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  1. I agree about using the quickest installation and cost. Also the engineers are not thinking ever about removing panels. They only build they don't fix the product.
  2. My only concern would be the engineer that designed the sled put rivets in that area for a reason. If other fasterns would work they would have installed them there. Besides if removing and replacing rivets each year may be a great reason to get yourself a air rivrting tool. A present for you from you. Lol
  3. 2017-2018 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    It's coming your way. There's 5 inches of new stuff on the deck this morning here in Rochester ny.
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Now that not nice. lol. I do remember when I see pictures of horse's a story my dad told about a certain horse he bought. He lived his hole life on the Canadian Border and lived in Canada and the USA. Anyway he told me about a horse he bought in Canada and it wouldn't do the gee and haw thing. Come to find out the horse came out of Montreal area and it only knew french. He said it took weeks to retrain it. What is gee and haw in french Groomer? I'm sure you know.
  5. IMotoneige now available

    Just a question. Will the 2016- 17 app still work. Not that I won't get the new one. Understand the new app has more functions.
  6. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    What I don't understand is when the price sheet on the window says 22 mpg and you hook on to a trailer and you get 8 with the gas 2500 and 1500 Chevy trucks. I owned ford 350 6 liter and towed mini excavators and got 13 mpg towing and not towing anything. Wasn't bad. Upgraded to the 6.4 and got 11. Where is the 22 .
  7. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Goose another thing to think about is from your location is to head due north past plattsburg into Quebec. When you get to rt. 20 go toward Quebec city. Go past Quebec city to Montmagny. Get off rt. 20 and there is a Econo lodge right there. Trail 5 is across the street. Now this is how we think a of it. You tell your wife you need two travel days. One to get there and one to get home. From your location you leave your home at 5 am. You will be in Montmagny by noon. One guy goes in the hotel and gives them 10 dollars per day per truck and the rest of you get unloaded. Jump on either trail 5 or down to 35 and go to Rdl for the nite. About 100 miles. Maybe a little more. Now realistically your trip has not started yet because you are still on your travel day. From there go to Matane night one. From Matane go south toward Amqui . 591 to 5 . The 587 trail is great. Just past Groomers club house. Follow that trail back to 5 and go back to Amqui for night two. From Amqui go back to RDL for the third nite. Couple different trails can be taken back to RDL. Early up and back to the truck by noon and home by 7 pm. Remember your on your travel day. So now you have 2 half days from your travel days riding on your snowmobile. This is how we get in an extra 200 plus miles. Lol. Hope this helps. Oh yea. Don't drink on the third night. It can make for long travel day home. The 35 trail is a old railway bed and you can go pretty quick on it . Be safe. The trail there are fast and easy to follow.
  8. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    You were there in early March I think. Anyway what part of quebec are you going? We usually start calling in the afternoon the hotels we are heading for. We get the info and phone numbers the night before. Most times it's when we stop for gas or a bite to eat. We really haven't had a problem getting rooms. Unless you target small towns then you should call ahead. The FMCQ web site has a trail system map and it is great because you can find distance between towns and lodging places with contact numbers. Lots of three days rides. Just pick a good starting spot. Ask the locals about the weather. They seem to know the best. Western Quebec has lots of rooms. The 93 trail going north would have the fewest rooms but I don't think it get's the traffic like around central Quebec and more east. What amazing is you only see a few sleds on the trail and when you get to the big hotels there is so many sleds there for the night. As for freezing rain check the long range forcast and think about getting heated shields. On the FMCQ trail map section there is a link telling you when and where the trails were groomed daily.Now the big part is be safe and enjoy. Oh one more thing. Also on the FMCQ web site is a app, iMotoneige1, that you can load on your phone that is a trail map with GPS. Works great for us. It just shows you where you are and what trail you are on. It's very cheap. Again be safe and have a great adventure.
  9. Mt Valin looking good

    Get back to work and we will take a extra week in February.
  10. Vehicle question

    We have been going into Canada for years and never had a problem. Our truck is registered in North Carolina. And so is our trailer. But we do own the company. And it is our bonus for owning a company. Lol.
  11. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Just a question. We have never had bearing issues on our suspension wheels but we did have a problem with the rubber coming apart on the wheels. We think the temperature and stud placement had something to do with it.
  12. 10K miles: Service Suggestions

    Might think about replacing the suspension wheels. It may help on track life. Motor mounts should be checked. Bearings should be replaced. Can't see inside them to check them. Clutch alinement is important. Track tension. Then get on and go. Never worry about it breaking because if you do it will.
  13. Mt Valin looking good

    Oh I'm glad he got his helmet off.
  14. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks rode runner . I'm having lunch there this year for sure. Another adventure to look forward to.
  15. Mt Valin looking good

    Where are these very lucky guys starting point.