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  1. I agree 100 percent. We use a ice gripper type and have not changed a idle wheel in 3 years. Changed a lot of wheels on the trail because my kid could feel a vibration.
  2. PLAYHARD I don't understand the topic creep. Are you calling me a creep? Every thing I posted was from a person that is around this virus every day. Only words of mine was I wonder who these doctors vote for.
  3. Last week I had to do the Covin test thing for a up coming Doctors appointment. The person who did the test, who I think is getting sick of driving a stick up noses, told me some very interesting thoughts. First the anti body test just doesn't work. In the hospital I was at she told of 11 people who were positive cases of the virus. Of the 11 cases 2 were admitted admitted to the hospital. Best part they all survived. After all was better they did the anti body test on each of them. Of the 11 only 2 showed they had anti bodies in their system. The 2 that were hospitalized didn't show any. So this is why insurance companies won't pay for the test anymore. Plus the hospitals charge from 110 dollars to 175 dollar for the test. Person insinuated but didn't state as a fact that the virus is over rated as being deadly like statistics show. Amazingly there is doctors who don't agree about this virus. Would be very interesting how they vote and for who.
  4. This had to happen in a port and it makes me wonder how to hell why two ships were in the port at the same time. And this happened with no ice in the port. Amazing. Lol
  5. I read that early explorers told of the huge fires they seen in California when they discovered it. The new homes are built in areas where there are fires as soon as the brush grows. This shit has been going on for years. What a wonderful state it could be except for the nut jobs. Worst part is they don't think they are.
  6. My wife got tested for anti bodies a couple weeks ago, maybe longer, anyway the test came back positive that she had had the virus. Lots of anti bodies. Last week she went to her regular doctor about something she had a ultrasound on and was told no anti bodies. Now I went to my doctor last Thursday and ask to be checked for anti bodies and was told insurance wouldn't cover it and had to pay 100 dollars. My question is why didn't she have to pay and she wasn't asked if she wanted a test. And where did her original anti bodies go. I don't believe in the testing and is there a scam going on .
  7. Funny story about the Quebec roads. In the early to mid 80,s I made a living trapping, hunting and catching bait. My partner was and still is amazing man. Anyway he had caught bait all over New York and was always telling me about places his dad took him. We were up north one time near Fort Covington and he said that there was a creek his dad took him to near by. Driving on a gravel road and it hit me. All the cars we were seeing had Quebec plates. Sure enough after stopping and talking to a person getting his mail we were told we were in Quebec. Back then if we were to get caught we might of got out of Canada but could you amagine now. The amazing man, Jack , who is truly amazing just turned 85 this summer and he beat the virus this spring. So much fun we had together and so many stories I heard.
  8. Not to change the topic but would this also work for clubs. could all the clubs be listed and give people a option of sending a little donation to several clubs instead of buying a pass and only one club get the benefit. Only a thought.
  9. Been thinking about this. Would it be worth buying a early pass in December even if the border is closed at that time? We don't ride until end of January, February and March. Even if we didn't get to ride we could still support our clubs. Long way from now but I like to at least plan something. $250 dollars for a trail pass might make the trails better for our Canadian friends. Of course they would have to make reports weekly.
  10. that's a great show of stupidity but lord don't give these people any idea's. Them first three are expensive. Kinda like new carbides. belt. sliders and more.
  11. Just a question for the Canadian members. Do you get any data on deaths from this virus? I feel we on the states side don't get true numbers. It seem here the more positive cases the happier our elected people are. My wife got tested a couple weeks ago and it came back positive. She had the virus in January. Now she was classified a new case in our county. Nothing is being said about her having it and never going to the doctor. Of course the doctor would said there is something going around, at least that's what I was told when I went to the doctor. So I'm thinking that the spike we are having is people are getting tested and the ones who had it months ago are listed as new cases. May be wrong maybe not. I don't trust our government officials especial in a election year,. Just my thoughts guys.
  12. Spoke to a person the other day who owns a tee shirt printing company. Was told her and her husband are on unemployment. They draw the max plus the 6 hundred. Never paid a cent into New York on any of their wages. Kinda bragged about it too. Plus a lot of these people are on unemployment, getting 6 hundred and working under the table. For cash. This shit is going to end badly.
  13. Put in a new septic system this spring. Tank and leach lines. Anyway living on the St Lawrence no problem keeping it irritated. Well they said we were going to have high water. It's been really dry as the same as a lot of other places. The river is kinda low and the reason is I've pumped all the water from the river on to my new lawn. Its like July here. Going to be a hot summer guys. That mean a cold winter with tons of snow. I think.
  14. Last week my wife who is always been in health care went to a clinic who talk walk ins for this virus. They check for antibiotics from the virus. Well the tests came back and she has lots of them . Meaning last January when she had a fever for 4 days she had the virus. Now I think she caught it from me who on a Saturday I came down with a cough that was really bad. On Sunday morning I went to a clinic and was told I didn't have the flu but maybe bronchitis. He did say there was something go around. The cough was gone in four days. I really think my youngest son came home from north Carolina at Christmas and he brought it with him. My question is just how long has this shit been around. How many people have had it and lived . Old and young.