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  1. dooright

    Quebec Pass for Sled Trade?? As Groomer posted and here's a link to the fcmq page
  2. dooright


  3. dooright

    Gouin area adventure

    Nice run JG , 100 lac to Kanawata looks like something we'll do so time 🙂 We did the Off trail from the end of M-21 to Kanawata on the way up to Gouin
  4. dooright

    New advertiser Hotel Matagami

    Went that way once back in 14 .. Awesome place to stay
  5. dooright

    Gouin area adventure The Gang spent a few days in the Backcountry around Barrage Gouin , Awesome time we had !
  6. dooright

    Questions about riding in New Brunswick?

    Moose valley was decent as well .
  7. dooright

    Questions about riding in New Brunswick?

    The cabin we were in about a month ago
  8. dooright

    Questions about riding in New Brunswick? Seemed pretty central to the better riding we saw .. IMO there's nothing like the Quebec snowmobiling experience .
  9. dooright

    Le Central SMDS

    So I hear .😁
  10. dooright

    Motel Ours Bleu

    Ours Bleu (Blue Bear )
  11. dooright

    Motel Ours Bleu

    Thumbs up ,Stayed there a few times .. As above , pretty decent place !
  12. dooright

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Both really , Has full function on cell/ wifi and the map works fine on gps
  13. dooright

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    I do Viper2 .. About 10-12 years ago the trail went that way
  14. dooright

    Trip 2 from Drakkar

    Iceman says yes at sawmill 54 in his thread .. Only $3.00 per L
  15. dooright

    Commencing Countdown....we ride. Trip 1

    Fuzzy balls ! I Miss the flip - flops at Relais 22 😁