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  1. I edited yesterday a short video from the files I took on this ride to the Black Mountain in February. For the gray jays lovers...
  2. It's fabulous! you both lived the dream of many of us!!! I enjoyed your report/pics, it make me dream of the future for Kristine and me... I wish both of you a nice summer and good retirement continuation!
  3. The way you make your trip is unique and you mastered the reporting art to the next level... It make the perfect mach for epic entertaining reports! I enjoyed each of them, thanks for having bring us along with you on your aventures this winter. I will have pleasure to read them again in the wait of the off season... Kristine and me wish you a very good summer!
  4. Seems you had a very good trip up there! You have many great high quality shots in your pics 👍 I really enjoyed your report, thanks for having shared!
  5. Hi Chris! Yep, at least we had a great time together at our fall dinner 👍 I remember our conversation about your season expectation and even with this surprise shutdown you managed to do an exceptional sled season, a dream one in my book! Take care of yourself and especialy of your best half that love you enought to let you live your dream away from her during the cold season 💕 enjoy your summer and good luck in your future plans. It will be a pleasure to meet you again next season! Hi Snappy Hank! I definitely remark your trailer with the Iceman sticker, we have the same playground! Maybe our path have scrossed without even knowing? I'm just a bit above you as for season's mileage with 3760miles, not a big season for us but you know, it's more the smiles than the miles that matter and we had alot smiles. I just feel it hard to end the season the way it happened with still great snow cover to the ground... even that I know it is the right thing to do, I feel like I wasting something...🤒 My old girl (not Kristine 😂) haven't fail to bring us back home each time for a 6th season in a row, even getting over the 24K miles bar. I had care her good before each sled season and she gave it me back each winters. I was supposed to be in shopping mode but in the actual circumstances it may be delayed... Thanks for the good words and have a good summer too! We remark all those stickers! We had seen some that had been vandalized in LSJ area... I can't understand someone would spend time and energy to do that, this is beyond me 😕 Thanks for the good words !!!
  6. To avoid everybody to download the link, here's the content:
  7. FCMQ release a bulletin and suggest the snowmobiles clubs to close. "We are also strongly urging our clubs to close their trails and to cease grooming activities for this season." They have not the power to require them to close but in the actual context and the goverment recommendation I unfortunately would be surprise that the clubs continue to operate 😪 The press release here:
  8. You are welcome Cobra! The liberty we have when doing those trip is unbelievable, it's a real therapy. We had an incredibile great time 😍 Thank you Zeusand! the harder part for the video is the cut at editing... I had a full 60gig memory card from what I extract around 4,5gig and there is still more than 50gig of good stuff in there! The teepee was a nice different experience. The interior of my partner one had 2 simple beds on each side and the washroom at the rear with a kid bed on the 2nd stage. They only have 2 of them at Mont-Vilain but they have some large chalet also. I'm pretty proud at how good the vids can render the riding experience, too bad for the sound that at more than 25mph the wind just takeover the rest of the sounds. I should try one of these a kind mic muffler that would enable me to record the music of my Yamaha at speed... would probably sound pretty nice! thanks again for the good words You are welcome mccaffrey! I had never expect that we would be so impacted from this pandemia in our daily life, even before it was here! From what happen in other countries, no doubt we have to take this seriously.. hoping for the best! Ya it's better than nothing! after remote work on computer we have remote sledding! 😉 Thank you Pipeman, glad you enjoyed! Thank you mike! it's with practice that we get better and i'm pretty happy with the results I get now. It make incredibile vacation memories for us. I will watch them and revive my trip many many time and the best in that, I just pay for the first shot and all others are free!!! Thank you Jim & Gemma. I'm so glad this covid-19 have not showup a month before so it would have impact us both on our vacations... we have been lucky
  9. Not only Wemotaci but also Manawan closed their territory because of the Covid19
  10. Chris, Manawan is also closed because of the covid19 in addition to Wemotaci, plan your trip accordingly...
  11. Having already reached our 7th and last day of travel on Saturday March 7, 2020, we therefore had to try to return home near Joliette ... from Hébertville, It's a good run! For our friend snowcruiser it was around 225 miles to get home in Champlain sector and he had kindly offered us to sleep there if necessary so we had a plan B in bank but with the exceptionally nice conditions we had, leaving early Hébertville we were able to cover the 325miles during the day and arrive at our home a little past 7:00pm without forcing and we enjoyed this day to the maximum. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my camera memory card for the very last bit, but I still have a good big video for the day Here the last video summerizing day #7: Héberville/Joliette 325 miles Which concludes my ride report from our 2020 sled vacation. It was a first for me to make a detailed report on our annual vacation, it's a lot of work in video editing but it will make us outstanding memories of our trip for Kristine and me as well as our faithful riding partner Snowcruiser. Sorry for the long delay to complete. hoping you enjoyed the ride! Alain
  12. ****Day#6**** View from pavilion #1 on the St-Laurence river when going for breakfast in the morning ... We finally decided to bypass Quebec City for the return, so we reserved for the night at the Auberge du Presbytère in Hébertville! It is therefore northbound for the day on trail # 83 which is a beautiful trail pleasant to ride Here is a short video summarizing our day #6: la Malbaie/Héberville 160 miles overview of our room relaxing in front of the fireplace ... Last day to come soon ...
  13. **** Day#5**** When we pass near we always try to encourage the Pelchat, they do a lot for the snowmobile in the area. They have beautiful facilities, not super luxurious but well above average and all focused on service/functionality. The lounge where we had our included breakfast With view on the pool that we did not tried this time You can even buy snacks on the spot next to their breakfast bar which is very good Plan A was to cross at Tadoussac to follow #3 trail and then go up on #83 trail to spend the night at Ville de la Baie in Saguenay which was around 180miles but we suspected that in after storm trail conditions and with our tiredness of the previous day we should probably adjust our plan, which we had to do despite the fact that we had a lot more fresh groomed trails than we hoped for. What was groomed was extremely soft and the portion of #3 trail from Baie Ste-Catherine to the Charlevoix area is very narrow and winding and therefore we switched to plan B: sleep at la Malbaie Here a first video summerizing the first of day#5: Escoumins/la Malbaie 141 miles And the 2nd video for the 2nd half to La Malbaie The pavillons du petit manoir du Casino are obviously a little more luxurious and therefore more expensive. Only disappointment, unlike previous times, there was no shuttle available for supper at the Petit manoir du Casino, we had to take the snowmobiles. However, a shuttle was available on the next morning for the breakfast, but it was a bit unpleasant to have to travel to eat each time. Next time I will try to stay directly at the Petit Manoir which would be more convenient with all the services on site. Our room And spa relaxing in the evening even outside! Anecdote: we had a fireplace in our room corner and when we went to bed and turning off the lights we found the switch to turn it on and the lighting made an incredible atmosphere in the room so we left it on but we didn't think it was heating for real ... we woke up sweating in the middle of the night it must have been above 80F in the room !!! day # 6 to follow soon ...
  14. ***** day4***** Another gray day for us with mild weather and snow (fortunately the last gray day of the trip) but plan A which was to spend the day visiting the peaks of the Valins Mountains has become much less interesting by not having visibility. So go with plan B, we leave and go down to Les Escoumins to sleep via the Pelchat trail. The last time we did it was in 2003 or 2004 even before it was a federated trail so we were due for a refresh! Because of the sticky snow, impossible to film while riding in the morning but the snow was less sticky on the Valins mountains so I brought out the camera after lunch and cleaning the lens from time to time I could capture some good images. Here on #93 to Monts Valin #31 Auberge Here a short video summerizing day#4: Mont-Vilain(Lamarche)/Escoumins 180 miles Day 5 coming soon...under the sun!
  15. *****Day#3****** We started our day ride from Roberval and stopped at the Mont-Vilain outdoor center in Lamarche for the night via the 49e Parallèle trail. Being in the area of a good friend, I had wrote to him a couple day before that we would be in his part of the country and not having seen him since near 10 years, I was hoping that we could meet somewhere during my trip. Well, he came to have breakfast with us at Château Roberval on Tuesday morning ... on his 20" Bearcat, a near 100miles run to come to join us, he left home at 4:10 in the morning !!! this is a real one! He then accompanied us by sled all the day and we had supper with him and his wife who came to join us at Mont-Vilain after her work . Thank you very much Michel and Louise for having came with us, we had a real great time all together! The day was mostly cloudy but we also had some sunshine. Here is my video summarizing day #3: Roberval/Mont-Vilain, Lamarche 201 miles And for the night after Chateau Roberval, the Mont-Vilain teepee! I had booked the evening before and my wife was sure it was a canvas teepee with the closets outside ... she was angry at me!!! In the end it is very small but double bed, toilets and showers inside, warm and nice. We had a great night in there 4th day coming soon ...