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  1. You are all welcome guys! 👍 We just received an other snow layer tonight, still snowing hard now... big fat wet snow, around 5 inches yet. just beautiful! 😍
  2. Here the ride we did this last saturday february 20, 2021 The snow accumulations of the last weeks have nicely shape up the conditions and although there are still some brownish snow near home in the south, we no longer scrape dirt on the trail base and as soon as we go up north a bit it is very white . Here near Ste-Mélanie ... I have put together a first video of the ride between St-Ambroise de Kildare and St-Côme via #43 trail As per covid's rules, we ate outside on #63 trailside at the Auberge du Vieux Moulin a Scie junction. My Givi has turn into a lunchbox! 😂 and here is a second video, from leaving after lunch up to the Auberge Le Cabanon We then looped in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve by the #350 trail and took the #23 trail to return toward home. Very good conditions, no lack of snow! Trail was more worn by the saturday traffic south from Gabriel de Brandon but everything else before was really nice, a total of 216miles for the whole loop We finally got some nice winter trail conditions... mid february... late is better than never!!! We now touch the best of the season, hoping for the best in the next weeks Alain
  3. They have not open this winter, they gave up infront the covid's restriction. Fortunately just them do that and almost all others relays are in business this year. It's why they bypass the trail. In this post in the first video at 55 seconds you see the trail closed...
  4. I would not assume that... I love the venture platform linked with the AD Boivin Expert-x rear skid that was giving a fantastik package but it is an outdated skid and parts are begin to be hard to get..(my actual expert-x have around 70 000kms and received alot love!). It is not an impossible option but I think it would be more reasonable to look elsewhere... my eyes and my mind are wide open! I ride my first season on the original track, ride the 3 next seasons with a used pre-studded track I had from my precedent venture and the last 3 seasons on an other pre-studded track. I usually get between 16 and 22000kms out of my tracks before seeing worrying signs of fatigue. I still have home my low miles original track that I keep as a spare in case of emergency but it's hard to ride unstudded when you taste a studded one. I had ride for 20years unstudded and almost never feel the need of it... before I tryied it once!
  5. Ok! I will finally be able to open the throttle more than half! 😅 Thank you Snappy Hank! My Yammy is a 2011 venture Gt bought brand new at spring 2014. It's the 7th season we do with it, never kept a sled that long before! It was not the initial plan to ride it this season, I usually shop my new rides at spring but the Covid forced me to pause my plans last spring and at fall the market turned crazy and the prices increase combined with the uncertainty of the actual season convinced me to keep my old girl for this small season and wait this next spring for maybe some interesting deals... I watch! The conditions were not bad but not best. The bad thing actually is that without a real good hard base, a week day without too much traffic with good cold temp can give an 9 on a recently groomed trail that will turn to 4 if the traffic raise with temp warmup a bit. I would rate what we did between 5 and 8 on this saturday. It was not that bad but we were expecting way better than the conditions at home and it was not the case. Thanks Brion, There are some leaner sections outlined in yellow on the fcmq interactive map in trail conditions. Ste-Agathe/ Mont-tremblant are in this spot so they already start a bit behind.. Thanks Cnc ! Yes, it will be a good year for runners sellers! 😁 I won't complain too much: we are able to ride and what we did was enjoyable. Not always what we expect or hope for but for me acceptable for sure.
  6. Because most of the last snow falls had seems to have hit harder on the south shore of the St-Lawrence river, we tried this loop last Saturday 6, 2021 We were a bit disappointed ... not that it does not ride well but we expected way more snow. In fact the trail conditions were similar as the south of my area. The trail is often easy to follow due to its color, especially in woods, and the skis often scratch the base, especially in curves. The 10km/H speed zone along the reservoir near the Victoriaville drive me crazy each time I pass there! it is not that long but it looks damn long !!! after that we appreciate 30 zone!!! The fields trail sections south of Victoriaville are in better shape because the wind brings more snow into the trail shaping up the condition as well as #35 west of Warwick which was very nice. Here a short video of our ride. Best viewed with the sound on and the quality cranked up at 1080p My Venture hit the mental mark of the 25000 miles/40000kms during the ride On the way back we pass through St-Léonard D'Aston which was nicer than the morning trail path Finally a good 210 miles run for us. Like Iceman mention in one of his post, the trails do not have a real hard base... no thaw since our recent season start so it's a bit normal that we are dealing with the conditions we have. Hoping for more snow ahead.... Alain
  7. You are welcome! I hope for more to come in the next weeks My pleasure Pipemaster! I hope you managed to do some miles on your side of the border... before this ride, my total season's milage was less than what I sometimes ride in one day! Bienvenue PLAYHARD! 👍
  8. Here the ride we did yesterday January29 2021 Due to circonstances and other reasons we had not ride much this season and this 2nd real ride for us was really nice. We had good cold weather and even we would like more snow, the actual cover do the job especially with the cold we have. I make you a first video for the ride from home to Koubec And the second one from Koubec to Pourvoirie du lac Blanc where we stopped for lunch. Pourvoirie du Lac Blanc like all other snowmobile relais can't open their dining rooms because of the covid's sanitary measures. LIke many others, they comply with Quebec goverment rules by opening an exterior takeout desk where you can buy some food and they also offer a different interior snowmobile relai section that respect all goverment sanitary rules as for mask/distance etc, where you can bring your food and eat there. It's not like usual but it was really nice to be able to eat in a warm, clean and safe place. When it's not too cold like on our first ride it's not so bad to eat outside but when riding in the -15C and below for many hours, a short break in a warm place to eat was more than appreciated! Kristine had also well appreciate the warm toilets, way more that the cold back of a spruce tree! They also have a big fireplace outside We streched the ride a little bit by making a round trip run to St-Alexis des Monts village and retraced our steps to ride down south towards St-Paulin and join the #3 trail in St-Ursule / Louiseville area and then ride home. There's some small spots with brownish snow and a few knocks in the skis but there is still enough snow to ride well and with the cold, conditions where good to very good on the majority of the ride. Here down the #3 trail south We are already at the very end of January and even there are still a few closed sections(mostly because rivers), the trail network is fairly well connected and we can go pretty much where we want. The 8:00pm curfew and the covid's sanitary rules complicate the puzzle but with some planning and adaptation it is possible to ride and we are just entering in the best part of the season to do it... as usual, more trail condition details and more: 2021 sledding season is now! Alain
  9. thank you Chris! Wish you too an happy/healty new year and hope you have oppotunities to make purr you snow goldwing on your side of the border!
  10. We finally received a good snow drop of around a foot or a bit more on last Satuday (16 January) with still mild temperatures just below the freezing point. It was still mild on Sunday morning so we just did a short 45 miles run from St-Gabriel de Brandon going north on the #63/#23 round-trip to enjoy the scenery before the soft new trail base turn bumpy. I mounted a short video of our small ride. The video is in color but have alot of white!!! outstanding scenery, too bad the sun wasn't there. The temperarure drop to January like weather in the next days and with this new snow, most snowmobiles clubs will be able to open their trails and I expect the trail network to greatly shape up this week up to the south of our area even if some swamps and rivers will still need more time to be safe. We can tell that this season will really begin with the conditions we have now Alain
  11. Yes, it's in the later date for me for a first ride and with the thinner snow cover for the date. This week is still very mild but we have some snow preview on the weekend and January's like weather starting next week with deep cold. We still have to be will happen soon! You are welcome Tom! To be honest, if we have to live a shitty sledding season I prefer that it would be this season than any other. With the covid's restrictions all is more complicated and restricted. I really hope to be able to have a decent season for the health of my spirit but I already know it won't be the best one... it's still early in the season and the best miles are always more toward the end than the begining of the season so let's keep positive and see what 2021 have for us ahead. I will certainly keep posting for you guys as usual in the next weeks Wish you too a good and healthy 2021 and the best possible sledding season in the circumstances
  12. Haha! yes, best social distancing possible! I'm myself impress how good the footage come from the camera, looks like a magic carpet ride! You are welcome! seems like an enjoyable plan! I imagine in a few years the same with 3D google, it would be dangerous to spill the beverage! 😁 Yes, this virtual therapy had helped me to keep going since last ride in march. I really hope everybody will find a way to have at least a small season where it is possible for them. You are welcome snowmoGary! I have tried the switch from photo ride report to video ride report this time. It is different and even more enjoyable than a pics report to watch. Thanks Mike! I had the chance that the night before had been at -16C with grooming and the day not too warm so the thin snow cover held pretty well. January is way too warm up to date, at least no rain up to date! Yes I remember, you and me are sharing to same love for the rivers! We have so many rivers and lakes to explore here, you should give it a try when the pandemis will be behind us Thanks grumpysanta! Pics reports were nice but video taken the way I do give a notch on the feeling to be there. I will certainly do more of those... Bienvenue! It's a very nice spot for sledding, can't wait that this playground enlarge as it should with more snow to come
  13. Next we took the #345/#360 trails to coming back south with a short stop at the Taureau Dam here the 2nd video So this is it for our season opener. We really hope for cold and snow but it's not what we have on the wheater preview... at least no rain forecast!!! We hope for the best to come Alain
  14. It was finally the start of our 2021 season yesterday Saturday january 9! We had waiting for this since a long time and even conditions were not perfects it was a real soul therapy to ride again! Other that the Pandemic issue, mother nature have not spoiled us up to date. Rain and very low snow level pretty much everywhere and temperature way too warm for the date. My area have begin to open some trails but it is still limited with low snow so we choose to go a bit norther than usual to begin our season by starting from St-Michel des Saints to ride the Taureau Reservoir and norther. In place of a pics report, I will go with a video report this time with 2 detailed video to report the conditions we encounter during our ride. here the first video that describe the ride from St-Michel to Repos Outfitter. To comply with the government restrictions associated with the covid-19 the services suppliers have to adjust the way they usually serve us. At the repos the fuel is available as usual but food is only available to takeout (the dining room is closed) but the toilets are accessibles. We can rent rooms or chalet but we have to get the food and eat in our rooms. A 2nd video will follow just below for the rest of the ride...
  15. I would bet this one is from a popular spot in New Brunswick... is it right?