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  1. lindasledgirl

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Jean-Guy, My sincere condolences to you and your family. I loved your father, he was like you...strong willed lets say. I will always remember that he dressed in his work shirt when I would visit...but also that he went to the dealership on his electric scooter when he wasn’t suppose to. As sad as today is for you and for me, we are both saying farewell to a parent, your dad, my mom, I think its like we are again connected. I love that you think your dad is picking my mom up on a new skidoo to take her to heaven, just hopefully he doesn’t have a communicator on his helmet because she talks a lot! Since my first trip to the Gaspesie, my mom had told me her family was from Gaspe. Another reason I must feel at home there. I will be holding your hand today from far away and you mine, as we say farewell to them. Be strong, think of all the good times. Hugs, Linda
  2. lindasledgirl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Hi! Are you at Passion? We are in the log cabins. 106 I think. We will be having coffee in the morning likely won’t ride till 10, if you go by please stop in! We are back by dark. New Years fireworks tomorrow. Hope to see you!! You won’t miss my helmet lol lindasledgirl 519-381-7002
  3. lindasledgirl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Hello all! I am at Passion in Mont Vallin. Trails report from my friends that ride today say it’s better than sitting at home with an umbrella. We didn’t get much new snow today, but no rain. I will know first hand tomorrow. It’s rideable, just have to behave there is a lot of ice. Friends at the Delta trailer to the parking lot here at the ski hill. Lots of families here, ski hill is packed. Vincent’s has bar lined up down the street and that parking lot packed. The restaurant pipe burst so no food. Bought a crockpot at Costco lol Should have a better report tomorrow. Lindasledgirl
  4. lindasledgirl

    Real Masse Lodge - St. Zenon Area

    I was very happy there. Maybe a bit dated, but clean. Food was good, people are nice. I like it.
  5. lindasledgirl

    Mont Tremblant Park Access --No 2 strokes!!!

    Thanks!! I better get a map.
  6. lindasledgirl

    Mont Tremblant Park Access --No 2 strokes!!!

    4 stroke, no stops, 50km and the pass they speak of? That isn’t the trail pass? Looks like a special pass?
  7. lindasledgirl

    Mont Tremblant Park Access --No 2 strokes!!!

    I booked it at 9am today! I said last night, better do a trip before they don’t allow it any more. Going to Vieux du Moulin. argh!
  8. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    Dear Groomer, I am so sorry for the delay with my QR reply... My mind is slipping, but...I am pretty sure I am working on your spaghetti sauce...and you don’t like it too spicy! So maybe I will suggest that you behave! Lindasledgirl
  9. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    Well...yes, but he doesn’t freeze its not something I can leave him. But I can make 24 jars of sauce, fits in the freezer and he can eat spaghetti twice a month. Last winter, video...this winter, maybe he will talk do a live report...his resonse to that idea below lol
  10. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    Steven, I think you are right...there are lots of things he can resist (like lobster!) but when it comes to or sauce, he’s pretty manageable lol
  11. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    I have shovel, snow shoes and your homemade spaghetti sauce. I will bring my pencil! Lol
  12. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    Not sure if your cold beer shows up in this picture of you on my office? Lol
  13. lindasledgirl

    New beginning / era

    Good work Dave! Now I will have an easier time noticing you and Eddie on the trail! Hope to run into you guys soon!
  14. lindasledgirl

    Happy Birthday Snowfarmer Smclelan!

    Happy Birthday you two!
  15. lindasledgirl

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    Monsiour Halle! You put more than your feet up on the couch...don’t forget I have been there, you put your whole body there sleeping! At your age you nap more than my grandkids! You have trouble sleeping at night becuase you nap too much...and....I started working at 12 years old with my father at Canadian tire using tools putting bycylces and bbq together. True story! Now behave, remember what happened the time you got saucy about my ATV abilities and then YOU got stuck and I had to come pick you up! I have enough Air Miles to come there and show you how good I am with a cell, laptop and do it all while I watch the birds with my feet up! Don’t forget...Mrs. Clause is keeping an eye! xo