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  1. towing

    Trail 345

    Yes Pipemaster, from those who ride there the map is now correct, but from and to Repos many will use the kanawata express way (road) even if we are not supposed to...
  2. Was one cold and sunny, I'm at planning a two day ride for the next weekend and seems it will be a cold and snowy! pretty much snow on the forecast... Thank you mrgrumpers ! should have some more to come... Yeah, at least with the interactive map, it can be updated now and those changes give us the chance to ride some new spots in our same area. Seems we will have a cold and snowy weekend so you will play in powder! There are big chances that I spend the saturday night at relais 22 if you are in the area... Thank you Carman! The beauty of the pics are really from my best half talent with her old camera. I will have to improvise if I want to post something from my next weekend ride because she won't be with me for this next one. I'm impressed myself too and it seems the next snow layer is already on the way! Thanks Grumpysanta, always nice to start from the backdoor! would be nice to meet you on the trail.
  3. Back to sledding for our first 2019 ride, the snow cover has improved and the trail network get pretty much completed in the south of the region while it is already well run further north. Being able to start from home we then improvise our ride that happened to be this in the end It was pretty cold yesterday, -21C blue jay day, top conditions to have beautiful trails. Here in the fields near home in Joliette direction To go toward St-Félix de Valois the trail configuration have been modified to pass nearer of Joliette city just behind Lapointe sport brp dealer. Here is a screen shot of the interactive map for this sector and I added in red dashed the old approximate route for Joliette (who is not there anymore) just to give you an idea of the change. On the interactive map the trail to St-Norbert is still in red today but I confirm that it was groomed yesterday, we passed there on our returnHere near Notre Dame de Lourdes where the old junction was in the past yearsWe then crossed St-Felix and continued north. The small club shack that was in the same place for years has been moved a hundred meters in the woods just behind where it was and the trail path rearranged a little differently but as before, left St-Jean de Matha and right St-Gabriel de Brandon snow condition is very good everywhere, here taking the old railway bed near St-Cléophas And here just behind St-Gabriel de Brandon city And here, riding up the big hill in St-DamienWe continued straight on #23 toward St-Zénon. Snow is obviously even better going norther, both on the ground and in the trees Another important change, the #350 coming from Koubec now arrives on the #23 five miles south of Real Massé instead of five miles north. We came back from this side in the afternoonThe interactive map has also been updated, the red trail showing the old closed route and the #350 trail in green below representing the realityWe continued through the #23, past Réal Massé ...we then turned left on the # 350 toward La Glacière. Another interesting change there, the trail instead of going through the big hills now pass by the old route of several years ago. Some may recognize this big gazebo left on the trail side Just infront, the magnificent auberge de la pourvoirie St-Zenon! I was so surprised to pass there that I had not even think to stop for lunch but by looking on they are really open. I put them on the bucket list for a next time... We continued just a little further to La GlaciereWhere we had already planned to stop for lunchAfter warming up with a good meal we continued on #63 trail toward St-Zénon village And then north of the village we continued toward Le CabanonThere was a small segment of an half mile that was really rought on this trail, We then know from the Cabanon that this is because the dozer is not able to climb one of the icy hill just before ... The new dozers with rubber tracks spin on the ice while the old Gilberts with steel bars tracks were able to climb up ... the club will have to find a solution. Otherwise the snow is really good in this area, impressive how it increased in the last month. We stopped to refuel the venture at Cabanon.And then took the #23 toward southWe then forked into the Mastigouche reserve still via #23 east The Mastigouche Reserve was one of the first places to ride this season and is still top notch. Here a picnic table buried under the snowWe then turned on the #345 south to go down toward Koubec. We just went into the yard and continued, there were many sledders there!We turned to continue the #345 and then switch on the #350 a little further continuing westit's here that the #350 route is changing this year. There is this indication and the trail turns to the left A brand new trail to discover in Zec des Nymphes, very panoramic on the first part. In fact this new trail sectiion has everything from great fast stretch to narrow zipper on the mountainside!We then ended up on the #23 trail five miles south of Real Massé where we already pass in the morning. We took it south and took a break a little further at the restaurant of the Pourvoirie St-Damien. We must have passed 100 times infront since all these years but we were never stopped. They are well installed, a beautiful fireplace inside with bar and dining room. It was a particularly cold day yesterday and the hot chocolate was really nice!We then continued south, here the setting sun just south of St-Gabriel de BrandonWe then continued on #63 trail to go toward St-Norbert. Here the sun lying behind us when crossing the # 347 road We then went through the local trail from St. Norbert/St-Elizabeth to St-Thomas which was closed in the morning. this trail had just been groomed during the day and had no time to harden so not very nicel but with a couple of days and a couple grooming pass it will be top shape. We finally got home around 5:15 pm with a little over 191 miles on the dreammeter. In the end a beautiful ride with very nice conditions overall but pretty cold despite the beautiful sun. The season is well started, the trail network is pretty much connected to travel between the regions, you can take a look here to have some more details of the areas you want to ride: the best of the sledding season is beginning. It's time to enjoy! Alain
  4. I read that there is a problem with the #63 between rouge-Mattawin and Rivière rouge in the section near La Macaza(north west mont-tremblant park). I'm not sure what is the bug or if it has been solve but search for it before going. It's Franc nord snowmobile club that groom this section, maybe them can answer. Have a good safe ride! Alain
  5. towing

    Do I even want to know ?

    from others report I got on facebook from those who had ride today some segments are pretty icy and miss snow. It was rideable with scratchers but as we can expected miss snow expecially south from Cabanon. someone wrote: don't expect 10/10 conditions but at least we can ride ok. Not all the trails were groomed today
  6. towing

    Do I even want to know ?

    I have more encouraging news on my side: finally this morning I checked the interactive map to try to figure the grooming and there was nothing updated 5:00 am so, having alot others things to do for christmas i choked and stayed home. around 10:00 am Lionel from La Glacière posted those 2 videos... regreted my decison! The dozers have begin to operate only this morning to let the time for the base to freeze. The snow cover still seems really good, and the trail bases doesn't seems to have suffered too much. I saw few facebook comments that pointed in the same direction as for the conditions: hard base, ok after groomer work. St-Michel snowmobile club is supposed to worked their trail also today and tonight. I saw a picture of trail damage by water in St-Donat but nothing bad in St-Zénon area. It seems the trails bases are good for an after thaw condition. It's what i have for the moment. Having miss this morning my last chance to ride this year, I have to go at work tomorroy and wait until 2019 for more riding so unfortunately, don't wait for a ridereport from myself for a couple weeks. I will do internet riding!!! Alain
  7. towing

    Do I even want to know ?

    We got hit pretty much, 36mm rain here at home and 21 mm in St-Zénon area. From the early reports I got the trail base is still in shape in the north, and dozers are supposed to begin to work tonight or tomorroy (it begin to freeze up there in the middle of today). Cabanon and St-Michel snowmobile clubs have both posted information telling this via their facebook pages, links here: On my side, I am on the edge to try it tomorroy or not... I will decide tomorroy morning. With the christmas partys and a family project we have, it is my last chance until 2019. If I go I will report as usual... Keep smiling, the season is young!!! Alain
  8. Thanks Chris! it was our 3rd one in the same spot, really good for mid december! yeah I'm too worry with the forecast for the end of the week,,, with a bit colder than preview it will would be just perfect but rain and mild temp are not what we want right now... anyway we have no choice, just keep our fingers crossed!
  9. thanks VTrider! They upgrade the catwalk!!! it's no more a challenge, it have been widen on the whole length and the skeeze at the west end have been completely eliminated. You are welcome hparaptor!Our area is handsome for the date, just hope for some more snow around to enlarge the trail network with connections toward the others areas
  10. On Saturday, December 15 Krikri and I once again started our ride from near the Lac Blanc outfitter in St-Alexis des Monts accompanied by Steph, Snowcruiser and his friend Michel. My first idea was to go exploring on the #23 east side but we had to adjust our plan and instead we had dinner at the St-Zénon village then in the afternoon made a loop between the Taureau dam and the Mattawin River Bridge and been back via #23 north toward our starting point, a total trip of 175miles. The interactive map has still not been updated but this time I started the tracking on my Inreach satellite beacon that generated me a gps track of my ride that I put on a snowmobile map to give you a real view of the current configuration in the Mastigouche reserve. I suggest you to keep this image as a reference. If anyone ever needed my .gpx track file you can contact me privately here or via facebook. Cloudy sky and very mild temperature (around the freezing point since the evening before)at start so expecting softer trail base for the ride The trees were still snow loaded and just lose a bit during the day with the mild weather. The trail was not just groomed (but ok) probably because of the mild weather and also the work overload for the club that ares still in branches cutting to open their other trails. Once on the #23 trail, we tried some exploration on the east side but we have not done a quarter mile, the trail is still full of fallen trees. I read today on the facebook site of the Mastigouche snowmobile club that they decided to use the big machinery to open the remaining trails not done yet... not easy this season. This is the#23 trail right in front in this pic and it's alot worst at many other places So we turned back and took the #23 in west direction which was perfect towards the middle of the reserve, we forked towards the south in Cabanon direction Just before arriving there is a miles along the plow road where the snow is dirty but it's not really bad We then switched toward the village of St-Zénon It is a more mountainous segment which was more bumpy but we met the dozer in it We went at the gaz station a little south of the village of St-Zénon also hoping to eat at the next door restaurant but the restaurant was closed. It is supposed to open within a few weeks, according to the gaz station clerk. So we came back a little and went at an other restaurant just at the south entrance of the St-Zénon village. After lunch we retraced our steps Pass the Cabanon And went to the Taureau reservoir dam We took a break there and then crossed the dam to do a loop via #360 trail up to the #345 junction that we took toward south to cross the river by the bridge rear view We then rode down to the #23 junction where we took another break then taking the #23 east which is further north this year, on the #31 road of the reserve We then joined the morning path a little further and continued toward our trailers. Here taking the #350 trail at Gaston We were back to the trailer around 5:30 pm with 175 miles on the dreammeter. The trails suffered a bit of the mild weather but kept better than expected, a very nice ride overall. The clubs continue to work hard to open the trails, the wood transport was ended on the 15 dec on the #360 toward Marineau so the trail network will continue to expand in the next day. Take a look here for the last new: :bc: Alain
  11. Seems they will have a gate with gardians at each end of the 18 miles trail and you will have to pay the national park daily fee that is $8,60/person/day to enter may have more details in the next days it's not in Mont-Tremblant area which is in Laurentides but in park of Mont Tremblant in Lanaudiere, the Caribou trail will link the north est of St-Donat toward St-Michel des Saint
  12. towing

    towing's 2nd ride video

    For the pics and video lover we are, were like kids in a candy factory with such outstanding conditions!!! you are welcome Jim Thank you schooter, at the rate the conditions shape up you will certainly have a blast in the new year! Not to twist the knife in the wound but it was ever better in real that the video can reflect!!! You are welcome sled dog You were a bit ahead us, we start our ride near the Lac blanc on St-Alexis des Monts side a bit past 9:00. Yes pretty chilly, the best weather for the real one sledders to be on trails!!!
  13. Lucky we are to be able to enjoy those conditions, more west not enought snow and more east burried under fallen trees and branches! You are welcome grumpysanta! Glad to read you were in the area to enjoy those outstanding conditions. I figure we can't always have this lucky timing we got 2 years ago in La Vérendrye park !!! hoping to meet you again on the trails.
  14. towing

    Trees and lots of them

    The mauricie have been hit real hard in the 2 last week, when too much snow is worst than too little... the spot I had ride is just on the edge of this. With time nothing impossible but it will certainly take few weeks to completely pass through this Thank you to all the people that work at clearing those trail path
  15. Denis will update you on the opened trails but on my side I really suggest you to go having a meal at pourvoirie du Lac Blanc on the east and another day to the repos on the north west. Conditions are exceptionnaly good for the date this year, in the best we got. Snow amount ar bigger when going toward east but not all trails ready in St-Alexis des monts Alain