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  1. NHTOM

    gas price

    Ahah. Wow. Yes that would be a well known "canadien" hockey team! 🏒.
  2. NHTOM

    gas price

    That doesnt narrow it down much...............
  3. NHTOM

    gas price

    Heres a quick way to check from home............ https://www.gasbuddy.com/GasPrices/Quebec/Shawinigan
  4. NHTOM

    All this early Snow....not good.

    Those photos remind me, again, of why I'll never own an ATV..........
  5. NHTOM

    Anyone receive their trail permit ??

    Got mine from Saguenney Bill in 4 days.
  6. About 15 years ago the Mauricie Club groomed a little too early. The groomer broke thru the 1st big swamp heading out from Drakkar(Safari then) toward 351. The hole that it left behind was so massive it had police tape around it for several years. I have no idea how they got the groomer out as it was a couple of miles from a road. Cold weather is more valuable then snow at this point.
  7. Alerts for: Mauricie Statements 3:47 PM EST Wednesday 07 November 2018 Special weather statement in effect for: Lac-aux-Sables area Louiseville area Matawin - Mauricie National Park area Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade area Shawinigan area Trois-Rivières area Snow is knocking on the door! A major low pressure system from the Southern United States will bring precipitation in the form of snow over several Quebec regions during the next few days. The snow is expected to begin Friday afternoon in Western Quebec and will gradually spread eastward on Friday night. In addition, the development of a second low pressure system along the Eastern American seaboard, will allow snow to intensify mainly over Central and Eastern Quebec on Saturday. Given the uncertainty that reigns regarding the track of this second system, snowfall amounts could be quite varied from one region to another. For the moment, all areas north of St Lawrence River could get snowfall accumulations. Over higher grounds, amounts could easily exceed 15 centimetres and possibly reach 30 centimetres.
  8. NHTOM

    Saguenay Bill

    Bought my trail pass from Bill this week. @ $250 US. Took 4 days, mailbox to mailbox. Ive purchased from Quebec before, and sometimes waited over a month! Not totally sure why hes not on here of late, and I didnt ask him why. Its a shame as he always offers real on the ground info. for serious trail riders. I do know that for US riders hes been the absolute Go-To when it comes to riding , lodging, dealers, towing, relais, anywhere in the LSJ-Saguenney area.
  9. NHTOM

    Shield Heater Tester

    Wow Gutz, nice find. That thing will def ride with me this winter. There are few things as maddening as an intermitent or dead shield. Usually happens at -20 in the morning on a rock hard rail bed. Folks with this problem are the ones at the bar with black spots on their face.
  10. NHTOM

    Winter Preparations

    Ice, Thanks for the great link.
  11. NHTOM

    Winter Preparations

    Hi Ice, Just curious, do you know where they get this salt? Where its mined? Ive heard the Magdelin islands have a salt mine out there.
  12. I know this will create some controversy, but I cant resist........ I have no data to support it , but Ive ridden thru this area(high country above Q city) and up to Mt valin (hi country, plateau, North east of Saguenney) for 20 years. The most snow Ive ever seen was 23 between Letape and St Ray in March 2008. And, year after year this area, and to a lesser extent 369, always had more snow than Mt valin. Of course Valin has many trails in all directions, and Im basically talking 2 trails only 23 (South of Letape), 369....., its a small area, and even Mt Apica gets less snow.But if I had to place a bet, Id def say this area gets more snow than Valin. OK , let the games begin
  13. NHTOM

    She's Warming Up : (

    I think thats refered to as a "Winter-bago" Whats with the little driveway plow? Not going to do it in Quebec..
  14. NHTOM

    A winter that doesn't want to die.

    And this trail report from St Raymond on Apr 9th is amazing: Mise à jour : 2018-04-09 18:21:33 Sentiers État Conditions Surfacé le TQ 23 Saint-Raymond vers Saint-Basile(12 Km) 2018-04-07 TQ 23 Saint-Raymond au Relais St-Raymond(13.5 Km) 2018-04-07 TQ 23 Relais St-Raymond à L Étape(138 Km) 2018-04-08 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond vers Ste-Catherine J-C. (14 km) 2018-04-07 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) (37.5km) 2018-04-06 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) (11.3km) 2018-04-05 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) à La Jeanotte(vers La Tuque)(49 Km) 2018-03-31 SR 9 (LT2) La Jeanotte au Lac Laurier(11Km) 2018-03-31 SR 7 Lac 7-Îles(6.5 km) 2018-03-17 SR 5 Chalet en Bois Rond (Sainte-Christine vers Saint-Léonard(7 Km) 2018-03-26 SR 3 Renversi (Relais Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite)(37 Km) 2018-04-06 SR 1 Tour de ville(Marina)(5.7 Km) 2018-0