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  1. Border open in time for winter 20/21. November 1, 2020. Vaccine? As Chris Rock once said, the money is not in the cure, the money is in the medicine. He was talking about cancer, and referencing the money lesson learned by vaccinating against Polio. Makes you wonder...
  2. I have the same thing, but made by Jameson’s
  3. Check these guys out. We have found some amazing deals on their sample items. I’m not totally sure what sample means, but the Klim bibs and boots that we have bought as samples are all brand new with tags on them. https://www.snowbigdeal.com/
  4. A sad day indeed Mark! I have to change the oil, and do the last bit of summer storage prep on the one of three sleds that ever saw snow this winter. It will be bittersweet for sure.
  5. I have the last rendition of the Keweenaw jacket and bibs before the redesign. I like them very much. A couple guys in our group bought the newest design for this past season, they are both happy with it.
  6. You and 50,000 of your closest friends! Sometimes your right rubbing the brush is not as far right is the oncoming half drunk Tucker Hibbert wannabes far left!
  7. She didn’t answer the door. The guy/gal might have looked tike tax collector.
  8. Once you ride in Quebec you'll never want to ride the states again My trip down memory lane - I remember my first trip to Quebec. It was quite by accident. I had been reading about Quebec in the magazines. I think it may have been Snow Goer that had the section in their magazine about great places to ride across the US and Canada. Back in 1995, my buddy and I were supposed to meet my then nephew and circumnavigate the Michigan UP. Trip was all planned, then a few days before we were to leave, warm up and rain. Trip canceled. My buddy and I both had vacation, so I said let’s try Quebec. I called Alain at Motel Saint Agathe as he advertised a lot in the magazines at that time. He told us to come up, the trails are like white carpets. Man was he right. We had the greatest of times. After years of riding Tug Hill, and around our homes outside of Rochester, WOW WAS HE RIGHT! 25 years of the best riding in the world. Can’t wait to go back again! In 2013 we did circumnavigate/saddlebag the entire UP. We caught it just right, good snow everywhere. It was a good time, and good riding all week, until Friday afternoon for the last 50 miles back into Sault Ste. Marie, it was like Tug Hill on steroids. There is nothing like Quebec!
  9. So I sent this to my group as I made a reference to some of the European tour groups we all run across in Quebec. We all talk about how they are riding in the middle or the left side of the trail. One of our guys brought something up...which side of the road are they programmed to drive on? Not that it makes it safe, but maybe there is some explanation to what we say is complete stupidity?
  10. Unretiring after the first of the year did not bode well for many trips. That, coupled with a mild winter back home, = low miles. 1477 miles on one Quebec trip, and about 30 more on a muddy Saturday run on Tug Hill. I guess I’ll take the glass half full approach. Winter ended with feelings of wanting more riding, rather than feelings of I’ve had enough...if that makes sense?
  11. Well, I guess at this point I’ll change the oil and put the sleds away. We’re hunkered in at home, and that is probably for the best. Sure hope we don’t run out of toilet paper. All of you in the QR world, stay safe and healthy.
  12. I’m keeping a close eye on this one. All of our schools are closed for the next 5 weeks, which means my wife might be able to get away. I was hoping to get her up to Quebec for a four or five day trip. Watching the weather, the trail conditions, and the ability to cross the border.
  13. Jack have any jokes for you? He seems to have a never ending supply of jokes. Love Lac Faillon!
  14. What an awesome time that must have been! Time to rest up a few days and then you’ll be yearning to go again.
  15. This is the shortcut in red. Circled in yellow. It’s about 5 miles.
  16. Assume you are going out 83 to 386 south to 63 west. Cutting 63 on 322 back to 63/13 into Mont Laurier? Fueled up in Val d Or you will easily make it to Kiticiasik (sp?). Fuel up. From there, If you can run 115 miles without issue, you can make LeDomaine for fuel if you take the short cut that keeps you from dropping down the LeVerendrye. From there you can make Mont Laurier. If you can’t make the 115 miles from Kiticiasik to LeDomaine, you will need to drop down to LeVerendrye to top off. It’s about 292 miles from the Forestel to the Comfort Inn in Mont Laurier. If you can take advantage of the groomed shortcut, it about 268 miles.
  17. I can’t attest to whether or not the Domaine is open this year, but I would imagine so. If you continue on beyond the Domaine on the ice, you come to the end of the lake. Off the ice, across the tracks, there is a store/gas station. I would say 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the Domaine.
  18. The sketchy section I believe he is referring to, if you are coming south out of Clova, about 10 miles in, the trail turns left and crosses a bridge. For about 5 miles it is a newly cut, somewhat narrow trail with cut saplings sticking up. Once you get through that area, it is beautiful trail to Fer a Cheval. No worries, go for it.
  19. Come on, spill the beans...
  20. Oops, what a dummy! I better not lead 🤪
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