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  1. Just freaking awesome for what is going on this year. Dragon & crew you guys got the BEST of the BEST for what the Abitibi had to offer this year. You guys picked the right week. No regrets driving all the way from Pa. Who the fu&K woulda ever thunk you couldn’t squeak out a first week of March trip in the Abitibi ever ??? i gambled and waited too long to get another trip in. Going to throw the towel in with recent forecast (and we were going to drive north into Abitibi) as a “red wave” is going to engulf the motherland late next week. (On already sparse conditions in most areas) Saddest fucken season I have ever seen in my years God speed to all who are rounding out their trip and those who will still venture on………..
  2. I only see it closed to the east towards 355 not to the west towards Repos
  3. glad you guys had a great day. And ditto what Mikerider says.
  4. Dragon, as others have said here PLEASE keep us posted with as many reports and pics as you can. Have many fond memories of the 396 trail and have spent quite a few memorable moments at the Matagami club shack over the years. Had an 800 blow up back in 2013 right in the middle of the west side trail. That was a memorable day. I prefer the east side trail by far but both are good. When your heading north from Amos you will pass a small Native village "Pikogan" which you can barely see through the ding weeds. On the left side of the trail up on the hill they have a mini ski slope thing that they use for the kids to inner-tube down. If they are out there dont hesitate to stop and take a tube down the hill. Its a blast !!!!
  5. i seem to do what this trucker did here now and then stay right.....and this will SURELY happen to you (more times than you would like) throughout your snowmobiling life
  6. me thinks this was last Valentines day
  7. And where pray tell was this George ?
  8. I have NEVER seen this board this quiet, conditions non existent damn near everywhere, and moral so down in the snowmobiling community. It is literally depressing beyond comprehension. I guess we all have so many other things in life to be thankful for and I’m sure we all are in our own ways (and so am I) but anyone reading this is a tried and true die hard snowmobiler and knows what it takes to be one. Countless hours, money, time and devotion to try and get a couple days/weeks every year doing what we all love so much. To see it all go to complete shit is sad beyond belief. o.k. enough ranting. But this is how I truly feel: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C28S0rKgbOU/?igsh=Mzc3ZTVlOWMwZA==
  9. Now that is some funny shit right there !!
  10. Thank God it appears the warm up didn’t do catastrophic damage up there. Now…….if Mother Nature would just predict more than 2 inches of snow IN THE NEXT FU&#$NG 14 days we would be all set LOL
  11. December 26 2019 just outside of Lebel Sur
  12. That “Relive” thing and your pics blended in is awesome!!!! wish I had the computer savvy to do that
  13. Hey Chris ……another “Chris” here from NY. Haven’t met you yet but hope to someday. Thanks much for posting the reports/pics. It’s nice to see there is still some adequate snow somewhere in Quebec…LOL I’ve ridden crazy amounts of miles on the 93 over the years and can see by the pics they are WAY low on snow as everywhere else this year. I was looking at past years pics last night and have many that show 2-3 times the amount IN MID DECEMBER!! At least it’s enough so you guys are getting a decent ride in. My guess is (and hope I’m wrong) you’re going to have a lot more challenging time on the 83 circling back around. We will be cheering you on from a far and looking forward to more pics/posts
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