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  1. I think they are still in the bush, but in the process of getting out
  2. They are on snowbikes, i ride with these guys many times, very prepared and can handle any situation
  3. Yes it was, however trail from there to chib had not even been touched till we came thru, 8 ft plus of virgin snow makes for long day and then taking road for many miles
  4. rode thru there sat, rough in spots, but passable
  5. Probably passed you guys yest, just came back opposite direction you are heading, any questions ask away st raymond, alma, chibougamou,lac fallon, relais 22, st raymond
  6. I got a tundra extreme more or less ready to go
  7. Labcity to chibougamau to northbay to labcity next?
  8. Oh and that same trail takes you right to the dancers
  9. You can get there by sled, been there done that, last couple hundred feet are scetchy, if you have gps just type it in, stayed there 2 weeks ago but drove there in truck, we were riding back country
  10. Going for back country so curious of depth not necessarily trail cond itions
  11. Present snow depth in this area?
  12. I got to dig out my gps, pretty sure its on there with many other excursions right in that area
  13. mAYBE, but easiest is to start from mt apica relay, cross road to power line about 1/2 mile down unplowed road, take right on power line, and ride it until you come to wide unplowed road with guard rails, take left, There is a brook crossing aboubt 1/4 mile onto powerline that is entertaining, dont give up, we made it after breaking trail