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  1. Yep it's right, the collected money goes to the sepac (park administration). It's not a big deal to pay $8,60 to cross the Mont-tremblant Park but I exactely know where it can lead us in a couple years. The Atv summer users had live with this problem for years before. By example doing an atv ride Shawinigan/LaTuque round trip on 2 days was $54 just in Zec acces fees. Their federation FQCQ had work hard and negotiated an agreement with the Zec to autorise Fqcq members to pass on federate trails on the Zecs without having to pay zec fees. This agreement is new from 2 years ago and have been renew again this season but no garanties it will next years... Anyway for the park we will need to wait at fall to know what will happen for the next season... If St-Faustin/Mt-Tremblant(city) new trail is done, not sure the park will be reopened.
  2. Yes there was a green collection box at both park entrance each ends and you should put you payment in an envelop, keep the receipt that was attached to this envelop before dropping it in the green box. If you got ckecked in the park, you need to show your receipt and the agent take the number on it with your personal information and later they verify with the receipt number if your envelop contain the payment... if not, a fine is sent to you by mail. It is a similar process already used for ZEC acces( Z.E.C.= (controlled harvesting zones) ) in the summer for all users(car/atv/motorcycles...) that acces them outside cashier opening hours or by some gates without cashier. Those same ZEC that we travel for free in winter and there are many in Lanaudière that the trail network pass on: Zec des Nymphes, Zec Lavigne, Zec Chapeau de Paille just to name few and they are all independent one from the other... this is also why it's worrysome to see some park organisation starting to bill us for passing in winter, not good at all.
  3. You are welcome actionjack! with the forecast ahead for the easter weekend, I really think it'was the last one this season. I just watch the video I took on this ride and I have some insanely good footage in there!!! I will certainely have something to post before the next one ride! It was a perfect spring ride on a blue jay day, can't ask for better! It's two season in a row that I do some late april riding, was on the 21 last year! I tried to change Kristine's camera this season with deceiving results, we finally came back to the small sony 4,1MP from 2005 that do 3 to 6000 pics/seasons since we bought it and haven't completely failed yet. I will need to do better shopping for her for the next season... The Venture end up at 20577 miles which let me just a correct gap for riding it an other season. I usually keep my sleds 25000 miles/40000kms which we were doing in 5 seasons on past sleds but will be in 6 on this one... we are getting old!
  4. I wish I would have more loose time ahead. I have next Friday/Saturday/Sunday but have a family activity on Saturday evening that cut a bit the options... As for snow depth we got spoiled pretty much in all the province, this year will stay in our memory for that. Haha! you are welcome Playhard! I also have some great video file from this ride, more fun to come! Thanks Snowmaster2112, I'm still on sledding beat. We just begin to see some grass spot here and there at home since yesterday, but I think it will change fast in the 2 next week. We had one of the best/longer season we could have but I can't believe we are already at the end... I'm not ready to put the summer tires on the venture yet! I agree that a white sprayed scenery in crispy cold temps is hard to beat! But a blue jay day is always winner for me, all year long! Thanks grumpysanta! You have the best bunch of pics poster on a forum here, you won't find better on an other forum!
  5. With the new snow fallen during this last week, we went for another last ride with our friend Luc yesterday, April 13, 2019 in Lanaudière On this exceptionally snowy season the trails of northern Lanaudière were still surprisingly good, here on #23 trail south of Cabanon The temperature was very mild since a few days, no freezing during the night so we got very soft trail. Here passing at Cabanon in the morning We left in dam direction. The whole reservoir loop had been groomed during the week! The conditions were nice for an April 13th but very good from the dam trail junction(on the # 345) and for all the reservoir loop up to St-Michel des Saints It's not visible on the pictures but it was so windy there that I had hard time to stay still the time of the pic, I almost went with the wind! The #360 around the reservoir was candy to ride, just superb. We did very good tempo on this stretch... The reservoir is always impressive to see once emptied ... I read from a buddy that the emptied reservoir shortcut was still ok on Friday, so with the good visibility we had, we tested our luck despite the wet conditions It was not for the fearful ones, alot of surface water on the ice. It looks worse than it realy was because even if there was water, we ride on ice already leaning on the bottom of the reservoir on more than 90% of the way but the rivers(yes there are rivers in there) where worrisome. I would suggest every body to go around by the trail, I personally would not do it again this season! Luc learned the risks associated by following us too closely ... he arrived on the shore a little wet! We arrived for lunch at the Central in St-Michel around 12:15 After a good lunch and a great talk with Luc we headed south on #63. The strong sunshine combined with good winds at 10C made the trails tender and juicy ! Without surprises, we found some dirt spots near St-Michel village on the larges south-facing hills But a little further it was still very snowy Back in the Cabanon courtyard, we could see how much it had melted compared to the morning pic We switched into the Mastigouche Reserve on trail #345 to loop back. As I expected beautiful conditions, very snowy ,almost no traffic and not a single bump Among the best conditions of the day. We also saw some fresh moose tracks on the trail. A nice spring ride for us at its best! We stopped a few minutes at Koubec (which was closed) And we came back on #350 trail which was also in very good condition In sum a beautiful spring ride of 170miles for the three of us. With the reservoir loop groomed during the week, it was definitely a record in the area to ride recently groomed trails on a April 13th. A big thank you to the clubs involved! It could close our season with 4830 miles on the venture dreameter...unless Kristine twist my arm for another last one somewhere !!! Alain
  6. Happy belated birthday Jean-Guy! Enjoy your off-grooming season and thank you so much for all the outstanding pics you share all year long 🏆🏆🏆 Alain
  7. For information, St-Michel des Saints snowmobile club change their mind and went back in the trail, they groom tonight for the week-end! they just announced it on their facebook page and removed the closed message. Winter continue!!! updated here as well
  8. For sure impressive mileage will lead to very impressive expenses, it's a fact. You know many people outside snowmobile world would tell the exact samething when looking at your own sledding bill that you tell when looking at his!!! But each own situation is very different and personnaly, I admire those that fully follow their passions and push the boundaries of what we would think possible... even if my own situation is different and it would not be my goal. I Like in the expression "they don't know it was impossible... so they did it!!!" like smclelan wrote, imagine the sledding knowledge this guy have!
  9. And even more interesting:
  10. Just found out great information on him. For CnC, he have a wife...that ride with him!! and a kind of job...take a look here:
  11. A dealer of Dolbeau post this yesterday... Congratulations to our loyal customer for more than 20 years in New York State, Mr. Jamison who has reached 20,000 miles (32187km) in one season with his Enduro 900 Turbo We were the 1st april, no odometer pics... looks like a joke at first. 20 000 miles already done since the beginning of the season! it's some serious milage!!! But with a bit of search the odometer pop up and this name really seems to link with an high miler guy... seems credible. Can't believe nobody know him on here??? from the post on FaceBook the dealer post this in answer to a disbeleiver poster: Chris Kline: I am sitting with him with right now in my office. I sell him a new sled every year. To answer your question he rode 96 days with an average of 211 miles a day. He used 4,367 liters of fuel. So doubt away. I have seen his sleds with 17,000 miles plus in prior years.
  12. You got just the perfect timing!!! They got pretty much freezing rain in St-Michel des Saints area. Somes peoples were in power outage for more than 24hrs... many trees/branches down. St-Michel snowmobile club announce today that they won't groom anymore this give them a bad slap. Too bad, a bit norther they received it all in snow for more than a foot of new stuff Repos/Manawan/cents lacs and it is not an april fool 😄
  13. no, no we are not addicted!!! 😁 You are welcome Jim! Hahaha yes for he gopro! it have been in fact a real torture test and my set-up is not ready for those conditions, it freeze up/snow-ice and fog in the lens! in final no real good output. I will continu to work on the set-up!!! Thanks Chris! Not much traffic for sure, the weather had scared some(like me at first). There also was a sled drag event on the Taureau Lake Saturday that had attract many sledders. As for the trucks in the Cabanon yard, hard to tell but I extract those 2 pics from my camera video...there was some... As Playhard wrote me lately: "So close, but no Cigar!" Maybe we will be more lucky next time! seems you did a real nice big ride in very good company, even it cost money it is priceless...
  14. Here is the ride Kristine and I made yesterday Saturday, March 30, 2019 On friday night the weather forecast was really bad announcing a mix of snow ice/rain even for the north of our area from the beginning of the afternoon Saturday, so we canceled our sled ride plans and decided to stay at home. Having nothing on plans for early saturday we had gone to bed late after midnight, and on Saturday morning, looking at the forecast, the weather cocktail was delayed to the end of the afternoon to 4or 5 pm ... Ok change plans again, hook on the trailer and go to St-Zenon! We managed to hit the trail around 9:45 It started to snow just as we started our ride. Freshly groomed trails from the beginning, not brought back perfect but it ride very well. We passed by the Cabanon The #345 trail was beautiful up to the intersection with the #23 east toward the Mastigouche reserve. Then pretty bumby up to the junction to the Dam that we took. The trails after this point were all nice with only few bumps in some curves here and there Sorry for the white spots in the pics, we had forgotten to turn off the camera flash that reflects on the falling snow flakes... it gives some style! The Taureau reservoir is already lowered to its lowest, ready to receive spring water. Water goes near the base of trees at its summer level The #360 was nice and fast as usual And the river's views are even nice under this snowy weather We arrived for lunch at Marineau around 12:45 with 102 miles on the dreammeter. Learned today that we just missed a part of the 6 amigos crew by just few minutes...too bad it would have been so nice to meet them completely unplanned over the trail, sometimes the world is really small!!! . After a very good meal, we left and retraced our steps up to the M20 trail that we took to loop on The M20 was beautiful, as nice as usual to do. There was already about 4-5 inches of new snow over the trail and it was snowing hard some moments At the end of the M20 we took the #345 trail toward St-Zénon And then went back on the #360 as on our morning path It was starting to fall something other than snow that was begin to freeze in my windshield Halfway on the #345 the rain became more present. It must have been very close to the freezing point because it was freezing on the sled but my heated visor was ok, just had to wipe it every 10 seconds! We did a last refuel at Le Cabanon and passed through #63 trail (village of St-Zenon) to return to La Glacière. Apart from the very bigs hills that were deep bumpy, the rest was nice Here we see the ice in the branches and the clouds hitting the mountain We got back to the trailer around 5:40 PM with 220miles on the dreammeter Very happy with our ride but a little wet and icy! The Venture pass the 20 000miles mark during this ride, still running strong! Grumpy Santa asked on my last report what would be the next one ? no decision taken yet other than the venture should be strong enough to give me one more season... as for new touring sled choices, not much options other than taking a turbo or not! [/URL] So we were really happy with our final decision to having went for it, despite the not perfect weather because at this time of the season the remaining riding opportunities are on the low side... In summary still a lot of snow in the area but we board in April tomorrow ... some clubs will close, some others will leave the signs in place but stop grooming: in sum we really arrive at the end of the season. It will still be possible for die hard one to do some miles but you will need to do your homework before leaving because it can change quickly depending on the weather. The snowmobile country trail conditions site is always a good place to have last informations on snowmobile clubs: happy season's ending! Alain
  15. OH!!!! wasn't knowing I was so near to meet you gang!!! 😲 We arrived there around 12:50, very sorry to have miss you. We had at first cancelled our saturdays plans on friday evening because of the wheather forecast and kick back in on saturday morning, a bit late. We hit the trail from La Glaciere around 9:45... We should not look at wheather forecast!!! 😄 It was very nice to virtually following you gang on this long trip through your pictures and write up. happy season ending!