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  1. Put a locked drop box with a sign for donations for riding on her land. She may find out what nice people snowmobilers are. Only a thought. Hotels and gas station might donate too.
  2. As far as the economy who would of believed a virus could do this. The Canadian dollar was weak before the virus hit I believe. All of this does make me wonder how really bad this virus is. Are we not being told everything. Am I being paranoid, I hope so. Where I am I think there has been only one confirmed case in the county but rumors have it Fort Drum has cases. I can't amagine what some are going through. I thing we do have to think about is. As all of us beings snowmobile riders we all think we are still active enough not to get this stuff. Anyway my wife and I were talking about it and were both thinking it seems to effect the elderly the most and it hit me that we are part of the elderly. Be safe all.
  3. I believe and I may be wrong that Ski doo and other maker have a large number of parts already made ready for assembly. I would think they would want to get these parts sold and not sit on inventory for a year. Some times I would think even huge companies would want to promote selling at cost even rather then sit on product for who knows when. Maybe the Canadian banks will help. Only My Thoughts.
  4. I would hope your dealer would be calling you this weekend or next week. I kinda can relate because I went to mine and he gave me the MSRP for a new sled and the lowest book price for my old one. Oh yes I am trading in two sleds and buying two new ones. The conversation took 5 minutes and oh yes pay me and bring the sleds to him in the fall. And if you get a chance to sell them for do that too. Heading to a new dealer before the 14th of April.
  5. Moved back home on Saturday. Only used my phone for to get on line. Laptop screen makes that trip more scary. They say the super long track sleds don't go fast but by the looks of that they can get you hurt.
  6. We usually get 1500 to 2000 miles a year and it's 99 percent in Quebec. I'm more afraid of riding on tug hill than the virus. It's just a great sport even at 30 below. All rides in Quebec are wonderful but some are more wonderful. Have a good summer. Next year is not that far away.
  7. I keep looking at this picture and I think he could of went for 11000 but he was out of gas. At least his gas light was on. Lol
  8. I keep looking at this picture and I think he could of went for 11000 but he was out of gas. At least his gas light was on. Lol
  9. Now that's the way to start retirement. I sincerely hope you can do more of what you guys love to do for many more years. So rest up because next year is just around the corner. Your adventures put a smile on a lot of people's faces. Have a great summer.
  10. Alot of Canadians heading home. Lots of campers in the gas stations in Watertown before the TI bridge.
  11. Get a change Don do one more little ride just so you can let us know how it was. Lol. Have a good summer all.
  12. This will pass boys and girls. I'm so sure I'm going to trade for a new sled for next year. Now that's helping the economy. In my opinion.
  13. My granddaughter was scheduled to go to Ireland to visit her boyfriend that was going to school there. Her dad thought no she better not go. Good decision. My opinion. Anyway two days before travel from there was restricted his college brought all their students home. I'm glad they are both home.
  14. We rode the ferry last week over and back. It's very impressive. We went to the south side on Friday's 5 o clock trip. There were still large rollers from the Thursday storm. The ferry moved around pretty good. Being dark there wasn't any thing to see. We decided after 2 days on peninsula to take the 8 am ferry back to Godbout. This was something special as it was blue skies and visibility was perfect. There was a couple container ships we seen but the most impressive was the ice flows. The distance they are seen from and the size was impressive. I can't imagine what it is like when there is ice shore to shore. We rode 1500 miles including one storm day and two ferry crossings. The trails were typicall from great to after a storm conditions. No break downs, met lots of great people and had some great meals. All and all great trip as always and can't wait until next season. Thinking about more 2 to 3 day trips and not doing the 7 fo 10 day trips. My arms get tired and just get tired . Maybe my age has something to do with it. Maybe a new Renegade will help. Any way the ferry was great and it is something everyone should do at least once. And of course the bridge in Baie Comeau is so great to see and cross. Be safe all.
  15. I was there once many years ago and I think they had a couple very large dogs. Very friendly. So maybe this dog is called down sizing.