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  1. High Mileage 4 Stroke Riders Question

    What do you consider high mileage? My 2009 1200 and 2012 1200 each have 10,000 miles. I haven't even thought about injector problems. Fuel & go! Probably not an exact comparison, but my wife's 2008 BMW has 180,000 miles, haven't used any additives or had anything done to the injectors on that either.
  2. Lac taureau dam

    The dam crossing is closed. You cross the river about 10km downstream from the dam on trail 345.
  3. Lodge vs Motel what's your experience

    We don't do the sledders packages. Generally the dinner menu is limited when you get the package, and I always drool over something I'd rather have on the full menu.
  4. Gasoline Gaspe North Shore

    Yep, December 26th, I was born in Taylor Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.
  5. Gasoline Gaspe North Shore

    Well, Merry & I are back home in Jamestown, NY after a 14 hour drive from Rimouski. I wanted to let folks know what we found on our trip. Day 1 - Rimouski to St Anne Des Monts. 171 miles Started at hotel Rimouski, snow was really slim in Rimouski, got a little better a few miles out, but thin again near Matane. Had lunch at the St Adelme club, it's a very nice clubhouse, only a couple sleds there. This was 2:00 Sunday. Stayed at Hotel & cie in St Anne Des Monts. The highlight lodging of the trip. Gas across the street. The first floor rooms are park in front of your door, very convenient to unload the sleds & move stuff 10 feet into the room. Then there's an interior door that opens into the hotel hallway - cool! The hotel was recently modeled, the room, lobby, and restaurant are very nice. The restaurant was very nice, ate at the bar with a guy who was going backcountry riding with a tour group the next couple days. There was another group of guys there from Maine. Day 2 - St Anne Des Monts to Gaspe. 205 miles Again snow thin in the towns, good once we got out of towns. Views around Mont Pierre beautiful as usual, although it was snowing & couldn't see as well as we would have liked. A local guy took us up to where the hang gliders take off in the summer. Very nice. Stopped in Grande Vallee (I think) for gas & lunch. Snow very thin in town, skidded up the highway for a half mile or so from gas to Dixie Lee for lunch. Stayed at the Auberge sous les arbres in Gaspe. It was a very nice B&B, great local breakfast. Unfortunately, no snow in the town of Gaspe, skidding down roads & sidewalks, sled wont turn, lots of traffic. Had to dodge school kids in the morning. I hate those situations. Day 3 - St Anne Des Monts to New Richmond. 191 miles. I wanted to ride through the Reserve ecologique de la Grand-Riviere, it's one of my favorite spots to ride. We had lunch at the Pasbebiac clubhouse, great pulled pork sandwich. It started to snow pretty hard at this point. Somewhere between Pasbebiac and New Richmond the trail was rerouted. Wow, was this horrible. One sled width wide, solid ice bumps, 5 mph tops. Luckily it only lasted a few miles. This was the only point on the trip that the Trakmaps were wrong. Got to Hotel Francis just before dark. The pub there was really neat & busy there, had a great dinner in the restaurant. Met some guys from Ottawa (I think). Day 4 - New Richmond to Amqui. 166 miles Nice sunny riding day, stopped for lunch & gas in Pointe -a-la-Croix. A little more snow in town, things are looking up. The snow got deeper & the trails much better groomed after we left Point-a-la-Croix, & stayed great until we got to Amqui. Stayed at the Ambassador in Amqui, very well marked although weird riding through multiple hotel parking lots to get there. A couple Skidoos were already there, one had a Quebec Rider sticker on the windshield. Who was it? Didn't see them at dinner & they left while we were having breakfast. Had a great time with the bartender as she tried (unsuccessfully) to teach us some French. I guess we now understand that all nouns are masculine or feminine, & you just have to know which is which so you can apply the appropriate adjective. A little every trip I guess. Day 5 - Amqui to Rimouski. 83 miles. Lots of riding in the mountains, tons of windmills. Got lost at one point, as the trail was on a road & the road had been recently plowed. The plowed snow was so high we missed the turn off & signs. The GPS quickly showed that we'd missed a turn, and as we returned, a groomer busted through the snowpile! Tried to talk to him, but our lack of French & his lack of English didn't work. At one point we rode up to a windmill to see it close up. Very impressive! Just a really neat day riding on lots of very deep snow & perfectly groomed trails. Got back to Hotel Rimouski about noon, checked in & went to St Hubert for lunch - our fav! So that was the trip. The Garmin & Trakmaps more than anything else made navigating around towns & at poorly marked forks in the trails much quicker to figure out, especially when snow is thin & what few sled tracks we could see head in multiple directions. Great time, look forward to coming up again some day. Heading to the upper peninsula of Michigan in a couple weeks with my brother from Tennessee & his son (my nephew). My nephew hasn't been on a sled before, but he passed the online Michigan snowmobile class. We'll see how he holds up for the 900 mile loop! Scott
  6. Gasoline Gaspe North Shore

    We're up here right now. Rode Rimouski to St Anne Des Monts today. Snow was really thin downtown Rimouski & the fields west of Matane. In fact, the only snow in several fields was the trail! Almost looks like they trucked in snow for the trails! Staying at Hotel & cie tonight, highly recommended.
  7. Gasoline Gaspe North Shore

    Great - thanks, we're really looking forward to the trip. This will be our 4th time up there, the first time doing the loop all the way around the outside. We generally cut through the trails in the middle. Not looking forward to the drive, it's 14 hours each way from home to Rimouski. Guess it's the price we pay....
  8. Gasoline Gaspe North Shore

    My wife & I are going to loop the Gaspe next week. On our second day, we will travel from Ste Anne Des Monts to Gaspe. I can't find any fuel in between on any maps. Is there fuel available in any of the villages in that section? Scott
  9. Relais 22

    Spent four hours at Repos year before last waiting for the fuel truck to arrive. In hindsight, I'm glad I got there early, as I don't know if there would be enough fuel for those at the end of the line. Tons of sleds waiting to fuel up. It wasn't a big truck. I suppose they would have to wait until another truck showed up. Sometimes you just don't have any other choice. Lunch was good and it was warm inside. Just got to Kanawata a little later than we had planned.
  10. Heated Gloves

    Yes, I purchased a pair of heated gloves before last season, I rode ~3000 mile with them last season. I have problems with 3 of my fingers I frostbit in the past, and got to the point that I couldn't ride without heated gloves. So I did a lot of research, and bought the best heated gloves I could find. They are called Chaval, and I love them. A charge will last me through the day. They only have an on and an off button, as the gloves sense the temperatures of your fingers and heat when needed. They are leather, and supposedly aren't waterproof, but I don't put my gloved hands in water anyway. I never had a problem with them getting wet. The downside - $400 US
  11. who would like a discount

    As long as the definition of senior starts at 57, I'm in!
  12. My wife and I are supposed to head up to Cabanon Saturday. Sounds like I better call & cancel.
  13. Hotel central?

    My wife and I have been going up between Christmas & New Years for many years. We usually stay at Real Masse, but stayed at Cabanon last year. We've always had really good snow, but we did get rained out a couple years ago. It's tough to drive 10 hours, watch it rain all night, then drive 10 hours home, but you have to try. We've never stayed at Central, and generally don't stay out past 7, so I don't know how crazy it gets. But we always stop there a couple times each year in the afternoon, and it's always been pretty calm. The only problem with staying in SMDS is the worst trail in the region is the trail from SMDS to Cabanon, lots & lots of traffic, often beat down to the dirt.

    Linda, what route are you taking through the UP? I've done a saddlebag tour up there for the past 5 or 6 years, interested where you're going. Scott
  15. Where am I? Summer Edition

    Probably 10 years ago or so. I rented a Skidoo Rev from them in December 2003 to see if I would like the seating position before I bought one the following year. Scott