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  1. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    I think I hear the rumble of a groomer tomorrow morning :-)
  2. For the lower panels , I'd say no The other options above are much better
  3. Sad news to announce

    Sad news for sure, Rob was a well known arieal photographer around there's parts for years . I always enjoyed his YouTube channel showing the changing seasons around northern new England and a lot from around his place at Coles pond with his drone footage ( Robert Lyons on YouTube) I did get to meet him a few times back a bunch of years ago when he was on his red Renegade at Chapelle and a year or so,later at the Holiday inn/Delta. I brought up that I'd seen his arieal work, that in those days were from a small airplane and had a good chat about how all that worked for him . I am a subscriber to his channel and will miss the notification "new YouTube video from Robert Lyons" and the FB Coles pond weather cam too . RIP Rob
  4. Ceizur bridge closed this winter

    Just really shows how fragile our trail system can be .
  5. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Hmmm JG. ... Maybe so. 😁
  6. Vehicle question

    Good advice iceman , I've been asked the relation to my company truck but haven't been hassled about it . it's my company so maybe that helped . Nice company bonus 800R :-)
  7. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    I'll go with December 13th
  8. 2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    Thanks Bill , Just wait for snow now !
  9. Club Notawissi closed for the winter season.

    Seems we had the same cabin ! The wood stove works really good in that one , we had it about beach weather in there 🌴
  10. Club Notawissi closed for the winter season.

    Missed for sure , have had great stays there !
  11. My Name is?

    Darn , was looking for a free dinner !
  12. My Name is?

    I'm a White Winter Beaver Cool !
  13. Mont Valin

    $255,000 , That's like only 13 - 14 Sidewinders up there . :-)