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  1. The dude with the mask on .. nice touch
  2. Seems there's a few past Quebecriders that have shifted to the UP .. maybe they'll chime in .
  3. dooright

    la Tabatiere

    👍🏼 Full on QuebecRider support !
  4. Contributing members to this site can post large pic files ...
  5. We will regroup and if the border does not get closed we will be at it again in 9 or 10 days. Have a real worry of the same , border getting closed
  6. Seems you're guilty of blocking the "Ladys room " as well ! 😆
  7. Looks like the Delta 5th floor or more !
  8. Did you stay at the Du Jardin in Saint Felicien ? If so we missed you by a day
  9. dooright

    GT 2020

    Moose on the loose !
  10. "Double grooming good just like double cheeseburger it’s twice as good".  Hope you boys Double up on the fun the whole trip !! Rock on 🙂
  11. Few feet of new on top of about 20 on the ground today ! 😁
  12. Forgot this one .. Revelstoke baby ! 🙋‍♂️
  13. We're spending a few days in the mountains tuning up some mountain skills ! 😁 Crazy amount of snow.