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  1. Happy Birthday Jean-Guy!! I hope your day is Special! 🎂⛄️
  2. Good Morning!! Looking at Jean-Guys photos and dreaming of next winter already! This is the last of his 59th year! On Sunday April 11th he will begin his 60th! So next winter (March) I will (If covid allows) organize a Birthday Party to celebrate! For will keep me happy to plan for next season! Happy Birthday Week Jean-guy! I will keep posting some of my favourite pics of you! Lindasledgirl
  3. Get well soon Bill!! Thankfully you were in the tech vest! Hopefully I will see you at a show in the fall!
  4. Lady stuff!? You’re hilarious. Cooking and cleaning stuff is not just for ladies 😉
  5. This year we rented the church Manse in Causapscal....and this is Groomers office lol
  6. And off I go again. Next year we will be 60! Yikes!! I am forever grateful for your friendship and our time together. Very happy that we made it to my favourite mountain (Mont Nicol-Albert) and that you did the 350km trip with once again a skidoo original helmet! I still don’t know how you do that.😎 We had to cook this year ( Covid) and I loved spoiling you with Beef Tenderloin, Roast Turkey dinner, Homemade chilli on the trail and great breakfasts ( even if you were standing behind to make sure I got the yolk cooked). Next year we will figure out how to get the rest of the crew in for a birthday visit! Maybe we will have the border open⛄️ A few of my have the mountains handled, but I have pictures of you.
  7. Mr. Hallé, The 10% off on Wednesday is because you pass for the seniors discount 😂 Doesn’t happen to me 😎 But I am glad you stocked up! linda
  8. Hi Steven! Well I guess technically, no, they don't have the border closed, however...I am still pushing the limit, we are still suppose to stay home and not travel if we don't have to. But Jean-Guy needs a few things, he might pass as a senior, so I have his picture with me...and if they pull me over, I have so much stuff on board they might just believe me when I tell them I am taking necessities to my older brother lol...(Jean-Guy not to worry, everyone knows you are almost two whole months younger than me lol). I am going to try it anyway...I have zero miles this season. If that doesn't work, I will pull out the real estate licence and tell them I am an essential service and the place I am selling is covered in snow...thus the sleds? I will try not to speed...maybe they won't have a reason to pull me over. Is there anything safer than a snowmobile helmet? I think not. Wish me luck!
  9. Well I hate to do it but I must. I haven’t turned a mile this season and have saved my rebel behaviour to make one trip. It will be to Jean-Guy. I will bring some homemade spaghetti sauce for him and see if I can get a few photography lessons in exchange. Hope to make it to the lake and camp. I see a little snow heading his way and hopefully we will make the trip in our usual fashion, two long days. 17 hours to Causapscal. I am not sure what to expect to be honest. I hear some places are open, masks and curfew is expected, take out is a given but some places are set up on have you in. If you’re going to be there March 6- ? let me know. We are not making plans till we get there but they will be pretty local I am sure. Can’t wait till we see the end of this situation. Miss you guys! Linda
  10. I saw some guys that just was good, not amazing, but that was before yesterdays snow. I am going to go closer to March.
  11. Maybe have to put Jean-Guy to work on the trail with his famous bacon and eggs brunch!!
  12. Mr. Halle doesn't drink wine from a box or steak off of paper...not sure what to say about the wipes...but I will work hard for the hot shower lol
  13. Hello everyone! Just doing the same, waiting for the season...dreaming of snow and planning! Thanks to Jean-Guy for all his years! I will send you my little donation to the Quebec Riding at Christmas time and a little extra for the Auberge!