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  1. Wanted to give an update on Covid and Maine. Maine has been one of the safest states during the pandemic. However, like the rest of the country, we have seen a huge upswing of cases, posativety rate going up from .4 to almost 3, and cases going from a couple dozen a day to the mid 200's per day. Another surge is expected in a week or so due to people gathering for Thanksgiving. Most Maine testing sites need an appointment and are generally now booked several days out. Out of state folks entering Maine (except currently Vt & NH) need to quarantine 14 days upon entering Maine or get a negative Covid test. To get a lodging room, people from out of state need to show the lodge a certificate of compliance form. Masking is now expanded to cover even when outdoors.
  2. I can see this for Canadians going more freely from province to province. I highly doubt the US/Can border opening for many months. Heard on the radio two days ago Trudeau plans to keep the border closed for some time to come.
  3. Heard on the radio today of getting around restrictions of going from Canada to the U.S. Canadian snowbirds are using this method to get to Florida. It is apparently okay to cross the border by air. A helicopter company is flying people across the border, and transporting their vehicles separately across the border by trucks. I wonder if they can do this in reverse, south to north?
  4. I originally started this post as a way to maybe help and thank the people of Quebec for their kindness they extend to us Americans who visit their beautiful country each winter. Let's keep it on topic and stay a family that gets along.
  5. Just passing this along; This afternoon N.Y., N.J., and Conn. residents have been taken off Santa's good list for those who want to enter Maine. The people of these three states must quarantine for two weeks upon entering Maine or show a current negative test result for the virus. (Most states were already on the naughty list). Upon entering lodging you must give the lodging owner certain info that allows contact tracers to find you should there be an outbreak.. Just remember, as I mentioned earlier, within a few weeks 65 Walgreen stores in Maine will have the rapid testing available, results in 15 minutes. You can also get tested in your home state as long as it is within 72 hours or sooner when entering Maine and you have the results.. Thus people from banned states can still enter Maine and not quarantine. It also looks like the stage 4 (more liberal) expanded opening is not taking place as scheduled tomorrow. This would include bars not opening and not upping indoor gathering numbers. Many bars have been allowed to open by exchanging their bar license for a restaurant license. They must serve a full menu, not just alcohol and pub snacks. Also people at these bar/restaurants must be seated and not mingle around the bar. I suspect restaurants and bar/restaurants may be difficult to enter while out on the snowmobile circuit, mostly due to the mandatory limited seating. Also many restaurants have closed either for good or while waiting out the pandemic, making demand bigger than the supply. Gas station sandwiches may start to taste good! Remember, much of Maine's popular snowmobile areas are located in very small towns. mike
  6. So Jim, IF I am right about the 2% thresh hold, sounds like NYers are good to enter Maine without a test or quarantine.
  7. Don't quote me, but I believe any states that go above 2 percent positivity rate in testing. Maine has stayed around .4 % for quite awhile, and past couple weeks has jumped to .8 %. (still about ten times lower than the national average). Vermont and probably NH will be the only two states that will for sure be okay. We may find out this weekend or Monday if it changes. As I understand it we are supposed to go to the more liberal stage 4 of re opening on Monday, and there is a lot of talk of that being canceled and staying at stage 3. (keeping smaller crowds in restaurants, indoor gatherings, bars stay closed etc.).
  8. Maine's governor is hinting she may take some states off the Santa list of good states.
  9. The Forks area is a good place to start and saves a lot of driving verses starting further north. Rangeley would be another good place to start to lessen the drive, Rangeley putting you into more snow country. Maine snow seems to have been less dependable in recent years, especially as you get further south of the Maine Quebec border. Places like the Forks and Houlton (southern Aroostook County) can go either way some years.
  10. With some of you planning to come from out of state to Maine, this winter, I wanted to give an update on traveling here this winter. The virus is showing a spike in cases in Maine the past couple weeks that are more statewide and community spread verses the past super spreader events we have seen . Maine is still the second lowest state in the country in cases per 100,000 people. Maine tests at a higher rate than most, and the positivity rate is several times lower than the country as a whole. Out of staters coming to Maine need to check Maine's CDC website to see if your state is excempt from the 14 day quarantine or if you need to do so upon entering Maine. The list of excempt states can change at a short notice, so stay updated. As I understand it, you can bypass the quarantine by getting a Covid test (that shows negative) within 72 hours of entering Maine. Again, as i understand it, the results of the test will be needed to check into a lodging business. The good news is that Maine will have rapid testing available at 65 Walgreen stores up and running very soon. Results after the test are about 15 minutes. I would assume Walgreen's will print out a copy of the results for you. Also as I understand it, these tests are highly accurate when the test comes back negative. However, not so much if the test comes back positive. The state recommends should you come back positive on a rapid test, you should take a second test of the non rapid type. mike
  11. Christmas week can be sketchy on snow and grooming. One town may be up and going but maybe not the next adjoining area. My best guess for early snow and some grooming might be Jackman or the Fort Kent area.
  12. You found some top notch places, many I never heard of and must be new since my days of riding that area. Very impressive looking lodges. You are now the official guide for Maine!
  13. There is a state of Maine trail map available to order on the Maine Snowmobile Assoc. web site. Not sure if the state maps show local trails. The major snowmobile hubs I listed in a previous post should have regional maps through their tourism site or chamber of commerce site, and I also believe the Maine Snowmobile Assoc. has lists of where to get local maps. Aroostook County has a nice map, do an on line search to order one. Back when I did a lot of riding in Aroostook County, maps were very easily available at just about every hotel and tourist stop. Starting a saddlebag trip out of Rangeley gives you the shortest drive in the truck when coming from out of state. Also, most of the towns listed have dedicated parking lots for your truck and trailer. I would guess most Maine hotels don't have space to leave you rig for a week so make sure to check that info when you call about your first night's stay. Also I am guessing most of these towns have no form of taxi service so it might be wise to pick a hotel in town near services or ones that have a restaurant. Most of these towns I listed are very small and far from any big cities and some have no sled dealers. In fact, If I had a breakdown on a saddle bag trip, I would look into an airport at the town for some commercial pilot to fly me back to the truck in his Piper Cub as most of these towns have a small airport. Finding someone in Maine to transport you and your broken down sled hundreds of miles back to your truck could be a real problem.
  14. Chris, you got one long drive to Fort Kent!!! It is hard to get current conditions of Maine snow and trail conditions. Dealing with a lot of clubs, many post on Facebook. Also the MSA (Me Snowmobile Assn) has a section that divides the state into sections and gives updates every few days.
  15. I guess this would be a good baseline as it is the snow belt and has the trails that are wide and more remote. Starting in the western mountains and heading northeast, you basically want to go thru these areas on a saddlebag trip: Rangeley Eustis or Stratton Forks or Jackman or both Moosehead Lake area (Greenville or Rockwood) Millinocket Aroostook County (top of Maine below Riviere du Loup). towns like Houlton, Caribou, St. Agatha, Fort Kent. I am guessing Rangeley to Fort Kent would be a 3 to 4 day trip. Maybe take an extra day to ride around northern Aroostook County. Your ride back to Rangeley may be over some of the same trails in some areas. Beware in Maine that Fri and Sat nites the hotels are often full. I have saddlebagged across this area many times. It is nice. mike