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  1. Sorry I missed you Alain. Sounds like we just missed each other at the 345/23 intersection by just a little bit. i had a superb ride Friday/Saturday from LeCabanon and it appears you did too !!!!!
  2. snowmaster2112

    towing's 2nd ride video

    Alain, beautiful as always. I was at the intersection of 23&345 Saturday morning for a quick break. It was around 8:30 or so. i sure would have loved to see you and Kriki pull up on the blue bomber. It was a little “chilly” Saturday morning huh ?
  3. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Yeah for sure RoadRunner heard things in northern Maine were looking good too. The thing that has me concerned is the next 3 weeks dont look super promising. 4 days above freezing in St Zenon before I get there again on the 26th but I remain optimistic. Dose not look like a white Christmas at home for sure.
  4. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    I bought that Zumo like 10 yrs ago for 375.00 It has been on 4 sleds now and several rentals. Still looks and functions "as new" (even the original battery)and at this point I have "deep emotional/sentimental" attachment to it. The day it goes the flag will be flying half staff in my yard.
  5. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Yeah rode solo this trip LOL...haven’t done that in quite a few years now. At least I know the area well and other people were around. i almost went to Manawan but when I came to this I decided since alone it was best to turn around.
  6. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Last pic....One of my favorite sections heading out towards the Repos
  7. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    You know the spot
  8. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    345/360 intersection not groomed towards Mattawin as they are logging it till December 15th but heard some were running out that way and turning around.
  9. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Here is the road a couple miles north of the Repos heading to Kanawata. No other sled tracks so I turned around.
  10. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

  11. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

  12. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Just got back after midnight. Rode from Lecabanon Friday and Saturday. Yesterday morning was -30c so it was quite a challenge. Rode 405 miles the two days on conditions that were as good or better than any first/early season ride ever. Went to Repos and back both days as it was recently groomed all the way to there. Tried to go north to Kanawata and west to Manawan but neither was groomed or had any tracks so decided against it. People were coming from both St Michele and St Zenon but not any farther north. Typical vigilance was necessary as you never knew if the next corner or hill was going to have a low tree branch or soccer ball size rock laying somewhere. Overall though 98% was perfect. Some stretches you would swear it was more mid winter conditions. I would guess Lecabanon was a little over half full when I left yesterday afternoon. Had a blast and got the monkey off my back for now. Heading up again the day after Christmas for 4 days. Here are some pics....
  13. snowmaster2112

    Quebec Ride this weekend

    Think I’m heading up to Zenon tomorrow after work. Looks too good to pass up.
  14. snowmaster2112

    Towing's season opener teaser video

    Great way to spend a Saturday Alain !!!! Wish I was there. Can’t believe how good things are already.
  15. snowmaster2112

    Anyone receive their trail permit ??

    Got mine yesterday finally. Ordered on Oct, 22nd now I can stop acting like Ralphy from the Christmas Story going to look for my "secret decoder pen" at the mailbox