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  1. We trimmed a few trees outta that new trail as well .. nice option from Clova to Cheval
  2. Funny , we rode that trail Friday to Clova. Picture proof of said Beaver ! We had a great stay at Martin Friday night
  3. Android users here , I had to delete any old version and reinstall for proper operation of the 2020
  4. Having a "incident" is typically never good !
  5. Yes ! And the ride saturday from La Dore to Gouin was mostly fresh track too. 😁
  6. Backcountry's eat that stuff up !
  7. Yesterday , Sunday west of Relais 22 on the 83 . No rain, lots of fresh all the way from Barrage Gouin to La Tuque .
  8. Seems our team saw you guys pass by today, where the 355 and LT2 meet . Mark and I had to run back to La Tuque to swap out a foggy helmet and missed you. Looks like you had a great loop !
  9. Great ride so far.. keep a rolling 🙂
  10. At the rate you guys are laying down tracks ... you'll be in Chibougamau by lunch time 😁
  11. We'll be there Thursday , La Tuque Marineau
  12. Good cover on chemin 10 today ?
  13. Way to Giddy up boys ! Keep on making tracks Always a good time up at the Gouin 😁🇨🇦
  14. Have fun guys ! Always nice when you get to test things out . We'll seeing Jonny and the gang at Gouin Saturday night 😁 🇨🇦