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  1. Spoke to a person the other day who owns a tee shirt printing company. Was told her and her husband are on unemployment. They draw the max plus the 6 hundred. Never paid a cent into New York on any of their wages. Kinda bragged about it too. Plus a lot of these people are on unemployment, getting 6 hundred and working under the table. For cash. This shit is going to end badly.
  2. Put in a new septic system this spring. Tank and leach lines. Anyway living on the St Lawrence no problem keeping it irritated. Well they said we were going to have high water. It's been really dry as the same as a lot of other places. The river is kinda low and the reason is I've pumped all the water from the river on to my new lawn. Its like July here. Going to be a hot summer guys. That mean a cold winter with tons of snow. I think.
  3. Last week my wife who is always been in health care went to a clinic who talk walk ins for this virus. They check for antibiotics from the virus. Well the tests came back and she has lots of them . Meaning last January when she had a fever for 4 days she had the virus. Now I think she caught it from me who on a Saturday I came down with a cough that was really bad. On Sunday morning I went to a clinic and was told I didn't have the flu but maybe bronchitis. He did say there was something go around. The cough was gone in four days. I really think my youngest son came home from north Carolina at Christmas and he brought it with him. My question is just how long has this shit been around. How many people have had it and lived . Old and young.
  4. Everything said in the last several posts make so much sense . A conservative takes these things for granted and to a liberal it's something to bitch about until they are asked what is wrong with it. Then they go bitch about something else.
  5. I still have money, as in Canadian, left from last year. David has a Canadian friend he does work for and is getting paid with Canadian funds. Does that tell you what our plans are.
  6. Kind a like you have to pass the bill to see what's in it. We have a governor who wanted more hospital beds, he got a ship and never used it. Instead sent positive people to nursing homes and killed half the older people in it. Then said they were old and were going to die anyway.
  7. Politician get votes for giving out money and the only problem is it's someone else money.
  8. Now that's a more enjoyable post.
  9. My dad would have liked that horse. He always looked for a horse that was wide between its ears. He always said a horse with narrow ears doesn't have room for any brains. That was his opinion. Lol
  10. Thanks guys. It seems that years ago we only rode the major trails and then we found the green trails were great. Now the local trails are just as good as either of the two. I think it shows how proud of the clubs are of their local trails and keep them special.
  11. At the grocery store in Clayton NY near the T I Bridge last weekend I seen a Ontario plate. We do have a lot of duel citizens in the area. It did make me wonder.
  12. Any trail on Gaspe Peninsula is fine with me. Of course the western flat open trials trails are pretty special too. I do like 93 from La Dore to Quevillon. Now where is the M 20 local trail? I just watched the video and. I want to go there. Now all that needs to happen is the snow comes and the groomers need to groom. Be safe all and have a good summer.
  13. I'd get a brand if I could still ride my snowmobile and go to Quebec. I think I'd rather get a tattoo.