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  1. Staying with my friend Kenny at his uncles camp which is south of the Matagami clubhouse about 15miles. It s only 200 yards or so from the main trail. No services whatsoever there so my posting will be limited from now. You can NOT get north of St Day Monique-de-rosaire because the river is not safe to cross yet.’s doublewide fresh groomed on the other side for approx. 100 miles all the way to Matagamii with NO tracks or traffic of ANYKIND. In my tenure of life’s snowmobileing I have finally reached (what I consider) the Pinnacle of what it’s “all about” Glad I lived to see it. kenny, his 17 yr old son and his unable are going to shoot a moose’s in the bush tomorrow near his camp while I go back and forth blowing my brains out. We are going to be partying hard at the camp tonight for sure. until I can post again..........
  2. This is where I’m at have seen no one and not one other track on all fresh groomed double wide
  3. Today I’m embarking on one of the most crazy stunts I think I have ever pulled in all my years up here stay tuned later tonight or tomorrow as I will mostly be way off the grid i have a feeling it’s going to be an EPIC day.........
  4. Spent some time with Kenny at the hockey rink in Amos watching his kid play hockey then went back to his house in Pikogan which turned into a late night
  5. And it won’t STOP snowing here...LOL sled this morning at hotel in Pikogan
  6. Andy,, all the locals say they have NEVER seen this much this early. If it turns out to be an even normal snowfall season there is gonna be 10 ft in the Abitibi by March
  7. Here’s one last pic of me and “Julie” the director at the Rodeway Inn in Pikogan im thinking of moving here p.s. She’s 26
  8. In Pikogan again for the night and my buddy Kenny is going to come pick me up at the hotel and we’re dropping his kid off at hockey practice at an arena in Amos. That ought to be cool to see. as I’m trying to head to Barrute via Amos this morning I come to the river. I can see a couple tracks made it but since the Skidoo told me yesterday that a guy and his wife went down last week (sled is still at the bottom of the river but they are ok) I decided to take the bridge. It wasn’t bad at all and had ample coverage on the small shoulder.
  9. Doors are opened to let her cool off as she just got the snot knocked out of her for 30 minutes straight sorta like the “unwanted step child” kinda knocking
  10. This is why......they were tandem grooming at the same time
  11. As I get back on the fresh double groomed north of st Felix I can’t figure out how i never met the groomer going south.