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  1. I agree. I was one of them hockey parents and a coach. The boys I coached still give me a big hug when they see me. Lot's of high lights in my life. Now I'm riding snowmobiles with my kids and some of them players I coached. There was a few wild times with them little 14 and 15 year olds. I always told the parents they made them and wasn't my fault they acted that way.
  2. Shore1066

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    I'm sure you have it but if you don't get some kind of GPS system. We have it on our phones and are putting a Garmin on our sleds. At least in a snow storm if you get off the trail you will know what way to go to get back to it. The trail around the point can get snow when other places don't. But it is worth the time to do it if possible. North side has lots of hills that you can enjoy. Amazing the view of the St Lawerence river from on top of them. In the Copper Hotel check out the old snowmobiles down stairs. The people you meet as like all of Quebec are wonderful and very help full. I love to tell the story about in 2005 I was in Clova and met a gentleman and we were talking about Gaspi. He told if you ever get to the Gaspi say a prayer for him because it's the closest to heaven you can get and the prayer might work. Anyway have a great time and mostly be safe.
  3. Shore1066

    Border crossing

    Same with David. They never ask if he had a pistol permit. Just took an hour to search the trailer. Never looked in the truck. Same with David. They never ask if he had a pistol permit. Only looked in the trailer. We were shocked when they asked him about his pistol permit he got two weeks earlier. They looked for an hour. Have not had a problem since.
  4. Shore1066

    Border crossing

    Living on the border and going to Canada a few times a year one of the boys two years ago was asked if he had ever been turned away. Well it turned out when he was 18 or 19 he was working for a marina who rented house boats and a houseboat broke down on the Canadian side. He went to fix it and was not allowed to go into the country. Some agents allowed you in and some don't. Anyway this was the first time he had ever been asked about being turned away. He had really forgotten about it. Lucky for us the agent was a nice guy and just warned him about not declaring it. I just wonder why he was never asked about it before. It was 20 years before.
  5. Shore1066

    Border crossing

    Only time we were checked was a few years back and they took us all inside and 2 agent's crawled through the trailer over and looked under all of our sleds. They finally came in and said they were checking for a hand gun because my kid got a pistol permit a couple weeks earlier in north Carolina. Amazing how the Canadian government new this.
  6. Shore1066

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    So sorry for your loss. Hardest thing I ever went through was losing my dad.
  7. Shore1066

    When will it stop?

    We have seen moose in all of Quebec. Very large one on trail 63 near Belleterre, on 83 near Clova, several in Gaspi. This is my thinking from deer hunting, fox hunting, coyote hunting with dogs. All animals have their crossing points. I believe that a animal will continue on the trail until he gets to one of these crossing points. It's the same with a fox, rabbit, and even a wolf. When deer hunting watchers are put out on certain spots. Where the deer are known to cross. As for the moose i would like to think they are only looking for one of their crossing points. Think of their size and a walking moose can cover miles of trail and when you meet them it may take an hour to get back to where they feel comfortable to get off the trail. So I believe even tho it may take a while, give them time to get back to where they want to be. An hour of our time is not worth the life of one of these wonderful animals. I truely believe what I just wrote. Please give them time.
  8. Shore1066

    Northern quebec loop TQ93, TQ83

    Note there is one hill north of La Dore that you can go a long way in the air before touch down. Don't know where it is exactly but I do remember it.
  9. Shore1066

    Northern quebec loop TQ93, TQ83

    Great ride north to chibougamau. Gas half way at the sawmill. Cash only tho. Chibougamau south is easy with gas too. Lots of flat open running. It's great
  10. Shore1066

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    If your going to use JB weld try that old black stuff with pellets in it. Stop leak I think it was called. Lol. I used a lot of it when I was a kid in junk cars.
  11. Shore1066

    ferry kaputt !!!

    I ready a article today that was two days ago that there was going to be service next Tuesday. Something about finding another ferry. I Googled Matane ferry problems. We also plan on crossing in the river in February about the 11th. Now if it isn't running JG we will strap 50 gallon drums on the side of that groomer and give her a try. I think we can make it. Lol
  12. Shore1066

    ferry kaputt !!!

    Maybe you could make a trail. But don't forget the wet suit and life jacket.
  13. Shore1066

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    It was pushed into the lug type. He also rides Tug Hill and there is alot of spinning up there. The ones we have has a real pointy tip and they didn't wear hardly all. As for stopping I really feel no difference from the Woody's. I agree the tracks might not be the right application for the through the track studs. As for ours I believe there is about one hundred and 25 to 150. They screw in after you drill a very small hole. They were about a dollar a piece. I used a 4-3-2 patern in the lugs. What ever that turn out. Rest up because it won't be long until you are back in Quebec enjoying their wonderful trails and people. Drive carefully home.
  14. Shore1066

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Well that sucks Jack. I guess I wonder about the single ply tracks. If they Are strong enough to hold up to regular studs or is there something else. I have a friend who had a 850 in the 129 track last year with the prestuded track and the lugs pulled off the belts. He said ski doo said it was from too aggressive riding and wouldn't help in anyway. I believe he was a little hard on it. Maybe too much power for a short track. I don't know. He traded for a renegade 900 turbo. Back to the tracks, we have 850 renegades with 137 track that are the same as are 800 2015 sleds and we had problems with wheels coming apart. The wheels that came apart were the ones running over the push though studs. Now on our 2018 sleds I bought the screw in type from a guy at the Syracuse show that I installed myself. First I didn't put nearly as many studs in as the pre studded tracks. Any way after one season, all in Quebec mostly, I don't believe we lost a single stud and our wheels look like new.. They don't grab on sheer ice like a push though but they do keep you straight on a Quebec trail. Now David thinks we have a 2 ply track on our sleds and I'm not sure. The specs don't say 1 or 2 ply on our adrenalines. I guess I didn't ask but do you have a pre studded track or push though Jack. And of course how many miles are on your track. I believe this is your 3rd year. End of my questions. Be safe all and happy new year.