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  1. Thanks for the replies. I knew you guys would have answers. Looks like Maine is his best option.
  2. Asking for a friend of course. I have friend who has heard the Quebec riding stories and i tease him badly every year with pictures. He has ridden in the Adirondack's years ago prior to his ten year third offense DUI. The ten year expires July next year. He has expressed interest for this upcoming season and i told him i would ask the group here on QR. Is this possible and what requirements are needed? Please share your experiences.
  3. After looking at the FMCQ interactive map you will notice three kinds of trails. Trans, regional & local. All the trans and regionals are numbered. Local yellow trails have no numbers on the map. I was in the Gaspe last April. Everything is trail marked to perfection.
  4. Laying pipe and taking pipe. Both very different. Just saying.
  5. works for me perfectly.
  6. This loop around the Chic-Choc mountains and Gaspesie National Park is my all time favorite quebec trip.
  7. The best riding looks like Gaspe.
  8. I just came in from the Gaspe 24-28. Still has 3-5 feet of snow. Looked for for the Iceman Yamaha with red stuffed animal everywhere. No such luck. We are planning an April fools trip thru Chic Choc's April 8-11th. Fools only. For anyone who still needs a season ender the Gaspe will most likely hold another couple of weeks. Ten day weather forecast looks great. Cheers Mac
  9. Ive never paid attention to that FMCQ groomed trail map. I can see clearly at this time of year its essential. I thank you both for the recommendation. It does look like Rivier Du Loup has snow and still grooming.
  10. Our group waited to long to plan this final trip of four days. We are arriving Wednesday 23rd. I'm not sure where to go. We are not saddlebaging. I love the Gaspe and can see they have plenty of snow. The snow depth map looks good in the Quebec city area. The Valins are awesome both are far 12 hours travel for us. Are there any other options where they are still grooming? We were planning Saint Zenon and they are not looking good.
  11. Early riders better get your ride in. The new Covid Omicron will shut us down. There is no way Quebec will allow us filthy Americans to ride in Quebec this year.
  12. Yeah i spoke to my dealer. They know nothing at this point.
  13. I received an ice ripper 1.5 just the other day for my Viper. Call Jourdan at CB performance she can get em. I thought the chip shortage was the only part holding up delivery of the sno checked sleds. My dealer has not said anything about track shortage.
  14. More than ten twelve years ago. Sorry my memory is full cant remember or store any more info..... We stayed in the Mont Tremblant area. Just Google sled dog tours and you will find outfitters. It is definitely a fun and new experience your family wont forget. - - - Mac - - -
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