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  1. Hey Snobeeler, FWIW, the 2019 promos only apply to "in season" sleds so if you found an XRS or X it wouldn't apply. I think more favorable to the $700 cast back on the 900s is the 0% for 60 months they added in March to the 900T promo. That 0% equates to $1700 savings in interest if conventional financing is needed. When 0% is offered, I'll always use someone else's money while mine works for me. As for prices, I bought my GF a 2019 Blizzard 600R for $9,750 last month. I was comparing that to a 600R red Enduro at $10,700. Both those prices were with the $1500 cast back that's on the 600 vs. the 0%. There is a 900T red X with 1.6 and quick adjust listed at $13,888 near me. Doo really stuck it to New England dealers this year and made them take a lot of inventory. My dealer has nearly 50 sleds in stock and I see lots of other dealers with loads of stock. I'm wondering if Doo will help them by making the 2019 promo better in the later half of this month.
  2. Whatever you do, don't feed it after 10pm. You will be in grave danger!
  3. Pictures!!!! I have taught you well! Wish I was there. Alicia and I had a great weekend in VT though. We even took my buddies new 900 Turbo Grand Touring for 20 mile loop.
  4. Hi Jack, the Up North Technologies Dual Position Ski-Doo 129 Adapter solves the problem for just one LinQ position on the 129". I have this on my Indy XC and it rocks! Oops, I should have gone to the next page and I would have seen someone had posted it!
  5. Hi Jack and Sandi, Sorry I missed you this year! I split the ride home and stayed in VT last night and banged another 150 miles out today in the NEK. The NEK is exactly like QC only completely different! LOL. Look forward to reading about your rides this season. Terry a.k.a. SnowCrazed.
  6. Last day in RDL. Sadness. Great time for sure! Until next time mikerider!
  7. Pipeman, this is Polaris 600 #4. The other three were Switchbacks ('14, '16, '18). I'm not sure what changes Polaris made, but the 19 must be better cluched or something else because it's buttery smooth vs. "jerky" from 0-speed like my 16 and 18 were. This sled is also the fasted top end of all the 600s I've had. The 600s have been good to me mechanically but I have not kept them as many miles as my past Ski-Doos. That only happened because I went from the Rush platform in 14 to the Axys platform in 16 and had the golden ticket for the '18 and '19 sleds. Powder and/or rail beds are not kind to MPGs with the 600s. While Mike is enjoying 19 MPGs, I'm getting 11 to 12 MPGs. For me, it's not about the extra cost to run, it's about having to make an extra stop for gas everyday. Honestly, if I was riding up here more than once a season or doing the Gaspe loop, I'd be better off with the 800/850 for the extra MPGs and top end on the rail beds. For my regular riding area of VT and NH, it's perfect.
  8. It was tough going twice today but still a great day!
  9. Nice of the sun to visit today. We wrecked a lot of freshly groomed trails today and I'm not going to lie, it was fun!
  10. The snow guns and wind machine finally shutoff this morning. We saw the groomer go by packing while at breakfast, so we headed out for a short ride and visits to the Polaris and Ski-Doo big kids toy stores. One of those RMKs or Summits would have been great for today.The wind machine is back up and running this evening.
  11. While my ask for warmer temps fell on deaf ears, the snow request worked and is being over delivered. Morning ride to breakfast and back. It's really starting to come down now.
  12. Good to be back at RDL. Can someone turn the heat up just a smidgen? 😎 Camera didn't come out much today.
  13. I've been waiting for this post and updates all year long Jack and Sandy!! I hope our paths cross this year again! Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Years. Terry.
  14. MPG might be much better with the 129 (vs my 137) and no studs. I get the Poo oil for a whole lot less than $50 (and the Doo oil isn't all that much cheaper)!! It's time for a change buddy!!