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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    Now on the south shore we spent a night in matane again, the the day of the storm just rode to mont joli for the night, then RDL, then Bernieres for 3 nights to avoid some rain and one day for a cab into the city. Then we took the shuttle across and rode to la tuque and then back to the delta. 

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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    As we were heading to the 3pm ferry in BC we were stopped by a club volunteer checking stickers. He asked where we were going and insisted that we go get a cup of coffee with him. He assured us he'd get us to the boat on time. We went to Tim's with him and on the way back he rode his sled up there to take a picture of us down there

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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    Next we jumped the ferry to Godbout, rode to Sept Isle, then back to Baie Comeau. From there we were shooting for sacre coer, but some wind and snow was predicted so we thought our chances of heading west would be better on the south shore, so we took the ferry back across. 

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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    Now in the gaspe, which I also posted with pics under gaspe region. We rode the 587 out of cross pt and some locals to Amqui. Next day, the mummy trees, mont joli for lunch and on to matane. Spent 3 nights there, one day watching it snow, 1 day day riding. Then a night in st anne des monts, Grande Vallee, three nights in gaspe, one day ride to perce, a night in Bonoventure, then through la cache back to matane.

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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    Then we headed south to st anne de beupre, Q. City(doubletree), Bernieres, RDL, then 4 days in New Brunswick. I've already posted about that under general discussion 2-24.
    Pic crossing into NB on the 85.
    Pic getting transported back into Quebec at cross pt. (Mundles now has competition. Mundles is 40 per sled, this guy is 25)

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    mccaffrey reacted to Northbound in Jeff & Sandy 2020 retirement trip   
    Ok back at the Delta, relaxed some and rode with many friends. Stayed for a little over a week. Helmeted pics only to protect identifies. I can say 3 countries were represented. Had a very good time.

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    Hi, thought I would make a last post. I've posted bits and pieces of our winter, but thought I would fill in some blanks. First of all, I RETIRED, jan. 4th 2020. I always dreamt about a snowmobile trip when I didn't have to go home to go back to work. This was it.
        Our plan was to ride when we wanted to, stay in when we wanted to, saddlebag and day ride when we wanted to. Ride with limited far out reservations. As storms approach, find a place we like, relax, wait for the groomers or you to break the drifts.
        We started at the Delta on jan 21st. We day rode for several days getting used to new sleds and helmets. Sandy went to her first 137 after always riding 120s.
        Then we headed out, went around the lake to St. Felician, Chibougamau, Senneterre, Rouyn Noranda, New Liskeard ont, North Bay, Pembroke, Mt Laurier,  Sainte Emelie de L'energie, Quebec city and back to the Delta. 
        Pic from Lake Temiscaming, crossing into Ontario around New Lisk. Pic of RR trestle south of Pembroke leading back into Quebec

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    mccaffrey got a reaction from towing in Towing's 2020 week tour video/photo report ***7days completed***   
    Alain, thank you for the ride. Now I have to cancel my reservations for the five day saddlebag trip that was planned for this week due to the Coronavirus. Guess I will order the new sled this week instead of next week.
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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Towing's 2020 week tour video/photo report ***7days completed***   
    Having already reached our 7th and last day of travel on Saturday March 7, 2020,  we therefore had to try to return home near Joliette ... from Hébertville, It's a good run!

    For our friend snowcruiser it was around 225 miles to get home in Champlain sector and he had kindly offered us to sleep there if necessary so we had a plan B in bank but with the exceptionally nice conditions we had, leaving early Hébertville we were able to cover the 325miles during the day and arrive at our home a little past 7:00pm without forcing and we enjoyed this day to the maximum.

    Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my camera memory card for the very last bit, but I still have a good big video for the day

    Here the last video summerizing day #7:  Héberville/Joliette 325 miles

    Which concludes my ride report from our  2020 sled vacation. It was a first for me to make a detailed report on our annual vacation, it's a lot of work in video editing but it will make us outstanding memories of our trip for Kristine and me as well as our faithful riding partner Snowcruiser. Sorry for the long delay to complete.
    hoping you enjoyed the ride!
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    mccaffrey got a reaction from 800steve in M&M 9.0   
    Glad to see our group is not the only ones that fails at trying for and early start ahead of other groups, it's usually not from the food the night before. 
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    12 March Thursday 
    Woke up and decided we were pulling the plug on this one. You just need to know when its time to get out. With the forecast for Friday looking so so and possibly alot of snow in Saguenay. My original plan was to ride to Chicoutimi then back here Friday night. It was time to go. But not before a quick 75 miles. We suit up and run west on 3 to Clubhouse. Freshly groomed and beautiful we make short work of that. We continue north toward the Pel Chat trail this section rarely disappoints. Today it was awesome. Fast run up on grooming to perfection. We turn around where groomer does and blast back down to Hotel. 1 hour and a 20 minutes 75 miles. Load sleds in trailer get changed. Black trail dry and sunny. 4.5 hours to home. My sled goes to Moto Thibault and trailer we drop at my shop. Got home in time to catch up to Playhard and Joseph for dinner at St Hubert. Nice to hang. We will regroup and if the border does not get closed we will be at it again in 9 or 10 days. 
    This trip, a little of everything for sure. Nice weather, practice in storm sledding, no grooming to nicely groomed. Everyone is different. 
    Until next time.
    Side note came home to learn one of the Mrs students back from Greece and Italy showing signs of Coronavirus. Awaiting results of test. Schools closed here today as precaution. If he tests positive then she will be tested. 
    I need to get back on the trail.
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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in Team Iceman 2020 #4 Cote Nord   

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    Yes in deed blue sunny all day -8 in am and warmed up in the afternoon 
    Eric it’s a 20 you saw me with my RDL sled 

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    mccaffrey got a reaction from dooright in M&M 9.0   
    Glad to see our group is not the only ones that fails at trying for and early start ahead of other groups, it's usually not from the food the night before. 
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    mccaffrey reacted to Byrd in M&M 9.0   
    Great stay at the Riotel Matane. Dinner was really good with lots of variety and if not overcast I bet the view would have been spectacular. Would highly recommend if in the area, well signed but a little sketchy getting there, lots of gas available near by. 
    Checked grooming map, trail 5 groomed last night so we decided to go that way to  Murdochville.  Thought this would be the morning that we wouldn't be the last to leave but that didn't happen. On trail by 10:15. 
    Does take long to reel in the first couple of guys, followed them for a bit and I think they thought it was their own private trail system as they were on the inside of every corner. Not wanting to be part of this we slowed the pace down with a short break then another stop for lunch at a Relais. 
    Gassed up on the coast at Tourelle then continued on to Murdochville....Up the Mountain. Down the Mountain. Up the Mountain. Down the Mountain. Snow all day with 6 to 8 inches of powder on trials. Not many pictures due to weather.
    Arrived at Hotel Copper and no rooms but when we called last week to make reservations Jacques promised we'd have a place to sleep. They took us over to a renovated duplex being converted into a big house with 6 rooms and 8 beds. Great spot. 
    Hotel Copper for breakfast, every one from last night is already gone. Last to leave again! Off the the south shore. Up the Mountain. Down the Mountain. 

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    mccaffrey reacted to snowmaster2112 in Northbound   
    Arrived yesterday at LeCabanon. Trails all GREAT to camp. Beautiful blue sky day. Trail from Camp to Repos was SahhhhWEET. The new bypass on the 345 around Lac Devenyes is nice trail for sure. I hope they permanently keep it this way.

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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in Playhard: Re-Boot/Re-Opener   
    We start seeing tracks in front. BIG help when/where needed like in the big dippy hilly bowls. I'd be happy to buy whoever that is a beer or three!
    Sure enough, we come up on the 3 hard-core dudes we saw at the gas pumps. Can't mistake them for anyone else, aside from them appearing to be loaded for an expedition, all three have big yellow-green patches with reflective "X's" covering the backs of their jackets. 
    Smiles. Bon jour?!... Smiles back, perfect English. They're Vermonters also headed to Relais 22! Bingo, their front man is a playfull puppy. Got GPS? Points to his head. We go!
    They easily saved us what would have been an hour or more of hunting and pecking!
    The beers with Skip & Dave & the Capt'n were an absolute pleasure, as were the stories.
    As were the flank steaks, and the hospitality, and the groomer arriving from the east at breakfast!

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    mccaffrey reacted to Miles long in Team Iceman 2020 #4 Cote Nord   
    we are currently at the Northern Light Inn , Blanc something or another in Labrador. Thin snow up high as we made our way, signed very well. We left St Augustine this morning, a very busy little village with plenty of amenities. We stayed at Leo Mckinnons B&B lots of Lake running out this way probably 95% once you leave Havre St. Pierre. Fortunate to have had sunny skies since I left Complex Pelchat on Thursday!

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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in Team Iceman 2020 #4 Cote Nord   
    I surely did not see where it was punched through. We are just two. Riding like that is not my thing. If it was my bag then surely I would not be on my Yamaha for that. 
    Strength in numbers is surely a good thing, 
    i would never have been to Havre in the first place without Team Vermont. 
    Where are you? I am not that familiar at all with what is where after Havre. 
    How far up? 
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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Towing's 2020 week tour video/photo report ***7days completed***   
    We did last week, starting sunday march 1st and ending saturday 7th our annual trip. We started our tour directly from home with goal to loop around  lac St-Jean and coming back by sled, a week trip without trailer. Here what's finally look like our St-Jean Lake loop

    I will use a different format as for my report with video and pics and will post by segment of a day ay a time. You can come back here and see regularly for more content...
    Here is a short video summarizing our day #1: Joliette / Kanawata 217miles
    Spending the night at Auberge Kanawata

    Kristine enjoying the fireplace in the evening...

    More to come soon, stay tuned!
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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in QC City ride with Mrs. Ice   
    Being school break here this week, I promised my better half some seat time during her time off. We tossed around where to go and finally decided on a ride to QC City. Wanted to go Monday and return Tuesday however that was not to be. I ended up with other commitments on Monday. So Tuesday it is. Watching weather I knew would be warm Tuesday and rain then snow overnight. Oh well, is what it is. My Apex is still at the doctor so thanks to Playhard I will use one of his Vectors to make it happen. Surely it will be fun. Caro is not giving up “her” Apex so I will run the Vector. Feels like a go-cart compared to sitting up on my Apex but, let’s do this. 
    Packed a light saddlebag for overnight for two. Plan is to head to Doubletree and take shuttle into Old Quebec for dinner. 
    Out of the gate here trail is rough . No grooming since weekend with warm temps. To be expected. Rough through Shawi Sud then lots of fog made visibility tough but it got better once through St Severin and up 302 to 353 and then 73 to Roquemont for lunch. Quite a few sleds out, more than I thought we would see. From St. Raymond nice run down and into Charlesbourg. Arrived at 3:15. Counted 69 sleds passed today. Lots of trucks and trailers at hotel. Checked in and relaxed for a while. 6pm shuttle to old QC City. Gary the driver and just us. He says normally he drops and picks up at convention center. But since its just us he will take us wherever we want in the Old city. Super nice of him as he saved us about 10 minutes walking. Any minutes less walking is good by me. First choice for dinner was Cafe de Paris we had been there a few years back and the ambiance is just cool and the beef wellington  was outstanding. However this was not to be as I did check online and they were open but I did not call. This place has a bistro/cafe side and the more fancy restaurant side. Of course our luck the fancy side with the Beef Wellington on menu is closed until end of March. So down the street a couple blocks and its gonna be Pizza at Polina’s. Frigging home run. Finished up dinner and called to verify pickup time for shuttle. Right on time and back to hotel 9pm.
    Good nights rest and woke to snow falling. No hurry at all as we are going the direct route back with a stop at Moto Thibault to get my sled back. Left at 10 am. Snow has stopped. It rained quite a bit overnight before changing to snow. Sloppy through town. Once in the hills trees frosted the wife loved that. Straight forward today Tq3 to 351 the local back to Tq3 and home. Less traffic today. Only saw 19 sleds today. Trail soft but not terrible. When it all freezes up and they groom it, all will be well again. Very impressed with my wife’s abilities and she rides quite well for the limited time she gets on the trail. I teased her about wanting to race. She said no. Then blew by me. I followed her to watch her corners which I knew already were fine. She is on the right always. Maybe not in the sticks like I am but totally on the right. She is a rider. Trying to build her up slowly, I want her to like to ride and enjoy it, not ride with me because she knows I like to ride. Don’t want to ruin her by trying to run her too far. Baby steps. 
    Grabbed my Apex on the way by Moto Thibault. Hello baby. I missed you. Quick run back to house and closer to home the more junk the trail became. Rough. But made it home at 2:30. 
    A good time in great company. Certainly gonna get her out there as much as I can. 
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    mccaffrey reacted to Cnc in Take care on the orange trail near Vendee.   
    This was just posted by the club. I suspect it is between the paintball park and Vendee as per the pin I put on the map. In this area water runs under a big section of the trail so it is hollow underneath for 40-50 feet by the width of the trail. 

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    mccaffrey reacted to GT Rider in GT 2020   
    Hi Mike 
    Just getting  ready to go. It’s sunny here.