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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    That's too bad about hunting the young moose. The problem I see is with logging roads and windmill roads the hunters can get to areas that weren't acceptable years ago. I use to go north of the gouin area by fly in planes. The only way to the lakes. Now with a GPS you can drive the logging roads. Long drive but I believe people do it.
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hello JG Hot here too. No rain in a week here. Question, will them little bulls be shot or harvested this fall or will the hunters let them walk? They are kinda cute right now and don't seem to mind getting their picture taken LOL. I like the cat picture too. Do they get trapped or are they protected. Have a good summer. George
  3. My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    With all the equipment installed have you calculated your gross weights. Sounds like it will be heavy. Going to be something special for sure tho. Don't let it take up your snowmobile time. As for our sleds we made a enclosed trailer for them a few years ago that is sealed tight enough to keep to everything out. Don, have a good summer. Please post finished pictures of your new truck. It's going to be a beast for sure.
  4. My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    That truck is impressive and will be more when finished. The concept of excavating with a vac system is great way for exposing power lines to fiber optics. We have removed tons of filter media from filter chambers in water treatment plants in North and South Carolina over the years. Always amazed me the amount of material that can be moved with a vac truck in a day. And the different types of material. For cold weather use will the water tank be equipped with a heater to melt frozen material. Just wondering. As for the shop, that is for sure impressive. Only question I have is that green machine on the shelf your back up or did you get a new ride. LOL. Just kidding. Have a good day.
  5. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Now are spraying for the timber beedles
  6. Do you see it? Amen.

    I had coon dogs and one of the things my pardner, who was a dog expert, always looked for the size. His size was a silver dollar. Sometimes it was a little embarrassing when we went to look at dogs LOL. Best dog I ever owned had a huge one and he was as a baby to my kids, slept with them. He wasn't so kind to a raccoon. Great memories. Made a lot of money with him. Late 80's we sold coon hides for 28 dollar average. Cash money. Averaged 135 pelt's per year for 3 years. Plus sold mushrat's for 8 dollars apiece average. Almost 12 thousand dollars split in January in the 80's. That was a lot of money then. Lot younger then. Oh but the adventures we had. Looking back it was a great life for a few years. sure couldn't do it now. LOL
  7. Do you see it? Amen.

    I ride in my boat everyday. It just isn't the same. Oh yea to get to my boat i ride a 4 wheeler or a side by side. Even that isn't the same. Only 6 more months to go. Maybe less. LOL. Have a good summer everyone.
  8. Do you see it? Amen.

    I'm sorry guys but that's a dog's ass. A friend of mine once told me the size of the brown spot means a lot. Bigger the better dog. That looks like pretty good dog.
  9. Memorial Day

    I would like to acknowledge all of the troops, American and Canadian, on this day. Thank you for your bravery and giving part of your life looking out for the citizens of both of are countries. Again thankyou.
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Jean Guy. What lake is the boat docks on. Is it a parks area for camping and fishing. Looks like a great place to go boating. Is there camps on the lake. Glad you can get to your camp. I bet you sleep better there too. I know I sleep better in our island cabin. Have a good summer.
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    That done by a Pileated woodpecker. You don't see them a lot but you can hear them if one is in the area. They are very colorful. We have them in northern New York.
  12. Mourning no more

    We've did a lot of riding on Gaspe Pennisula. My most favorite place personally. We have also rode out of Montmagny. Drove there in the morning and rode to RDL in the afternoon. I would love to talk about that 7 day trip also. I'll be in touch this fall. Have a good summer. Be safe.
  13. Mourning no more

    Don't get me wrong. I have the best riding pardner anyone can have. But he lives in North Carolina and 800 miles driving one way makes a weekend trip hard. Also he is my youngest son. I ride with a younger group and they are all great to me but all have families and my wife is more understanding I guess. I think I have a lot more years left to ride but as some know this sport is special. The places to stay are like nothing else and the people you meet all have smiles on their faces. The sleds are easy to ride. 200 mile days are easy. But the shorter days are still so relaxing. Planning a trip is so much fun enough though it never happens the way you plan. That's why we call every ride a adventure. So for me I am going to get my wife on a sled, even if it may be 100 mile days and the rest I'm going to just go and hook up with someone who is going north. There, I've made my plans now to keep them. Have a great summer guys. Be safe.
  14. Mourning no more

    I'll remember that. Be in touch in December. I'm sure you must know a lot of trails that I don't. Talk later.
  15. Mourning no more

    Where is your boy going to college? Conner the TI running back is going to St. John Fisher. Still going with my granddaughter. I think he is going to work construction with me this summer. Yes this fall we will get together and make a plan for doing some Quebec riding. There is lots of places I haven't been and want to see. Talk later.