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  1. snowmaster2112

    New advertiser Hotel Matagami

    Are you sure you didn’t get that backwards. I personally don’t think the west side holds a candlestick to the east side. .
  2. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    Rode from Matane to Saint Pascal today. All BEAUTIFUL and snowing most of the day. Saw about 30 sleds all ,day. Here are a couple pics from today. Near Cabano and Phonegamook.
  3. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    Crazy wicked trail heading to Godbout
  4. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    At the bridge in Baie Comeau on tuesday
  5. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    Tadoussac on monday
  6. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    We had to have the “ice breaker “ escort the last 5 miles into Matane as there was heavy ice which shut down service for two days earlier this week.
  7. snowmaster2112

    Ferry Conquered and back to Shawinigan

    Out in the st Lawrence
  8. Started Sunday morning in Shawinigan (more snow than I’ve ever seen there) and headed out the 3 towards QC. Things were good for the first 50 miles or so ( actually mint). Around QC and all the way up to Baie St Paul was like riding Tug Hill in NY. I swear EVERYONE that had a running sled in QC was out on the trails today. It was a beautiful blue sky day ( the whole week has been like that) so we made the best of it. Getting beat up your first day and riding 200+ kinda sucks but what they hey..... stayed at Hotel Baie St. Paul for the night. Headed up to Forrestville on Monday and the trails got much better. Had a moose encounter about 30 miles before the hotel but that’s a whole other story. The 3 way before and way after tadoussac was groomed to perfection which was nice. We left Forrestville yesterday morning and headed to Baie Comeau for lunch then headed out to Godbout. What a trail. Back tracked to BC for the night. After much fanfare with the ferry problems this year we finally has positive confirmation of a 2:30 pm departure to Matane. Woke up this am and ran solo (buddies decided to relax)on the local trail that runs 42 miles north of Baie-Comeau and dead ends as groomer update showed last night. What a SPECTACULAR run and trail. Lots of 60;70 & 80 MPH sweepers. My new all time favorite!!!!! Had a beautiful ferry run over and with the weather being so nice we got lots of money shot pictures and met lots of cool people. Working our way down to QC and back to Shawini on Saturday. Havnt been to the north shore in quite a few years and it was sweet to see and run it all again. Here is a pic at 1:30 today sitting on top of the hill overlooking the Baie-Comeau ferry terminal.
  9. snowmaster2112

    Ferry to Mutane

    We are leaving this morning from Shawinigan and will be crossing either Tuesday or Wednesday. I will most likely have another thread started about our “always an adventure “ trip.
  10. snowmaster2112

    Ferry to Mutane

    I spoke to to them on the way up here today and the girl (didn’t speak the best English) said “Godbout broken” i assume this means they are having trouble retrofitting the docks there. 5 days ago a guy there told me Godbout would resume on Wednesday the 20th but I guess not.