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  1. Very nice, like you said, never get to see this time of year up there, thanks for sharing.
  2. I wouldn't mind doing that, that's a good question, i bet you Randy, Mark or Steve would know. I would stay at Windigo.
  3. Last year at this time when we were coming through RDL there was security in the lobby and halls, tons of kids running around, hockey tournament.
  4. My condolences to you, he gets to be with your Mom again,
  5. Thanks, just bring liquid and your good to go.
  6. Hi Mark, that's what I saw on Facebook also.
  7. Does any one know if Chenail Du Nord is operating this winter?
  8. Thank you for letting us know, lot of towns to deal with and lot miles to figure out, seems to be getting closer to maybe it just might happen.
  9. WHAT! look at trail 23 with all that snow, now I know why they were still grooming. Thanks again for the ride. I bet your glad your bride talked you into one more.
  10. Our group started from St Raymond last week on five day trip, both are good starting points, like St Raymond for Sunday ride back to the truck we keep our ride to 200 miles on last day due to the drive home that day and the trails coming out of Delta we can hustle to Roq. Like leaving truck in St. Raymond if riding more on the east side of lake and like starting from Matawin also, very nice drive along the river to Matawin. Have Fun!
  11. Hi Alain, thank you for the report, heading to St. Raymond Wednesday on a 4 day trip and starting on trail 73, gray days still take pictures.
  12. Very nice Alain as always, thank you for taking the time to share,
  13. The guy's I ride with are trying to back out for next weekend, need to fast talk them to stay the coarse.