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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Groomer is it a program the wild life department does by tagging deer. When and how do they catch them to tag them. I have deer in my front yard and I would love to keep better track of them. They are a lot of fun watch and have around.
  2. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Little thing that happened to one of my boys this past weekend. I'm sure this has happened to others. Just south of Relay 22 very cold morning. Going around a right turn and all hell broke lose. Now being as cold as it was we were not going fast . As the trail was rock hard i think his new carbide runner caught a ski track from the night or day before and draged him across the trail straight in to a small but solid pine tree. When I got there 30 seconds later he was dragging himself out of the woods. Insurance adjuster coming tomorrow. What I am getting at is, we discussed that the trail was hard and old tracks were making steering a little hawkish. He wasn't going fast and he said he was around the corner and it just shot to the left and braking didn't help. He has rode thousands of miles and said he never experienced anything like that. Only thing else was his dealer sold him new carbides and suggested a 8 inch runner instead of the 4 or 6 inch that he was use to. As everyone can relate to things happen so quick in our great sport. Main thing is he was not hurt and we got back to the truck safe and sound. So I guess his experience has opened my eyes on just how thing on the trail can happen so quickly. Be safe all.
  3. Last ride for the season.

    The season is over for my boys and me. David flew in from North Carolina on Thursday to Watertown and nephew Mike and I picked him up at the airport with the trailer loaded and truck fueled up. First question was are we going back to home before we leave. Answer was nope don't have time. We have reservations at the Drakkar. Best part is my other boy Christopher and his group of three were meeting us there a little later. Friday morning comes and off we go. Big group of seven but all have riden in Quebec and are all good riders. We leave the hotel and head for Roberville. Rt. 3 to a local trail to the river. Good place to get the boys to get the kinks out. Up 360 to 355 and on to La Tugue for lunch. Next we have to decide do go 355 or 73 to 83. Farther 73 to 83 so it's 355. Problem is more places to stop on 355. Same amount of time to get there I believed. Long day but we made it. Next David, Mike and I decide we are heading north because we can stay an extra day. The other group headed south to Quebec city . It was great to spend time with all of the boys especially my boys as they live so far apart. Saturday David, Mike and I head for chibougamua. Bad spelling. Trails were good but mostly great. Hard fast and smooth. 198 miles and we were at the Nortic hotel. Great day with the boys who take very good care of the old man. Sunday up and heading back south going to Relay 22 and maybe farther. Now the temperature is 13 below as in our scale. Had to stop and put on an other shirt and a hoody under the Helmet. Fingers got cold and never thought they would get warm. Not a lot of sleds were out there with us. I think below the sawmill we did meet Phil and his group but I'm sure they wanted to get where they were going like us. At La Dore got gas and headed for Relay 22. Local trail little rough to 83 but that's part of the adventure. Got to Relay 22 and had to make the decision to stay or go. I had one beer and decided this was the place for me. The boys did agree and we were in bed by 9. Up early this morning and off to the truck. Trails were hard and smooth and a nice ride back. 175 miles and at the truck at about 3. Total of about 900 miles for 4 days. Hit the road and home at 8 30 tonite. All and all we road 2300 miles, mostly in Quebec with no big issues and no one got hurt. I am very lucky to have 3 very great people I get to ride with as in David, Mike and Jimmy who take care of me and make sure I have a great time. They are all 25 years younger of me. So everyone have a good summer and hopefully we all get to tell of our adventures again next year. Be safe everyone.
  4. 2019 ski-doo models released

    David and I bought 850 renegade and they are a blast ride. As for oil another friend of mine bought an 850 over replacing his 1200. Now this his words. When he took it to the dealer for an oil change it cost him 160 dollars, his words. Buy a lot of oil for 160. Now for us we put oil in every day and at that time the belt is checked and a general look over. I know people have said they never look under the hood. I believe blowing a belt could be the start of something not good or start something not good. As for gas a good bottle of wine or a few cocktails will match a day of riding and the fresh air is better for you. Go play around in a twin engine boat for a day. Snowmobiling is cheap. And more fun IMO. Be safe everyone.
  5. Jack have a good summer. Sorry I didn't get up to meet you guys in person. Kids of mine changing plans from one week to another and one in north Carolina trying to get a project finished so he can fly up. Maybe another year we can meet. So have a great summer and keep up with news on the new ride for Sandi. I'm thinking about spring checking one for the boys mother to ride and me too if needed. That 600 is very interesting. Be safe.
  6. That's nice to know about the place in Cornwall. We usual just use credit cards. You get the correct exchange rate but some cards charge a fee. Their money I think is slippery and hard to keep from sliding out of your pocket. Always afraid of losing it. I spend too much without losing it out of my pocket. Lol
  7. The place in Kingston is Wellington exchange. Goggle it and it give you the address.
  8. I have stopped in Brockville at banks. Also there is an exchange place In Kingston but your going west first. I don't know if the duty free store exchanges anymore.
  9. Jack How is the trail getting into the hotel? Do you think that will hold up for a couple more days?
  10. Ok thanks so much. I will call them tomorrow for sure. Thanks again.
  11. Jack I am driving up on Sunday to ride for a few days or a week. Coming by myself. Question is sounds like the hotel is busy. Do you think I should call tomorrow to get a room for Sunday night. Or do you think I should look else where.
  12. Permits - Rapids Des Joachims

    We have parked at the Dumoine Valley Guides. Call Ethan at 613 586 2300 and he can give you snow conditions and trail report. We usually drive there and spend the nite. Your truck would be in his back yard. Very safe.
  13. Where's Bill???

    I also posted something about the fire extinguisher discussion. And I feel terrible that Bill may of taken it in a bad way that I was insinuating caring a fire extinguisher was not a good idea. I have messaged him and apologized if I did or said any thing that offended him. My feeling is that it would be the right thing to do if anyone else thinks he might of offended him. Bill is a gentleman and a senior of our great sport and in my opinion doesn't need the grief of what snowmobile is best. These are my true feeling and I regret seeing things like this happen. Bill if you happen to read this if my commit upset you I apologize..
  14. Northbound that would be great. I'm looking at a time frame for a trip to the peninsula. Can't leave home for a week and hopefully there will be a couple snow drops in that time. Main thing is getting into motels and gas stations. Going to be there for 4 days with one group and 3 or 4 days with another. Stay by myself if the second group can't make it. Be safe. No the first group dropped out. So I will be there Saturday or Sunday by my self. If anyone needs a end of the pack rider let me know. I have a new sled and have rode many miles in Quebec.
  15. 2019 ski-doo models released

    I don't know but looking at that picture of Jean Guy I think we should take up a collection and buy him one. Got to be some frost bite under there some where. Lol