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  1. permits

    Yes Reggie has the permits right there at Drakkar. Have stayed there twice this winter and its all good. Very good host. Cheaper than Comfort Inn, Free secure parking, better free breakfast, no river crossing to hit trail Also many other anglophone riders to talk to. Give the place a try.
  2. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Bill- Where are you? We miss the reports, hope everything is Ok with you. Its like this site has gone cold.
  3. Shawinigan Weather

    Watch the forecast right up until Sat night, as it is subject to change. But if it holds as shown I wouldnt go. It cost's just as much to do a rainy crappy ride as a sunny good one. We constantly adjust dates right up to the day before. We'll ride in the rain if we have to, cause were already saddlebagging, but I wont start in the rain....
  4. Sled-Ho, Thanks for the info. At some point I will do it just like in the photo. I think because its Hog Tied(real tight) to the bumper it keeps sled from bumping tow sled on steep downhills and road stops. Thats why conventional towing requires the rider on board to brake on downhills. this method looks way better to my old eyes.
  5. Interested in this method. So you tie 1 ski loop tight to the bumper? Is that 1 ski up in the air a bit? A picture would be great.
  6. Quebec city to Saguenay

    TQ 3 is a powerline trail and lots of road crossings till your beyond Quebec City suburbs. Then its fairly straight up and down powerlines. It gets way better as you approach 369. 369 is a rocket ship ride , very fast, wide few turns to Lertape and 23. 23 North is also quite wide and fast enough. Have fun. Its a gorgous ride thru the mountains.
  7. Snow storm totals

    I share the same frustration. Ive never found a site that shows the weather observers snow totals the day after a storm, as well as snow on ground. Down here its posted on the NWS site. The big depth maps just give a general idea, but thats about it. I was up Sunday, and there was only about about a foot on the ground from Shawinigan to QCity. Letape had a solid 3 feet, St.raymond a healthy 2. But, it snowed, glazed several inches on tuesday, so should be better now.............
  8. Season Opener 2018

    I melted down a 600SDI on a Gaspe trip very close to the rock several years ago. My son towed me to the nearest relais at about 6pm. The folks at the Relais called the owner of the Doo dealer in Chandler. Half hour later the dealer picks me up on a ramp truck, brings me to our Hotel. Next morning at 730 same dude picks me up at Hotel and brings me to dealer. At 8am they had the sled apart, but didnt have the parts. The mechanics then dragged a sled off showroom floor, pulled the engine and pirated the piston, and a few other necessary parts. During this time my buds were off riding, dealer looked sad for me and sent me out to play on his side by side. At 4 pm sled was fixed, and I was back on the trail. It wasnt cheap, but at the same time no charge for all the ferrying around of me and dead sled. They even took me out for Lunch!
  9. St Raymond The Roquemont

    Youlll be all set. Might be a little rough in the Park tomorrow(23 Nord). But you can always ride the flat stuff on 73 towards LaTuque. Or if its really bad, head east to the Ice Hotel for your culture, then hit various Happy Hours.
  10. Best weather forecast

    I think you might want to mail it in for friday. From thurs mid day thru friday looks like rain, even up in the park (23). Not fun. https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/weather/quebec/saint-raymond?switchto=f https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/qc-113_metric_e.html?unit=imperial
  11. New to Quebec

    And having that extra day in there is very important for 3 things. Big snowstorm, or a breakdown, or a rainstorm (yes it can rain in Quebec).
  12. Something to check

    The road salt gets up under there and never gets washed off cause the top of the ball hitch acts like a roof. Good find Bill! That would have been ugly popping loose about 20 miles from Letape at minus 30.
  13. For me Id want sledding and a Lake. Cabano comes to mind. Really nice lake there, great snowmobiling, not far from RDL. Close to Gaspesie. Since the taxes and upkeep are year round, Id want to have a great spot for summer and winter .