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  1. Put that honey back in the trailer. You don't want to get the track dirty. Lol
  2. That's not funny. Lol. Still young enough you don't have to wear a hat. Lol
  3. Want wish you all a happy 4th of July. Be safe and enjoy the day tomorrow. Living on the Canadian border there is a lot of Canadian friends that enjoy with us and it's great to have you here. Again be safe and enjoy the day.
  4. Hey JG. Many years ago David and I were on the old 386 trail north of Amos. Most deserted trail I ever rode on. Anyway I was last and David started waving his arms and wanting me to go bye him. Then off his sled and ran back on by me. Out of the snow he pulls a moose shed. I ask why did you wave me bye and his answer was I didn't want you to see it and get it first. Still have it in our cabin and we often laugh about finding it. Only shed we have ever found in Quebec.
  5. So sorry to hear of the flooding in your area. I live in lake Ontario end of the river and the water is rising very fast on this end as well. Like a foot or more in the last 2 days. They say the locks are closed down river and will be closed for the next couple weeks. Sure hope it doesn't get as bad as a couple years ago. Good luck to you all.
  6. Is this a Linq bag or made by BRP.
  7. Keep him . They are good rat control for you cellar. My kid in NC has one in his cellar and he's rat free.
  8. Lordy you are ready to go now. LOL I like your sled lift - mover. Is that home made or factory made? Thanks
  9. Happy birthday sir but I got great news for you. I'm 68 and i'm planning a trip two years from now. You got a lot of riding left. Lol. Have a good day and be safe.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Good thought about belt pieces. I'll check on Friday. As for the Arctic belt I'll discuss it with Jimmy my like a son Arctic Cat rider. If it could be done he could do it it. Lol
  11. It was after the belt issues. The replacement belt only had 400 miles on it from the last trip year ago. Going to try something different this weekend. Going to stop at a dealer tomorrow. There is a parts guy there who is pretty nice to talk to. The boy bought me a new ski doo belt and I will try that first.
  12. That's funny. Might of happened tho because I haven't been able to see the motor that came with it. Not like any 1972 models I use to work on.
  13. Spoke to my oldest last night about his ride. 8 of them went and they had a blast. He did blow a belt but it was bought at the same time as our other 850's and we had a problem with that belt also. They were Dayco 5034. We have used Dayco for years without a single problem. Now wondering how long they were setting on the shelf. Something else wondering if this has happened to others is the trails were very hard and fast. He said the rev limit would come on with 3/4 throttle. Was going to 8200 rpms. I guess the limit switch was doing its job. Just wondering if anyone else has had to adjust clutch clickers or has anyone experienced the same thing. Thanks
  14. Well the report is in. He Had a great time and loved my sled. His normal ride is a 1200 and he liked the lighter front end. His words. Said the trails were hard and fast and all went well. I think I will get off my ass and head to Mont laurie on Friday night. Either the gouin Reservoir or Clova.
  15. As for the 850 lasting mine is being put to the test this past weekend. Oldest son is with his group riding the LSJ area down to Quebec city and back to the truck today. Friday I got a report saying how many miles where on that old belt. Hope he cleaned up the belly pan. Something about just going past 80 or maybe 90. Haven't heard a word since. David said no new is good news. Lol