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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    That done by a Pileated woodpecker. You don't see them a lot but you can hear them if one is in the area. They are very colorful. We have them in northern New York.
  2. Mourning no more

    We've did a lot of riding on Gaspe Pennisula. My most favorite place personally. We have also rode out of Montmagny. Drove there in the morning and rode to RDL in the afternoon. I would love to talk about that 7 day trip also. I'll be in touch this fall. Have a good summer. Be safe.
  3. Mourning no more

    Don't get me wrong. I have the best riding pardner anyone can have. But he lives in North Carolina and 800 miles driving one way makes a weekend trip hard. Also he is my youngest son. I ride with a younger group and they are all great to me but all have families and my wife is more understanding I guess. I think I have a lot more years left to ride but as some know this sport is special. The places to stay are like nothing else and the people you meet all have smiles on their faces. The sleds are easy to ride. 200 mile days are easy. But the shorter days are still so relaxing. Planning a trip is so much fun enough though it never happens the way you plan. That's why we call every ride a adventure. So for me I am going to get my wife on a sled, even if it may be 100 mile days and the rest I'm going to just go and hook up with someone who is going north. There, I've made my plans now to keep them. Have a great summer guys. Be safe.
  4. Mourning no more

    I'll remember that. Be in touch in December. I'm sure you must know a lot of trails that I don't. Talk later.
  5. Mourning no more

    Where is your boy going to college? Conner the TI running back is going to St. John Fisher. Still going with my granddaughter. I think he is going to work construction with me this summer. Yes this fall we will get together and make a plan for doing some Quebec riding. There is lots of places I haven't been and want to see. Talk later.
  6. Mourning no more

    I live near tug hill and many years ago I rode there every weekend. Problem is there is too many bar rooms and I fear the one time. I think there is a lot of good riding north of Mont Laurie in mid January until the end of the season. That's only a 4 hour drive for me. I love how people say I'll go and when it's time they just don't have time. I do believe there is always someone you can hook up with. Well we will see how it goes next season. Have a good summer all. Be safe.
  7. Mourning no more

    Still very depressing. The thoughts of why I stayed home and not loading up and going alone. Well it won't happen next year I say. Now is the time to get prepared. Riding in Quebec is just around the corner. New communicators will be ordered. New GPS needed. New carbides to order. New cargo bags. New trip planing for maximum miles and fun. My summer has been planned. Now to get back to work to pay for the abovementioned. Lol.
  8. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Groomer. Question for you. Is the river coming through town free of ice and high water. Reason I ask is friends are coming up on Tuesday to fish the river. Will they Be able to fish.
  9. device !!!..........beeeeeeeeeeepp !!!

    This is a great idea. Just wondering if the maybe it could be incorporated into a GPS and have it talk to other GPS systems and the grooming devise that tracks the groomers. I always ride in the back so my kid gets on coming traffic slowed down and some days it is brutil for him. He only rides on his side and as any one who leads knows some don't. Our next year's investment is a GPS for him. Only an idea.
  10. Not how it’s done !

    That's really impressive. Wonder if he rode it to the end.
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    JG. That looks like a heavy hard project. I know the parts are expensive but the labor time is got to be more. Glad you have someone in house to perform the work. Looks like it cleaned up nice. Good luck in putting it back together. At least you will be ready for next year. Have a good summer.
  12. Joncas

    If I recall correctly and I may have been at another place as it was my first time in Quebec, there was six in our party we all slept in and we all slept in the same room with bunk beds. We were concerned about heat for the room but they had electric base board heaters and they had a big generator that ran all night. Very warm and comfortable. We started from a motel off the main road north of maniwaki. I do remember getting gas on the trail sold by a club. The cost was 1 dollar a liter. That was a lot for 1995. I think it was Jonsas because it took all day to get there. Over 20 years ago. I do remember the hockey pictures. Never got back that way again until 2008. It was fairly new after a fire. I think we stayed in a cabin. It was a great place to stay. Hopefully it may open again someday.
  13. Joncas

    I was there I think in the 90,s and I remember pictures of the Montreal Canadiens hockey teams. I may be wrong.
  14. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Thermostats might be stuck.
  15. Sled vs Groomer.

    I agree Don. A few years back I came down a trail in western Quebec and the trail was so bad it tore my saddle bags apart. I happened to meet and know the club president so I called him and bitched. The next day he personal rode the trail. The outfitter where we parked I called to apologize to because I bitched to him too told me the club president was upset as well. He also told me that a contractor was hired for that length of the trail and he was replaced. I personally should not of bitched but.