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  1. announced the official trail opening today in St-Zénon /St-MIchel area. You can take a look at what will be groomed on the link below. Also you can click the small red "see on map" link to have a quick visual of opened trails I suggest you to check the link often because it may expand on St-Michel side soon... Look very good for christmas Holidays!!!
  2. Job done... Let it snow...
  3. Where is this?

    Looks like the Pourvoirie Pignon Rouge Mokocan Never went there but heard just good things about them and it is a beautiful auberge for sure. Alain
  4. St-Donat are actually at installing a new observation tower on the Black Mountain summit, great add-on for this already great spot Alain
  5. 2016-7 season picture ride-report compilation

    Thanks, wish you a great season too! As for the first ride, we had hit groomed trail as soon as the 30 november a few time in the last 15 years but it's the earlier we did. Mid december for the first run is an average for us. This season the last 2 weeks have been pretty cold, unfortunately raining ay home right now but not sure in St-Zénon who are just at the freezing point now... They had already few inches of snow since 2 weeks that had not melted yet. So the temperature trend seems promising up to now, hoping for more white gold soon! Alain
  6. As usual I put together a compilation of the links to the ride reports I made last season. 10 ride reports of 11 sledding days containing more than 380pics tooks mainly in Lanaudiere, Mauricie and Haute-Mauricie. From 18 December 2016 to 27march 2017. It can be a nice teaser for this next one season that may start soon, mother nature seems to cooperate up to date! Alain And if you are looking for more
  7. another one! Few minutes of the first part of our last ride , between home and the St-Maurice river Alain
  8. Hi there! Here a short GoPro video on the St-Maurice river last Saturday, enjoy!
  9. With the colder than average week we had the trail conditions kept up fairly well so we could still leave from home in St-Thomas. Kristine being in shape, we decided to go with a good big classic for us: the big south/north loop Lanaudière / Mauricie Saturday morning, -7C under a clearing sky, we begin our ride near my home in St Thomas de Joliette accompanied by our usual partners Steph and Snowcruiser. Here at planing our day before getting on saddle at 8:45 Here near my home on trail # 43 a couple inches of new snow had fallen overnight, like ice on the cake just perfect It makes up all the decor in white, including also the small wear out spots and the roadsides making it all beautiful We begin with the same basic route as our last ride by joining the # 3 trail eastbound. Here in the Maskinongé sector A chance that we have this bridge because this river there thaw quickly, already at clear water while most of the others are still solid We took our shortcuts like last week via trails #63/350 and local trail and took back here #63 near St-Barnabé. The trails are beautiful and very fast going forward on #3 trail towards St-Étienne des Grès We crossed the St-Maurice river here at the Gabelle dam height which is seen in the background We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the trails to the east of St-Maurice going up towards Grand-Mère, everything was freshly groomed Getting here on the St-Maurice river Very nice no bumps Nice pic of Steph at trail speed Snowcruiser and the beautiful scenery of the St-Maurice river Was wondering if it would lacked snow but even at a very good pace the lubrication was very good Here near the end of the 20 miles segment on the river After getting back on the shore there were a few hundred meters uncovered along the #155 road, then very beautiful Up to our dinner destination at l'auberge Marineau at Mattawin River. We arrived a bit past 12:15 with a little more than 125 miles done since the morning, we had kept a good pace!!! We met Dreamcat and Frencher from CMIQ french forum with whom we talk a bit and had a great meal as usual there. back on saddle after the meal, we cross the St-Maurice river by the car's bridge It come with the spring rides, a few meters of poop and then hundreds miles of perfect trails The flow of the river is still high for an end of March The # 360 is simply perfect and it is at a very good pace that we rode along the Mattawin River It was the kind of perfect conditions that we dream of during summer ... We stopped for a small break at the 4-40 rest area. The pile of snow in the center is a picnic table! You can also see a charcoal lid in front of the trees at left, the charcoal is under! There is snow there for a while Point of view of the rapids on the Mattawin River, a very nice spot. We then continued For this picture my Kristine has sent her arm back and blindly clicked, I straightened the picture a little but not bad for a pic back without seeing anything at trail speed! Here arriving at the bridge of the Mattawin River on the # 345 Always a nice place to take a break, the view is beautiful We rode the #345 towards St-Zénon Trail was still in very good condition We stopped to make a last fuel up at l'Auberge le Cabanon The #23 south had suffered a bit, but I know the dozers were in action in this area Further on, the #23 to Réal Massé was closed (auberge closed) and the trail is diverted a little further east on the #350 via a shortcut (orange trail on the map). This link was less good When we got back on the section groomed by St-Gabriel on the #23, it came back perfect 10/10 We took a short break at the small hut on the top of the hill in St-Damien Then continued to St-Gabriel We began to see some lean spots to the south of St-Gabriel but still well overall We then split at that junction, Steph who wanted to directly get back home went straight to pick up the morning path in St-Norbert, while Snowcruiser and us who wanted to take a light supper break passed by St-Felix de Valois to make a pit stop at Tim Hortons. All the fields were perfects We finally been back home at 7:20 pm with 273 miles on the deammeter. This ride was among our best of this winter: beautiful trails, perfect temperature and well accompanied as always. On the other hand I'm forced to admit that with the temperature forecasted for the next week and the date we are at, it was the last call for the trails of the south. For the north they have enough snow to continue to maintained that area provided that the temperatures allow grooming still. For the rest I would advise you to take a look here to know more about the maintenance and the opening of the clubs: Snowmobile trails conditions Lanaudière Mauricie - Snowmobile Country in Quebec (Maps, Trails and Snow conditions) - Tourisme Lanaudière We certainly have some more rides ahead but we will surely need the trailer for the next ... Alain
  10. Thank you guys! Finally the trails have hold pretty good this week and we will still be able to start from my backdoor tomorrow morning!!!
  11. There's a big difference in snow between the two shores of the St-Lawrence river at our height, the difference diminish as you go toward Quebec city. At my height the Monteregie area on the south shore is up and down for their snow, many times they just have few ridable weeks a season. The thaws always hit them harder, but sometimes they hit the jackpot like the last snow storm last week that left in the 40-50cms of snow one shot on them! unfortunately some kind of too much too late for them at this time of the season. Krikri was still fresh on sunday after her saturday run and the temperatures and forecasts are ok so definitely few more rides ahead... stay tuned
  12. Krikri health getting even better, we decided to repeat the last weekend experience but my lady asked for a longer ride than the last one. Given the beautiful conditions left by the last snow storm , I chose for her a ride path more souther that would look more like a big lazy-boy ride than a work-out in the twisties. So here's the easy mileage path we had done: Nice sunny day -16C at start, our partner Steph joined us at the St-Thomas gaz station and we left on #43 trail east We joined #3 trail and headed east towards Berthierville. Although the interactive map did not indicate it with the grooming delay option, the trails had been groomed after the last storm. Bug with the groomer's gps ??? With the high winds it did not left big amounts of snow in the trails, just what it needed to have perfect conditions Those 2 have followed us all day! The temperature slowly warms up with the strong March sunshine Here the section maintained by St-Barthelemy club, freshly groomed impeccable. We saw the dozer that was moving but the grooming job had already been done long before because the trail was already very solid. My yammy had purring on these beautiful fast trails At Louiseville height, Instead of riding the #3 trail which passes very south or the #63 passing farther north through Charette we took the #350 + a local trail that makes us sting through the other 2 options that is more direct with many fields and the biggest curves are those there: We joined Snowcruiser close to St-Barnabé. He had started from his area in Champlain by sled and we met within one mile from what we had estimated the day before on the phone when we had planned to get together!!! We then had continued the ride towards the east with our 2 partners Here back on the #3 trail in Ste-Étienne des Grès direction Here the #3 trail going to the Gabelle dam over the St-Maurice river. They had modify the trail path here last year, much better than before. We crossed the dozer here on the #3 grooming this section that was needed it. Unfortunately the effect of grooming the new snow during day at soft temperature is limited ... it doesn't lasts long. We dropped the #3 to take #351 trail, passed the Relais de la Station and looped back on the #3 at St-Stanislas. Here on the river just before St-Stanislas Steph and his nice 850 We took back #3 trail, passed La Cabane a Roger(closed now) and took a local trail to reach the #351 east that ride along #40 car highway . Here crossing the Sainte-Anne big river on the #351. To my surprise, the dozer groom on it! We had continued on the #351 which become the #3 trail farther Up to the junction with #302 that we took south to go eat at the Normandin restaurant along #40 Highway . We had a great meal and talk together After dinner we lined up our skis in the opposite direction ... But this time kept the #302 to take the #3 westward at the height of St-Casimir. Last storm traces Here on #3 trail on an old railroad bed We met this one just before going crossing back the Cabane a Roger. Here still on the #3 getting on the river in St-Stanislas We took a break just before St-Narcisse at the junction of a local trail that lead back to Champlain. It was then time for Snowcruiser to take this last option to go home ... While Steph and us continued on the #3 westward The trails were a bit rough until the crossing of the St-Maurice river but really nice thereafter. Here the highway trail in the Ste-Ursules sector And here on the #3 in Maskinongé sector We crossed this Dozer in St-Barthélemy area And with the daylight change we can enjoy our days longer, here the sunset around 6:45 pm We followed #3 trail up to St-Cuthbert where we took a the local trail through St-Norbert We had loop back on the #43 near Joliette and finally returned home at 7:15 pm with a total of 263 easy miles on the dreammeter. Force to admit that the season is already well advanced, from here things can change more quickly but the forecast are pretty good to date, if the temperatures maintained as forecast we could perhaps being able to still ride the south of our area and i may be able to still start from home. Of course, all the norther area like St-Zénon are even better and not at risk yet. All report I had seen quoted perfect conditions this last weekend, so season still going on! Alain
  13. Thanks Gt Rider, things are going better end better! she have to take care but she seems to recover pretty well!
  14. Thank you very much boys for your good words. Krikri is slowly getting better and this last ride boost up her moral so we will be able to repeat this next weekend and with the last snowstorm we will be able to start from the backdoor and ride directly from home. Life is good!
  15. My Krikri had her last ride exactly one month ago and then got knocked out by a pneumonia. She now feel much better but obviously she's not completely reestablished. She had already started working again (too early in my opinion) and she had request to ride. So accompanied by our partner Snowcruiser, we did a relax ride (much smaller than usual) with late start and early return. The Mastigouche wildlife reserve that we had not yet ride this season was just perfect for that purpose. Here is the path we travelled: Sunday morning -17C under a cloudy sky, starting from the highschool of St-Gabriel de Brandon a little before 10:00 am Viewpoint from the Belvedere just north of the village. Trail #23 just north of St-Gabriel, not alot loose stuff but it ride well. Fields in St-Damien de Brandon direction Once a few miles up in the mountain the trail conditions are even better, less icy Beautiful fast trail We passed Réal Massé And took #350 trail north-east We arrive at the beautiful outfitter Centennial Koubec at around 11:30 to have our lunch You know you're in a real snowmobile spot when the entrance mat is a snowmobile track! The magnificent big double fireplace , they could make fire at the back too. We do not often see fireplace like that. The outside view from the dining room After lunch we took #350 trail north-east And join the #23 trail in the heart of the Mastigouche reserve that we took west towards St-Zénon The clouds had dissipated and with the sun it was really beautiful Very nice trail And very fast There is not much people passing there, yet one of the most beautiful spot to ride . We reach the #345 trail north from the Cabanon and then went south We took here at the Auberge Le Cabanon a little hot chocolate break as well as our fill-up of the day. We then took trail #23 south Still alot snow in this area And very solid trails that are not wear out even at the end of the day Sunday We recrossed Réal Massé pourvoirie. We had not stopped but I have been told by other snowmobilers that it was their last weekend of operation. It is very likely because it is their usual way of doing in past years: They close in the 2nd week of March, snow or not, and take a vacation time before the beginning of the fishing season. It's not bad, given the traffic that begin to reduce on that date, it gives a chance to other service providers that continue to be more profitable. We went down on the #23 trail which had stay very nicel. Here, going down the big hill in St-Damien And in the fields before St-Gabriel We returned to the trailer at 5pm with 140miles on the dreammeter. My Krikri thought it was a bit short but I think it was just right under the circumstances. We are in the snowstorm right now Tuesday evening and already have good snow to the ground so it will revive the trails around home and add some cream on the north trails that were already nice. Most important, temperatures will remain cold for several more days/week to encourage our clubs to continue to groom the trails. Already mid-March, it's now or never the time to enjoy it Alain