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  1. And here is what the trail we come out of before crossing the road looks like
  2. Was up in the motherland last week visiting various places in the Lanaudiere and Zec Chapeau-de-Paille areas thought some of you might like to see what the place looks like without 4 ft of snow
  3. Hey 486 miles for “the weekend” would be respectable even on a sled. Didn’t know you could cover so much ground on a side x side in that amount of time. The girls in this pic look like they are both holding their backs. Is it grueling on the body after awhile?
  4. Hope you spent the night in Parent with the nice couple that has nice two story modern cabins in town the place CANT be beat
  5. Mine came in French but I converted it to English and completed it this morning. Told them all about the 4-5 grand I drop up there every winter and gave them the highest accolades possible. Therefore I believe I will be one of the two 250.00 winners....LOL
  6. Just beautiful my friend. Would have loved to been there Saturday. It was 70F back home in New York. we all had a great season and already looking forward to the next one. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER and send me some dirt bike pics when you go.
  7. Thanks for sharing that Cnc Very well done video and yes it really lets you appreciate how much goes into making (IMO) “the worlds greatest trail system” !!!!