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  1. https://le1212.com/ Nice place , around 150 miles from Rimouski i'd say
  2. https://sites.google.com/site/scdiscdi/cartesgps/sentiersmotoneige I like these for Quebec There's a thread up in the " Pinned" on GPS stuff at the top of the General Discussion page as well .
  3. https://www.gpstrailmasters.com/snowmobile-gps-maps/ I run the Grand touring maps for the state side trails
  4. I know there's lots of mtn biking trails close by
  5. Welcome to QR Doug! Where are you thinking of starting off from ? .Do you ride a touring sled or more sporty type ? I've been riding all around Quebec for a few years and have well over 50,000 miles racked up , Myself do not feel the need for wheels , others feel the other way i'm sure Hopefully the TQ 3 trail is open past Forestville for this coming season , last season it was not for a good section
  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/border-restrictions-protest-transcanada-wednesday-1.6076442 Maybe we can send her up to lend a hand with this ! 🙂
  7. "I just had it stuffed " Classic !
  8. " ordered two sleds a 2021 skidoo 900r renegade xrs '' I had no idea you could order a 2021 still ? 🙂
  9. Nice ride and pictures ! I depends on the trail system, I'd say most places there not really allowed. We see more ebike all the time though. To me as long as the bike is still pedal power with some "e" assist and no actual throttle.. be responsible and have at it !
  10. https://montrealgazette.com/news/quebec/quebec-ontario-border-will-close-monday-as-provinces-battle-variants Well , Thinking of being able to go into Quebec soon isn't looking good They don't even want each other !
  11. As a Mtn Biker , this has been my fav from there . But now ... Hmmmm !
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