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  1. My pleasure Playhard! yes when we cross the 2 sleds on the top of the hill, they were the first we met since the lunch time 2 hours before so it startled me a bit! When both sledders are on their side: no problemo!!!
  2. looking like winter more and more each days with more snow on the forecast for the next week! Here is an outstanding drone's pic taken this last week by a photographer name Olivier Langevin in the 7 falls section of the #131 road south from St-Zénon 😍
  3. Already in november, time flies!!! we got our first snow drop in the province in the last days, not much but it got more real that we are gone sledding soon 😎 I post you today a shorth video of the last part of our season ender on the april 13 2019 : trail riding on a small mountain trail with nice scenery on the #350 trail between Koubec and the #23 trail junction. As usual, crank up the quality +switch on the speakers to best enjoy the ride!
  4. You are Welcome Jim & Gemma ! If we start our season like last one, if would be in less than 5 weeks! time flies fast it's incredible! My pleasure Quebec Bob! Congratulation for your new ride, wish you many miles&smiles with it! yes, won't be long... and I can't wait!!!
  5. Condolences Andy, our toughts are with you and we wish you the best to pass through those hard time Rip to your Brother Ward
  6. still from our last season ender on the 13april2019, the beginning around St-Michel des Saints village was slushy but the rest was nice, especially the 2nd part past Le Cabanon in the Mastigouche wildlife reserve. Many of you will recognize some of the spots I guess... Crank up the sound and quality and enjoy the ride again!
  7. Thank you! I love this music track too, it's similar to Johnny be good song, really nice! I always use right free music for my videos and it's tought to find some real good stuff but there are, like this one. I had listen many many tracks in right free music libraries on the net and kept those one that I like in my own music bank on my PC. it's in this bank that I "shop" my I do my video editing. it's a reservoir so we always need to take care, especially at this time of the year but yes it was a funny one! .. and you know the rule on a lake: if in doubt, push the throttle!!! You absolutly got it!!!😁 among other events, after we got out the last river, before the last stretch around 1:30 on the video there was a big puddle in front and I just didn't think further than hitting the throttle hard to fly over it... but we had our friend Luc behind that was about getting out of the river... he had just the time to put his head down before gettingt a pressure wash shower directly at him 😂 😂 to bad the camera was pointing forward!! 😂 He is real good partner and i'm sure he will take is revenge one of these days! 😅
  8. We did this strech on our season ender on the 13april19. I had seen that a body of mine did it the day before and it was fine so I was thinking it would still be dry... but it was not! Most of this stake's path is on ice laying in the bottom of the reservoir so the water spots on those sections are more impressive than dangerous. The rivers crossing, especially the sides of them worried me a bit but others sleds infront open us the way. We finally really enjoyed playing like kids in the puddles but not sure I had done it if I had know before!! Crank up the sound and enjoy!!!
  9. I don't know all the details but here some maths: Like Cnc point above, the #323/#325 detour through Labelle to Rivière Rouge is 52kms(32miles) vs the usual path on the #63 24kms(15miles) an addition of 28kms(17,5miles).... but there is fuel in Labelle!!! so the fuel autonomy we need to have is St-Michel/Labelle which is 142kms(89miles)...not that bad... The other question now is how the snowmobile clubs will be able to manage the grooming. The FrancNord snowmobile club that groom the #63 in Rivière-Rouge/Macaza area have to groom up to the middle of the Rouge-Mattawin reserve to join with St-Michel des Saint club... are they able to get around the closed spot by the road with the Dozer? or have a dozer on each side of the closure? or find an alternate trail path to get the #63 around the closed spot(which would be the best option). The #323 trail is groomed by Labelle snowmobile club up to the #63 junction... would it be possible they go further on the #63 trail to join the St-MIchel des Saint club in the middle of the rouge-Mattawin reserve??? There are options/solutions... the #63 trail is a main trail, many people are working on this problem right now, I'm confident we will have a solution in the next weeks. Alain
  10. Thanks! I had to admit my video files this year kept me in the mood of sledding more than any years before. Playing with the files for editing is a fun time for me! Many already told here that late riding is more than often the best rides! but this one was very late for this area.. in the record department! I will post soon the reservoir crossing video clip... it was a wet crossing!!! we had fun like kids 😂
  11. Hi guys! We got some outstanding conditions on our last season ender ride, mid april in Lanaudière. Not only the snow condition for the date but the warm temperature and the clear blue sky with the strong sun of april made it easy for me to catch some very nice footage of this nice ride. Here is a first video all taken on the loop path around the taureau reservoir Crank up the quality and the sound and enjoy the ride! Alain
  12. You bring us some real great pics Chris! I prefer the white scenery but the summer on have some charm... You seems to had a great summer run 👍
  13. the "ice wall" on the barn was around a foot thick on the top and two feets on the bottom! I had not really realize before you write about it that the lignthouse bend so much when on the side of the image...funny effect! I am used to this because I always film in superview, I may take a look when doing my next editing I think it is possible to remove the fish eye...
  14. Thanks 800steve! yep, last season opener was on the 1st december! Thanks Jak! You certainly recognize most of the scenes of the video and relive the trip! Those blue Jay day are not only a blast to ride but also give outstanding good result on the camera. It is like this for the pics but even more on the video. We had been lucky and had many good video shots last season. Pretty sure you were the only one! You are welcome for the sharing 👍 We had a real blast on our summer roadtrip in the west usa! we had it on the bucket list since a while but always postpone because time missing or too expensive but this time we pull the trigger even not having the ideal conditions and we don't regret a single minute of this trip, even doing 7000 miles(11000+kms) in 15 days was a challenge... we were not at our first challenge!!! 😉
  15. I hope everybody have a great summer, Kristine and I have a nice one! 1rst september today, the daylight started to shorten and the evenings are a little cooler ... good feeling!!! I had begin to edit some untouched video files I took last season and leave you this morning this one: The Isle Verte/Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs video overview It's Mr and Mrs GT Rider that talked me about this place when we met them in RDL last season. They also did put some nice pics/details in their photo report. They receiveid the hint themselves from mikerider, so I want to thank all of you for having lead us to discover this nice hidden spot! It is a small island in the St- Lawrence river approximately 20 mile east of Rivière du Loup which is connected to the south shore via a ferry in the summer, but only accessible in winter by sled via an ice bridge . They have their own groomer that surface the island road and little part of the ice bridge up to the main section of the river. Since there is no car traffic on the island, the trucks and cars are all buried in the snow and they use snowmobile as a daily transportation. Their trails are probably not federated because they are not on any trail map, it is not a well known spot for sure!. It's a small place(around 8 miles long) that comes out of the ordinary with beautiful coastal lanscape/colored houses, also their lighthouse worth the view... by the way it is the 3rd oldest in Canada and the older on the St-Laurence river, built in 1809! As usual, it's best viewed in 1080p on large screen with the sound "on"....enjoy! Alain