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  1. If you rent a cabin you will certainly having food for supper, the note was for lunch takeout at noon 👍
  2. Hi sledfarmer! when I passed there (at Repos) on March 5, it was indicated that they were stopping the takeout food on the Sunday March 14. Also on the #33 just before the Manawan(on west side), expect a rought 1,5 or 2 miles because of a plowed road section for logging operation. The rest was perfect. Have a safe ride and enjoy!
  3. I was knowing this popular furry friend would make few of you smile... I note your recommendation Gemma, it would certainly be very confortable. Kristine was reluctant to be "wired" to the sled in the past, she got traumatized seing her sister (many years ago when we ride with her) having 4 wires tying her on her boyfriend sled backseat. We get older and she finally accept the heated vest 4 years ago, the heated gloves the next year and she would not ride again without them now. I add this season the electric visor (an other wire!) and she appreciate too. Maybe I will be able to add the socks next year! We were usually using hotpads in the boots for the colder days. The brand "Hothands" 2"x3" individual pads rated 18hours are very efficient and really last the whole day( they are usually still warm after 24hours!) in contrary as the regular hotpads that are rated 8 hours and last 4! The vest and glove Kristine is using are the brand "venture heat" without wired control box, but the vest have an integrated 3 heat setting managable from a small unwired remote control that Kristine keep in her mitts. Im pretty sure it is possible to add on some insole or pants to the system But I'm a bit worried to overload the sled electrical system. it's hard to know exactly the power amount available after all sled's features took their part... i'm pretty sure the 'broiling" double heated seat probably take a good toll on it!
  4. Day#3 -18C We had a good run ahead (which turned out to be 250miles) to get home but had a nice trail path to do it. Starting from Mekoos, we would took back the #53 north to # 33 east to fuelup at Repos and continue to St-Zenon via #345 / dam and #23 for the last part. Here is a first video between the Meekos and the Pourvoirie du Lac Repos. It is obviously mostly wooded area but a lot of beautiful large wide strech with good visibility, very pleasant to ride. We took a mini hot take-out to warm up a bit at Repos but eating outside at -15C is not ideal for warming up .. no big deal we are made strong! This guy was the only one at the Repos bar... from there we took the #345 and went down south. With the cold the trails were all nice here is a sample of this between the Repos and the Cabanon South of St-Gabriel de Brandon, the trail parts in the woods were brownish. I don't think we will go far in march with those sections We finally arrived home around 5:15 pm which completed our 3 day ride with 606miles for the short trip. The grand touring had passed its first test! Alain
  5. I'm used to clean the tunnel with my last yammies, ideally at the end of the day or in the morning but having to do it during the ride seems heavy for me! Thank you Chris! I hope too!!! As for my old girl (not Kristine 😜) I still have it home. I will sell it but need to put back the original rear skid in (brand new 0 miles) the original ripsaw (around 10k)and a final checkup. and i'm not sure I will find the time to do this fast enought to sell it at spring. Usually I buy at spring and sell at fall. I have bought my new skidoo from an owner (not a dealer) so no trade in possible but a dealer would just give peanuts for a such mileage machine, better sell it myself(what i did with my last yammies) The used sled market is still high actually but had begin to fall a bit and will fall even more in the next weeks. If I had sell it last week It would have gone around $4200/4500 probably. Thank you GT Rider! It's part of the fun to fine-tune/customize and adjust, it give even better distinctive machines suit for us. So I have some fun ahead! the last day ride report follow in few minutes...
  6. The world is small we crossed you and Caro twice around the Taureau lake yesterday, we were doing the loop reverse as you from Pourvoirie du Lac-Blanc where Snowcruiser and me dropped the sleds from the trailers. We first crossed you between the #33 junction and the road side section on the west side of the lake and then on the #345 middle way between the dam and the Cabanon. No chances you would reconized me with my new ride but even I had not noticed your stickers, the lights on your apex are very distinctive+ on a blue and a white/red yammy I had highly doubt is was you. Don't worry, all your group was perfectly on their side of the trail!👍 Glad you had the chance to enjoy those good trail conditions. in contrary of other years, it's the souther trails that turned to junk at the end of the saturdays and the north trails hold pretty well, way batter than south...Curfew/covid effect... all is different this year! thanks for the pics report 😍
  7. Thank you Iceman! We are not made to change sled often, we are very picky on some details but yes we will get it right for us 👍👍👍
  8. Thanks you for the wishes PLAYHARD! I have to put in context that we were riding a pretty much aftermarket's modified beast, fine tune over many years so it was not realistic to hope to have a new toy better just out of the box. One of the first Kristine's comment was the suspension feels like the Boivin when it was packed full of snow! 😂 I was already knowing we would lose with any stock touring sled on this point, i had choose the one I think would be the best There are plus and minus but I would tell from the Queen's trone, other than the ride being less smooth when the trail is rough, the position is nice for her but she is seated lower compared to me so the front view is not as good but it's ok. The non-adjustable backrest had a weird angle way too straight and the top was trying to skeeze under her scapula so I already modify it by pushing the lower part a big inch front giving a more natural angle which she is very pleased now. The footrest give her a better grip but are colder than the yammy one. A new to her feature she now love is the heated seat! just too bad it have just one setting: broil! even Kristine is not able to keep it on even at -20C. We highly consider bringing bacon and eggs and use it to cook for our outdoor lunches! 🤣 The last thaw have been hard on the south trails here especially in the wood sections that are brown as well as yours. The weather forecast I saw for the next week are not good at all, we will wait and see but it smell the end for the south trails As for the sled from my point, also plus and minus. Other than what I already mentioned the 900 ace engine is handsome, enough powerful for our needs and easier on gaz which give us better fuel range. The darting was bad in many trail condition/air shock setting but I just put a set of snowtracker which lighten the steering and enable one hand precise driving live my yammys, very happy with the result. A thing a would think would be behind with a brp is the ice in the tunnel...wrong! it is even worse to the point it interfere with the track travel and make endless grooling noise in very cold wheather. Those G4 seems to be bad ice makers. The driving position is very different but I wil get used to it. Wind protection is not as good but the heated grips and thumb are very powerfull and the heated seat is a bonus. The cluster is handsome and having the option to play with the air shock on the flag is nice. I think I have a great base in the hands to customize. It's different DNA with their quality and flaw, I'm pretty sure we will be very happy with it with some improvements
  9. Ok 2nd day March 3, 2021 Starting from Mont-Laurier after a good outdoor breakfast at Tim's We headed west on #63 trail to get on the #322 and ride on the Baskatong reservoir. Fortunately it had snowed a bit overnight because there is a long plowed road section at the start of #322 Here is a first video which summarizes this section. For best viewing, turn on the sound and crank the player's quality to 1080p on the big screen. Then we did the local trails in the Devil Mountain Regional Park. Here to start, the tower's mountain and the Devil's mountain views We then went for an outdoor lunch at Windigo Falls. It had been several years since I had been there and I was a bit disappointed to see that we could no longer approach the fall site by sled. We have to park and walk a 700-800 feet to get at the base of the falls but the walk is well worth it! I also climbed up and went up the river a bit to capture some nice images We then headed east on #322 trail through Chutes St-Philippe and passed the #53 trail to take a local trail toward north that took us to the Kiamika dam. We then joined back the #53 to our night destination We ended the day with 154miles and we heated the wood stove in the evening in a chalet at Mekoos day#3 to follow...
  10. Here the path of our small annual trip 2021 Day#1: Joliette/Mont-Laurier by #63+petit train du nord trail Day#2: Mont-Laurier/Mekoos passing on the Baskatong reservoir+Devil's mountain attractions and the Kiamika dam east from Chutes St-Phillipes Day#3 Mekoos/Joliette by the north on #33/#345 trails and St-Zénon #23 trail It was also a ride to try our new snow toy that I had just bought: a BRP Grand Touring limited 900ACE 2020 slightly used at 1700miles After several Polaris and Yamaha, this is my first Ski-doo. It have huge shoes to fill because my last Venture modified to my need/taste was pretty much the "Ultimate touring machine" for Kristine and me. I appreciated it so much that I kept it 2 years longer than the usual 5 years but now, exceeding 25 000miles with the AD Boivin (rear suspension) which exceeds 40000 miles and which is no more manufacturated since 12 years ago, I had to turn to another option and I try my luck on this one. So Tuesday morning (March2) was a start for our small trip. All just refreezed night before after Sunday/Monday thaw and not all the snowmobile clubs had regroomed. Scratchers were mandatory to ride in the south but was more snowy toward north. Here near the Domaine Bazinet outfitter We refueled at Coin Lavigne, it was pretty cold at -17C on their thermometer with a strong wind. We took the #33 trail north-west Here near the closed cafeteria The #63 trail was handsome, especially the half groomed by the St-Michel des Saints snowmobile club. We ate our lunch between La Macaza and Riviere Rouge on the edge of the trail in a wooded area to be sheltered from the wind and a happy coincidence wanted our friend Luc who was also passing there had recognized us and stopped with his friend Gilles talking to us a few minutes. After filling up in Rivière-Rouge we took le petit train du nord trail toward north (still #63) And arrived at the Quality Inn in Mont-Laurier around 4:30 pm with 202 miles on the dreameter I was not able to film that day, I first thought it was because of the cold, but it was ultimately a wire on the power supply that was faulty. I corrected that and shot some great scenes on the next 2 days. I will bring you these other 2 days as soon as possible with pics and videos, come back and see from time to time to have the rest of the ride... To be continued...
  11. You are all welcome guys! 👍 We just received an other snow layer tonight, still snowing hard now... big fat wet snow, around 5 inches yet. just beautiful! 😍
  12. Here the ride we did this last saturday february 20, 2021 The snow accumulations of the last weeks have nicely shape up the conditions and although there are still some brownish snow near home in the south, we no longer scrape dirt on the trail base and as soon as we go up north a bit it is very white . Here near Ste-Mélanie ... I have put together a first video of the ride between St-Ambroise de Kildare and St-Côme via #43 trail As per covid's rules, we ate outside on #63 trailside at the Auberge du Vieux Moulin a Scie junction. My Givi has turn into a lunchbox! 😂 and here is a second video, from leaving after lunch up to the Auberge Le Cabanon We then looped in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve by the #350 trail and took the #23 trail to return toward home. Very good conditions, no lack of snow! Trail was more worn by the saturday traffic south from Gabriel de Brandon but everything else before was really nice, a total of 216miles for the whole loop We finally got some nice winter trail conditions... mid february... late is better than never!!! We now touch the best of the season, hoping for the best in the next weeks Alain
  13. They have not open this winter, they gave up infront the covid's restriction. Fortunately just them do that and almost all others relays are in business this year. It's why they bypass the trail. In this post in the first video at 55 seconds you see the trail closed...
  14. I would not assume that... I love the venture platform linked with the AD Boivin Expert-x rear skid that was giving a fantastik package but it is an outdated skid and parts are begin to be hard to get..(my actual expert-x have around 70 000kms and received alot love!). It is not an impossible option but I think it would be more reasonable to look elsewhere... my eyes and my mind are wide open! I ride my first season on the original track, ride the 3 next seasons with a used pre-studded track I had from my precedent venture and the last 3 seasons on an other pre-studded track. I usually get between 16 and 22000kms out of my tracks before seeing worrying signs of fatigue. I still have home my low miles original track that I keep as a spare in case of emergency but it's hard to ride unstudded when you taste a studded one. I had ride for 20years unstudded and almost never feel the need of it... before I tryied it once!
  15. Ok! I will finally be able to open the throttle more than half! 😅 Thank you Snappy Hank! My Yammy is a 2011 venture Gt bought brand new at spring 2014. It's the 7th season we do with it, never kept a sled that long before! It was not the initial plan to ride it this season, I usually shop my new rides at spring but the Covid forced me to pause my plans last spring and at fall the market turned crazy and the prices increase combined with the uncertainty of the actual season convinced me to keep my old girl for this small season and wait this next spring for maybe some interesting deals... I watch! The conditions were not bad but not best. The bad thing actually is that without a real good hard base, a week day without too much traffic with good cold temp can give an 9 on a recently groomed trail that will turn to 4 if the traffic raise with temp warmup a bit. I would rate what we did between 5 and 8 on this saturday. It was not that bad but we were expecting way better than the conditions at home and it was not the case. Thanks Brion, There are some leaner sections outlined in yellow on the fcmq interactive map in trail conditions. Ste-Agathe/ Mont-tremblant are in this spot so they already start a bit behind.. Thanks Cnc ! Yes, it will be a good year for runners sellers! 😁 I won't complain too much: we are able to ride and what we did was enjoyable. Not always what we expect or hope for but for me acceptable for sure.
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