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  1. Mine came in French but I converted it to English and completed it this morning. Told them all about the 4-5 grand I drop up there every winter and gave them the highest accolades possible. Therefore I believe I will be one of the two 250.00 winners....LOL
  2. Just beautiful my friend. Would have loved to been there Saturday. It was 70F back home in New York. we all had a great season and already looking forward to the next one. HAVE A GREAT SUMMER and send me some dirt bike pics when you go.
  3. Thanks for sharing that Cnc Very well done video and yes it really lets you appreciate how much goes into making (IMO) “the worlds greatest trail system” !!!!
  4. I was real curious about this too and how the places/conditions were. And also even with the best gear money can buy I gotta figure some of you had wet stuff every night that needed dryed out.
  5. What he said and effin’ Nuts too !!! Im in amazement at the miles you guys made each day in those kind of off trail conditions. Some people are “big snowmobilers” and don’t get those kinda miles in a day while groomed trail riding. It goes to prove all of you guys riding prowess and abilities. Cudos to all of you !!!!
  6. Another thing I was just thinking is what a GREAT season it would have been to tour all winter long. Can’t thing of any other that would have been better weather and snow depth wise. Sure hope I get to do it one whole season before I die ..LOL
  7. We should have a QR party/meeting somewhere next season and invite him and his wife to come be the guest speakers.
  8. Yeah he blows the “snowmobiling ain’t cheap” saying right out of the parking lot. There are still other hobbies/pastimes that are ridiculously expensive and nowhere near the fun of touring on a snowmobile IMO
  9. I have seen this guys name in various clubhouse books many times over the years. What I find most ironic is that I have never run into him somewhere. Possibly we were at the same place at the same time and I didn’t know it. I would love to shake the guys hand and buy him a beer, coffee or whatever he’s into. He probably would request an energy drink...LOL I thought the guy was from Pennsylvania but here it says NY. I truly love snowmobiling more than anything in the world but question how I would feel if I had this guys time, energy, money and stamina to do what he does. Would I even do it....I’ll probably never know. I say Godspeed to Jim Jamison and hope to meet you someday.
  10. Teet those are some sweet machines you got there. Mine is a Cracker Jack toy compared to that. Just watched a bunch of videos on them. Just incredible !! One better be in damn good shape to smack one of those around. Would help if you were under 175 lbs and that leaves me out forever...LOL glad to hear your dad and kids are enjoying them too. Just did the 18 mile “lake road loop” tonight after work. Gonna try and pour big miles on it this year. I bought a leftover Enduro and it’s 16lbs heavier than my current sled which tells me I gotta lose at least that much to make up the difference. Have a great summer and be safe on that thing.
  11. I never knew they have a rental building in Matawin Marineau? Nice to know for the future for someone. You can pick up/drop off there ?
  12. Congrats on your beautiful last run mon ami & crossing the big “20” mark too. It seems like forever since I rode those same trails in your pics but it was only last sat/sun/mon. Looks fun with all the loose snow on it now. How was the traffic and how many trucks would you say were at LeCabanon ?
  13. I have a first generation Volt and just recently bought an electric fat tire bike that I now have 130 miles on. Absolutely love them both. I was hooked on the electric bike after the first 10 seconds riding it. With 5 electric assist modes and 7 mechanical gears you can customize it to whatever level you want to achieve desired fitness level. The thing that I feel is the biggest benefit is (coming from someone who hasn’t biked in 30 yrs) is the ability to go on long rides and not getting “disenchanted” with the whole thing. I live in an area with quite a few hills and a normal bike would require a physical output that I’m not willing to put out at this age in life. I wouldn’t last 10 miles around here on a normal bike. This new one I regularly do an 18 mile “loop” around our Lake that takes me about 1.5 hrs. I’m starting to decrease the electric input up as I build up my endurance. Who knows...maybe this summer I will be leaving the heavy battery pack off and just go normal sometimes. The other great thing is when I “pimped” my bike out with accessories is was only 5 dollars here, 20 dollars there. Unlike snowmobiling where it’s a 100 here and 200 there...LOL Sadly, I probably won’t live long enough to see electric snowmobiles become “reality” as in “ go 100 miles plus” on a charge but IT WILL happen someday. Just as none of us thought years ago we would see 4 strokes in sleds, half on the snow are nowadays. Again, I strongly recommend an electric bike (made in all kinds of bikes) to anyone even remotely interested. I got this one on super special at 799.00 shipped to the house (normally 1,000) and less than two months later still think it’s the best 800 bucks I ever spent. I’m going to start riding it to work every day when the weather really breaks. Mine is a 500watt 36V setup and that is plenty for most people. Ecotric is the brand. They are on the west coast and they were great through the whole process and even sent me some free accessories and stuff after the fact.
  14. Absolutely not. I almost stopped at the same place outside of BC last month when we went thru but there was way too many people. 3 yrs ago (on my 50th birthday no less) I stopped at the one north of Amos in Pikogan Indian reserve. Even had one of the nice Indian fellows (Kenny was his name) take a video when me and my buddy raced down.
  15. Awoke yesterday morning (Monday) at the camp , had breakfast, cleaned up and headed the 75 miles back to the truck at LeCabanon had a GREAT 2.25 day Season ender BLAST that my buddy and I agree would be nearly impossible to beat again. 407 miles of smiles here my buddy resting at the camp. He actually got a light sunburn. Everyone have a great summer and see ya on the trail next season !!