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  1. Be careful of everything you see on the internet:
  2. Love that second shot!! Don't think I'd ever get tired of taking that corner!!
  3. Thanks for the info. This should save an extra 45 min. off our next drive. BTW, I 'accidentally' purchased our 3-day permits through your club for this last trip. Meant to buy through the Valley Nation there in Montpellier since they've helped us in the past, but didn't figure this out correctly on line. You guys all do a great job!!
  4. Just got back from a 4-day'r that started and finished in Montpellier. No problems getting in/out of there. There are a few pockets of rough here and there but further north all good. Where do you park in Mayo?
  5. Been reading your posts for years Bill. Been around Lac St. Jean years ago and hope to do again. Heading to NH Sat. for a trip from Concord up to Pittsburg and possibly beyond. Probably won't get to you, but hopefully someday. Keep up the great work.... or should I say play!!!
  6. Hi Bill - would like to respond to your video post. Having trouble - new to the site. Thanks, Blueskyride