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  1. Trail Info

    rode that section between Baie comeau and Godbout a couple times about 10 years ago. If memory serves me correct it's about 60 miles. I certainly wont ever forget it as "special" or "unique" is definitely a way to describe it. Roller coaster is a better way to describe it. The only trail I can ever remember being on in my life that mile after mile you have butterflies in your stomach from all the steep up and downs, some of which are very short distances between them. Makes me want to go do it again...LOL
  2. Permits up slightly

    funny shit Gutz...... Got a GOOD chuckle out of your comments
  3. Mt Valin

    o.k. i give up. how did you get a pic from Chapais, Mt Valin & Windigo all today? LOL....
  4. Last ride of the season April 5th - 9th

    I'll bet the bunkhouse at LeDomaine is available. Cheap, decent, shorter drive and recently groomed from Leverendrye Lodge all the way up to Valdor via Kitcisakik
  5. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Feel for ya Jack....been there done that myself before...on the other hand....look at the bright side....your lucky you even got a motel room if there was a hockey tournament in town....been there done that as well too....LOL
  6. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Bob, how do you get away without registering in your home state (and thus no plate or registration) ? thought i read that in Quebec a FCMQ pass alone is not enough and that the machine needs to be registered/tagged to somewhere as well
  7. What was on Trail 83 3/17/17

    Was it at their little shack out there on the trail? A nice vinyl sided white one with heat i remember about 3 years ago heading towards the 22 one mid morning coming upon that Relais and it was about -25 out. pulled over to take a break and when I opened the door it was liike 75-80 degrees in there. Literally a 100 degree difference..... sure was nice..........
  8.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    The one I remember was like 40-45ish and fairly thin with dark brown/black hair past the shoulders
  9.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Pretty darn sure there are. It would be a right hand turn off the 83 if you were coming from Wemo. its like 20 miles before the "22"
  10.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Yeah that cabin rocks, stayed in it last year twice. Kinda small but worked out well for 4 of us Martine was nice enough to give us a carafe of coffee to take over so we had it in the cabin for early morning LOL ......about staying at Stephanie's cabin.....LOL
  11. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    ombre du Vent in Parent is newer style log cabins (there is 3 or 4 of them) with upstairs/downstairs, satelite tv, phone, kitchenet. internet and SUPER clean and reasonably priced. Wouldn't even think about staying elsewhere in Parent since we found this a couple years ago.
  12. Gas on 63 from Pavillion La Verendrye to Ville-Marie

    Also gas at Lac Truite (right on trail) about 25 miles before Belleterre. It's a pricey 2.50 a liter so just a splash to get you peace of mind
  13. Places to stay at Outfitters or lodges Western Quebec

    Didnt stay, but ate lunch. They have fantastic food. I checked out the rooms and they are fairly small and modest but VERY clean. Gas was 2.00 litre there but guy said it was super and just had a delivery recently.
  14. Places to stay at Outfitters or lodges Western Quebec

    Well there is the Leverendrye Lodge in the park........ too bad Joncas isn't around anymore. Was by there two weeks ago today and took a break out front by the totem poles and log archway
  15. Need some help on Val d'Or

    Came down from Matagami a couple weeks ago and found the gas station and restaurant had 4ft of snow all around it and we were on fumes. Gimped into St Felix and no shit the Polaris ProS 800 in our group took 1 liter more than what the manual says it holds....LOL as I remember the trail came right down the side of the bldg but no more and possibly they are just closed for the winter now.