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  1. Just a question. Is this the only open water area on the lake. I know there is some near St Felish, spelled wrong, on the north end. Is the center of the lake frozen. I see there must be lots of ice where the helicopter crashed. Just wondering.
  2. Is commercializing the snowmobile sport wrecking it for the father and son, best friends etc riding the great trails of Quebec. If government wants to intervene they should limit the party size. Like someone said they put people on sleds and tell them about the throttle and brake. Amazing.
  3. I think something strange happened with this group to cause such a tragedy. Either they got separated or there was something with the weather happened. I was born and brought up on the St Lawrence river and while crossing on the ice a few times a storm has made things very uncomfortable. Only my opinion. So sorry for these people.
  4. I agree about it is for high altitude. What I read was 165 hp at 3000 ft and 165 at 8000 feet. Mine has enough moving parts to worry about so a turbo I don't think I need. Only my opinion. Great day tomorrow, my oldest boy and a couple of his friends are headed for Mont laurie and then north. No plans yet for a sleeping spot. Going to be a good time.
  5. H op pe you were back tracking in a car and not a snowmobile
  6. Ordered my oldest boy a pass on December 8th and he told me he got it day or two after Christmas. I definitely would be calling them.
  7. I guarantee who ever did this has never been on this site or read a word on this site. I personally have and will think twice about inviting people to go to Quebec to ride these wonderful trails. If you are a asshole at home you will be anywhere. Ice if you could post the club,the person to contact and an address I will send a check directly to the club.
  8. Go have a great day guys. Very interested in how the new sled does. Going to be trading time for us in April. Did you get the XR shock package? My oldest just got a putback with all the bells and whistles. Don't know if I need them for trail riding. Again have a great time and most of all be safe.
  9. I think someone heated him up so mush he melted. Or just plan pissed him off.
  10. Looks like a great day to retrieve your. Machine. That is a deep blue sky.
  11. What part of Quebec do like to ride? I have rode all of Quebec from the western part to Gaspe. To me it's all great.
  12. At least track it in a little. A little groomer ride would be good for your soul. Lol
  13. This is a funny story about staying in Parent. Last January a young lad and I decided to ride to gouin Reservoir from Mont laurie. Well first the sled would not start from the cold weather. New battery fixed that. Very cold that day. As the day went by it got colder and riding was slower. Well we got Parent as the darkness was taking over. Before we even got gas I made the decision this is as far as we had better go. Went in to pay for our gas and I asked the lady how cold it was and how to get to the hotel. Her response was great. She said the report in the last hour was wind chill was 55 below. Then she looked at me and said and there is no f ing wind. Then she handed me a set of keys for a little motel room about 2 blocks away. The next morning she charged us , I think less than it cost to heat the room. If I ever stay in Parent I will be staying at her little motel.