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  1. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Thanks Bill. As always, you da man. Wishing you safe and smooth riding this winter.
  2. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Hi Bill, Mailed in my trail pass info and check to you wednsday, PO said youd recieve it today 12/8. Hope I made the "early bird" rate. If not let me know and Ill mail the balance. rgds, Tom Straub
  3. is the trail network in jeopardy??

    Unreal. Every year the govt seems to screw up something regarding snowmobiling. Not giving farmers what they promised, then farmers hold sled trails hostage. Now some govt agency wants us off the forest roads?? No greenys are going to do anything with those roads when theres 4 feet of snow on them. Dont they know that? Plus if nobody registers a sled then no money for the govt either. Morons.
  4. Groomers still running !

    Area webcams show bare ground, but they groomed last night. Time to head up! Clicked Position: - Position: 48.47355,-71.69819 - Trail: N CLUB DE MOTONEIGISTES LAC ST-JEAN (202) Segment groomed on April 21th at 20h39 By the vehicle 202-4. The segment was groomed 15 hours before the last update that occured on April 22th at 12h00. http://fcmq.viaexplora.com/i?l=e&r=1&s=EQW2C4G0FoEZ4OwCYEIKwBpZIBwBYA2JAZgQwJzRwyT1gAYBdDYAZwlhYBcJg0BHVgFNiwIA
  5. Groomers still running !

    According to the Caribou Club website, the trails all closed last Mon Apr 10. Could be the groomers are picking up signs and heading back to the barns for the summer......?
  6. Anyone out there with recent intel on this trail?. Some years its good, some years rarely groomed, esp North of Lac edourd. Just wondering if anyones been on it recently, esp Lac Ed north.
  7. Big Speeding Ticket

    If memory serves me, that section of trail is close to the 83 and is flat ,wide and very fast. Its also a rural area. Lets hope this doesnt become a new money maker for the police, because except for the groomers, no one on that trail is doing less than a hunderd klicks. this is also the 1st time Ive heard of radar way out in the boonies. Usually its near towns, Sat and Sundays.
  8. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    Been sledding in Quebec for over 20 yrs and, knock on wood, weve never lost anything. Only once, a sled was stolen form a trailer at the Hotel Saguenne. Dude left trailer un-locked, and key fob/lanyard in it. Duh...Other sleds wernt touched. Ive heard lots of horror stories, and St Zenon and Thetford mines usually lead the list. We never ride either of these areas. True that Northern new england doesnt have secure parking, and virtually no theft. I think part of that is many Quebec areas are close to urban centers, and lets face it, the bigger the town the more crooks it has. Also, USA has bigger penalties for crime than Canada. We dont have the worlds highest incarceration rate for nothing!
  9. Hi Skidoo- I believe it rained there today. I would call them and get conditions. River crossings to the east could be closed.....Chaudierre river was closed last weekend Also check trail conditions on FCMQ site. Very up to date. If it was me Id start from the universal in Riviere du loop. Only 1 and a half to 2 hrs farther, but I dont think there are any water crossings on trail 5 up that way. Plus its colder, trails will be better for sure.
  10. A Sad Day for Yamaha...

    Amen. Boy is that the truth. For the money they cost, I cant think of anything thats less reliable. Its almost like were in shock when we all make it back to the truck without an "event".
  11. Thankyou for that tip on the Beauceville location. We have gone thru there before, but from NH we get to Levi faster than Beauceville. 75 vs 50 mph.......My buddy has a camp in Rangeley and we ride Coburn Gore or Jackman and in via sleds, then North and East. So for that area right above Jackman we usually ride in. We will def try out Our typical starting point when trailering is Shawinigan. 5hrs door to door. Because its North of the river its a little colder and its just a quick sled ride to the super stuff beyond La Tuque, St Raymond, etc. We typically get into Shawini at noon then ride to St raymond and stay at Auberge Alexis in town, right on 73. Used to stay at the Roquemont, but it slowly became a yuppie haven. the last straw was when they pulled the pool table out and replaced the bar stools with tree stumps! Alexis rooms are cheaper, beers are cheaper, pool tables,and the pizza is better than anything at the Roquemont. But if you ride with the ladies..., they will want the Roquemont. Its cute.
  12. Left truck and trailer at Berniers tuesday noonish, and rode northeast. Yes the trailer area is smaller but still works. Rode to Montmagny for the nite. Weds rode mostly 5 East to Rimouski. Trail conditions tues and weds perfect. Then Thurs in rain to NB border and over to Cabano. !st time there, stayed at motel Royal. Cheap, right on the Lake and good rest and bar next door. I would stay there again for sure. Trails even thursday were near perfect despite 40F afternoon temps. Friday we rode 85 to 35West. For those that have never tryed it, 35 is a ridiculously fast rail bed that was still fairly flat the entire way back to 547 , where we turned North to pickup 5/75 into Berniers. But the last 50 miles trails were showing some serious wear, snirt and puddles. Then on 5/75 west, about 18 miles from Berniers the Chaudiere river was shut down, and we had to ride bare roads over a bridge for a couple of miles.. The water in the ditches along the trails is rising fast in this area. To top it off last nite they had an ice storm with 1/2 inch of ice on everything. Took us a while to chisel out the truck this morning. To me, they wil now need some cold and an inch or two of new snow, to get this area back in shape. They still have a deep base on most of it.
  13. heard a rumor

    Unless Im reading this wrong it says, "Access to farmlands NOW prohibited". Sounds like the fields are shut down starting today Feb 1st........
  14. Mission Aborted

    Bernard charged the nites you were gone, if you were in the Safari for the nite, no charge. Plus the 1st Heck and Ringi Dang Doo were free.
  15. Looks like the 2010 strike all over again. Lets hope this gets resolved...... From the Journal -Montreal 12/21 The Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) is still threatening to block snowmobile trails as a means of pressure, a move that could cost tens of thousands of dollars to tourism businesses. The UPA is considering asking its producers to refuse to give access to their land from 1 February in order to put pressure on the Couillard government in the matter of recalculating the reimbursement of property taxes to farmers. These measures would increase the tax bill of 80% of farmers. On 1 February, if the government did not agree to suspend the reform, the UPA promises to tighten the tone. This is not the first time that such a threat has been launched. The tourist industry was also taken hostage in 2010 on the issue of Farm Income Stabilization Insurance. "One understands (the anxiety), but when our only way to be heard is that (blocking) one has no choice," said in interview UPA general president Marcel Groleau . The news brought regional entrepreneurs who rely heavily on the economic benefits of the snowmobile industry. "If it happens, I'm going to have a big problem," exclaimed Sylvie St-Arneault, owner of Ferme la Bisonnière, in Saint-Prosper-de-Champlain, Mauricie, which receives nearly 12,000 visitors each year. She believes that blocking snowmobile trails would result in financial losses of nearly $ 50,000."If it closes, I can not open it." It's going to make a big hole in my budget and it's seven people who will not have a job this winter. It is working against rurality. It is not a good means of pressure, "she said. Up to 120% increase Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton has just endorsed the figures put forward by the UPA concerning changes to the Farm Property Tax Credit Program. "Almost 80% of producers will have an increase between 5% and 120% of their tax bill. It is aberrant, "said Marcel Groleau. According to him, the program will create inequity in addition to putting several small businesses in a precarious financial situation. The UPA is calling for a working table to negotiate changes to the plan. ,