #2 on the couplers on the 600. You are right, that may have solved the push and the 600 rear suspension was so much softer it may have been fine with the couplers cranked up. mike (Anyone else with reviews on their 2024 sleds?)
  3. A ride report on the '24 MXZ Adrenaline 600R 129. 2,000 miles. "The great experiment" Last 3 sleds were Renegade 900 Adrenaline 4 strokes. Great sleds but did not like the front end push in looser snow and they also had a somewhat stiffer ride, front and rear, especially the front ski suspension. Hoped for quicker handling with the 129 track and a chance to see how far two strokes have come. This sled also moved me up to the RMotion X suspension and newer X skis. The new G5 also added more soundproofing to the 2 strokes. Also new for '24 on the MXZ's 2 strokes was a taller ski suspension. I could easily see the front end sat up higher with the new longer travel. First, the new 600R was fairly quiet for a 2 stroke, as I believe the G5 got more sound insulation added. The engine runs like a fine Swiss watch, perfect all the time at all RPM's. Very impressive. Gas mileage wasn't too bad unless I had a stretch of fast speeds like a RR bed, then the mpg plummeted fast. But I really missed the constant 20 mpg of the 900 ACE. Especially since each sled, 2 stroke or 4, has only a 9 1/2 gallon tank. I thought I would hate the MXZ trail seat compared to the Renegade's comfort seat, but I liked it just as much. The 600R rear suspension was very plush. The ski suspension not so much, still too much feedback in the handlebars over bumps. I also felt it even pushed more than the Renegades in loose snow. I found this made me really not enjoy the sled. SkiDoo skis just don't have a deep enough keel to grab, even with 6 inch Shaper bars. The sled handled good on hard surfaced trails, but once traffic chewed up the trails, handling went south. But the handling was not as good as the Renegades (which sat lower in the front). There was a noticeable penalty with the new front end raising the front of the sled. SkiDoos have always handled very good on hard trails, almost a go cart type handling. The 600R lacked this feel. I will just mention this in passing, the 600R hand warmer controls should be enough to make you never buy a 2024 SkiDoo. They are beyond horrible. With the promise of a new front end geometry and all new redesigned ski for 2025, and good reviews by the sled media, I traded/spring checked a '25 MXZ 600R "X" 129. Its been some years since I had a higher end model. This also moves me up to rack steering and high end shocks. I am excited. mike
  4. Mrs. Ice is a great sport to share Mr. Ice's love of riding. I assume we will see lots of pics of Mr. Ice on a paddle board this summer.
  5. 2003 Blew piston at end of Quebec airport, solo, first sled to come by ( guy from Montreal) towed me to Quebec Inn. Wrecker company showed up with a pick up truck and gave me 2 1/2 hour ride to Maine border for $250. 2004 Blew Arctic Cat chain case right next to Yammi dealer near Montmagny. Took apart and dealer could not fix. Dealer had wife drive me and sled to Maine border ( 3 hrs.), sled labor and ride $250. (I was with Rob Lyons and his crew at the time). Best one was in Maine 1971 doing 2 day saddlebag Eustis to Jackman and return. Four Dads & 4 teens. 30 miles before Jackman couldn't get across a lake due to heavy slush. No other way to get to Jackman and not enough gas to return to Eustis. Went to nearby Holeb, middle of no where Maine widerness with a few camps and lumber mill. Mill owner had no gas but stuffed us all into his Suburban and gave us the most harrowing ride to Jackman on a 25 mile mountainous logging road, bare ice. Pulling into the hotel we got stopped by a trooper and the mill owner got bagged for OUI. My dad and I drove him back to his mill and we stayed over night at his trailer. Next day the hotel owner gathered volunteers to drive the rest of the gang to the mill and brought along gas. Cost: we paid for the mill owner's bail to get out of jail and big tips for the Jackman folks who helped us. mike
  6. Next time I need to listen to you. Did you need your spare gas often on those high speed trails? I think my 600R would be out at the 100 mile mark. mike
  7. Hard to say. From that club south has been great but haven't ridden it for a couple days. With the warm temps the past couple days, rain tonight and a flash freeze, it may be icy.
  8. Left for Maine late morning. No percipiitation all the way home but warm everywhere.. Can only guess it will really be tough getting out of RDL. Still forecasting rain at RDL tonight and 2 cm of snow. Good trails may flash freeze and be icy, just not sure. Best to those that make the trip. mike
  9. Nice run Alex. That area is great for sure. Thanks for posting the pics. Have fun. Is the hotel nice? mike
  10. Looks like you chose the right area to ride. I should have listened to you and come up. Have fun. But don't break down, those Alibiti wolves are hungry this time of year. mike
  11. Today seemed to stay below the freezing mark making a nice ride today with lots of sunshine. Getting out of town is getting somewhat bad but still doable. Few miles out and things change drastically for the better. I am guessing there are some loops I won't try as those close to the St. Lawrence may or may not be good. And trails around Club Hiboux showed closed. Just sticking to the southerly trails where I know its really nice.
  12. My new SkiDoo gauge shows me going down a waterway and shows red and green buoys. And it keeps beeping telling me to put on my life jacket.
  13. At the last minute I decided to drive to RDL two days ago, on Sunday. Didn't have much hope for great riding, but was going stir crazy sitting around the house. I also heard SkiDoo invited the sled magazine press to Quebec starting Sunday to ride the 2025 sleds. Several years ago they did this same thing and stayed at the Universel in RDL. It was great getting to talk to the factory guys. Turns out (found out today) this time around they went northeast of Montreal. Driving up thru Maine, Jackman actually looked pretty decent. The Chaudierre region of Quebec looked like toast, no riding there. In fact I didn't really see good snow until about 30 miles before RDL. Pulled into RDL seeing bare tar everywhere. Yuck!!! Less than an inch of new snow fell Sunday night. Today I finally decided to unload the sled and take a look around the area. Anyone who has been here knows how big the hotel parking lot seems when it is bare tar. Onto the trail heading for the clubhouse. Snirt, dirt, some ice, and more snirt. This may be a short ride. I remember my January trip here, 1,800 miles of low snow but perfect conditions, except on the last day when the warm up came. Drive by the club house, closed today. Thinking head South and SW. In the blink of an eye, or maybe someone spiked my morning coffee with magic mushrooms, I was in the middle of all out winter, a true winter wonderland. Beautiful packed powder, groomed to perfection, trees coated in white,and what appeared to be a better snow depth than my January trip. Giddy up MXZ baby. Further I got, it appeared this area got half a foot of fluff Sunday night. I did a 100 mile loop that was 5 star riding, every bit as good as the 5 star meal I had last night at Hotel Levesque. Quick meal at Exploreteur Clubhouse. Eventually made my way north to trail 5. The last few miles of trail 5 was much lower snow pack but still really nice except for a couple snirts here and there. Since arriving here, weather forecast changed from a cold week to a gradual warm up starting tomorrow and rain later in the week. Hopefully I can remember to bring my camera on tomorrow's ride. Several groups left for Gaspe in the past few days. Just saw one sled return via flat bed a few minutes ago. mike
  14. Nice report. Believe I saw your group getting ready to leave the Universel this morning. I should have said hi, but it looked like you folks were hurrying to get out on the trail. Have a great trip. mike
  15. Here at RDL it is starting to spit snow with a few inches forecast tonight. If I understood two men in the lobby a short time ago speaking broken English, I think they said good snow east of RDL.
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