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  1. I think with a well positioned throttle you could make it on that motor cycle.
  2. Is the test a specific test. I heard it was the one where they massage your brain.
  3. Well one thing is for sure , either government is not going to make it easy for us .
  4. This is very sad in deed. I just don't understand how the guide let it happen. For some reason i thought the story went that the 5 riders went ahead and the guide went after them and never came back. It's so bad that someone has to take the blame but if it was his fault it must be told. The lake, St. Jean, is I understand very dangerous. I know a couple of riders, as in three of them, years back came across that area and the lead guy just headed for light on the south end of the lake and ended up on open water for a couple miles. They all have rode on water many times but they were lucky people and they all say that now, when they talk about it which is not very often. Were the other two mad, I don't think they ride together any more. Really it was just plain stupid. I have rode on ice all my life and for me the night time riding still give me a funny feeling just not knowing what's ahead. I just hope all these people get thought this. I also hope lot's of people read about this and give the ice and rivers the respect it deserves.
  5. Well it just hit me. If I ride in the Adirondack area a Quebec map won't do me any good. There must trail maps of tug hill clear to lake placid area is there not. Stupid me.
  6. Yes I know but living right on the border there is all sorts of rumors that because of this Delta virus they will shut down the border again. I sure hope not. I do think if we do get to Quebec it may be a longer ride than years before. Lol
  7. Hey how's the summer been. We went and bought new sleds last spring and I've made up my mind to ride some where. I want a GPS that will track my route where ever I go so I can follow it back to the truck. I have friends who have camps in the Harrisville area and they do get snow there enough to ride on. My Kid just bought a rental business in Placid and they have trails there too. Just not sure about the Canadian border getting opened for us to get to Quebec. So bad last year i think I rode less than 5 miles. Didn't even put a helmet on. LOL Thanks everyone for all the info. Everyone stay safe and hope to heard all your experiences in Quebec this year.
  8. I know about the ski doo GPS garmin system but does any one else have something that works . Not that I'm cheap but I don't want to spend 600 to a 1000 dollars.
  9. First I don't eat bats. I think there isn't any meat on them. Second as someone said this is political. The government is paying for the vaccine and the politicians own the company that makes the vaccine. Third they are trying to control our lives a little bit at a time. I truly believe we are in for a tuff road to stop this. Fourth I just hope it doesn't take our snowmobiling away from us. After many years of riding in Quebec it just isn't fun to ride across a field or through the woods on just plain snow. I like groomed trails. Am I spoiled, maybe, but I pay for it with a smile on my face. Everyone be safe and stay healthy.
  10. Mike are you making plans to ride in the same area as last year. Do you feel that there maybe still a problem with the border. I'm just asking because I was stubborn and didn't ride anywhere last year. If not Quebec I'm thinking the upper peninsula or Maine. I do have friends that ride the lake placid area. It's such a chame that this virus is controlling so much in all of our lives.
  11. We orders renegade adrenalines with 850 motors.
  12. We have, as in my son and I, have rode Renegade Adrenaline stock sleds since 2015. We do put on extras as in mirrors, GPS and studding our selves. We only ride in quebec and the trails in our opinion for us they do just what we need. Plus usually we ride 10 days in early Feb and 5 days in March. My son lives in NC so it's a little hard for him. I live in NY and have a older son who makes a trip too that I catch up to. Never had a problem so it works for us.
  13. Well I got a call today. Our September delivery date sleds turned in to June delivery sleds. Makes me wonder what the serial numbers will be. Oh well its still exciting.
  14. I sure hope it is near the end too. I did read one medical person said that a large percentage of people have a natural defense in their system against the virus. I also read that the hot weather helps stop getting it but if that's true it's pretty hot in India so that idea doesn't hold water. I just want to ride my new snowmobile .
  15. I got both shots and never had a problem. My older brother got a terrible rash on his whole body. My other brother lost all his energy. I guess everyone is different. I do think it may be different in northern Quebec than near the big cities, Montreal, Quebec city, as in the north might not be monitored as much as the cities and they may be a little more lacks. Maybe not too.
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