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  1. At least track it in a little. A little groomer ride would be good for your soul. Lol
  2. This is a funny story about staying in Parent. Last January a young lad and I decided to ride to gouin Reservoir from Mont laurie. Well first the sled would not start from the cold weather. New battery fixed that. Very cold that day. As the day went by it got colder and riding was slower. Well we got Parent as the darkness was taking over. Before we even got gas I made the decision this is as far as we had better go. Went in to pay for our gas and I asked the lady how cold it was and how to get to the hotel. Her response was great. She said the report in the last hour was wind chill was 55 below. Then she looked at me and said and there is no f ing wind. Then she handed me a set of keys for a little motel room about 2 blocks away. The next morning she charged us , I think less than it cost to heat the room. If I ever stay in Parent I will be staying at her little motel.
  3. We came down the 386 to the lodge. That trail was good until we got to 63 and then it was terrible. I had heard 63 was not groomed very well all year. The trail use to come from 63 to the lodge on or beside the road coming to the lodge and now it comes through the woods from the west and goes out through the woods east. The lady just said that the groomer was broken all winter. It use to be a great trail.
  4. We were there as in pavillion La Verendrye last March and the trail going in to the lodge was terrible. Now 63 goes through the lodges front yard and the lady I think pissed someone off because she said they just stopped grooming the trail. Also she bitched about the groomer operator. Plus her gas was way over 3 dollars a liter and you had to take a certain amount. Now the 386 trail north of there was perfect as always. She said the groomer was a independent contractor. Wasn't a very good experience after riding 3 foot mogels getting to the lodge. Maybe the time of year. Long trails and small clubs I think.
  5. I don't get it guys. One trip meter is hard enough for me to remember to set ever morning. Besides I let my kid keep track of the miles every day. I'm there to ride my snowmobile and miles are what they are. 👍👍👍👍
  6. Put that honey back in the trailer. You don't want to get the track dirty. Lol
  7. That's not funny. Lol. Still young enough you don't have to wear a hat. Lol
  8. Want wish you all a happy 4th of July. Be safe and enjoy the day tomorrow. Living on the Canadian border there is a lot of Canadian friends that enjoy with us and it's great to have you here. Again be safe and enjoy the day.
  9. Hey JG. Many years ago David and I were on the old 386 trail north of Amos. Most deserted trail I ever rode on. Anyway I was last and David started waving his arms and wanting me to go bye him. Then off his sled and ran back on by me. Out of the snow he pulls a moose shed. I ask why did you wave me bye and his answer was I didn't want you to see it and get it first. Still have it in our cabin and we often laugh about finding it. Only shed we have ever found in Quebec.
  10. So sorry to hear of the flooding in your area. I live in lake Ontario end of the river and the water is rising very fast on this end as well. Like a foot or more in the last 2 days. They say the locks are closed down river and will be closed for the next couple weeks. Sure hope it doesn't get as bad as a couple years ago. Good luck to you all.
  11. Is this a Linq bag or made by BRP.
  12. Keep him . They are good rat control for you cellar. My kid in NC has one in his cellar and he's rat free.
  13. Lordy you are ready to go now. LOL I like your sled lift - mover. Is that home made or factory made? Thanks
  14. Happy birthday sir but I got great news for you. I'm 68 and i'm planning a trip two years from now. You got a lot of riding left. Lol. Have a good day and be safe.
  15. Thanks for sharing. Good thought about belt pieces. I'll check on Friday. As for the Arctic belt I'll discuss it with Jimmy my like a son Arctic Cat rider. If it could be done he could do it it. Lol