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  1. On 3/10/2019 at 7:54 AM, groomer said:

    hi rr !!!

    awesome pics and sceneries !!!

    thx for sharing !!!



    Groomer, we have all lived life in the Gaspe thru your pics so being able to share a few from our trip was fun. On this trip we had a great photographer with us, Josh Bingle, from Lab City.  He had done a few of the drone shots that I had posted earlier. He is going thru his camera files now, what a difference a nice camera makes!


    We have talked about how open and barren the Long Range Mountain highlands is. These pics.from Josh... on a blue sky day!😁.... depict how wide open it is.

    Also, we saw lots of Moose and many more fresh signs. Those of us from Maine found it interesting that the Moose In Labrador came from Maine.   They were introduced in 1906 to Labrador. They have flourished since!09615C1F-D430-4BD7-90B1-AF195B5B6E73.thumb.jpeg.2798ec1283553a19ea3ca8a9733329be.jpeg





  2. Mxz, yes, the amount of snow in many areas of Newfoundland is more than some have seen 30 years according to some of the lodge keepers. 

    Jackstraw, that 16x16 Hut definitely was getting smaller by the hour!  It would have got real interesting if you were hunkered down for a couple of days lol.😳

    As we now have done this loop of the Great Northern Pennsylvania of Newfoundland, you certainly get a better understanding of the Long Range Mountain highlands. You really cannot do this loop and ride both regions, Deer lake/ Corner Brook and St Anthony, Hawke’s Bay. Regions without hitting this range two times! And you definitely want good weather each time! Having said that all regions here and on the mainland can get dirty, but the terrain, lack of any good shelter, adds to the complexity in the highlands. Still the beauty of a good day is well worth the ride!!


    Until the next ride


    Happy trails


  3. Sm and Playhard, well we didn’t get cheated on our adventure ride for sure! 

     Thursday and Friday did not disappoint us😁.  Thursday started out so nice but high clouds up in the Long Range mountain highlands in the distance had other plans for us.  As many of you saw earlier in the week, The highlands,  a few days ago had a beautiful blue sky, and felt very inviting. 😉 

    As mentioned , We had heard several stories of trouble and tragedy in these highlands all week.  Well we got taste of just how wild it can get.  By mid morning our clear view morning ...had changed into a slow crawl, dirty visibility and several dig outs of drifts as we crawled our way up into the highlands.  Wow we still got a long ways of to go! This is what its like when the weather goes bad😉 , This is going to be slow going! 

    Just before noon we decided this is not going to work!  We had just got to a rough shelter about half way in. This looks like our chalet for the night! 😊

    As we settled into our very.........rustic accommodations, some gathered fire wood , others water, an inventory of overnight supplies started popping out on the rustic picnic table in the shelter.  A wood stove provided heat, but that was about it.  The wind howled all night, but by 3:30 am it seemed like we had a window of opportunity and visibility was better, but we had 10 sleds buried in snow and we needed to get rolling. With winds forecasted to pick back up to levels we experienced yesterday, we knew we had a a narrow window. 

    Robert Gardner and Dixon Clements, both Cain’s Quest Champ’s and old pros at these types of riding conditions 
    , gathered the troops and said’s now ...or ....we most likely will be here another day. So at 4:40am, sleds are all running and we are heading down out of the range, at a crawl.  3 hours later, and 35 miles under our belt, we dropped down into the tree line.  Lots of stories and laughs to share, but also a reality of just how quick things can change in the high country! It’s always an adventure.

    With 10 experienced riders it was awesome to see all the safety and overnight equipment pop out of everyone’s bags. Multiple Garmin in reaches, Spot tracker devices, food, food lines for hanging gear to dry, fire starting equipment, jet boils, tarps, ect. You guys get it because we all tend to carry those items whether adventure riding or groomed trail riding, and at times thinking, wow, do I really need this stuff?  Well yes, on occasion you do!

    The other neat observation was to observe your riding partners under challenging conditions. This group all remained calm and focused. Good attributes for any type of ride, especially when conditions change.

    As mentioned a few days ago, we had planned to get into the Gross Morne Park, but do “unforeseen circumstances” we ran out of time!!  We did get to see territory and ride a regions that  even many locals have never done. 

    We catch the evening ferry back to NS tonight.  We will be back to the Rock again!  This has been another great adventure ride. And many more things to see and experience here! 


    Happy Trails!





  4. 8 hours ago, mikerider said:

    RR,      You get such a feel for the land and its people where ever you go. That is what makes your posts so interesting to read and your pictures have so much depth.



    Mike, we all ride with a group of snowmobile friends that we have met over the years. What’s amazing is these guys are from all over New England, Quebec, Labrador and now, Newfoundland. The areas we love to ride.  The circle just keeps getting bigger!  

    So when something happens on  you ride in a region, they have friends who have friends to help out, share  history ect. It really is the connections of people that makes it interesting.  Not unlike the sharing of stories and adventures here on QR. 

    Riding along yesterday, I said what is different here in a Newfoundland’s the other areas we ride?


    Some of the things that popped out. You get big woods roads, (some groomed!) high mountain plains, coastal barrens, snow bowls to play on, gorgeous views, very low traffic count . Plus at no given time are you more than 80 or 100 miles from an outfitter or Community that have great people living there.

    Its not that you don’t find many of these features riding the Gaspe or other regions in Quebec, it just seems all these features are so close , large and yet condensed in a relatively small region here, but as your riding, it seems like no mans land!  We love adventure riding and this is a great model for it.

    Kind of like every type of riding that there is.


    We will be back here for another tour for sure!


    Happy trails



    Happy Trails

  5. We have been so appreciative of everyone helping out, today’s breakdown in Main Brook was an example, everyone chips in to find the means to get you parts, a shop and back going.

    As mentioned before it’s a way of life in a tough land.


    Today we visited a memorial, this was of a snowmobiler who was not as fortunate in a bad storm. He was found huddled around this rock on the barrens outside of St Anthony.  He was not able to get help in time!



  6. The days just keep repeating in such a nice way!  A tour of two former communities that its residents were resettled into St Anthony back in the 1950’s were on the docket today. One was Ireland Bite and the other was Lock Cove.  You got a real good feeling of what life was like in all these communities before roads.  St Anthony got a highway in the 1960’s!  These communities had  a history of being isolated.


    Than we headed to Hawkes Bay, but  not without a mechanical issue again today. We had a clutch roller fail near Cold Brook, but got we fixed it in locals garage in Main Brook.  Just a two hour delay,  very lucky to find a used part in This small community!

    After that we rode many miles on the Muskrat Falls hydro line.  Ironically it’s the same line in Newfoundland that we ran last year in Labrador,  on this very day ladt year on our white road run.  Crazy coincidences.

    A windy  but blue sky today, Tomorrow we head for the Gros Morne National Park.  Hoping for a blue sky day for this scenery!


    Happy trail




  7. There is a trail system here in the Northern peninsular. It would not be fair to try to compare this system to the one in Quebec. So far we have been on a recognizable trail system about 20% of the time.  Frequent winds and equipment breakdowns create large challenges for some communities here. Still a refreshing style of riding that we tend to enjoy.


    We have enjoyed the communities and people. Very warm and friendly which is the Newfoundland way for sure!


    Happy trails 



  8. ED41C5D9-8F19-49DC-822C-B2767C048CF8.jpeg.4fcd3662e0b03278aa924969860568ec.jpeg839750F8-1658-490D-9814-430F61E5E34B.thumb.jpeg.a85f221a643117d45e5403a247e69ab0.jpeg1A8C06CA-0E6A-4384-B728-8A9EDB627980.thumb.jpeg.7aa025c4e660de536768d32b691c9766.jpegTrailblazer, the ice did have a sweet taste , different than just the crown??😁


    Today we had a run to St Anthony.  Lots of polar bear and Ice berg sightings here over the years.  A Polar bear passed thru town just a few days ago.  A flat light day today made for limited scenery shots, but still a good run.  A mechanical issue due to a rider finding a drift at an unreasonable speed caused us to focus on repairs. A few good contacts here got us fixed and we are ready to head south to Hawkes Bay tomorrow. 


    Last year the school was locked down because a Polar bear was hanging around town!


    More happy trails tomorrow!

  9. Many of you have commented on the Western side, and as you can see the eastern region we have run so far had a much more dense snow pack in many places.  We will be working our way down the Western side later this week,  We hope to have good weather for the scenery and strong backs for the powder!

    Here are a couple of drone shots , one in Harbor Deep and one in the highlands of the Long Range mountains.

    Also Norm from Boughwiffin lodge dropped us off some 2000 year plus iceberg ice last night. That made the Crown Royal taste very special!



  10. Mike, it is a very special experience! Again, this is not a big mileage trip, but very awesome in its own way!

    Today we took a ride out to the village of Inri in the Conche region. We viewed the Groais and Bell islands as well as a hearty....skipper running his out board along the ice sheets!009ED305-F1DA-414F-A6D1-2D7338054B3B.thumb.jpeg.ad67e40e9b09dad4fa9d89ae0fecca29.jpeg79B4E5CB-5813-439C-AE78-DE330C0F6B21.thumb.jpeg.9cb3cf77c356d5dd06da879f9bdee0dd.jpeg34DE4F74-F328-4610-AD20-E0BE6D2A920A.thumb.jpeg.7886b83964af8f2c27553cceeb633ea8.jpeg

    Also a ww2 Bomber that crash landed in this region.


    We are learning lots of  history in Newfoundland!



  11. 6708248C-3B4B-4125-B752-B8EBE2A4C792.thumb.jpeg.47d6f3224308664b8633a19df351db7f.jpeg4D1CFE79-FBD2-40A8-9652-21D6F48E3AFF.thumb.jpeg.06af5af88e364e7b0f55815c96d61f02.jpegCE951274-6098-4DF8-B1E8-96108EC9EA74.thumb.jpeg.f5600439c32c32f97be630653f9d0c61.jpeg43590B2F-FCE8-46D2-AD9E-D530DC4EFD5A.thumb.jpeg.70d102d3beb00083af2dfa3856b8e8c8.jpeg5B564A38-4D29-4243-8EA7-9AA14D48CF49.thumb.jpeg.a71866b00b43ffb53089b315bd73b6d8.jpegFAD9C9A4-F67E-4C81-A2AC-D1F40B6100A2.thumb.jpeg.b13984d756603f96c926580523e894a4.jpegC24FA98D-593E-45D8-802C-324D37C2FEF0.thumb.jpeg.cb82b4b4edc7df138f0cf52d155152c0.jpeg

    Our second day consisted of our self guided run up the Souflette river system into the Long  Range Mountain  highlands.  The highlands are really something to experience and respect. You do not want to get caught out here in a storm system. A local lost his life here a few weeks ago while out in these highlands during bad weather !

    . There is no shelter or land marks to go by. You must trust your gps or don’t go! 


    We headed to the outfitter Boughwiffins on the Cloud river.  Let me just say that both the outfitter at Harbor Deep and Cloud river are first class, if you want to come here , they will take care you.

    we have their contact if anyone is interested.

    Gray weather is forecasted for the next few days so, we will have not the scenery, still a great time.


    Happy trails RR



  12. We have been out for three days now and yes this is Newfoundland. Our run into the Northern peninsular has given us spectacular scenery but been a bit light on the WiFi access LOL. 

    This is was our first day back into digital access, which isn’t a totally bad thing!  We have had a sensational ride, three days of blue sky weather, and all the locals are saying they have not seen the sun in two months.  Wow we got lucky!

    Our first day was from Deer Lake thru Sops arm into Harbor Deep.  You really should do a wiki search on Harbor deep to understand that this was the last community in NFLD to get resettled.  An interesting story.  Bob and Linda where excellent hosts, we guided ourselves In, but a guide would be recommended for this trip unless your are very comfortable with a gps.

    Danny Corcoran lodge does have a guide service available for those interested.

    A few pics of our first day are below!



  13. This years adventure takes us again,  out of the QR territories.  We are currently waiting for the ferry to Port au basque Newfoundland.  Our scheduled 5 hour ferry ride last night was cancelled from North Sydney NS. But we are on for a 2 pm departure today.  Arriving in NL tonight around 7pm .. hopefully!  This will not be a high miler run but we are looking forward to lots of snow, great views and lots of good conversations.  There are 10 of us and we will be covering the north eastern tip of NL, from Deer Lake, and north.  Happy hour in the trailer last night waiting for the ferry was the high light last night after an 11 hour drive!  A blue sky day today is in order for the sail!


    Happy trails



  14. Doo4, Our most recent favorite hotel to visit is the relative new Domaine du La Cache in Thetford mines, so a departure or at least an over night here should be in your list. After that you will have to zig and zag to make 200 miles per day and stay in the chaudierre region, but our other favorites are Montmagny, the l' Osierre, and Lac Etchimen, at the Manor or Joe's Bistro, rooms are fair at Joe's but food is great. You may want to extend up to Bas St Laurent region to, Riv du loop is an easy reach from there locations.  Happy trails


  15. 18 hours ago, smclelan said:

    I just replaced the power cord yesterday, and replaced the shield after my first trip. The helmet worked very well today.

    SM, I had some high hopes for this helmet, but have been disappointed twice now , lost the first shield to internal moisture between the shields, early in the season, replaced the shield, used locally a few times but did not trust it for the New. Brunswick trip  in January, than replaced the power cord and shield with the new “updated” one last week, Left last Monday for a week trip in the Gouin reservoir area, and lost the new shield on the first day to moisture leak. It was crappy weather with ran, sleet and ice most of the day but  when moisture gets between the shields forget it.

    Ended up at the BRP dealer in St Raymond, purchased a new BV2 and shipped the OXY back home Purolater.  Not reliable enough for me unfortunately. 🙁

    I will have the dealer send mine back, maybe try again later in a year or two.


    Happy Trails!



  16. This really is becoming a big issue and the land owners (understandably) are not going to put up with it.  It will hurt the entire sport.  

    We do as much of the adventure type riding as anyone, but each rider needs to know when and where it’s acceptable and to what degree it’s acceptable or it threatens this awesome sport.

    As Rev indicates, more education for everyone will help. The Zecs and Crown land, unless marked otherwise, are, to the best of my knowledge, allow snowmobile activity. But this topic needs to be on the front of every conversation moving ahead.

    Lets hope it can be managed before major damage gets done to the system.



  17. I use the Choke two finger claw leather gloves for all temps down to -10 or so, below that, Usually the Skidoo gauntlets and/or a pair of hydro guard mitts.  

    I like a loose fitting leather Choko, two finger glove, as I can remove my left hand glove by wedging it between my leg and seat on the roll, to adjust my gps and put it back on without stopping.