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  1. Wow!!! I just imagine watching this same ride In VR with the gooles it would be crazy! It's probably the future in entertainement, we already have the 360 cameras...I really hope to see this in the future. Thank you Tom! Still lefting more than 2 months before january, hoping things will change for better. I wish you the best season possible
  2. Haha! ya that would have been great! I had like to make something in video from our ride together but the gopro was sick and I have only a short sequence when we left Mattawin nothing more ☹️ at least I have many pics! I don't want to turn the knife in the wound with my video, i just want you to have a nice 3 minutes watching it! I fully understand your concerns. It is still early and it's yes all we have is hope. Usually I hope for an early season start and this year I just hope for a "near normal season" . As sledders we are used to face to unexpected and find a way to keep going. Stay positive and use your skills to have the best sledding season possible. Thank you Signfan! For the bridge I heard that it is not repaired yet but I don't know the details why? it is not on the map neither. I was loving to have this trail option but it is not really restrictive to have not since the dam is reopened.
  3. I play with my unedited video files in the last days and mount this video of our last year season's opener on the 2 december 2019 Crank the sound up (nIce beat) and forget all the rest for the next 3 minutes!
  4. what I understand when I read the restrictions associated with the 4 levels/color of intervention is that there are things that are allowed, some are non -recommended and others are prohibited. Here what is written as for travel between regions for the most restrictive level #4/red: Inter-regional travel: Not recommended toward a green, yellow or orange zone and outside Québec
  5. keep positive my friend! a 2 years off-season is in the worst scenario... I hope I will be able to do many reports and wish everybody here to have their sled's season, in the way it will be possible. I will do a double check tuneup on the gopro and the cams to be ready for the season!
  6. I heard that a big sleds rental fleet had released some of their rental units to the sale market that was in need of units to sale... time of changes
  7. I'm really happy to know that our local business are willing to continue to operate this next winter, the challenge is there for them You are really right and we already view the same facts here: new and used sled market in fire, prices very high and not much unsold units. Many new sledders or other that come back to the sport after many years because those "snow birds" can't going south this next winter In the past years the tourists from outside Quebec help making the bussiness rolling during the week days and Quebecers mostly during the weekends... Is our "snowbirds" will compensate for the lost weekdays bussiness (if border remain closed)? it's a good question During the summer, all outdoor activities have been really good if we forget that it started late. The cottage rental was really popular and sold out month in advance and I think it will continue this winter. Unless catastrophic sanitary restrictions the season will be good but different for sure The rentals far north will be greatly impact for sure but we will probably have many Quebec peoples that had not bought a sled but will give it a try through rental You are welcome Steve and I hope to be able to do many reports, it would sound good as for our season! My pleasure pipeman!, in this uncertain times it's nice to at least know what are the plans ahead. Each sledding seasons is like a jack-in-the- box surprise with starting/ending dates, weather or farmer boycot etc... I don't know exactly what this next one will be but the jack-in the box the springs seems cranked very tight!!! I will keep you inform at my best.
  8. Hi everybody! It's very hard to predict how this next season will go but I want to share here with you the latest news I got on last monday from organisation that represents the Lanaudière/Mauricie regions for snowmobiling: - The snowmobiles clubs in our regions all intend to open and are currently in season's preparation (ok, we already knew this one) -Near all the hosts/Outfitters/Restaurants in the area who usually receive sledders intend to be in operation for the coming season: This is very good news because with the sanitary measures I was afraid that some throw in the towel before starting and we would end up with big holes in the trail system/services. No one can currently predict the future and what will happen precisely but with what we currently know on 19 october (borders that can be closed among other things ..) our service providers intend to operate anyway this season knowing they will obviously need to adjus to health measures and the context of the moment which will certainly give them some challenges. -At the trail level, not too much change except that there will be forestry activity in the Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve but trail #23 which cross the reserve and link Lanaudière with Mauricie will be open and closure doesn't seem too restrictive. We can see on the interactive map the sections in red that will be closed this season -Unlike the FCMQ, snowmobile country is printing a paper map this season! It is currently in production and should be available at early/mid-November. The dealers will have some and they will also mail some to those who ordered them last year. If you are interested in having this paper map version 2020/21 there is a link on their site to request it at the bottom of the page: -it's the last news I have for the moment. I certainly know that the canadian border closure is the main bug for many of you at the moment and it is very bad but the sledding season is mainly from January to March and there is still plenty of time since the best of the season for this to change. What we know for sure at the moment is that the trail opening underactions/preparations here are going well 👍 Alain
  9. I don't want to bash this new product but I heard too many bad comments last season not to mention it. The idea is great but the product does not seems to fill the promise yet. The first version sold last fall was poor quality and they came with a version #2 with a free exchange program for the version #1 buyers (which is great) but from the comments I read, the version #2 is not perfect yet. Poor contact, disconnect too easily and broken wires are the comments I have heard. Maybe they will come with a #3 version that will be more reliable... Here a french post on this for those who read french: connexion ao cmiq post
  10. A guy got a big surprise on the #155 road at night between Marineau and Shawinigan today... the truck took a good beat. I heard the guy had minor injured
  11. Happy easter Chris! great to see you manage to enjoy some great time outside with your best half 👍 Your plan sound great to catch spectacular footage for sure! In St-Zenon/St-Michel we regularly see bear but near home we almost never. A small honey producer of my village just posted this today... they got one of their apiary destroyed yesterday in Berthierville area not far from the Days inn... Fortunately for them it was just one of their site and they have some more in the area but they are pretty pissed by this situation for sure, coming over the covid context... Not always simple to cohabit with nature! take care buddy
  12. I edited yesterday a short video from the files I took on this ride to the Black Mountain in February. For the gray jays lovers...
  13. It's fabulous! you both lived the dream of many of us!!! I enjoyed your report/pics, it make me dream of the future for Kristine and me... I wish both of you a nice summer and good retirement continuation!
  14. The way you make your trip is unique and you mastered the reporting art to the next level... It make the perfect mach for epic entertaining reports! I enjoyed each of them, thanks for having bring us along with you on your aventures this winter. I will have pleasure to read them again in the wait of the off season... Kristine and me wish you a very good summer!
  15. Seems you had a very good trip up there! You have many great high quality shots in your pics 👍 I really enjoyed your report, thanks for having shared!