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  1. PINKM1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Jean-Guy I hope you are feeling all of the love from those of us who follow you and appreciate all your posts on QR. See you later this winter.
  2. PINKM1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Definitely kaputt...
  3. PINKM1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Jean-Guy, This guy doesn't look very happy with you taking his picture...
  4. PINKM1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Jean Guy, That's even worse than your window and fender. Ouch! At least you didn't catch on fire.
  5. PINKM1

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    How do you say "shit" in french?
  6. PINKM1


    Yes, you can leave your vehicle at the Universal, no problem. As far as an itinerary, just read through the threads here, there are hundreds of recommendations.
  7. PINKM1

    Best loop to include the Mountains!

    Be very careful in having an itinerary that is "cast in stone". Once you get into the the Gaspe' many things can make you change your plans...a big storm, groomer breakdowns, trail conditions etc. can really throw a wrench into your itinerary. Keep an eye on the weather and get the i-motoneige app for your phone, this app will show you the most up to date trail conditions and trail closures and you may have to change your plans mid-trip because of any number of reasons. I'm not trying to scare you, just speaking from experience, I once spent 3 days at the Hotel Copper waiting for the groomers to open up the trails after a Gaspesie snow storm. You will have a great time on your trip, but don't be disappointed if you have to change your plans.
  8. PINKM1

    Insurance Rebate

    When I first saw this post I immediately went to the web site and read up on the procedure, "Great, this is going to be easy" I thought. Then I pulled out my policy, saw that I had only 100/300 coverage... Damn. 28 bucks,I guess I'll just have to buy one less round at Groomers Club House this winter!
  9. PINKM1

    One more dose of handle bar therapy

    Damn,I just missed the "top 20"
  10. PINKM1

    New to Gaspee - Stop recommendations

    Really hard to tell... It really depends on the amount of snow they get on the peninsula with this upcoming storm. There are times when they just open the trails with the blade on the groomer then come back to drag the trail. I have seen 4-7 day periods with no grooming after a decent storm. If the storm lasts into Thursday or Friday I would make a contingency plan.
  11. PINKM1

    Planning for next year.

    One of my travel partners had a Montana mounted to his w/s bag. It was easier to power up because it had a powered cradle but was way too small to use while riding.
  12. PINKM1

    Planning for next year.

    I just returned from an 8 day Gaspe' trip and have a Garmin Nuvi 67LM mounted on my windshield bag. It's great to have the large 7" screen to to see upcoming turns in the trail at a glance. My Nuvi requires constant power so I just left it plugged into my powerport while riding. No issues with cold temps and the one day we ran in the freezing rain and just put the unit inside a clear plastic bag. It worked perfectly the entire trip and now I have the tracks from every mile of the trip and the data includes average speed, moving time, non moving time and elevations. The graphs on Basecamp are easy to read and understand. Unit and mount cost me less than $150. I will not ride without a GPS again, even on my local trails in Vermont, because I don't need to unfold the map at any intersections.
  13. PINKM1

    first tkme gaspe trip help

    Just spend some time looking at the older posts on here. You will be inundated with good info.
  14. PINKM1

    Conditions for trip

    The North Shore got pounded last week 120cm in some places (almost 4'), that's the reason for the sub par conditions around Mount St. Pierre and Murdochville. It can take up to a week to clean up after a storm like that. You should be fine and what rain they get this weekend should only make the conditions better. We are starting in R-D-L next Friday the 3rd, should be epic!
  15. PINKM1

    Trail Status Maps Question

    The iMotoneige17 app has the same map and conditions for all of Quebec'. Open the app, and in the upper right hand corner click on the white box, then click on Grooming Delay.