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  1. Shield Heater Tester

    Wow Gutz, nice find. That thing will def ride with me this winter. There are few things as maddening as an intermitent or dead shield. Usually happens at -20 in the morning on a rock hard rail bed. Folks with this problem are the ones at the bar with black spots on their face.
  2. Winter Preparations

    Ice, Thanks for the great link.
  3. Winter Preparations

    Hi Ice, Just curious, do you know where they get this salt? Where its mined? Ive heard the Magdelin islands have a salt mine out there.
  4. I know this will create some controversy, but I cant resist........ I have no data to support it , but Ive ridden thru this area(high country above Q city) and up to Mt valin (hi country, plateau, North east of Saguenney) for 20 years. The most snow Ive ever seen was 23 between Letape and St Ray in March 2008. And, year after year this area, and to a lesser extent 369, always had more snow than Mt valin. Of course Valin has many trails in all directions, and Im basically talking 2 trails only 23 (South of Letape), 369....., its a small area, and even Mt Apica gets less snow.But if I had to place a bet, Id def say this area gets more snow than Valin. OK , let the games begin
  5. She's Warming Up : (

    I think thats refered to as a "Winter-bago" Whats with the little driveway plow? Not going to do it in Quebec..
  6. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    And this trail report from St Raymond on Apr 9th is amazing: Mise à jour : 2018-04-09 18:21:33 Sentiers État Conditions Surfacé le TQ 23 Saint-Raymond vers Saint-Basile(12 Km) 2018-04-07 TQ 23 Saint-Raymond au Relais St-Raymond(13.5 Km) 2018-04-07 TQ 23 Relais St-Raymond à L Étape(138 Km) 2018-04-08 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond vers Ste-Catherine J-C. (14 km) 2018-04-07 TQ 73 Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) (37.5km) 2018-04-06 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(centre ville) à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) (11.3km) 2018-04-05 TQ 73 Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite) à La Jeanotte(vers La Tuque)(49 Km) 2018-03-31 SR 9 (LT2) La Jeanotte au Lac Laurier(11Km) 2018-03-31 SR 7 Lac 7-Îles(6.5 km) 2018-03-17 SR 5 Chalet en Bois Rond (Sainte-Christine vers Saint-Léonard(7 Km) 2018-03-26 SR 3 Renversi (Relais Saint-Raymond à Rivière-à-Pierre(Marmite)(37 Km) 2018-04-06 SR 1 Tour de ville(Marina)(5.7 Km) 2018-0
  7. Gaspe- Season Ender

    My apologies. Looks like you guys already covered this. Thats what I get for sleeping in....Wheres that 2nd cup of coffee??
  8. Gaspe- Season Ender

    You probably already know this, but you have to have a "registration" as well as a "Trail Pass" to ride in quebec. The Quebec trail pass is not a registration.
  9. Iceman’s Ender?

    Ohh boy! Looks ridiculous. Plus the crazy scenery. Congrats on todays ride. Epic.
  10. Wheel and Scratcher Ride

    Rode right by the front and vandals have broken out the windows, busted in the doors. The great times there are just a distant memory now.
  11. Just got back from 3 days riding out of Drakkar in Shawinigan-sud. We usually saddlebag, but didnt have enough time to do a good one so we opted for day trips . Wedns Day 1 we arrived around 1pm and went out for a quick 120 mile run just checking things out. Up 351 to St.Tite, down to the river at 23, down 351 to hwy 40, east on 3/302 and back in. Thurs Day 2 We got out around 815, up 351, 360 to St. Joseph. Pipeline 355, 73 into Letuque. Pipeline aint what it used to be. Only about 10 or 15 miles of it. And it was a bit choppy. Used to be much longer. Then gas up, snack and down 73 to Riviere pierre. 73 was crazy good, very fast. Then 353,302. Trails again , just super. Smooth and a bit soft. Then we went thru St.Adelphi. OMG do not ride thru there this time of year. zero snow, or ice in village. Without the wheels Id still be there spinning. But once out of town, near perfection back into Shawini. Total on day 252. 90% excellent Fri Day 3. Over to st. ray on 3 to Rogers (moment of silence) ,then the orange trail past the pig farm and onto 351. 351 east to 302, 3 ,23 north. We left at 815 and arrived at Relais St. ray on 23 at 1055. So yes the trails were again incredible. Mostly fresh groomed and hard, scratchers a must. The way back we meandered and did some quasi site seeing. As the temps headed toward 40 trails got soft, but not rough. Still great riding. 212 miles, and back in at 430 after a major beer stop at the Relais Le station on 351. So theres still plenty of snow, on fields, up and down hills etc. But road crossings are rapidly getting ugly. Things are fine in the frozen morning, but afternoon till beyond sunset theyre soupy, bare, and worse. Got to have wheel kits and scratchers. Still riding left, and the Batiscan and Mauricie rivers are still safe. but dont wait long.
  12. permits

    Yes Reggie has the permits right there at Drakkar. Have stayed there twice this winter and its all good. Very good host. Cheaper than Comfort Inn, Free secure parking, better free breakfast, no river crossing to hit trail Also many other anglophone riders to talk to. Give the place a try.
  13. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Bill- Where are you? We miss the reports, hope everything is Ok with you. Its like this site has gone cold.
  14. Shawinigan Weather

    Watch the forecast right up until Sat night, as it is subject to change. But if it holds as shown I wouldnt go. It cost's just as much to do a rainy crappy ride as a sunny good one. We constantly adjust dates right up to the day before. We'll ride in the rain if we have to, cause were already saddlebagging, but I wont start in the rain....