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  1. It's very nice to read you again on here Don! love your report. sorry to read that you got this antifreeze leak problem that interrupt your fun... but it's part of the game! seems you managed to get out of the trouble nicely 👍 Wish your old girl will be back on the trail soon 💪
  2. Incredible pictures for sure!!! I always told as a joke that my dream was to search my car in my driveway with a 10 foot pole... I think they got it!!!😁
  3. You are welcome mccaffrey! I hope I have many others ahead which mean I will do many other rides... Thank you Cnc! 👍 You are welcome Mike! Yes I have a week off on the beginning of March especially for riding with my good partner Snowcruiser. We don't know where yet. We begin to talk about it last saturday night on our small trip and had no definitive plan. We are very late planners, we will decide in the last days before the trip knowing the snow conditions and the possible storms that can affect our plans. Yes I was so nice to meet Jim and Gemma at RDL and having much time to chat with them. And it was nice to meet you there too for the first time! You are welcome slomo, Bienvenue! I took some video files as well during this ride, I will try to do something with them in the next days ...
  4. Here is the map of our first 2-day ride from Champlain to Lac-Édouard and then St-Raymond Saturday morning we left Champlain (east of Trois-Rivières) accompanied by our partner Snowcruiser under a cloudy sky and a temperature of -21C . Just decent snow along the St-Laurence river but it quickly improved as we ride toward north and the trail base was hard and well groomed. We went up to Grand-Mère where we took the trail on the St-Maurice river We rode few miles on the river up to the #23 trail junction which we took north. The long trail that continue up on the St-Maurice river is also already open and marked. Under good conditions we passed St-Tite village Just before crossing the Des Envies river, we stopped to give some help to bring back on the track a snowmobile that had gone straight into a curve. Fortunately no injuries but plastics are not tought at -20C when it stops on a tree ... We then continued on the #23 whose path is improved this year to make less roadside We stopped at Ste-Thècle to refuel and continued via trail #351 to go to dinner at the Tawachiche relay just at the entrance of the Zec After a good warm up and meal we continued north It was riding well even in this part where the trail base is really uneven, just barely a few bumps still present. I do not know the reason but the trail is actually diverted in the wood on the part just before connecting with the #355 instead of staying under the power lines like by the past years Here a rear view at the #355 junction, looking towards the Pipeline section further south. There was a lot of wood cut on the right! We then continued north. Here near the big railway bridge over the rivière du Milieu The conditions were very good on #355 and we see more snow to the ground as we go up. Before Lake Wayagamac, we forked on the local trail Lt1 on the right We then took the #73 east and finally the #355 for the last stretch towards Lac Édouard. The trail was a bit bumpy but the snow cover is impressive We missed the junction for the lake trail and finally ride the whole path on the land trail And we arrived at our destination at Gite d'Edouard just before dark with 150miles on the dreammeter. It is a place that we have visited few times in the past years and the owner Nicole has again received us as well with great hospitality and generous/delicious meals. We had a real good time there after our day ride and we had relax and chat alot before a good night at warm On the next morning, a little layer of fresh cream was on our sleds We had retraced our steps on the #355 trail. The groomer was passed overnight leaving us a perfect trail to start our day We then switched east on the local Lt2 trail. There was only one sled track in the 3-4 "of new snow at this place and we had great fun to play in this nice powder We took a short break near the relay at the entrance of the Zec Jeannotte And then continued on #73 trail east We took another short break near the "Marmitte" We passed Rivière à Pierre and continued on the #73 towards St-Raymond and my Kristine managed to catch this beautiful action shot at trail speed. We then stopped for lunch at St-Raymond and ate well at the Paquette pizzeria. We then continued south, our goal being to loop back in west direction to Champlain. We had a little overestimated the progress of the trails opening in the south in this sector and our first try proved being unsuccessful: we tried to take the trail to Ste-Christine just south from St-Raymond but after a couple miles in an AtV shared trail under the power line, the ATV trail turns left and the snowmobile trail.... well it was just not done yet. Here right after we turned back. So we took the #23 trail east to loop a little farther south east. They had made a first groomer pass but the trail was not so good. Near St-Basile the #3 trail was even worse and we really think to turn back but after talking with a guy coming from the opposite direction we were knowing that is was better a bit farther and it was not a dead end so we kept going forward at very low speed. We cross some people that were at installing stakes and signs When we were near Portneuf Station, to get better conditions, instead of keeping on the #3 we went up on #23 to make a loop a little further north. The trail base was good and although a little bumpy it was perfect after what we had rode just before! We took back the #3 trail just a little before St-Marc des Carrières The rest of the trails further west toward Mauricie were all good and the 5 to 6 inches of new snow allowed us to ride at a very good pace We got back at our starting point in Champlain around 5 pm with 165 miles for the day and 315 miles for the 2 days. An other great ride for us!!! The snowmobile season is finally off to a good start and with the snow fallen in the weekend it is only a matter of a few days to have all the south trails completed and the trail network fully connected. It's now finally the time to enjoy it and hit the trails for saddlebagging trips. The best of the season is just ahead us! To see the state of the trails in Lanaudière and Mauricie, here the trail conditions site: Alain
  5. more details on their adventure here:
  6. We were pretty sure it was broken because of the pain and the blue color the joint had took within just a couple hours but the x-ray show ok for the bones so it is the joint itself that took the hit, we hope it will be a speedy recovery... We had to postpone the sled ride this weekend because of the weather, so she had a break as a photographer, instead she shovel! She's unable to stop...
  7. Thank you Mark! we are notch over what you got with the 10inches received on the 30-31 december and the few inches this week. We have a big storm ahead that look like to be rain for me at home near Joliette but a foot of snow for st-Zenon ... we hope for the best!!! Thank you Mike, the season just begin, the best for all of us is ahead Thanks viper2! It looks like we will got wet at home but my playground norther will continue to shape up. I'm just not sure we will be have decent conditions to ride touring during the weekend... and I may have lost my photographer for few weeks, i"m pretty sure she have a broken finger on her right hand she have an appointment with the doctor tomorroy (, it's not my fault she came back from the job like that!!!) I expect she will be able to ride with me but will need a break as for the pics Thank you Christ! I'm confident you will bring the snow with you and have blast up there in new snow. The carribean trip was unreal... it was on Christmas day in Martinique! And i had no seasickness!!!
  8. Here is the ride we did on Sunday January 5, 2020 This last weekend was our first opportunity since several weeks for us to ride again. Saturday would normally have been our first choice but the temperatures were far too mild since several days so we decided to wait on Sunday where colder temperatures were expected. We were not disappointed with a good frost overnight and a winter normal temperature of -10C during our day. From what had been groomed during the night and following TrailBlazer advice, we chose to start from St-Zenon and going to lunch at Marineau in Rivière Mattawin which give us an easy hundred miles to do before lunch. We started from La Glacière around 9:20 am under a cloudy sky The snow cover, although limited, is good enough to give a more than acceptable trail on # 350 which was freshly groomed The # 23 towards the Cabanon was also freshly groomed giving us a nice ride A surprise for us, the route from #23 trail is deviated from the usual path for 4 miles because they will plow a section of road for wood transport(the interactive map is up to date on this change). This different trail path was great After connecting the usual route a little before the Cabanon, there is some sand mixed with snow on some spots as we often see in this sector but beautiful trail no bump. We continue on 345 towards the dam It was also freshly groomed, the first part of4 miles which leaves the forest road was a little less beautiful with some spots of dirty snow and some rocks but immediately returned on the forest path it was nice and fast, but with few visible ice spots The last 0.5miles before the dam still shown some potatoes but it's really short The Taureau reservoir is already lowered by half and there is still huge water amount still flowing out Then we had a 10 miles rought that had not been groomed on the #360 between the dam and the junction for the #345north( in Repos direction). Here is a pic from my gopro this time, Kristine was using her two hands to stay with me! Once past junction #345 north, The #360 had been groomed by the Mattawin club for the rest of the trip and was nice and fast We stopped to take a short break at #440 rest area to enjoy the view of the river And then took back the trail again, still beautiful and fast the other classic point of view The last stretch of 8 miles out of the Zec Chapeau de Paille was notch down given the limited snow cover but still nice and practically no bump. The cabin with the barrier in the middle of the road at the entrance of the bridge is no longer there... We arrived for lunch at Marineau around 12:30 with just 101 miles on the dreammeter. It's always as nice to stop there, just good things to say about them! After refueling, we chose to take the exact same path for the return. We usually choose to loop through the M20 /#345 but the #360 was far too nice to look any further. The traffic of the day did not wear it and we returned toward the dam at a very good pace. The small rought section before the dam wasn't any better, the #345 south of the dam showed some wear, not much bumpy but have swept/icy curves but not enough to really slow us down, just a bit in the big curves. We cross 2 groomers thay were about to start their run when passing at the Cabanon. The#23 south from there had stay beautiful, giving us a dessert to finish the ride. We came back at La Glacière around 4:30 pm with 202 miles on the dreammeter, giving us a very nice ride for the day In sum, the snow cover is not very generous yet, but is sufficient with cold to give very acceptable trails like the ones we had on Sunday. It was nice to have the 10 inches of new snow we had last week , but without cold trail condition was bad with alot moguls . With the cold coming back, the trails will hold and keep good. We hope for more snow to continue to shape up the already opened trails and to continue the enlarge the playground down south. You can also take a look at the updated trail condition site here: Alain
  9. issshhhh, you had not got an easy one! Before the last 10 inches just fallen it was very low snow from St-Gabriel, I would bet that with cold and few grooming pass it will be alot better but it is so mild actually that it would not hold anyway... Your new ride is handsome! wish you many miles and smiles with her! you already got the shake test done! I have not ride since the beginning of december, I may give it a try this weekend but you confirm me I will need to go norther...
  10. Than you for sharing your adventures Christ, You have all the talents to make incredible trips and to write them here like nobody else... a delight to follow!!! thank you again to had virtually bringing us with you on your trip! P.S. funny the golwing sticker!!!
  11. Glad to see you back here Don, welcome back home and Happy Holidays!!!
  12. I was so offended that I just took a plane and spent Chrismas in Martinique! here on Christmas eve... (this pic is not intended to be in the boobs contest!!!😅) We had been invited by Kristine's sister and her husband to join them for few days on their sailboat in the Caribbean... if we had to have our feets in water at Chrismas, this one was a good choice!!! As for my thread, don't feel bad for me! but I agree that Snowmaster reports deserve by far to have their own thread here, his reports are always in the 5 stars range and more than entertaining, we should rename him "reportmaster"!!! I'm sure everybody don't want to miss one! So we are now back home, having a couple new year partys ahead and some jobdays... we should hit the trails again on next weekend to see how the trails looks like in my neck of the woods. stay tuned!
  13. Again, your sledders instinct guided you at the right spot!!! enjoy it for us my friend 👍
  14. Back yes but not to square one... You are right quebec bob: trails have been closed in St-Zenon after some rain on last monday(9 december) but I then saw some reports on facebook from guys that having rode on the concrete like base that was still there. We are now today under an other rainy day, up to now it have been more ice and light rain, no real snow loss at home but it is not finish. I'm too expect the trail base that have been groomed to survive but we will need new stuff over to restart the season opening... the good is that most of the rocks will be seal down in and under that trail base... the bad: we have to wait for new snow 😟
  15. you definitely made a good move by going abitibia actually, one of the rare spot that not got rain on last monday. St-Zenon is on the closed trail status and will need more snow to re-open. It is snowing right now but noting significant before the next weekend Wish you the best, have fun!!!