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  1. You will probably have another new snow layer over what they had if the forecast is right... Heard that it will be this weekend the last one of full operation for the Repos. After this weekend they will continue to sell fuel but no food or lodging... plan accordingly. Have a nice safe season ending!! Thank you! 👍
  2. it is open since the beginning of the season with the restrictions mentionned and you have to pay your fee of $8,60/day/person on internet before going or place your money in a box at the Park entrance. There are no people or cashier at the entrances but the trail is randomly patrol by parks agents. You won't see it on iMotoneige or interactive fcmq map because it is not considered as a federate trail (don't ask me why!). Personnally I had not ride it and won't, even if i can go with my 4 stroke. For me it's unacceptable restrictions and a dangerous precedent to ask money for passing on a territory(park in this case). Reopening the whole park the way it was in the old years with all the wide trail would have been something but reopening only the Caribou trail, one drag wide with a buch of restriction and asking money over the top: No thanks for me, but this is just my own opinion As for St-Faustin connector, local snowmobile club announce this week that they finally just got all the autorizations from government, environment and they will begin the bidding process in the next week for the trail construction work
  3. Here is my traditional photo report from Sunday, March 17, 2019 ride The last thaw was mainly Thursday and Friday of last week but the weather stayed mild on Saturday so that the snowmobiles clubs have only been able to groom in the Saturday to Sunday night , so we stayed at home Saturday to not wear the trail base and catch up on Sunday with this big nice loop of 300miles that we did in reverse side from last time we did earlier this season. My snowmobile club (Carcamp Berthierville) had groomed overnight . It gave beautiful hard and very fast trails , I lowered the scratchers for safety. Here some pics near home in St-Thomas de Joliette The thaw did not really reduce the snow cover which is very generous this year, just packed down a bit in the south of the area. To my knowledge a single river ice bridge in Berthierville on # 3trail (not on this ride path) have been damaged and it can be easily cross by the car bridge just few meter aside. Here in St-Félix de Valois And this pic on the old railway of St-Cléophas de Brandon. The club of St-Gabriel Brandon had not regroomed it since the thaw, probably just before because it was flat as a pool table...but not much loose snow. A blast to ride with the scratchers down! North from St-Gabriel had been done recently and it was top notch At the hut on the top of St-Damien's hill, agents I knew were doing some trail pass checking and we stopped talking a little Once in the mountains the snow texture changed and from there it was still full winter conditions. The trail section around the Réal Massé area maintained by the Saint-Charles snowmobile club had not been re-groomed and was pretty rough. Need to see a groomer there... Here near #23/#350 trails junction The Cabanon(Royaume snowmobile club) had not been able to groom the #23 south of the Cabanon, one of their dozer had broken down in the Mastigouche reserve area and could not complete its run. Despite some holes it still ride well, We stopped to refuel and eat early at Cabanon. Lot of snow there... We then left in north direction toward Mauricie trail #345 was nice and fast Only one ice accumulation which we already had a good part of the season We chose to go through the Mattawin River Bridge instead of the dam The bridge We joined the #360 that we took to the east. Again very beautiful and fast One of the only break we took at #440 halt area and continue The dirty car road in front ruin a bit the usual view on the river at this spot. One short muddy spot just before the bridge of the St-Maurice River We did a quick gaz stop near Marineau, and continue Instead of going by the St-Maurice river as we usually do, we continued the # 360 to get the # 23 to St-Tite. I was expecting the river to be slushy and I preferred to limit our mileage on it When joining the #23 trail there is a bit of road side to do. It was rather icy but doable. The ice bridge on la rivière des envies is still in shape. My Kristine just photographed the sign but the dozer pushed a good amount of snow over it and the water is still far from the trail We continued on the # 23 Up to the St-Maurice River near Grand-Mère. obviously very hard with some frozen slush spots We then joined the #3 trail in Iceman's playground for the return to the west. Here close to Mont Carmel We crossed again the St-Maurice river at La Gabelle. Very nice and no slush We took our 2nd afternoon break when refueling at St-Étienne des Grès and left at around 5:30 pm. The #3 and the #63 on the return were all particularly nice, very hard and fast: My yammy made some nice music on this back ride! We finally been home around 7:00 pm with 301miles on the venture dreameter. All the trails even those so south in the area where still in great shape. So still a nice snow cover in my area with good trails conditions overall. On the other hand, season's time is running out and we have already passed mid-March: we have to admit that we do not have much time left in front of us, the season is already well advanced so hurry to enjoy it before it ends !!! Snowmobilecountry web site is always a good place to have the status/details on the Lanaudière/Mauricie trails : The end of season rides, often the best conditions of the year ... Alain
  4. Nice!!! 👍 I really like vimeo for that, youtube is much more popular but their compression algorythm mess up the results alot more.
  5. Thanks Tom! I was searching in my right free music bank one that would fit the sequences I had mounted and this one happened to fit nicely, I just fine tune the sequence transitions to better fit the music beat and bingo! an other great souvenir for us to share...
  6. It's a few weeks old at the end of february, Snowcruiser and us lately improvise a 2 days ride from Champlain(east from Trois-Rivières) to Lac-Bouchette round trip. I had taken few video shots but had miss time to do something with them, which I finally did this week. As usual, better viewed on large screen at 1080p with the sound cranked up a bit... beer and popcorn optionnal! Alain
  7. towing

    GT 2019

    Keep few shots Jim, we will start a thread at fall of "show me your sled stuck pics" I will have a couple good ones too!
  8. towing

    GT 2019

    I confirm you that even without the communicators, the communication find a way to pass... not always with words
  9. towing

    GT 2019

    This is the moment you realize how good he is at what he do. Very talented people make difficults tasks looking easy! You had some very challenging stretches there!!! not for two-up loaded sled... I had the chance to have a solos partner that was making me a trace in the worst sections. Not sure I would have tried yours myself!
  10. No Jim, the Gouin reservoir when we did it was flat and we could cruise at very good speed. We had to crossed one big drift around 4 feet high when exiting an island toward the reservoir nothing more. But we had some tough sections to cross over the years. The worst cases we encounter when traveling was a wind storm after snow when going around Lac St-Jean in the sector of Hebertville. It was big drift with bad to zero visibility... we did Herbertville station to Alma directly on the road #169 that was close by the police because too bad weather. We pass just near the police cars at each end of the close section and got a thumb up from the guy inside! They probably prefered seeing us there than having to start a search and rescue because we would had been stuck in a ditch deep in the woods... This video was on l'ile de Lamèque and some of the worst sections were more impressive than it really was. We climbed over 10-12 feets drifts but the last dozer pass was already 8-10feet high... the snow over the trail was 0 to 3feets(in the top of the drifts) in real... just one requirement: stay on the trail path on those section or you will pay for it!!!
  11. I bet Gemma can identify with the girl who is panicking on the back of a well!!!😄 Thank You Tom! haha!!! 😄 you bet right! In fact I had pretty much fun, it was looking worst than it really was but for the passenger on the back that had not the controls in the hands it is not fun for sure. Just after this sequence I had let my partner going infront and open the trail for us.. at least the drift were cut a bit and did not splash over our head anymore!!! The only time I got a bad feeling is when we completely loose the trail at a certain moment and had made enough long in bad drifts that going back was not tempting. We use the go snowmobiling application for NB trails on our phones that is similar to imotoneige here in Quebec and it immediately locate us on the map. We saw that we were near a road that the trail was crossing so we got on the road and found back the trail at the junction. This cell phone application save our ass more than once during the trip! Thanks Mike! The snow conditions was really good, in fact the drifts were just enought firm from the wind action to get acceptable traction and not sunk my yammy but not too hard to loose control when they were not at 90 degre angle. Yes I like it too , I was wondering if someone would notice... really special, even more on this virgin snow scenery
  12. It's been a long time I had not posted new stuff, was busy on the trails!!! Here a small video we catch on our saddlebag trip last week in N.B. It's not big deal for solo riding but we had some challenge two-up loaded for a week trip, especially for my best half that stress on the back seat!!! Alain
  13. towing

    GT 2019

    Hi Jim and Gemma! No you don't keep me too late chatting, it was so fun we would had continue a part of the night if we would had not look at the clock! I just review your report from home on my 28" computer screen, so much easier and a better than on my small cell phone that I had hard time to navigate internet with... You made again an outstanding real time pics report with detailed well wrote stories that make us feel like we ride along with you both. Thank you for having done it again and I admire you both to had did it in real time like this, I know it's much time and efforts behind the scene. Too bad you live so far south, can't ride more and post more of those top class report. We are just back home with 1140 miles and smiles mostly in New Brunswick, can't believe it's already finished... as for report I was already 2 rides behind without reports because missing time before this last trip, now stepping back in my fast rolling life I need to catch back the beat. With all the material I have this last one, it's will be a summer project for sure but I will try to be back on the reporting for my next week ride. I will PM you on some informations you may be interest about NB... Thanks again Jim and Gemma!
  14. towing

    GT 2019

    Hi Jim! It was great to meet Gemma and you again! Very happy to have meet MikeRider for the first time and practice my bad english with all three of you! We were a bit late sunday morning, we arrived at verrière at 7:45 and look for you and Mike without luck. I was a bit sad to have miss Jack and Sandy but it will be for a next time... We start this morning from St-Quentin New-Brunswick and point our skis toward Bathurs. Great ride ride so far. Have a good trip continuation!! Alain
  15. towing

    GT 2019

    your report and pictures are outstanding Jim! I really enjoy. Glad for you that the trail conditions get back to normal, I really know what it is to ride two-up in those conditions: you are strong ones! I read that you are staying a couple day in Rivière du loup, we are driving today to Hotel Universel in RDL to launch sunday morning from there, aligning our skis toward New Brunswick. I don't know if you stay at Universel but if so it would be great to meet you again and chat a bit. I leave you a pm. enjoy your trip, keep the rubber on the down side, but not too deep!!! Alain