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  1. Ahhh thank you 😊 Happy to take your pictures😊
  2. Thanks Zeusand! I was taught by the best photographer in the Gaspesie 😊
  3. Thanks Zeusand! I was taught by the best photographer in the Gaspesie 😊
  4. A very Happy Birthday Jean-Guy xo
  5. I have pictures of the dishwasher somewhere...he has a big beard! Lol
  6. Hi Zeusand! Had an awesome time at camp! It’s funny how we work hard to have more but then age and discover what we truly want is less. As one of the few that’s has had the opportunity to visit and stay at Auberge Halle, I can say with all my heart it’s one of my favourite places to unwind. No tv, technology or phone line. Wood heat and water from the brook. I think there are a few people that will understand what it is I speak of. Jean-Guy and I would love to figure out how to employ him as the Guide And Photographer of the Gaspesie.... thinking.... Lindasledgirl
  7. Did you call? On my way! Spaghetti Sauce, Vin Rouge and a snowmobile suit. Prepare! It’s going to be fun. Arriving tomorrow to you! Staying at selecthotel. 519-381-7002 who’s joining us. John Miller Eddie Skidoo? jack Steve Andy Mario who’s on route to Groomer town?
  8. I am so sorry they don’t take better care of you. No safety equipment for breakdowns. You work so hard to bring people to the Gaspesie!! They will be sorry they didn’t take better care of you my friend. Vacation time!!!
  9. I purchased online last year too...and I support Jean-Guys club as its a small way to thank him for all that he does for us when we are 116 I believe. I found the process very easy.
  10. Happy Birthday to my amazing Gaspesian Lumberjack, Groomer, Guide and best friend. 57!!! Wow you’re getting old lol 💋
  11. Great trip report!! Congratulations on your season!
  12. Good work Jean-Guy!! I am sooooo tempted to return!
  13. I am watching on facebook primarily and absolutely going crazy...I leave Monday for somewhere! I wish I was doing the Baie Comeau trip...bucket list. Not sure where I will go Monday, but you guys have me thinking! Enjoy the rest and thanks for the great pictures! Linda Sledgirl
  14. So sorry to miss you this year!! I was in just after you. Keep in touch😊
  15. Missing you already! Great pictures! Great fun! Glad we had such great weather and trails. Linda😃