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  1. Theft Issues

    Just a heads up. Pulled the rig into LeCabanon on the evening of 12/26. Place was full as well as the parking lot. Thieves came in at 4 a.m. (In 20 below temps no less) and cut the locks off 3 or 4 trailers till they found one from Pennsylvania that had two sleds in it. They drug them out (a Polaris 600 & 800) and the 800 with only 100 miles on it had the key in it. They cut the chain Dennis has where you pull your truck in and drove the sled (two guys on it) down the road towards the 131. Why they didn't just drive the sled thru the concrete barriers is beyond me unless they were thinking they were going to get a truck/trailer too. Dennis's son in law was getting up for work and ran out but they were too far ahead by that time. Said they haven't had a problem there in a couple years now.
  2. Ice bridge on 83 East of Relais 22

    I too was wondering how far it was from the old bridge. Pictures sorta look like it's in the same general area. That video was unbelievable last spring. Bridge was there in the evening and GONE in the morning.

    Nice ride Snappy !! I'll be up in St Zenon (LeCabanon)Tuesday afternoon myself with a buddy. Got a brand new Blizzard 1200 and my buddy has an all black Polaris 800. I'll look for you to say hi with your fancy new Yamaha. Dont forget the long underwear whatever ya do....LOL
  4. That's a good one !!!! and sooooo true PLAYHARD
  5. FANTASTIC as usual Alain !!!!!! Have been eagerly awaiting your report. So glad you guys had a great ride and good to see the conditions were better up there than I thought. It still amazes me what they can do with even a low amount of snow. Look forward to riding the area Christmas week.
  6. Fall In Vermont

    Absolutely fantastic CKF i have messed around with drones for quite a few years now but hardly fly anymore. Have a bunch of little ones and a Blade Chroma that I use for the occasional aerial pic. A++++ on your video editing skills. I couldn't do that if someone put a gun to my head. what a beautiful place Vermont is
  7. Does anyone have any info on the bridge situation ? I saw the video of it washing away this spring, a real bummer..... I can't imagine them not replacing it.
  8. Holy this for real...Mt Valin

    Thanks dooright , I completely missed that previous post sure hope the guys have good insurance and they catch the scumbags
  9. Saw this over on Dootalk about guys that were parked at some remote location outside the park. I hope their ride was awesome cause they surely were bummed out when they got back to the trucks. Is this : A Bullshit B disgruntled wife of someone C someone with a personal vendetta against one or more of the guys D environmentalist E just plain old vandalism I haven't made up my mind yet on which way to guess
  10. Power lines

    Make sure you take a sat phone and a sleeping bag :)
  11. Big Speeding Ticket

    Man that 1284.00 fine is worth like a nice 6 day saddlebag trip !! YIKES !!!!
  12. Current Conditions: St Zenon or St. Raymond?

    I have been staying in St Jean de Matha for 15 yrs now. Literally walking distance from Gero Skidoo. We stay at my buddies parents house there and still lock and block our trucks/trailers in if possible. Many years back his parents were away on summer vacation and had their truck parked in a back lot garage. Theives broke into the garage and wanted the truck but couldn't get through the HUGE dead bar and lock my friends father had on the overhead door. So guess what they did......they found a chainsaw in the garage and used it to cut the entire side wall out of the garage and yanked the truck out sideways. no shit.......this really happened.
  13. La Domaine La Verendrye

    When you see 110 dogs running around wild you will know your in the right place. :)
  14. Strange listing

    Last fall I bought a Carhart jacket off Amazon and was looking at the reviews before I purchased. Now I already knew it was a good jacket because I already have one that's about 12 yrs old and just wanted a new one. When I read this guys review I literally found myself laughing out loud days later thinking about it. Here is what he had to say: "I live in Buffalo. The winds sweep unadulterated from western Canada and plummet in leaden misery upon Buffalo. After a few months of bitter cold and dead skies, this is a place where hot-sauced wings and emasculated sports teams become the hollow substitute to your ineffective anti-depressants.This jacket is another entrance to a Narnia of an endless summer. I practically frolic within it. The heavy duck is rich in color and warmth. The cuffs are impenetrable to snow and wind. The hood... oh the hood. When pulled up over my head, I am shielded not only from the blowing snow and rain, but also the human misery that surrounds me.I cannot recommend this jacket enough. The description and sizing are dead on. It is ridiculously well-made. "
  15. Strange listing

    Now that's some funny shit right there. Best chuckle I got all week !!!!!!