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  1. Newbie Trip to Quebec around Christmas

    For the best time you could have for your son you may want to think about the February school vacation time to go. It's along way to go to find the trails not ready and or no snow to ride on. Also in many areas the trails have areas that are not frozen and can be hard to pass over. So be careful and be safe.
  2. When do you pack it in out on Grindstone?  We just had breakfast yesterday at the Koffee Kove.

  3. New Warming Hut

    How you feeling Don? Hope you have recovered well. I know it's hard but take it easy and get better to the fullest. How's the new truck coming. Looks like she's going to be a good one.
  4. New Warming Hut

    That looks like the bar restaurant on the north side of Lac Bouchette. Amazing how places look the same when you only see them ever couple years. Reason I remember we were in there and there was a group in there , mostly women and good looking women and they were enjoying their self's a lot. There was seven of us and a few of the boys didn't want to leave. Turned into a long day. Next day there was only three of us. The other four were not a good influence on us. We went north they went south. LOL.
  5. Trail Info

    Yes there is a ferry that goes back. New plan is get to Baie Comeau and spend the night there. Get up and ride up the 3 trail north to Godbout area and if possible have a little lunch and ride back . If we get back in time to catch the 5 pm ferry to Matane that would be great but if not catch the next ferry the next day. Will be able to enjoy this special trail both ways. Our plan is to get to Matane and travel south on the 5 trail or 35 trail to Levis area and trailer back across the river and then ride to our truck. Now this is snowmobiling so things can change in a minute as we all know but part of the fun is the planning. It's an area we haven't been and before and I am getting older and I want see as much of Quebec as possible. I do have riding pardners who are great and we all love to see new places. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and suggestions on the best way to ride this section of the Quebec trails. Oh by the way I live in Clayton NY, really on a island, Grindstone, and woke up to it snowing and a white cover on the ground. It isn't November yet and it makes you wonder what is coming in the future. Thanks again. Be safe all.
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Grommer, you need a windsheild on that Honda. I'm the only one who has one here and everyone takes mine first.
  7. Man Down

    Sorry to here. Wife said and she knows that it is great that the antibiotics are working. Can be serious but sounds like you will be ready when the snow flies. Think of it as getting a little r&r for the first ride of the season. Take care and get better.
  8. Shield Heater Tester

    Am I also seeing some sort of a light on the end of the tester than can be used for a night time use.
  9. Trail Info

    Had lunch with one of the boys that goes to Quebec with David and me today. Showed him your post Mike. Big smile came on his face and said I'm going there. Didn't mention we were going to cross a 700 foot long bridge that is 90 feet high. My land we are going to have a great trip.
  10. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    And that works. My oldest kid got a new golden and headed for the beach. The stories were really something. Of course old dad wasn't invited.
  11. Trail Info

    I agree about steering in reverse works best even at the end of the year when carbides are bad. Problem is that I'm not very flexible or you can say kinda heavy and it's hard to see where I'm going. I guess easiest is no fear and keep going. Right carbides are cheap.
  12. Trail Info

    One more questions, Getting on the ferry I seen pictures looking like a steel bridge decking material. Should we think about removing carbides before getting on the ferry.
  13. Trail Info

    Hello riders. Well we are in the planning stage for a ride this winter. Plan is start in western Quebec and end up in eastern part. Any way question is, we plan on crossing the St. Lawernce on the ferry to Matane. Our thought was to cross from Baie Comeau to Matane. I think I have read that the the trail from Baie Comeau to Godbout was special and looking for info if it would be worth extenting our ride the extra distance to ride that part of the trail. Have a good winter and be safe.
  14. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Great day today. Went to the Syracuse Big East snowmobile show this morning. Picked up a couple pairs of carbides for the girls. While I was there seen Bill at the Delta booth. Had a great talk about plans for the winter. He let me know earlier he was going to have trail passes with him so we are ready for Quebec riding. Called my kid to imform him he owed me 300 hundred. Bill said the place was packed last night and today there was a line out the door to get in. Did see some bulk Ski Doo oil there for 36 dollars a gallon but wasn't parked close enough. Won't be long now. Have a good day all and be safe.
  15. Summer Updates and Repairs

    What's everyone's opinion on wheel kits. We, like everyone find in March getting to gas stations can be a pain as the carbides are kinda worn. Has any one made their own that work? Thanks