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  1. Was that groomer out of there when you passed Friday ? If it was those guys are good .
  2. You must not have been to Manawan lately. There hasn't been a cage around the gas pumps for YEARS now. And I'm not "recommending" anyone NOT secure their sleds. As Ice says..."do as you please" each their own. What I was recommending is the Auberge there . The one that is DIRECTLY across the street from the Police station in town. my 20+ years of going to Quebec I have never heard of anyone having something stolen while in Manawan. That's all I am saying.
  3. Thats why I got and installed the Ridelite on my sled this year. I feel liberated now that I am not taking my hands off the bars and especially when it's in corners. Safer for me and safer for others. Simple, superior & low cost product that works great
  4. i cant imagine what these poor peoples families are going through not to mention the rescuers/divers. That's a serious long ways away. Thanks ice for keeping us updated. RIP brothers !!
  5. If I remember the story correctly from Andy that right where you guys got stuck there was a rotted whale carcass nearby on the ice and the stench was unbearable. I bet there was no beer left onboard anywhere after the 4th hour too.
  6. ZERO and I left it unlocked outside the hotel overnight with the GPS in the mount and rear saddle bags on. The other 5 sleds there did the same. No problems whatsoever.
  7. Heading to bed now at the Auberge Manawan. Stayed here once a couple years ago when it was new and second time tonight. Great rooms/showers/amenities, great internet and the most awesome mattress and pillows you could ask for. Don’t hesitate to stay here anyone.
  8. What can I say Ice......I’m just addicted to Beaver. Fresh ones that is !!!!
  9. Here’s is first....we left Parent yesterday morning and headed to Clova for breakfast. Chatted a bit with Dominic and headed down the trail that goes down to Le Fer Cheval. This is not a federation trail and not on the map. Dominic said groomer left at 7 that morning heading south to where he turns around about 25-30 miles. Also said another groomer came up yesterday from the south to where they meet at a small River and bridge they both can’t cross. Approximately 4-5 miles from the bridge the groomer guy was broke down in a corner (trouble with hitch pin, bracket and hydraulic hose that is gonna require some serious repair). He satellite phoned Dominic already so all good. Approximately 2.5 miles from his spot heading south we are bogeying down the trail and a tree was across the trail. As we stop a beaver jumps up from behind it in the middle of the trail. He scurried off but not before finishing up knawing the branch he was working on and dragged it off into the bush with him. As we were sawing the tree up to get it out of the way we looked over to see he had another 2-3 chewed ready to drop too. Just when you think you have seen it all. Another 2.5 miles south of the beaver is where the other groomer turned around from his passage. The next 30-40 miles down to Cheval area was not only double wide groomed with no tracks but one of the most insane logging road trails we both have ever ridden. It Rivals the Kanawata/Casey run and the Chibougamau/Mistissini run for sure. Absolutely insane trail and ride.
  10. Your videos and pictures are of the finest quality sir . Absolutely stunning quality. All I can do is snap pictures with my phone.
  11. We were at Lunic this a.m. after leaving 100 Lacs this morning. Was talking to André the owner and a couple days ago (maybe last week) there was a sled/sled collision about 15km from there supposedly involving an American and guy from Ontario. One guy supposedly got a broken leg. The way he was describing the one guy (to me at least) sure sounds like that Jim Jamison guy. Andre said he was older 70ish and rides CRAZY miles mostly alone but sometimes with his wife. But he swore he was from Ontario as he saw the guys registration and I thought he was from Pennsylvania. Also said the guy never had a serious accident in all his years and miles. Just glad no one was more seriously injured.
  12. Yes and she awesome big and CLEAN rooms upstairs and shared bathroom with tile/marble glass door showers and very Euro countertops and sinks.
  13. They will sleep 5 if need be. One bedroom with two single beds and another with one single and bunk beds
  14. We are at L hombre du Vent cabins in Parent. Dave is still sleeping at 6 a.m. i think I’m wearing him out LOL....we had a great supper at the Central last night and the trails (200 miles) from Andres camp to here were all fantastic. Repos, Kanawata, Casey, 83 got to figure out what we are gonna do today