HAPPY new year

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It has definitely been a year to remember...or to forget, our good friend Andyman lost his brother, our favorite groomer and photographer, half retired, his dad, the oldest and first ski-doo dealer in North America past on, by the way this family has been involved in our sport hands on longer than any of us, maybe as long as anyone in the entire sport, I tip my hat to them and thank them for all they do.Snow-master and a few others tip 10 thousand miles in a short season, then Wemotocchi became possibly the first place in North America to shut down it's borders to the world, I got to witness it, we were all wondering, with no idea, how far ahead of the curve they were. Then we went thru wave 1 of the pandemic and an election process we will never forget. Now our season is on hold and most surely cancelled. However one thing is for sure, none of this, even at a time when too many are pointing out our differences, can deter or dampen our spirit. This site has managed to  keep us together thru a shared passion for the love of our sport and the camaraderie that we share together on the trail and a days end, for this I am grateful. Here is to a much better New Year, Everyone stay healthy, see you on the trail in 2022! Bob.

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Happy New Year and a promise 2021 will be a better year for ALL OF US !! Miquelon year ago this morning (after spending New Years eve with my Native buddies Alex, Samuel & Alphonse) a night I'll never forget

I was sure hoping to see them again this year but it ain't looking good. I'll bet it looks just like that in Miquelon this morning. 



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10 hours ago, MrsGTRider said:

This picture  IS a POSTCARD!!! Breathtaking!!!


good morning mrsgtrider !!!

great thx....i still remember.....great light that morning ....i caught sunrise just before going down long hill outside ste marguerite...nice all the way down to st fidele cb ..

i just took the time to find more of that morning ......february 8 th .....2018...

took pic roughly 1 mile east after we met for the second time in the drifts after 90' corner !!!

happy new year !!!











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