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  1. Thank you Tom! Yes, I think I would search for a long time to find an other maniac that would do this kind of ride... I keep her!!! Yes to bad for the Cooper, not always easy to recognize each other on the trail. The next time I will follow my first idea and will call " Hé Tom!!!" if the guy turn around, it's the good guy!!! Like writen it look really better than a week ago, end of march for St-Zenon area would be no problemo for snow imo but be just prepared depending where you want to go there are some pouvoiries that will be open just for gaz like the Kanawata and probably the Repos... Alain
  2. If I had would be a bit faster I had also show you a bobcat that cross the trail infront us at a good distance. It was in a wood section so when we arrived where he cross the trail he was gone or hidden at least. I had to admit it's our trip where we seen the most animals on the same ride!
  3. It looks like winter was not over! I did not think with the mild temperatures of the last weeks being still able to leave directly from home but this last week's snowfall combined with cold temperatures allowed the groomers to work and give us wonderful trail conditions for the weekend. After having looked at the map for a long time, we finally decided to go for an ambitious ride that we had not done for a few years: starting from home to l'Annonciation in Laurentides area round trip via trail #63. Here is the final ride path that Krikri and I traveled last Saturday which totaled 321 miles Starting from home a little past 8:15 Saturday morning, -11C under a clear sky with very few clouds. The #43 was freshly groomed near home, very nice in full winter condition. A few miles from the start, an undeniable spring sign: trail partially broken over a small ditch that the dozer has filled again to allow the passage. It turned out to be the only place like that on the whole rideThe Joliette snowmobile club trails were also freshly groomed like the majority of the trails we did in the day Here towards St-Jean de Matha villageThe Black river north of the village is still in winter conditions, no spring sign thereA beautiful sunny dayJust past the Pourvoirie Bazinet there were some good snow blades near the lake. We can see that the snowfall has been more generous here in the north than in the south of the area at homeA little further north we fork to the west on the #343 and then on a local trailTo take the #33 trail northThe small river that flows to right of the trail on the first miles gives several beautiful views We continue on the #33 and arrived at the relay Rouge-Mattawin around 11:20, we took there a short break. During the fuel-up, the gentleman there confirmed to me that they would continue to operate 7 days a week as long as there was grooming that he planned to be until just after Easter, around April 3 if conditions allow. We then take #63 trail to cross the Rouge-Mattawin Wildlife reserve. It was already a couple of years since we had not done it but what a nice wide trail to ride!A little ripple in the curves on the first half but nothing to stop us from cruising in the reserve at high speed. This trail that is running along the limit of Mont-Tremblant Park is really similar to the trails that used to be found in the park: Wide, good visibility and fast Here a beautiful river in winter dress that I took better with the Gopro on the return. We arrived at La Macaza on the other side of the reserve around 1:00 PM and stopped at the restaurant/ bar at the airport. A first time there for us: good fast service and good food, we left around 1:50. I felt it was a bit more chilly up north, -15C at noon there! The trail was so nice and flat that it had formed a big ice horn in the back pad going down near scraping the trail when we were sit on...Maybe my venture is a male?... or a unicorn? ok the corn is not on the right spot for a unicorn We then continued on #63. Here just behind the restaurantAnd continued up to l'Annonciation where we refueledWe then turned back and retrace our steps on the #63 trail. Really not a punishment !!! Here another view of the beautiful little river seen earlierWe crossed again the Rouge-Mattawin Wildlife Reserve and then took the #33 trail but toward St-Michel des Saints.The trail was still in very good conditionWe fuel-up up at St-Michel and took the trail towards CabanonHere on the bridge at the foot of Mont-Trinité monutain just behind the villageWe stopped there, up the first hill where we used to have a nive view of St-Michel village years ago but now that the vegetation had grown up it is no longer a view pointThe #63 was a bit bumby but very nice for a Saturday end of the day, not to mention the event at Cabanon: Cabanon spring party It was already 5:20 pm when we arrivied and the outdoor activities of the Cabanon party were pretty well done but still a lot of people and the corral ahead was full of snowmobiles.Having a good run back home to do, we took the #23 trail heading south. We briefly had a freshly groomed trail but quickly pass the Dozer who had just left the CabanonThe trail was still a bit rought but rideable at good speed north of the #350 trailSouth of the #350 however it was really rought up to club transition a little north of pourvoirie St-Damien. It was then very acceptable and in the fields down the mountains the conditions were good and fast. We even crossed the dozer of St-Gabriel who started his run The trails were all beautiful afterwards and we rested when finishing the ride. On the #3 down south in the St-Cuthbert sector, we saw a couple dirts spots otherwise the fields were beautiful and fast. We came back home a little past 8:00 PM with 321 miles on the dreammeter. In summary, except for the few spring signs mentioned in the extreme south, we were in full winter conditions on the whole ride. We have a winter surge that has put the season back on track for some more time. According to long-term forecasts, cold temperatures will still going on and the nights will be quite cold so I expect to have at least another nice sledding weekend to come for near the whole area and more in the north of the area. It was not sounding like that when it started to get warm more than a month ago, maybe we're going to touch the April month this year for riding in our areas! For those who preview to ride here, keep an eye on the conditions there: Alain
  4. Yes he was confortably install in the wood border maybe 60' from us, probably hoping for some food... We had not much to give him, he should had show up 4 hours later I had birds my the hands...lolllllll Oh yes we did! It is there that I parked infront the windows and my friend Coyote and Jocelyn were there at lunching, it was 11:45 We join them in the left section of the dining room(more toward the ski slopes) When I get out of the mens room after our lunch maybe 12:45 or so I think I saw you ( from what i was remember having seen you in a picture ) in the right section, I had hesitate to ask but I was really not so sure so I had continue...I now regret! From there in the afternoon we had went toward Chandler. I don't remember having seen your black Apex on the trail? It seems we got really near to meet together in person! Alain
  5. Thank you Jim! again, it was a real pleasure to meet you and Gemma at the clubhouse, you are very kind pair of sympatics, solid experienced sledders. I admire how strong you are at riding just the 2 of you in some remote area that I would be scared to go alone, and you succeed once again this last time on the north shore. All this with real time ride report: I raise my helmeth to you two very high and hope to have some other chances to meet you on the trails in the future. By the way...we had to get gaz in La Cache when we were there and had really wanted to follow your recommendation so when we had push at the fuel tank we asked for premium: they replied: our premium is empty, we just have regular!!! oups.... We had no choice and top with the regular and fortunately had no problem after... but I will make a fuel filter replacement this summer as a preventive care, I had not touch that since i have the sled and I figure it can be the accumulation over the time that would lead to a completely clogged filter. Take care!!! Thank you groomer!!! coming from a good photograph like you Kristine is even more proud of those catch! Again thank you and keep the good work even over the trails than at sharing your beautifuls pics! Thanks P Hardy! especially for you and groomer... Thank you actionjack! Was a real good trip even with rugged trail "texture". Have a good summer too, but... it's too early to talk about summer!!! lets enjoy the spring riding! Thank you Tom! Were you in Murdochville on Tuesday 6 at noon? Yes your equation is right, it's part of our game, but what a nice game!!! Thanks Jean-Guy! as for spectacular scenery, very hard to beat for sure! Thanks smclelan! the small the Lumix is not an high end camera, it's a "bridge"type with a fixed lens of 25-600mm at F2.8 which mean acceptable zoom for near and very good zoom for far and lens big enough to let enter pretty much light. We had a good "reflex" type camera few year ago but it can get expensive to play in this ball game especially with the lens and after having being unlucky with a lens dropped on a ceramic floor, I had prefered to go with the bridge Lumix that give and all around good package for us. Hahaha, very funny Playhard!!! I had get myself a new nick name lolll my Pleasure Hparaptor! Thanks!! Thanks Quebec Bob! I had kept the 2 last Yammies 40000kms/25000miles each which was 5 years for each, we ride a little less we are in our fourth season with this one. The Boivin rear skid have around 55 000kms right now but have been heavily maintenanced and modified. I will do an other season or two with this setup, love the setup I have, it will be very hard to replace because the boivin skid are discontinued and no more sold since many years so I will need to look at something different. Thanks 4ws XRS! yes, I'm the lucky guy that have the best one! We realize we are a bit less tought than we were both as we get older... I remember doing 300miles rides on a Polaris XLT600 95 single place with Krikri litterally stick on my back with her legs fold in half and she was still asking for a detour before coming back home!!! now she don't ask for the detour...loll Thank you revct1! You bet, and we have to realize how lucky we are to be able enjoy it years after years the way we do... Thanks Grumpysanta! yes we can have everything... but not always!!! loll take care Alain
  6. Just back from a week in the Gaspesia area accompanied by our friend Snowcruiser. We left home after dinner by car on Saturday March 3rd and returned home on Saturday the 10th in the late afternoon, a trip of 700 miles by car and 1040 miles by sled. This was our 4th time in Gaspésia, the last one was back 4 years ago The mild temperatures that we had in the last weeks are certainly related with the poor trail conditions we encountered on a large part of the trip. I was expecting that with the warm temperatures but it was a notch worse than expected, no offense to you Groomer, the Tq5 in your area was nice!!! Luckily, our relaxed vacation pace gave us an easy 160 miles/day average which was just enough in these conditions especially for my passenger. Here is the trail path of our trip: Our drop spot in Gaspésia was in Mont-Joli at the motel "Mon Joli Motel". We slept there Saturday night before leaving by sled and finally Friday night when we came back before going home the next day. This was our third time at this location mainly for free parking and their recovery service in case of problems: we leave them our car keys and in case of problems they can come pick us up with our rigs at our request. A service we have been fortunate to never use up to date but still provides a significant peace of mind for the trip. In addition the place is nice, beds are comfortable and the food at the restaurant very good.We had a very cloudy week but a bit of sun in the first 2 days. I hesitated to make a ride report on this trip, doing it as I usually do would make a too big project for the moment(I have a lot of photos and videos) so I'll go differently with what marked us more than a detailed story . To begin we headed south via the trail # 5 on good trail conditions (Mont-Joli is the place where the trail#5 come back on itself as the road #132 that goes around the Gaspésia do ).I had left a message to Groomer. Being in his backyard and having never met in person, the opportunity was too good to not going shake the hand of the best photographer in Gaspésia! So we went having our lunch at the Albertville Clubhouse where he came to meet us. Our lucky star gave us a big bonus having Mr and Mrs Gt riders in persons, Jim and Gemma were there at the same moment. It was so nice to have a great talk with all those passionate peoples. a real great add-on to our trip! I know JG you are more at ease on the other side of the camera but thank you for having been willing for the group pic with us here outside before leaving This day we had went to sleep at Pointe à la Croix and the next day we continued on #tq5 to New Richmond. Here the New Brunswick on the other side of the river Many deers in that area.Enough for having to pay more attention. I watched a lot for deer tracks in the woods as in this one where there was a good flock. We powered the Lumix with the zoom and made some good shots, really beautiful animalsWe then rode north on the #595 to La Cache where we spent the night. Probably the most rought trail of our trip that had not seen the Dozer for a very long time. During a break to our surprise we saw a mosquito on the venture cab! if the mosquitoes come out at this time here I won't imagine what is it in summer!The next day, leaving La Cache we saw the only moose of the trip ... I would have liked to see one in better shape but it is what we got! It left just his coat that had been moved by wild animals during the night.We then headed for the Chic-Chocs trail toward Murdochville. During our climb we were impressed by these snow blades on the trail side A little further, while we were stopped on the trail side to take pictures of the rear view, another "virtual friend" recognized us and came to meet us. It was a pleasure to meet you in person "Je me souviens"While we were talking with him, a little fox appeared in the back sceneryKristine got the Lumix out and made a series of good shots of this little curious When I parked my sled on the side of the Cooper infront a window in Murdochville. A knocking on the glass make us realize our friends Coyote and Jocelyn with whom we did our Chibougamau annual trip 6 years ago were just inside at their table for lunch!!! Another great surprized meeting that put some shine on our trip! After our lunch, we went down the #597 toward south. I stopped for a short break around sixty miles from Murdoch at the spot where the dozer turn around(club change) because I remembered having seen gray jays the last time we went there 4 years ago. Well there were some still there and not fearful at all. they came to get their treat in our hands and stayed there a long time pecking and watching usWe went to sleep at Grande-Riviere and continued to Perce the next day. Seeing the famous Rock is a must in GaspésieAfter Perce we wanted to keep going north but the TQ5 was closed because of a river so we should had to turn back and retrace our steps to take the #597, a pretty big detour. Because we have hard heads, we decided to go to see by ourselves. It was not ideal but very feasible to cross especially north as we did. There was about 6 "of water on the right side. Here seen from the other side toward south direction, it would have been more difficult because the skis could go under the ice and the approach was steeperWe continued toward the north side and went to sleep in Grande-Vallée. There was an annoying high frequency ripple 4 to 6 inches deep on a very large portion of this last segment, we had the feel of riding on a railway.. after several hours it get really tiring. The next day we continued west. Those who already did gaspesia know it: most of the mountainous spectacular scenery is from Mont-Louis to Ste-Anne des Monts and in between Mont-St-Pierre is an icon in this area. The point of view of the hang-glider platform is a classic but I put here some others points of view of this same spot that we like alot And on west side For fun, from this same place Kristine tried a full zoom with the Lumix of the hang gliding platform on the other side: impressive! The trail condition was among the best of the trip in this area up to St-Anne des Monts. I had booked the evening before a cottage in St-Octave de l'Avenir at the Village Grande Nature where we went for the night. Here the view from the auberge on the Chic-shocks mountains with our chalet just down right. The top mountain view was chopped by the cloud line on this pic A different experience in a cottage, relaxing near the wood stove after a sledding day was magicI don't know if they followed us or if we attract them but I saw gray jays on the porch on the next morning! I went out with a bit of lunch and yes they let themselves be tempted once againFor our last day we went west on #TQ5 and then went down south via #591trail and finally took #587 to La Rédemptionon pretty good trail conditions to see the Montagne St-Pierre. Although less spectacular than some other times we had seen it, the frost was present and the scenery very whiten We then went back to Mont-Joli, gave a break to the Yammy in the trailer and passed one last night at Mont Joli Motel. We did the car black trail ride home the next day on Saturday. A trip of a bit more than 1000 miles that went well, the Venture which have now 14500miles act in an exemplary way and my old ADBoivin skid who took a good beating had pass throught without flinching. We would have like more sun, colder weather and better trail conditions but having the chance to ride during an whole week with my best half and a good friend, enjoying the nature beauties in such great area, meeting old friends and making new: I think I'm really blessed, life is good! Alain
  7. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    It was so nice to meet you Groomer and Mr+Mrs GT rider. Having the opportunity to have a great talk with you gang was an incredible good way to start our week trip in Gaspesia. Alain
  8. thanks Teet F8SP! For Real Massé i did not see this year schedule but they usually closed mid march just after the school spring break that happend to be next week so i'm almost sure they will do the March 10-11 but not sure for the march 17-18. On those last date Cabanon will organise a big party with animation and the 4 manufacturers trials supposed to be availiable so I don't know if Massé may extend one more weekend? asking them would be the best to be sure. Alain
  9. Thanks neksledr!!! That base after a few warmup is pretty strong, just hope for some new stuff, march sun hit hard would need a couple march snow storm to keep the base growing We will see, there a little mix of rain/ snow forecast for tomorroy but less than 1mm so not bad, for the rest the 14 day forecast going colder than what it was 2 days ago... I think i should look more by the window than the forecast report!!! loll more accurate for sure You are welcome extreme600 , good comments always appreciated!
  10. We had to deal with another warm up this last week, all had freeze back on wednesday night lefting some time for the dozers to work the hard surface and loosen-up some snow. At home we had another hotflash friday end of the day with a bit of gresil and a 2 mm ice crust. fortunately this turn to be snow a bit more north. I was still confident to get highway type trails condition so we decided to go for the big loop Joliette/Grand-Mère/Mattawin/St-Zenon/Joliette, a ride of 320 miles mostly on open path trail. Glad we did, we had good to very good conditions conditions all over the ride. Let's check it in detail but first, here is the trail path of the day:-5C when we left under a cloudy clearing sky directly from home in St-Thomas de Joliette in the south of Lanaudiere. The major thaw during the week had left an hard trail base and the small episode of ice Friday night had left a thin crust of 2mm ice on the groomed trails so scratchers were necessary to start the day early. Here in the field near my home.As expected, the trails were very hard and fast, not a single bump. With the snowtrackers my venture was like on rails, very precise direction and easy driving: ideal conditions to crank up many miles without getting tired. Here in the maple grove in St-Cuthbert: the water pipe was installed high enought to allow us to continue to pass without problem. We then took trail #3 to go toward Grand-Mere I take the opportunity to write a bit about scratchers: In my case it's been part of my essential accessories for more than 10 years after we got traped after a rainy day on a trip ... after that I understood !!! I use the cheap model at $ 60 which clings under the footrest. Some will say: yeah but you can not back up with them ... in my life of sledder it never happened that my engine overheat or my slides stick when going in reverse so I think I can raise them during that time!!! Jokes aside, I happened to bent one at the beginning when I had forgotten them and I just had to bent it back in shape (otherwise in case of badluck the spares are sold for $ 20 each). By putting them as far forward as possible they are very effective and installed as I put them I do not even have to stop to put them on: just to lean and pass the hand under the edge of the footrest to pick them down. Often just one side is enough and in the most extreme condition both will do the job. In my opinion it should come standard with a snowmobile, it is not very often that it is absolutely necessary but when you need them your $60 investment is right there to save your ass and when they are there easily usable we used them regularly, most often in the morning when the trails are very hard and we are in the first to pass. It is easier on the engine cooling system and help on hifax life. Yesterday we took them off in the middle of the morning. It's the worst we've seen and it was just a few spots in St-Barthélemy area (very south of Lanaudiere along St-Laurence river)Otherwise it looked like that on most of the rideGiven the very good conditions we chose to extend the ride a bit going through #63 trail to see the Magnan fallsA beautiful site, ideal place for a trail side breakThe sky had clear up leaving us a beautiful sunshine for the rest of the dayThe pics bring up the beauty of the scenery so much better with some sunWe stopped to refuel in St-Étienne before crossing the St-Maurice. Policemen were passing there but must believe that we did not look too fishy they just continue their way We then continued trail # 3 eastboundAnd crossed the St-Maurice river at La Gabelle. A little bumpy but very solid no movement with the warmth.The trail had a small hi frequency ripple east of St-Maurice a little tiring but it still ride at a good pace.An FCMQ patrol accosted us but they were satisfied by my just seeing my sticker, no need to stop and dig in my pockets to do the paper thing on the trailside to my great satisfactionWe then took the St-Maurice river trail in Grand-Mère.It was quite bumby, especially up to this point but still solid as a rock no slushThen further north was less bumpy and it was done at maximum legal speed except for 2 small ice jam sections at the very end. When we observe in the side of the mountain the warmth have formed several large glaciers Once back on the shore just beginning the trail we faced to that... oupsss, that's when it came back to me that my friend Snowcruiser had told me a few weeks ago that they had plowed a section of the trail there this year ........ Fortunately, it's like that for only a few hundred feet up to the top of the hill not far,And then it's looks like that's ....oufff!!! next optimal trail conditions, good and fast Nice trail and even nice scenery We arrived for lunch at Marineau at 12:45 with 141 miles on the dreammeter. A first real break for us because we had almost not stopped in the morning feeling we does not needAfter a good meal for us and a fuelup for the venture, we leave for St-Zenon via trail #360The #360 was nice and fast, a small ripple in some curves but very pleasant to do on this beautiful sunny dayThe ride going so well why not expand it a little more circuit through the M20 trail! A beautiful segment that once again was worth the detour. This trail is a bit different from the rest of the area. The mix of scenery and mountain/lake remember me the Laurentide park each time I ride it We did not had the chance to see a lynx or a beaver but at least a small partridge who obviously felt at home in the trailThis trail also includes a couple of interesting and safe trail stretchs. We must still take care because we do not want to have any incidents or problems especially in those remote spots that are very far from roads and services. Once arrived at the next junction we took a short break and then continue on the #345 southThe #345 was just perfect not a single bump. Never saw it so good on a Saturday late afternoon. We then continue to the Mattawin River Bridge where we took a good breakMe doing a 360 with the Gopro to immortalize the moment up there Then we continue on #345. Given the mild day, I was expecting more bumpy trail but no, the conditions were very beautiful ...On the other hand, there were icy washed curves that we had not seen elsewhere must be more vigilant and have good runners to keep on your side. We then crossed the dozer grooming this already beautiful trail making the conditions almost perfect We did a last fuelup at the Cabanon and then continued the #23 southbound Still beautiful conditions, it had just been regrommed there too. Sun was already down We stopped to eat at Real Masse around 5:45 pmAfter our good meal break we started our last stretch to the house. The conditions were still good, no beated trail with this hard base and as a bonus we started to encounter just grommed trails in St-Gabriel de Brandon and Joliette. We left the house at 8:15 in the morning and came back home at 8:15 pm with just 320 miles on the dreammeter. In summary very good conditions everywhere on the circuit we did and the today falling snow will give the little notch that was missing with some new material on the good hard base that was already there as the cream layer on the cake! There is no rain in the extended weather forecast and despite the temperatures being slightly above the average, the nights would be cold enought to groom so the picture is good to keep a full operational trail system for the next weeks in our area. Let's enjoy it! Alain
  11. Trailside kitties

    You are a lucky guy, I'm jalous!!!
  12. Hi there! I put together some sequences I recorded with my gopro on last weekend ride, you can push quality to 1080p to enjoy even better viewing especially on bigger screens The ride: and the mountain... Enjoy!!! Alain
  13. Hi Christ! You are probably the only of the rare that escape the thaw by being enough north. You were at the right place at right time I guess! Good souvenirs you bring me here, the meeting in Leverendrye park was unreal!!! seems you have a good time with your new ride, keep riding my friend!
  14. "an embedded reporter on the back seat" Yep, you got it! Again it was a pleasuire to meet you and we will take more time the next shot! Thanks Rick, The worst part of the thaw is already behind and even the snow base is soaken It only slighly pack, maybe 20% and lefting 80% of the snowdepth we had at home. The temps just toggle below zero in the last hour so the damage will be less than I was expected. It will be icy everywhere until dozer work but i expect flying hardpack highway after. A couple inches would be a bonus hoping we will get some in the next days I had a big laught when I read this one, very funny! Yes I am a lucky guy I know it. I hope to get the chance that our path cross over the trail one of these...
  15. We were due to visit the new belvedere of the Black Mountain in St-Donat. This is a nice loop to do from home, here on a map the path of the day totaling 235 miles.We chose to go by the south side first to enjoy the fields with a good visibility and to cover a good distance quickly. Here on #43 trail near home The #3 trail was freshly groomed, granular snow and very hard trail still -15C when we started We forked on trail #345 northThen on trail #310 toward St-Liguori. Crossing the Red River is now by a bridge and here crossing the Ouareau River And then trail #305. Here near the new roundabout (road #158) in St-Jacques de MontcalmWe continued the #305 up to St-Lin Laurentides, beautiful wide fast trail almost entirely in fieldsFrom St-Lin we switched north on trail #343 to St-Calixte. Woody winding trail in majorityNorth of St-Calixte we join the #33 trail that we took northbound. Wooded and more mountainous trailHere just near Ste-Margueritewhere the trail goes on the lake near the EsterelleWe continued on the #33 trail north toward St-Lucie.After the village we got stucked for several miles behind this happy sledder who lived his ride just forward ...It happened to all of us to follow someone who think he is alone on the trail but after several road crossing I told myself :it's okay, he do not want to let us pass we will wait for our opportunity. He finished me after 15 minutes while crossing a gang when he proudly raised his left hand closed! he really had no idea that someone can be behind him... Finally, it always pay to be patient and we had our opportunity to pass him a little further at an intersection Knowing that the wheater forecast preview cloudiness (which was already beginning) we chose to go on the Black Mountain before lunche to better enjoy the view so we forked on the #317 on the west side.And then right on the local trail that takes us to the topThe more we climbed, the more trees become loadedand here is the famous new watchtower at the top of the Black mountain.There has been a lot of work done here, in addition to the observation tower some trees have been cut to open the view again from the top levelToo bad for the pics that the sun was so shy ... The gray jays were still waiting for lunch We had to climb up the new tower to admire the new view. I would have liked a clear sky but we will have the opportunity to come back...By the time we were there, a group of antique snowmobiles arrived. Many beautiful of old sleds who have surely received a lot of love since to look so good We then took back the trail to St-Donat, it was passed 1:30pm and we had no meal yet since the breakfastSo we went back down the mountainAnd took the trail on Lac Archambault to go to St-Donat. This is the ski center Mont-Garceau that we see in the background New snowmobile trials and an antique snowmobile snow were held at the lakeside park We went along the main street by the local trail As we were managing to go downtown to eat, following the trail that winding throught a short back road I notice a sledder that seems to ride faster behind so I just slow down on the side on a safe spot and sign him to pass. As he come aside he just flag me to stopped and introduce himself, it was actionjack from the forum here! He was in the area and chase me when he reconize my sled to say us hello! We had a bad timing to talk alot each other but it was really nice you took the time to come to us and to meet you actionjack. You are one of those sledders that was already at sharing on the forums when I began to write on the english forums many years ago. We had virtually share informations and you never fail to continue sharing your passion throught the years on the net. Too bad we just had a small talk in real and shame on us we had forgot to take a picture! His red Sidewinder is a very nice and neat machine. next, following the directions we managed to join the Montagnard for our late lunch. We finally started eating around 2:20pm, we were over due!For the return, we took the #33 trail which conditions were even nicer on this side but the clouds having settled well we did not took many other pics. At the Coin Lavigne we forked toward #63 by the local trail. This short section there was more rought. The path that the trail usually used is plowed for the construction of a new 735kva power line and the trail now runs aside this road for the greater part but it was more than due for a good groom pass.Otherwise after reaching the #63 a little north of the pourvoirie Bazinet the trail conditions came back good. We took a short break at the Tim Horton in St-Jean de Matha and finally came back home around 7pm for a total of 235 miles on the dreammeter. Again a beautiful ride for us with very good snow everywhere. We cross our fingers for next with the warmth announced for the next few days. Unfortunately, I am expecting damage to the trail system in the south around home with what it is forecast but I think the north trails will survived with some dozer work of course when it will all freeze back on Thursday. At this point it is just a guess and we need to wait after the rainy parade to know more. I suggest you to keep an eye here to see how the trail conditions going on: Bye! Alain