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  1. In late February , on a friday, we rode from Saguenney back down 83. 83 was perfect. Got down to 3 west, and it was almost immediatly bumpy. Had lunch at the 1st relay. The name of which escapes me, buts its one cabin like big room with 6mil poly all over the rafters to stop leaks I guess, but fast service and great chow. There were lots of sleds there and from that point on 3 was a bounce fest for the next 50 miles, until we got close to St anne-de-beaupre, and a new club tookover. Gotta say, over the years, the section east of St Anne de beaupre, until about 10 miles south of the 83-3 split, is rarely good and often bad. And the Pig farm smells around Clermont just add to the ambiance
  2. I must not be keeping up with the latest technology. Carbides?.......they look like nuns for a Rev.
  3. Amen to that. Bill told me in February that he wasnt on because the Delta wasnt an advertiser, and he stays there,... something to that effect. Still makes no sense, Why would he care? I know his last post was about his on board fire extinguisher, a couple of folks replied and i dont think he liked the replys. That was Last year... Ice took exception to a reply someone gave him on his trip in early February and he replyed back. His reply was removed and I guess that was enough to cause him to go MIA. Its a real shame because we all go to this site for real time info from the serious riders who live there. Their knowledge, stories, advice is what made this site. I cant offer diddly from down here in Cow Hampshire about anything current up there. The reality is we are rewarded by Iceman, Bill and others being on here, They dont really get much back in return, so when they go, its Our loss.
  4. Looks like mid-winter up there still Groomer! Even the river is still tight.Great day to be a wind mill owner.
  5. Thanks for another another super report Alaine! I agree with you on liking the hard smooth trails. They're the best How many miles/kilometers do you typically ride in a season? Just curious.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMixnGRrMjE Kennebec river Maine 1976
  7. I talked to Bill at the Delta last week. He says his non-reporting has something to do with him being at the Delta and theyre not a QR sponsor..... I still dont get it. Its not like you can get jail time for giving trail reports. And it looks like Iceman has left QR as well (Im still hoping not...). So, the 2 places I frequent the most, Shawinigan and Saguenne have no one with boots on the ground local reporting knowledge.😟
  8. Bill is the ultimate American promoter of Quebec sledding, especially in Saguenney lac st. Jean. Too bad he isnt on here anymore😟
  9. I know this is Icemans reporting page but as of yesterday, heres what I saw. From Shawinigan over to St. Raymond there is close to 4 feet of snow on the ground. Only in 2008 have I seen deeper snow there. Reggie and Pascal have a crew in today to clear the roof on the low units at the Drakkar. Unless it gets very warm, or a big rain, this area should run deep into March.
  10. I got Lasik in Montreal in 2002 for the same reason. I use to wear contacts when I rode, but some days when it was super cold I could actually feel them getting crunchy. Best medical outcome ever.
  11. Great idea. Thats always the weak point. Dont know if any folks on here saw todays temps. Its -18F at 1pm in St Michel, -14f at Shawinigan. Nasty cold. Today is one of those "test your helmet and shield" days that Im glad Im missing.
  12. $160 HJC full face, w/ electric shield . I run with no breath deflector, cant see bringing extra snot and saliva along for the ride. I carry spare cords in case of issues. i wear cheap sunglasses as long as its above 0F(-18c) without issues. Super cold weather and they fog.. Have had the odd temporary failure, but its almost always at the connections. Dry em off, good to go. But, you have to be easy on the connection where the wire meets the helmut. That is the delicate point that can break, and then the wires move at the shield. Been running similar setups for 15 yrs.
  13. Not doubting any of it.... We had many a late night apres riding, especially when close enough for cab rides to ste foy and Q City. Just recounting my Bernard recollections. He warned us about the Shawini operas, and boy was he right,.. get your shots up to date before entering. Cheers
  14. Despite the fact that he smoked like a chimney ( I think Du Maurier stock dropped 50% upon news of his death), I never saw Bernard drink. Always coffee and butts. What a guy. He had an edge, but he our backs as well. RIP Bernard.
  15. Did a mini saddlebag out of Drakkar . Arrived Sunday afternoon, out for a quick spin and a beer just to make sure everything was in working order. Trails were a little bouncy , esp the 3. But all normal for a Sunday afternoon. Mon morn we had breakfast at the Drakkar(much improved), and the 4 of us headed west. Normally we go North or East, but based on reports of a flooded St Anne river in St Ray, and thin snow in the valley near Lac st.jean we decided to head west and do mini loops.Headed west on 23, past Cabin on the Hill, and the ski area. Not a big fan of this trail. Its tight and twisty and not much to see. Did ride down to the Hotel Sacacomie. This place is worth a look if youve never been. Incredible Log building perched above a Lake. We spent 1 nite at Real Masse. This is a fun spot and the owners are super friendly and good english. Went by the Cabanon, and wow,... I definitly would not go near that place on a weekend. On a tuesday there were at least 40 trucks in their parking lot and the trails in and out of there showed a little snirt with a few rocks to boot. Reminded me of Pittsburg NH. Spent tuesday night at the Central in St.Michel. Decent food, better Bar. Rode around Lac Taureau, and on the Lac as well. Visited the massive Auberge on the way up to the dam. Definitly a 1% er hangout. Also Canada Adventure....almost affordable, and what a spot overlooking the lake. Rode back to Shawini in steady snow wednsday . 23, 345, 360. 360 is gorgeous trail, as well as fast, though we were pushing 8 inches of freshie, and steering was a bit dicey.The trails were 90% good, but the constant lite snow kept our speed down. The trails up there now will be near perfection, as ICE reported, there was a new foot of snow when we returned, and the trails were already good before this. Reggie, Nancy and Pascal are doing a great job with the Drakkar, and it appeared full when we left fri morn. The next 6 days are going to be cold so the trails should get hard,flat and fast. Pure Quebec. And heres a flashback to the Old Safari days.............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0novpU6MJXQ