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  1. to give follow up, Mattawin groomed yesterday the #360 and M20 and St-Michel des saint Club will groom tonight and tomorroy https://www.facebook.com/clubmotoneigesmds/posts/2777400189230065
  2. I did a 200 miles in St-Michel des Saint area Saturday. Some small brown spots in St-MIchel village and around but farther still a good snow base but it was really slushy and by the end of the day the trails were pretty much choppy. With the mild temperature there was no grooming yesterday and with the forecast I wonder if they will continue grooming or not... There is still a good snow cover but would need at least a good after weekend grooming to make good conditions.
  3. You are welcome PLAYHARD! Mother nature have breath really warm on us today and this for a few days ahead on the forecast... I don't think the south trails will survive to this, hope the north trails will with the good snow cover they have... have to wait and see Thank you for the good words Chris! All of those who post ride report here have their own different touch which make each interesting in a different way but all very enjoyable to read and your own real time ride reporting is absolutely outstanding, impossible for me to match this: each post is a slice of adventure and we just wait for the next!!! Yes we will have to plan something together next season, we will keep in touch... I think of your Goldwing motor problem this last week, a guy that I chat with over facebook have a twin of my ride partner's enduro and was telling me that he got a sudden overheating problem that develop on his 38K kms 900 ace enduro recently. Long story short it was a plastic drive gear failure that drive both the oil and water pump...he also told me, and this is the interesting part, that when this happened there was no more oil on the dipstick!!! the loss of drive of the oil pump make the oil not returning in the reservoir where is the dipstick and staying in the bottom motor base...His dealer said him it is a typical symptom of a plastic drive gear failure I'm not sure it work the same way in the 1200 but it surely sounds similar at what you got... Think snow my friend!
  4. Here our last ride, Sunday March 13, 2022. Time flies! we are already at mid march and having a very good snow cover with a fully operational trail network in my area, it was a perfect timing to ride this Lanaudière/Mauricie 280 miles loop, a classic one day ride for us that we had not did yet this season. Here is a first video of the ride from St-Thomas to the Cabanon in St-Zénon And here a second one from Cabanon to Marineau in Trois-Rives (Mattawin) where we stop for lunch at 1:15pm with 155 miles done We took a good lunch break at Marineau and headed back south. Very good conditions up to the St-Maurice river which was also very nice and fast There was a kite kite festival in Grande-Pile on the St-Maurice river From Lac à la Tortue to Gabelle crossing the trail was bumpy but we met 2 groomers there who were at work Gabelle crossing was good and coming back to the west the fields were very windy and there was a lot of loose powder on the trail which slowed our pace a bit. We met Berthier's dozer on #3 trail who gave us a much appreciated last break And here is a last video of our afternoon. I don't know what mother nature have for us ahead for the next days but at least the snow cover for the date is excellent!!! It's the time of the year that some outfitters will begin to shutdown some services so just do your homeworks before the ride depending where you go. I know Kanawata just closed the kitchen and accomodation but gaz still available. Repos is still fully operational up to next weekend at least... Leave you this link for more details https://www.snowmobilecountry.ca/en/conditions/ Alain
  5. Ha! it's a small world! We had our room toward the left of the motel. It's the same for me, I had a small Iceman team sticker on my old yammy but I not installed any on the brp. What you wrote make me realize how close we were to meet that moose. We fueled up at La Cache past 12:30 and passed the dozer within the first mile from there that was just beginning his return toward St-Paulin. We stopped a bit later on the side of the trail for lunch and also at this heated relay farther so we were ahead of you but probably not that much. We arrived at Nanook motel early around 4:00 I think. Here a sunset shot took later from our room
  6. Were you at motel Nanouk/Cap-Chat on Thursday to Friday night??? I remember have seen sleds very similar to yours in front the motel in the morning...
  7. You got the scenario that may put you in trouble when she get squeezed between 2 sleds groups, exactly like in the video. With the actual snow cover there she want a break and use the trail, yes her health may be part of the problem too but some wildlife officers already seen her and took no actions. There have been many similar encounter in other area of the Quebec reported in the last week...hard winter for them. It's part of nature and it is us that are the guest in their yard
  8. You are welcome PLAYHARD! You did and handsome job on your ride "live reporting" I raise my hat to you 👌 Thanks smclelan! Before the covid we were booking only for the busy days(friday, saturday) or for place with very limited options, often just the night before without problem because we are only 3 peoples needing only one room with 2 beds it was easy to find. What we experience there on this trip was disturbing for us, I hate to reserve multiple days in advance because we never know on a snowmobile trip how it will go and it remove us the liberty of easily change the plans but it was really necessary. I would think that we were pretty much in the peak but starting the 16th with the actual conditions I think you should still preview near 2 days before at least. Talking with a small group that we cross few times during the trip I asked them If they had booking problems and they told me they had booked all in november!!! You are welcome P Hardy! thanks! I would like to be able to do trip like that more usually!!! Wish you the best trip possible, at least it's not the snow that is missing! I left you a link of the famous video, in fact I don't know if it is really there that it happened but it is what we have benn told... don't try to pet it and It should be fine! https://fb.watch/bCsuYO3ILw/ Thanks mike! Club rapide Blanc was well appreciated, very nice spot if you passing by I was not too worried about an encounter but my best half was! Many sledders had to wait for passing it for hours the day before and the same day we were there in the same spot you mentioned but luckily it was not there when we passed
  9. We are just back from our sled week therapy in Gaspesia: sled/eat/sleep...&repeat 😄 I don't have the time to put together a big report but this will be a pretty good summary of how it goes: This 6-day/1000 miles ride in known territory for us (5th time) went well and even if it was a bit cold/windy, we had no snow storms or mechanical breakdowns, which gave us a very nice easy trip However the current context have changed the planning requirements from the past years: I have never seen so many snowmobilers in Gaspesia and the accommodation offer is probably a little less than usual... anyway all the places where we stayed were already booked full when we arrived. We booked our overnight stays 2 or 3 days in advance and the only shot we delayed at the night before for New Richmond, the 2 hotels there were already full and we had to extend our trip to Carleton sur Mer where we booked the last room. So you really have to book sooner this year Day#1 Mont-Joli/Cap-Chat passing by St-Pierre mountain total 176 miles. Here's the St-Pierre mountain belvedere under a very cloudy sky We had a lunch in Amqui and slept at the Auberge Grande Nature in Cap-Chat, just at the foot of the Chic-Chocs. Day#2 Cap-Chat/Grande Vallée via trail#5 total 148 miles It was a cold and very windy day. There has been a lot of logging between Cap-Chat and La Martre since our last visit in 2018, so the wind is even stronger on the trails. The cold has overcome my gopro (external power wire broken) and unfortunately I could hardly shoot while riding during the trip. I was deceived because I was hoping to capture the very panoramic segment of Rivière à Claude/Mont St-Pierre/Mt-Louis, but that will be for another time... We tried to have a lunch at the Mont St-Pierre motel restaurant which was the only one open but it was full with people waiting standing for a table so we continued and found a woody spot sheltered from the wind for a side trail snack break instead. A couple of hours later, we were able to take a real break in an heated place at the marvelous relay of the Snowmobile Club rapide blanc. Large and well equipped with even a toilet for the lady who greatly appreciated this luxury! We stayed at the Marée Haute motel in Grande Vallée. Even the motel looks basic the food was a notch over the bunch at that place Day#3 Grande Vallée/Percé by #597 trail Murdochville total 200miles So we retraced our steps on #5 trail to get the #597 and go down to Murdochville We had this surprised encounter there! They took the wrong entrance when they left the gas station after filling up and got stuck there solid...hope no one had need an ambulance in the next hour! It was too early to lunch there so we picked up some food at the convenience store and went to eat at the junction #597/local trail that join #5 trail to the east. Very nice fast ride pleasant to do We had some visitors for lunch: Several small black-capped chickadees came to beg us for lunch It was the first time those ones came to eat in our hands. We are well used to the gray jays and there were also some there who did not hesitate to claim their food too We went down to the #5 trail and then to Barachois to refuel and admire the rear view of the perce rock which is less common to see and I like much We then took back #5 trail, crossed the small detour near the emerald river (not so bad) and continued to take the local trail for Percé... the trail of the shame as some call it: 12 miles of big bump to do twice is the penalty to be able to admire the rock! Being already there we reach on the mountain behind, I like well the different views of the rock, including this one We stayed at Camp de base in Percé. We had to follow a non-federated trail to get there but it was pretty easy with the instruction given and imotoneige and the stay there was nice in this historic and unusual place Day#4 Percé/Carleton sur Mer via trail #5 total 178 miles We took #5 trail which we held the whole day. As I mentioned a lot of sledders in the Gaspesia right now so the trails wear out faster and we encounter good and less good trail conditions and this time our morning unfortunately was quite rough. Here the Grande Rivière bridge Here the Chandler snowmobile tourist information relay We slept at the Baie-Bleu hotel in Carleton sur Mer Day#5 Carleton sur Mer/Cap-Chat via trail #595 total 181 miles We retraced our steps on #5 trail and took trail #595 to the north. This time we got top notch conditions, trail just groomed during the night. The "moment" of the trip followed with a brief round trip exploration on Mount Lyall located on the Chics-Chocs trail, 6 miles from #595. We have been there several times but never seen the place like this: mommies as far as the eye can see! Going back down to the #5trail we saw some impressive snowdrift We then stopped to refuel at La Cache which was pretty crowed. We waited for the gas but no way I would wait for a lunch there. We just continued on #595 and stopped in a not too windy spot for an outdoor snack... we begin to be used to this! We then went back down to #5 trail. Kristine was anxious to encounter the famous moose that we saw on video beating up a sledder but we had not seen it. We then turned right towards Cap-Chat again but this time to stay at the Motel Nanook Day #6 Cap-Chat/Mont-Joli via trail #5+locals total 162 miles We left on trail #5 trail to return to Mont-Joli. Here the footbridge of Cap-Chat that many will recognize... We did a short round trip on the local trail to Les Méchins to shape up the ride a bit and then came back west on #5 trail. We stopped for lunch and a last fuel-up in Matane and then continued on #5. It was another very windy day and the wind there is really strong! We arrived early near Mont-Joli and we went around the town a bit via local trails to shape up the ride a little more again. Just before arriving we passed this dozer We finally got back to our starting point around 3:45 pm with a total of 1046 easy miles for the 6 days. Also, we slept twice in Mont-Joli. Before our first sledding day and on the last day at mon Joli motel and the Quality Inn hotel. I would like to point out that Mon Joli Motel offers a free parking for the week and breakdown service in the event of a problem on the ride. You leave them your truck keys and in the event of a problem they can come and pick you up with your own vehicle, which can be extremely nice in the event of a problem along the trip and it brings appreciable peace of mind even you don't need it. This concludes my 2022 Gaspesia trip report
  10. You guys were really just in my backyard! Trailside meeting would have been really great but I unfortunately was at work on job, rushing to close this damn week. I had enjoy seeing you guys having fun in my neck of the woods, thanks for taking us with you along with the pics and writing(love your pics PLAYHARD!) So as now, I am on vacation! it's my turn to enjoy the white gold and I am taking black trail tomorrow to Mont-Joli for a week sledding in Gaspesia! happy trail!
  11. Here is ride we did yesterday Saturday February 19, 2022 After the rain and snow we got last Thursday, we ended up with an improved snow cover everywhere in my sector. The cold which had froze back most of the slush under the foot+ of new snow on Saturday morning should have finished the job today. We unfortunately loose an important right of access for the trail #43 just north of my home. A smartass that was riding a sled off trail have pass directly on some young apple trees in an orchard an broke/kill some of them. Even it not happened near the trail the owner of the land was really furious/angry about what happened and call the snowmobile club to terminate the right of access he was giving farther on his land. The club had no other option to block the trail and make my village trail a dead end... we were passing there for the last 30 years. I can't blame the owner reaction that got real damage and receive nothing for letting the trail pass on his property but it is really frustrating to loose a trail link like this one for one stupid ass action that was probably even not a trail rider and will not even be impacted for the damage it cause. We all loose an access to the north from the #3 trail and I personally loose my principal way to get to the north. The trail configuration will stay like that for the rest of the season and will be really hard to re-route for the next season, don't even know if it will be possible. So, enough for the complains, we did a short ride yesterday. Trail conditions were very powdery with limited visibility. A bit of slush on some spots especially in the fields at St-Thomas but nothing major. We started from home toward #3 trail. Even if the pics don't render it under this dark sky the scenery was magnificent, especially in the woods, which were completely white painted . The snowmobile club had reroute the #43 on the #3 trail first to get around the blockage and farther on the local trail of St-Norbert/Ste-Élisabeth to connect back on the #43 usual path. The signs have already been installed accordingly near Berthierville On #3 trail the Bayonne river is still strong, barely a little wet snow when we passed A little before St-Gabriel on the #63 trail we steered towards St-Félix de Valois and then continued via St-Jean de Matha. This section, which is less busy was 10/10. The Black River in St-Jean de Matha had not suffered from the rain either and was full winter condition. We then rode through St-Damien de Brandon to go to St-Gabriel de Brandon for lunch. Nice conditions there too. We stopped to eat at the Cache du Lac restaurant located right next to the municipal beach parking lot on the shores of Lake Maskinongé. A nice sport bar atmosphere restaurant with giant screens inside the dining room plus some outdoor installations in the parking lot. We came back by #63/#3 trails with better visibility because the snow had stopped and the sun even showed up a bit in the afternoon. We had the chance to admire some winter wonder sceneries We were back home early around 3:00 p.m. with just over 100 miles on the dream meter. Here a short video of how it looks... In the end, the last rain/snow have revived the season which is going faster than we would want to. It's really time to seize all possible opportunities to ride in this beautiful full winter conditions. Alain
  12. Sorry to read that your beloved Goldwing was even sicker than expected... I recognize the basic instinct of the real sledder you are that immediately engage the "solution mode" and solve all the problems that you were facing in the the best way to keep running! A used young engine for your old girl is for sure the best solution as for $$$ and reliability and doing the job yourself will ensure a clean and meticulous swap job. When you will tear down your old engine, I suggest you start by inspecting the plastic gears drive that drive the water pump before going further... It would be my bet Congratulation to have found a way to be on the snow soon... mother nature is at work to prepare you the trails: snowing full sky right now! We had pretty much rain today at home but norther area got it more in snow and no doubts that the trails will be handsome in your playing fields next week 👍. Have a safe ride my friend and enjoy!
  13. The photobucket pics link that I was using before(on other forums and for years here) is not working anymore but from trial/error I found that another photobucket format of link do so I had to reformat my report with the new type link and it seems to work ok now
  14. Here our last Sunday trail path for a Joliette St-Côme loop The festival St-Côme en glace(Ice sculpture festival) began this last weekend so it was a good opportunity to ride on this side The last week thaw that hit us up to Saturday had been rough for the south west of Quebec province were the snow levels were already limit but after the deep cold Saturday night and the good groomers work the trails from home and up north survived well and we got good trails conditions. Here near home at start. As expected, trails were very hard: scratchers on duty!. A bit of brownish snow on some spot but no breakthrough. Here north from Joliette As expected side of the roads are not at their best...here crossing Baril bridge But the fields are nice. Here north of St-Ambroise de Kildare From here south of St-Alphonse de Rodriguez we began to saw some new snow. Grooming of Coureur des Bois snowmobile club was perfect North of St-Alphonse when going up in the mountains we got some vey nice scenery Once in St-Côme we walked a bit in the village to admire the sculptures. Again this year we are not deceived! We are still early in the festival that was just begin and will continue up to the end of February. Many Sculptures were still "work in progress" and we had the chance to watch many artists at work To give you an idea what to expect of this festival, they pulled from the river more than 700 ice blocks of more than 3000lbs each that have been placed along the principal road in the village for the sculptors The Festival that just started will last 2 weeks/3 weekends to end on the 27 February. It's a nice destination ride by sleds if you are in the area, the #343 trail pass trough the village, impossible to miss! We then continued our ride in north direction on #343 There was the short last section of the #343 that was rough but back on the #63 it was nice We pass by the Bazinet outfitter And continued down to Ste-Émilie/St-Damien. Here just down the big hill in St-Gabriel direction South of St-Gabriel, a bit more brown snow spots visible but overall very good The long fields between St-Norbert and Ste-Elisabeth were hard and very fast And finally here near home We got home early with 135 miles for the whole small loop So the season is still going strong here, already mid February... let's enjoy it Alain
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