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  1. Two years ago on our way up to Matagami, this guy really fought to get the branch down into his beaver lodge. it was a warm rainy 35 degree day, just restocking the pantry I guess.
  2. La Bannik near Ville-Marie Quebec. Have stayed there several times, very nice!
  3. I think everyone has different ideas on what makes great lodging. Personally, we have no interest in spas or hot tubs. We like friendly owners and staff, clean, reasonable rates, a restaurant and bar at the hotel. For me, the first place I ever stayed in Quebec was Real Masse. I have stayed there many times over the years with my wife, brother, nephew, father, and friends. Gille and Nancy are the best. After our Gaspesie trip this last week, I have to say Hotel Grande Vallee is also high on my list. We stayed in a suite with two bedrooms, great modern bathroom, and a small kitchenette with a great view of the bay for $125cdn. We used Hotel Universal in RDL as our home base for this trip, first time we'd stayed there. I think it's probably a great place, but the truck/trailer lot was full when we arrived after our 12 hour drive, we didn't realize that you need reservations at one of the two restaurants so no food (we walked up to a Dixie Lee restaurant - ugh), and the place was packed with people and kids everywhere running up and down the halls. Just too busy for us, won't stay there again. Of course, when in Abitibi Temiscamingue, hotel La Bannik can't be beat.
  4. I had an insurance claim a few years ago. Something tore a 2" wide by 6" long section of track in the middle of the track, maybe a stick, broken fencepost, or something? Any way, the flap had a couple picks in it, and took out the front heat exchanger. Total bill was $2300 for the heat exchange replacement and new track (Ice Ripper, I was done with studs after that incident). The insurance covered it all except for the $250 deductible, no problem at all. Scott
  5. I'm interested how others deal with tipping at lodges when on a trip. We stayed at at several lodges (100 Lacs, Fer a Cheval, Barrage Gouin, Rabaska) that include breakfast and dinner with the price of the room. Before I retired, I traveled lots for work and typically tipped 20% on food & drinks, and some smaller amount (5-10%) for the housekeeper for the room, maybe a little more if I stayed the same place several nights. I have never tipped someone for pumping gas. So my question - At Fer a Cheval for instance, we got a bill at the end of our stay, and I had the option to add a tip on the credit card machine. We had some drinks with dinner, and I pumped my own gas in my and my wife's sleds. Do folks generally tip 15-20% on the entire bill? Room, drinks, meal service, gas? Or do you have a different way of tipping? Looking for thoughts, our trip was great but really hated checking out & the tipping decision. By the way, one of the bartenders / waitresses at a lodge shared with us that she makes $18 / hour and time and a half after 60 hours / week. Here in New York, the basic pay for waitstaff is on the way up to provide them with a stable basic pay every week, and reduce or eliminate tipping. Thanks for your thoughts, Scott
  6. Great, thanks for the info. As it turns out, because Kanawata is full on the day we planned to be there, we will be staying at 100 Lacs on the way up to Gouin, and Cheval on the way back, so will get to enjoy both! Scott
  7. My wife and I are doing a loop next week, and one of the nights we can stay at Fer A Cheval or 100 Lacs. Looking for suggestions. Nicer is better when riding with the wife. Scott
  8. 2012 MXZX 1200, 2015 tnt 900, and a 2017 Blizzard 1200. It's tight, I have to put a towel around the front bumper of the 900 as the front bumper of the MXZX is about an inch away. Things tend to move a bit during travel.
  9. I had a wall mounted propane heater in my 14' + v-nose SnoPro when I first bought it used from a friend. The intent was to use it while we dressed before & after saddlebag trips at the trailhead. The problem with it was by the time it warmed the trailer, the uninsulated roof was condensing & raining in the trailer. So I took it out. More importantly, removing the heater gave me the room I needed to put a third sled in the trailer. The heater has been sitting in my shed attic since I took it out. Need to sell it someday.
  10. Chaval heated gloves. I can usually get 5-6 hours heat from them. It was either that or quit riding as several fingers were frostbitten in Rimouski a few years ago.
  11. I always use the ATM, most recently at the ATM in Chateau Roberval. Took out $400 CAD, it deducted $331.81 USD from my checking account. That said, I have to call my credit union ahead of each trip so they don't shut off my ATM card assuming it was stolen.
  12. Thanks Snowman! I assume Scierie 54 between Chib & Roberval is still open as well?
  13. Backcountry, did you stop for fuel in Desmaraisville on the way to Chib? Curious what the fuel situation is in Desmaraisville. I've made it all the way before, but I start sweating when it gets over 130 miles.
  14. Nice ride Backcountry. My wife & I rode to Matagami a couple weeks ago. 34F & rain all the way up from Val d'Or, dropped to -10F overnight. Her Doo 900 wouldn't start that morning, totally dead. I tried my jumper cables, nothing worked. Kept going inside to get warmed up, coming out & hitting the start button. After 20 minutes or so, I hit the button for the 1000th time, lights came on & it fired right up. Was fine for the rest of the trip. We rode close to another group from Matagami down to Amos, we made it to Amos easily, their sleds were pretty thirsty. They were desperate for fuel by St Felix. The map shows fuel & food there, a local said they're both closed now. The other group started knocking on doors, looking to buy fuel from someones gas can.
  15. I will be in Val d'Or Sunday and returning Friday after a loop to Roberval. A nice loop that's in your mileage window would be to Amos. I'd suggest having lunch at Hotel Eskers restaurant Chat O. You have to travel the last mile to Eskers on the river, but it's very well marked. While in Amos, you may want to visit Refuge Pageau, a refuge for injured animals being nursed back to health. On another day you could ride to Rouyn Noranda, it's a very snowmobile friendly small city with lots of restaurants. Another day trip could be to Lebel-sur-Quevillon which is northeast of Val d'Or. There is easy access to gas, and a nice restaurant near the gas station. On the way there you pass through Senneterre, which is very interesting as the trail follows the main roads through the town, you ride with the regular traffic. Make sure you have a map blowup for Senneterre, the trail through town isn't well marked, I took the wrong road even with my gps. Amos and Rouyn Noranda also have easy access to gas. Have fun, where are you staying in Val d'Or? We will be at Forestel Sunday night.