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  1. Took this pic at 2:16 p.m. on 2/25/2020 next pic was at 3:01 p.m. at gas pump at Lac Failon My how things have changed....LOL beloved 1200 Enduro that survived 10K plus last year blew a chain case on Tug Hill a couple weekends ago I got a whopping 720 (mostly super good miles on this year) Wasn't the chain case's fault. Upon tearing into it at home i knew what went wrong before I got it open. At the top of the case on the backside is a molded place where a bolt and nyloc goes thru. It has an aluminum bar that comes down at a 45 degree from the pyramid and a black one that comes horizontally across and ties everything in. I could see where the nyloc was but it and the bolt were gone and the support bars were just floating like a fart in the wind. I was hammering some 12 inch Tug Hill moguls a little too hard I guess right when it happened. She is gonna get a serious maintenance smackdown this summer and WILL be ready to go in December. Hopefully in Quebec !!!! Hope everyone had the best season possible given the state of the world.
  2. LOVE IT Schooter !!!! GREAT pic and maybe one of only a small handful of Americans who laid a track down on Canadian snow in 2021
  3. Did the mysterious American sled have a 2021 QC trail pass/sticker???? If so there is at least FCMQ liability insurance. If not.........probably has none. !
  4. Low snow there in that pick. Most of the ones I have of there have 4+ ft on the roof...LOL
  5. Not all of us get to live in Disney Land Ice !!!! Hope all is well !!!
  6. Superb mon ami wishing you a Happy New Year and another fine snowmobile season !!!
  7. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! In PA no less. Way to go Pipeman !!!
  8. Been at that shack many a time...LOVE IT....enjoy your ride and yes, more photos please !! Looks like the locals are beating her down good !
  9. I will take a shot here on the rapids. West of Mt. Laurier somewhere.....west of Grand Remous.....maybe....
  10. Happy New Year and a promise 2021 will be a better year for ALL OF US !! Miquelon year ago this morning (after spending New Years eve with my Native buddies Alex, Samuel & Alphonse) a night I'll never forget I was sure hoping to see them again this year but it ain't looking good. I'll bet it looks just like that in Miquelon this morning.
  11. looks like Windigo to me but probably wrong
  12. might be off here....but....any chance that's Meekos
  13. this was one year ago today Leaving Chapais in the a.m. and heading to Mistissinni
  14. Kenny and I last December 12th at the hockey arena in Amos watching his kid practice.