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  1. Or any given Saturday when there is little to no snow anywhere else in the northeast
  2. If something like that ever came to reality it would appear to be owned by my longtime French Canadian friend and just run by this crazy ass American from NY
  3. Neksledr, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS. I havn't laughed that hard in quite awhile !!!!! Just God Damn AWESOME !!!!
  4. I never knew you had the pleasure of riding Tug Ice ? I used to go up there 25+ yrs ago on weekdays and get some awesome riding in. That was before the population (and registered sleds soared) and every "A" hole from NY, PA, NJ ,Ma. (even Ontario) started to appear. That place has become THE shit hole of North American snowmobiling. I literally "cringe" when i read posts from some guy who took "his family" up there riding. Has to be the MOST dangerous place to ride a sled in North America. Glad I got to learn the area and rip off some serious miles in years past but wouldn't even contemplate going there ever again. (and I live relatively close) .
  5. Latest news is that she's worried about passing snowmobilers spreading the Corona
  6. 800Stve, by the time i get that place "whipped into shape" THIS virus will be a distant memory. The world will be in a MUCH more state of chaos of which i'm not exactly sure of what will be next.
  7. I grew up riding Thug-Hill. Havn't even been there in like 8 years now and will NEVER go back. If i cant ride Quebec i would end my snowmobiling all together.
  8. 10 lacs, approx 10 square kilometers, a cabin that sleeps 6 on one of the lacs and the rest of the compound you see. some of the best small-medium sized trout fishing you'll find anywhere 400 G's would take it today (possibly a little less). Taxes and pourvoire fee's approx. 13 grand a year
  9. i just want to go back to Haltaparche and live out my days with Jean-Guy & Gypsie. With all seriousness I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life there. He's only going to be around a few more years and could get me "up to speed" with everything there. My dream would be to make it like the "Joncas" or "Meekos" but only more spectacular. All my friends (snowmobiling) and others would come to visit and we would have a grand ole time.
  10. On my sled "green" means I have beer. If it's solid orange i'm running very low. If it's flashing orange I'm out and need you to stop if you have any.
  11. My GPS is an original Garmin Zumo 450. I'm guessing it's 10+ yrs old now. I still run 2011 Trail maps (mostly because the 2016) ones I loaded into it don't display right for some reason. Never bothered me as I like to see the changes when I'm running off what was the old trail. This unit has probably been on my last 5 sleds and countless rentals. Not to mention, my boat, truck, car and motorcylce when I had one, (too dangerous an activity for me anymore...I gave it up). It is still on the original battery (charges and holds flawlessly) and I simply can NOT kill this thing. It works in -40 weather (touch screen and all). Not ONCE has this unit EVER failed me. It has pictures, music (not that I use that anymore as I bluetooth tunes into my helmet from my Iphone) for 3 years now. My core riding buddies know that "when the day comes" ....and it will.....that the "Zumo dies" it's going to be like a "holy sacrilege" moment for me. We WILL stop wherever it is (whatever the weather is) and have a "moment of silence" and "celebration of life moment". I kid you not on this. To answer your question: When I first got this thing there was no such thing as a "glovebox" GPS. This unit was top of the line when I got it and the only realistic mount was a Ram and ball. I got so used to and loved (and still do) the flexibility and mounting position options of a Ram mount that I doubt I could ever go back to something else. Yeah the new Garmins have way more features and Skidoo has implemented it into their overpriced GloveBox extension, but it's just not for me. I can move mine around to almost any place I want, at the height and distance I want with little to no problem. This year I raised the whole unit up WAY further than I have in recent years and I am very pleased with it. I run hard and fast most of the time (solo or with others I ride the same) and "glancing down" lower to see something (especially at my age) does not suit me well anymore. In fact the ONLY two things I ever glance at on my dash are "engine coolant temp" and "gas bars". I have found that my "eye" reaction time is much better, less delay if you will. And now Skidoo's new attraction is this new dash and integrated app's. They can keep all that bulls#%t (and their price increase) and sell it to someone else.I know where i'm going and I checked the weather (always wrong anyhow) well before I left on the trip. And if I have ANY question as to "where i'm at" or "where I need to be" i'm CONFIDENT my trusty Zumo will guide and advise me. That's all I need (or ever want) at this point of my snowmobiling trips. The original Garmin Zumo 450/550 series STILL sell for (relatively) big bucks on eBay. That is because they were arguably the BEST (and most rugged) GPS unit ever made. Hands down. It WAS the BEST 375.00 (got a smoking deal on eBay) that I have EVER spent in my life. (well....that and my 22 yr old Kawasaki Mule) I leave you with a pic I "dug up" from my 2007 Blizzard when the Zumo must have been new. Properties of pic say " March 9th 2008" I NEVER have a sled more than two seasons.My jackass buddy used to love to do this pose while we were doing trailside pit stops.
  12. X100 hope the idiot got hurt just enough so he’ll never be on the trails again complete fu$ktards
  13. If this Corona Virus shit wasn't going on and trail/establishment closings everywhere I probably would have. Again, just feel extremely lucky to have been able to do this, if only once. Rule of thumb when your an American snowmobiler who exclusively rides in Canada. Go in with gas tanks FULL.....and leave EMPTY.....LOL...
  14. Mike, is there a program where if you crack 10,000 in one season they give you 50% off a new order ?
  15. Perfect. I’ll have the steaks and grill ready. Bring Chris (Ike) too. Put him on the back and make him ride “bitch”